Happy Birthday US Air Force!

| September 18, 2020

The State Department wishes a happy 73rd birthday to the Air Force! Unfortunately the same clerk who was in charge of the 2012 Democrat National Convention’s Tribute to Veterans was tasked to provide a picture to commemorate the occasion, remember?

Russian Kara CG with Krivak DDGs

Oops. Look closely. Poetrooper sends.

State Department Wishes Air Force Happy Birthday With Pic Of Navy’s Blue Angels

The embarrassing tweet was one in a long line of fails when it comes to official social media messages featuring military hardware.

The State Department made an embarrassing error today when it posted a Tweet congratulating the Air Force on its 73rd birthday. It would be a nice gesture under normal circumstances, but not when the photo posted with the message is of the U.S. Navy’s famed flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels.

The tweet remained on the Department of State’s Twitter page for some time before it was replaced with a more appropriate photo of an F-35A.

The truth is that these types of social media failures involving military hardware and defense issues, both from government sources and high profile non-government ones, happen often. The latest was a Trump Campaign fundraiser graphic that featured Russian-built MiG-29s instead of American fighter aircraft with a call to donors to “support our troops.”

Heh. Ship and aircraft recognition was a basic skill taught to all Navy and Marine fliers, and was part of a pre-deployment OPEVAL each squadron underwent. One would think such a basic act of public media would be correctly displayed, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment if for no other reason. But no, it is far too difficult to discern between Blue and Gold F/A-18s and Red White and Blue F-16s. At least State didn’t completely goon it up and display a pic of the Army’s Flight Demonstration Team. Difficult even for them, as it doesn’t actually exist.
So Happy Birthday, Air Force! Read the entire article here: The Drive

Thanks, Poe.

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Well, gee, thanks so very much, State. No, really.

Maybe not.

The Stranger

As a recovering Zoomie, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish my former service a Happy 73rd Birthday.

At ‘em boys, give ‘er the gun! (Oh wait, can’t say that anymore, right?)

We live in fame,
Or go down in flames,
Hey! Nothing’ll stop the Army Air Force!

*Grabs Yuengling, ducks, and beats feet*


Please be gentle when grabbing the ducks.


He misspelled meat, too…

The Stranger

As long as no one accuses me of drinking Bud Light, I’m good.


You’re in good company here at TAH. KOB and I are both Yuengling fans. From my very first bottle I switched from the brand I’d been drinking thirty years.

Now drink your Yuengling’s and quit grabbin’ ducks and beatin’ your…


Off we go into the Wild Blue Yonder
Lost again son of a bitch.


Lookin’ for that drop zone–gotta be around here somewhere…


Hey! Nothing’ll stop the Army Air Force!

*Except lightning within 5…*


Happy Birthday fellow Airmen!

5th/77th FA

Yepper, even us dirt digging, pony faced, doggy soldiering gun bunnies had basic aircraft ID. Something about being able to shoot down the bad guys but not the good guys; that whole sheep from the goats thing. Again, just as in the FGS article, read the linky comments from this one. Yep…the wrong poster is all Trump’s fault.

Hate it for you wing wiping Chair Force Warriors, but y’all share the birthday (day) of the lying, stealing, cheating, bitch from Hell FINAL former ex Mrs. I’d like to call down an Air Strike on that Devil’s Den/Black Widow’s Web. I had put most of that out of my mind til I saw this date on the poster. She was as wrong as this is AND just as deceiving.

Older Brother is a retired Wing Wiping, wrench turning Chief. I raise a frosty Yuengling for him and any of our Air Corps Brothers and Sisters.



Not rare at all. About ten years ago Air Mobility Command PA wrote a nice little article about the KC-135R. The attached photo was a KC-10. When the first 50 or so comments were about how they used the wrong aircraft, they promptly replaced it with a KC-135E.

The Dead Man

A few years back here in Utah they had the Aerospace museum going for the anniversary complete with a bunch of speakers. Of more interesting note was the SR71 being opened up for viewing and one of the surviving sled drivers being on site to talk to people. I missed him unfortunately, did get some damn good pictures though.


Plane recognition. It’s a skill that stays with you. When I graduated basic at Lackland my grandparents came to watch. We were walking along the Bomb Run where there are a couple dozen historic aircraft on static display. This would have been almost 60 years since Grandpa had served as an infantry scout in the war and he was walking along and calling out the planes. Immediate recognition decades later.

You can say what you will about military training, but it does leave an impression. How many of us, decades after our service still get bothered by a crooked gig line? 🙂


Had to laugh at your last line. Indeed. Everything’s gotta be lined up and polished.


Ol’ Poe still can’t tolerate tarnished brass and we have a house full of brass artifacts and antiques my in-laws acquired while living all over the Mideast and Far East in the oil bidness.

Knowing how I felt about dirty brass, it was my MIL’s ultimate revenge leaving most of it to us for me to care for…


M r Angels, sheeet, I’ve seen em a grip o times at Quonset Point.
And I’m a Infantrydood that jus know weather or not he be gettin shot at!
Happiest of B-Days, Zoomies and non-flight personnel of the Corporation known as USAF!


At least it was a picture of American jets.


Happy Birthday, TAH Zoomies!

As for the State Department… Gawd almighty, I get the feeling that they can duck up a wet dream.

Mike B USAF Retired

Wow I’ve been so wrapped up with house repairs (Still dealing with Hurricane Michael repairs) that I totally forgot this.

Dad MSgt USAF 62-88
Me TSgt USAF 86-08
Brother MSgt USAF 96-16
FIL TSgt USAF 73-93

If my dad was alive he would have slapped me outside the head then grounded me for forgetting this.

Happy birthday to my fellow zoomies…..

Bill R.

My Dad was Army Air Corps, enlisting in July 1942. Got out in 46, reenlisted in the Army in 47. Transferred to the Air Force in 48 and served until 1966. My older brother served in the Air Force from 71 to 75. I joined in 1980, serving until 2000. Best job I ever had and miss it even today. Happy Birthday Air Force!!!