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| August 15, 2020

Jeff LPH 3 1963-1966  tipped me off to our first gem.

Man shoots at store clerk who asked him to wear a mask, then shoots at the cops who try to arrest him

In Pennsylvania on 8/3/20, a day after shooting at a man who asked him to wear a mask in his store, police pulled him over. Three officers from the local and state police were then fired upon by Adam Zaborowski, 35, with an AK-47. Police returned fire, striking him twice. One officer was wounded by bullet fragments in his arm. Zaborowski was shot non-fatally twice and subsequently arrest.

Zaborowski’s attorney said his client was “just not handling the pandemic well.” You don’t say?

Source; HuffPost

Jeff LPH 3 1963-1966 also sent this – another mask related genius.

Another man assaults a 72-year old disabled man for telling the man’s girlfriend to wear a mask

In Washington back in July, a 72-year old man, reportedly a veteran, was in the lobby of a hotel when he told a woman she should be wearing a COVID mask. The maskless woman’s boyfriend then came out to avenge her honor. They exchanged very few words and the boyfriend proceeded to beat the man about the head and face. At least the thug is wearing a mask, though his social distancing game is weak. The victim tried to fight back, but from the video it looks like he goes unconscious after a couple blows.

The suspect, a 35 year man, was arrested last weekend after someone tipped off the police to his identity.

Video of the violent assault:

His dog is such a good boy/girl. Little fella was itching to keep the fight going.

Sources; HuffPost & Newsweek

Suspect in stolen pickup hits 26 vehicles along Hwy 101 on Oregon coast

Kevin Simpson, 47, of Eureka, California was arrested 8/1/20 for driving a stolen pickup and crashing it, intentionally, into several cars. He eventually crashed through a fence before getting the truck stuck, at which point he just walked away. Cops found him and arrested him.

No word on why he crashed into so many cars on purpose. Maybe he took the model “Ram” as an instruction. It does speak to the durability of the old truck though. Twenty-six “accidents” in one day is a lot.

Source; KOMO News

NC woman gets 3 years in prison for posing as FBI agent on dating website

Back in April, 39-year-old Riane Leigh Brownlee, who is also known as “Raine Leigh Webb,” and “Alexandria Mancini,” posted pictures on dating websites posing with a fake FBI badge and a firearm.

She was caught telling her male suitors that she was an FBI agent working a counter-drug operation. When cops caught up to the (repeatedly) convicted felon, she was driving a stolen car and had a loaded stolen handgun (which she was prohibited from possessing).

She’s now serving three years for impersonating a federal agent and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

Source; News Channel 10 – KFDA

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  1. Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    You can impersonate a military or a vet all you want, few people object.

    But the “authoritahs” are extremely jealous of their perceived “power”.

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Gotta keep your undercover identity secret…every where but on dating sites. That’s a female body I wouldn’t want to inspect. A chunky monkey with crazy eyes. Still haven’t figured out that whole “take a picture of myself in a restroom thing.”

    The rest of the tales? I was socially distant before it became mandated by the grubmint. Also, park your damn vehicle inside the wire and you don’t have to worry about some joyriding dumbass smashing it. Carrying concealed ensures that punk ass ain’t gonna get more than one attempted swing before becoming DRT.

    And yepper, that is a Good Boy Dog, trying to defend his Papa. The more I learn about people, the more I Love My Dog(s).

  3. ninja says:

    Thank You, Mason and Jeff for providing these interesting stories on these Dumb Bunnies.

    Here is a June 2019 background story reference the woman impersonating a Federal Agent on dating sites.

    Wonder if the Ex-Husband got jealous?


    “Woman Accused Of Swindling Men For Love and Using Fake Badge To Do It”

    “A Catawba County woman is accused of swindling men for love and using a fake badge to do it.”

    “Investigators said Riane Brownlee, 38, already had a history of identity theft, fraud and forgery, but a new case focuses on allegations that she took a turn into the world of online dating.”

    “Court documents stated Brownlee’s ex-husband found pictures of her posing with a fake FBI ID and badge that she used on a fake profile claiming she was an agent.”

    “One victim contacted police in February saying he met Brownlee through a dating site. The man said Brownlee showed him a fake ID with the name “FBI Special Agent Alexandia Mancini” on it and she claimed to be conducting a counter-drug operation that day.”

    “According to court documents, an acquaintance told detectives that Brownlee met men for sex and then stole their credit card information while using fake names.”

    “When officers arrested Brownlee in February, they said she was in a stolen car and had the fake FBI ID in her possession.”

    “Officials also said she had a stolen loaded gun, but she’s not allowed to have a gun because she is a felon.”

  4. Ex-PH2 says:

    “She’s now serving three years for impersonating a federal agent and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.”

    See, now, that’s all you have to do about gun violence. Just take the gun away from the criminals and lock them up. It’s that simple. Guns aren’t violent. People are violent. Pity the poor gun that has to hide from the maddenng crowds when Those Peopholes get violent.

  5. Doc Savage says:

    “Maybe he took the model “Ram” as an instruction”.

    I remember when those trucks were simply labeled with a warning…”Dodge”.

  6. UpNorth says:

    About a month back TAH had an article about a guy who stabbed a bystander over the mask mandate in Michigan. The stabber was shot by a deputy sheriff. After what was hopefully a long time in pain, the asshole died.
    It was revealed this past week that the innocent bystander, who did nothing to deserve what happened, has passed away.