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| August 1, 2020


If I hide like this no one can see me

This brief video of Dr. Fauci of the NIH being quizzed by James Jordan (R-OH) about what constitutes acceptable crowd sizes is an eye-opener.


I sat through this brief encounter. It is freaking priceless. Not one direct question from Rep Jordan was answered by Fauci, although all of them were asked in the “yes, it is/no, it is not” manner, requiring only the simplest answers.

There was no reason for Fauci to waffle and babble over the answers.  The questions were straightforward and direct. Only a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ was required. Why did he waffle so badly? What in the freaking hell is he hiding?

Let’s look at the things Rep, Jordan asked about: church, social gatherings, the freedom of movement that we take for granted.  Why could Fauci not answer those questions? All that was required was “yes” or “no”, and yet, he kept trying to change the subject. That is deflection, a sure sign that something is hidden behind The Curtain in the Emerald City.

At the end, Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) tries to get a yes/no answer from Fauci and he does not get one, either.

What’s wrong with this picture? Fauci’s waffling and refusal to give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a direct question from each of these gentlemen says he is hiding something. We can only guess at what he is hiding, but I’d like to remind all of you that the Chinese had sent people to infiltrate our NIH research facilities which are in the process of developing a vaccine for CV19.

In addition, let’s recall that the NIH was recently investigated for the presence of a group of Chinese citizens working there, who were found to have infiltrated the NIH’s research on CV19.  They are being investigated and while the results have not been posted so far, all those Chinese “researchers” have been sent away.  Here is the link to that article:  https://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=101139

Of course, I would offer thumbscrews as a way to get him to spill, but that’s kind of old-fashioned. Food might be a better choice, especially if he gets blabbly over a bottle of cheap-ass but expensive wine.

And we come right back to the simple but obvious question: What is Fauci hiding?

All Fauci had to do was say “Yes, it is,” or “No, it is not”.

Frankly, I will listen to what he says but I will never believe any of it to be true.  Something is deeply wrong here.

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Can we agree to name him “Falsey Fauci”?


You nailed it, Ex.

Speaking of Fauci:

Did you see this?

So obvious the Chinese Virus has turned into a political agenda for Leftists:

“Pelosi Reportedly Trashed Birx In Meeting With White House Officials”


“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trashed Dr. Deborah Birx during a private meeting with White House officials on Thursday night — calling the coronavirus task force coordinator “horrible” and “the worst,” according to a report.”

“Pelosi (D-Calif.) moaned about Birx to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and chief of staff Mark Meadows during negotiations on Capitol Hill about further coronavirus aid, Politico reported Friday afternoon.”

“Deborah Birx is the worst. Wow, what horrible hands you’re in,” Pelosi said to the pair, accusing the physician of spreading misinformation about the pandemic, the report said.”

“She went on to praise Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert on the coronavirus task force, who she said: “Came to his senses, and is now a hero.”


If Pelosi thinks something is “horrible” and “the worst” you can take it to the bank that it is “great” and “the best”

She is Bizarro Speaker. Everything is the opposite of what she says.

She’s drunk, take her to Oyster Bay and leave her there.


Just a reminder to brighten up your day….

President, Vice-President, Speaker of the House,…….

AW1 Rod

I prefer Foreskin Fauci.


I guess my take away from that video is different than most. What I saw was members of Congress trying to point fingers. Dr. Fauci, despite his flaws, was correct in his response here IMHO.

Congress makes laws. Not NIH employees. If Congress is upset with enforcement actions being taken by local and state officials then those are the people they need to address.

Fauci’s statements here were pretty clear. Any gathering of people will tend to increase disease transmission. Diseases don’t have political or ideological motivations.

Congress is correct in being concerned with criminalizing worship and running legal business. They are incorrect with pointing fingers at Dr. Fauci.

If they want to know why so many localities are ok with violating God given rights they need look no further than a mirror.

This video pretty much encapsulates what I cant stand about our elected officials in the Fed. Everything is someone else’s fault. Leaders identify the problem and affix a solution. Small minded children identify the problem and assign blame.

Our elected representatives from both parties are small minded children.

5th/77th FA

“Our elected representatives from both parties are small minded children.” <THIS^

I will repeat what I said when this FIRST broke out. This bug is a deliberate attack, by a foreign enemy, aided and abetted by domestic enemies, to destroy our way of life. And all because that skrunt, THE Bitch of Benghazi, DasHitlerbeast, Murderous Trash from hell, didn't get her turn. Oh…and…ORANGE MAN BAD!

Who else thinks that if The Bitch of Benghazi had of managed to steal the election, we'd of never seen the Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019?


I think the point that was made (and what was amplified by conservative media) was that he refused to say that massive protests spread the virus. That would not be a problem if he had not listed, over and over, all of the other things we should not be doing to spread the virus (i.e. church, protesting government overreach, dating, etc.) He just wouldn’t say that protests spread the disease. Why not? If everything else he has ever said is true, then this is true. J: Do crowds spread the disease? F: yes. J: Are protestors considered crowds? F: Yes. J: Do protests spread the disease? F: Well, ya see, I think I would leave that sort of declaration to the people that. . . . As to your observation, yes, congress should start getting back into the habit of passing/altering/repealing laws. The problem, I believe, is that requires taking a stand. If Dems think the immigration laws are bad, then try to repeal or change them. Instead they bitch about the president enforcing them (or count on people like Obama to NOT enforce them). Last thing – I think you’re off on one thing. Sure politicians are pointing fingers. Mostly because they have abdicated their role as lawmakers as I mention above. What I consider the IMPORTANCE of Jim Jordan’s questioning is the fact that we have been fed the line that we need to listen to the “Experts” for a very long time. We think of them as above the fray, people who concentrate on the highly technical and let us, the prols, know what should be thought about something (e.g. Climate Change). In this case, our leadership deferred to the experts because they were told millions would die. It’s time to start picking into the experts a little. If Dr. Fauci (who has admittedly done good things in the past) studiously avoids taking a stand on protesting when he doesn’t seem to have a problem thaking a stand against so many other things, then his motives come into question. At that point, he begins to look like… Read more »


And yes, “Our elected representatives from both parties are small minded children” is right on.


I was actually reacting to Penguinman’s post. I certainly think we are simpatico, Ex!

Ex Coelis

Professor Bafflegab…?


People seem to overlook the fact that Dr Fauci is a career bureaucrat for over 40 years, not a career physician. One doesn’t last that long in the bureaucracy without being fluent in double speak and word salads.


(Places tin foil hat on head.) All planned. Appease the Marxist er…democrats to push Biden over the finish line, so Harris/Bass/Rice can become President. (Dustoff removes tin foil hat, goes back to his corner.)