China’s Xi Jinping Facing Widespread Opposition

| September 8, 2020

This came up during a search for a different subject, but it appeared to be important enough to relay it to you.

There seems to be something going on in China’s government that is not disclosed to the press at large. The individual who brought this story public has taken a good chance on being sent to a re-education program or simply vanishing for good.

Chinese party member speaks out against Xi Jinping:

The Guardian article does not reveal the details quite as well as the transcript of Cai’s interview, below.

China’s Xi Jinping facing widespread opposition in his own party, insider claims

Exclusive: Cai Xia, who has been expelled from the elite Central Party School, says president’s ‘unchecked power’ has made China ‘the enemy of the world’

Transcript: ‘He killed a party and a country

Quote:  She said there was widespread opposition within the party but few dared to speak out, afraid of political retaliation in the form of internal party discipline and corruption charges. In this environment, Xi’s “unchecked power” and hold on all major decision-making had led to inevitable mistakes such as in the handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, according to Cai.

Beijing has blamed the suppression of information about the outbreak in Wuhan on local officials. Chinese health officials said on 20 January that the virus was contagious, weeks after it had emerged in December. But a speech published by the party magazine Qiushi showed that Xi met the politburo and gave instructions on the needed virus response on 7 January, almost two weeks before the public was warned.

“If he knew on 7 January, why did it take until 20 January to announce the outbreak? In other words, the fact that people were concealing the news from him is the result of the system,” said Cai. “But when he knew the situation on 7 January, he did not make it public or mobilise resources. So shouldn’t he bear responsibility?” – article

If he knew, why did he do nothing to warn the people he governs? He was given the position of president for life. The responsibility involves keeping China’s economy growing. Instead, he’s threatening the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

As those of us who remember what happened in Tinanannmen Square know quite well, life can be short.

I hope Cai Xia survives whatever happens.

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

xi jinping’s last name must be Pong???? Sorry Ex, but you know I had to add that in.


Heapings of praise to the Supremest Leader Xi!
Only with his guidance does the Party swim in cheap second-hand organs!
Also, the CCP has the strongest, most solvent , least corrupt banks in all over recorded history and their gold bullion is the mostest trustablist.
May his legacy become dynasty…or else.


In 1986, who would have predicted the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991?

China is heading for a similar fall. What is meant to appear strong is paper over the cracks.

Food is likely to be the match that lights the conflagration.


And government collapses are nothing new in China. That’s something I have noticed when looking through Chinese history. There tends to be a collapse at some point.

Slow Joe

Yeah well.

I have been hearing for years that China is about to collapse, but they keep growing and stealing our tech.


They seem to be playing an increasingly “short” game, especially on the rips, and that is out of character.

That suggests a lack of long-term confidence, and is often seen when the middle players in a criminal scheme sense the end is near.

They may not implode in 5, but if Trump gets a second term, and really puts the screws to them, maybe 5-10. Which is why I expect rather dramatic meddling by China to prevent a second Trump term.

The Dead Man

They’ve been on a zombie economy for years and more than a few groups have warned that leaning too heavily on the Chinese economy is going to be a nightmare when, not if the bubble pops.


ChiCom Coof certainly forced re-evaluation of the ChiComs as suppliers.

5th/77th FA

Reading thru all of that makes one wonder if the Chinese took lessons from what the demonrats have been doing for years now. “…killed a party and a country.”

Politicians…they are all the same…they will destroy everything in their path, including the country and its’ citizens to maintain their grip on power. History is replete with examples. Maybe that is why some many politicians are hell bent to destroy/erase history FIRST?

Good post Mi’Lady. Y’all get a chance check out that video that Berliner gave us a heads up on the Biden/China Connections.


Going to assume here the US death toll for Covid 19 is chump change compared to Chinese numbers…if we ever find the true amount.

The Dead Man

Take the Chinese population of a city, multiply by the updated CDC numbers and then give a swing of +/-5% for some rough/ugly napkin math. You could probably adjust up for health conditions brought on by pollution and lack of treatments.