Man Involved in Shootings after Release from Bail

| August 6, 2020

Darrius Sutton shoots another man, possibly not realizing that he was captured on camera. (New York Post/US Department of Justice)

Darrius Sutton was arrested for attempted murder. When the only witness against him recanted his/her testimony, Sutton was released without bail. The district attorney decided they had insufficient evidence to keep Sutton in custody. Weeks later, Sutton gets accused of shooting others.

From Fox News:

“At the time of arraignment the sole eyewitness had recanted so we did not have sufficient evidence to keep the defendant in custody,” a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office told the outlet. “The investigation is continuing and we hope other witnesses come forward.”

Since his release, the alleged Bloods gang member committed three drive-by shootings in the month of July alone, federal prosecutors said, according to the report.

Even before his May arrest, he was reportedly up to no good.

In one case, on April 20, he allegedly shot his victim, whom the outlet identifies as a “rival gang member,” three times in the back from roughly six feet away, court papers show.

“The defendant’s violent spree over the last year has left at least seven individuals with gunshot wounds,” federal prosecutors wrote in July 29 court papers. “The defendant is extraordinarily violent by any measure and he has shown total disregard for the lives of others.”

Court papers show Sutton was previously convicted on March 9, 2015, for assault with intent to cause bodily injury. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Sutton was arrested by federal law enforcement on July 29 and charged for possessing a weapon despite being a felon, according to multiple reports. He is being held at a federal jail in Brooklyn New York and faces up to a decade behind bars.

Fox News and the New York Post have additional information on this story.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy federal prison, dumbass.

    • Jarhead says:

      It takes a REAL badass to shoot someone in the back like that. Probably intended to blame it on BLM issues and be released without bond. Where is that liberal Mayor when you need him? Likely the shooter was brought up typically with no Daddy and should not be held accountable for his actions. Maybe the Mayor can even buy him a drink and welcome his return to an ammunition store.

  2. Skippy says:

    Crime pays in NYC. Why are people that stupid to elec these idiots

  3. ninja says:

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    “Darrius Sutton, aka Blizz Meecho, who dodged jail because an attempted murder case against him fell apart is behind bars today because the bullets he allegedly used in another shooting were shipped in from out of town.”

    “Gang Member Suspected In Trio Of Shootings Done In By Out-Of-Town Bullets”

    Out of town bullets?


    Never mind that Sutton had previously pleaded guilty to a felony for beating up a girl when he was in high school.

    “Sutton was sentenced to two years in prison for a cold-blooded attack on the high school girl in 2014…”

    “The defendant waited for her and assaulted her by punching both sides of her face, breaking her teeth,” a pretrial memo filed by prosecutors in Sutton’s case states.

    I guess Darrius Sutton and the New York Court System are not aware that Black Lives Matter…*sarc*


    • Mason says:

      That’s just to make the nexus to the Commerce Clause so they can bring him under federal jurisdiction. Which they have to do since NY coddle their bad guys.

    • thebesig says:

      “Black Lives Matter” appears to only apply to thugs who attempted to resist being held accountable for breaking the law but lost in that bid.

      Blacks assaulted/killed by other Blacks? Nothing to see here folks, move right on along…

      Talk about a glorified tantrum by people because people didn’t get away with violating the laws.

      Surprise surprise, they want the police defunded, jails abolished, courts abolished or reformed, etc.

  4. Wilted Willy says:

    I sure wish my pos brother would be put back in the Federal Penn! Please tell me how this fuckstick can keep getting away with his scam?
    He is the biggest lying bag of shit I have ever seen, but nobody cares about this shit stain!!

  5. KoB says:

    No, No, No, No!!!! You got it all wrong!!! Young Darrius, aka “Blizz Meecho” was simply trying to transition from rap over to gospel music. After all, Hootie went all country on everyone. Blizz was on his way home from choir practice with the opening act tune of “Onward Christian Soldiers” running thru his head when that Barbershop Quartet member dissed his choir robe. Meecho just wanted to make sure that “When the Roll was called up Yonder” that the off key punk would be there.

    Hope he enjoys his new gig as skin flute player for the “Bubba and the Bangers Band” appearing nightly at the Gray Bar Lounge.

    • Hack Stone says:

      When he eventually gets released, he can secure a job as a butcher, because he will certainly learn how to smoke sausage when he is behind bars.