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| June 18, 2020

Sorry, couldn’t find a shot of Xi JinPing laughing

Skippy sent this to us a day or so ago.  This is really no surprise at all. The Communist government of China has had its sneaky fingers in every pie on the planet for a while now, under the direction of the Chairman of the Communist Party, Xi JinPing.  Stealing another country’s info, science or otherwise, is nothing new. After all, we’ve seen Microsoft and Apple execs practically kiss Xi’s feet by refusing to unlock photos banned by the Chinese communist government from viewing by Chinese citizens. This is why the current crop of young Chinese citizens know nothing about the massacre at Tiananmen Square in 1989. And stealing sensitive information by one government from another is as old as civilization. Skullduggery has been around since before Troy was sacked and destroyed seven times. It is nothing new. But these days, it’s almost more of a business arrangement than real sneakiness.

The amount these researchers were getting was — well, rather large, and certainly enough to buy a nice house in the suburbs somewhere, with a walled yard and room for a pony.

The link is here:

From the article:

The National Institutes of Health, the foremost research institute under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has investigated 189 researchers for undisclosed ties to foreign countries, 93 percent of which were linked to China.

The fresh round of terminations resulted from an ongoing investigation at the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health (NIH) into the failure of grant recipients to disclose financial ties to foreign governments.

The news was first broken by Science Mag, a project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s oldest and largest general science organization.

Originating in 2018, the investigation concluded with 54 researchers being “terminated or resigning” for violating NIH rules against simultaneously receiving funds from the U.S. government and foreign entities.

NIH – the parent organization for high profile doctors like Anthony Fauci – employs 6,000 research scientists and has a multi-billion dollar budget.

The report into foreign links reveals the duplicity occurred via three main tactics:

A common theme, however, among the majority of these now-terminated researchers is the entity funding them: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

While 399 researchers were suspected of being on a foreign payroll, the NIH ultimately pursued 189 individuals. 93 percent of those involved in a documented foreign relationship listed China as the “country of foreign support.”

One hundred and seventy-five researchers in 27 states and 59 cities were targeted and the average foreign financial investment – either in the form of direct compensation or research grants – was $678,000. – article

Now, read that last bit again: grants averaging $678,000 were given to these people at the direction of Xi JinPing. His philosophy of ripping off what other nations have produced is quite direct:  From the article: The findings are in line with President Xi Jinping’s 2013 decree: “Only by controlling core technology in one’s own hands, can one seize the initiative in competition and development, and absolutely guarantee national economic security, defense security.”

Well, certainly: if you can’t figure out how someone else does it, then steal it by bribing someone else to hand it over to you.

Per this article dated June 12, 2020, it started with a group of 51 researchers resigning or being canned following investigations by the NIH:

The investigations started in August 2018 and continued from there:

In the vast majority of cases, Lauer reported, the person being investigated has been an Asian man in his 50s. Some three-quarters of those under investigation had active NIH grants, and nearly half had at least two grants. The 285 active grants totaled $164 million.

Lauer also presented data on the nature of the violations that NIH has uncovered. Some 70% (133) of the researchers had failed to disclose to NIH the receipt of a foreign grant, and 54% had failed to disclose participation in a foreign talent program. In contrast, Lauer said, only 9% hid ties to a foreign company, and only 4% had an undisclosed foreign patent. Some 5% of cases involved a violation of NIH’s peer-review system.

Lauer said the fact that 82% of those being investigated are Asian “is not surprising” because “that’s who the Chinese target” in their foreign talent recruitment programs. Some 82% are men, and their median age is 56, with the youngest being 48 and the oldest 59. Slightly more than one-half had been an NIH peer reviewer in the past 2 years, and 41% of those under investigation (77 scientists) have been banned from further participation in NIH’s well-regarded system of vetting grant proposals. – article

As I said, it’s no surprise at all. The amount of money spent to get this info is rather high, but consider the source: the average hourly wage in China’s industrialized economy is $0.25/hour. That includes people who put together those Apple phones that cost far more than they should, or who make those overpriced bed linens that people in the USA buy to impress their friends. They don’t get the Big Bucks. That goes into building glitzy high-rise buildings in Beijing. And those low-level workers, who work in what can only be termed sweat shops, don’t live in them.

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Any time now the squawking seagull will show up and proclaim “Orange man bad”. And with identifying characteristics of the assholes giving the info to Communist China, it’ll be “China isn’t communist” and “Orange man racist”.
So, in advance, Seagull, FOAD.


Hate to throw cold water on the conclusion, but at least in the case of the iPhone factories, workers start at about $150/month. Doesn’t seem like much for about 50 hour work weeks, but their uniforms, food, medical, and housing is free. A liter of beer or a pack of cigarettes is about $0.50 each. The thrifty ones save enough money to send money home or start their own businesses. Oh, and Foxconn, the parent company, is Taiwanese, not Chinese.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

And just what? Does that have to do with this ChiCom bribery and extortion in the NIH?

The ones who have been caught/fired/quit should all have their passports voided, their bank accounts and assets frozen, be prosecuted and fined $500,000 each, leave ’em bankrupt (or close to it).


No business exists in China without effective ownership/control in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.


The paperwork is irrelevant. The reality is as stated.



Off thread: Army is thinking of promoting LTC Vindman!!?? Whoever made that decision needs to be cashiered immediately.

Slow Joe


No way.


Here it is at


It would not be so confusing if you understood he did his lawfully required duty every step of the way.

But you can see past Trump’s prostrate to realize it.


Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude.

Slow Joe

The Chinese see their struggle fpr world dominance within a Marxist-Maoist context.

They think history is a dialectic competition for dominance. They think the success of the United States was planned, part of race for the top spot, rather then the success of a system of governance based on individual freedoms.

That means they are never going to stop playing the great game. They will either win or destroy themselves in wars just like Germany and Japan did, or perhaps collapse internally as the USSR did.

So from our point of view, they only choice we have is to accelerate their demise or attempt to contain them, which in my opinion is a loser game that will only give them more time to steal our tech and catch up when we elect the next Democrat to the Presidency.


No they don’t.


And here he is, proving my point below even before I even got it posted.

Predictability is such a wonderful thing, hmm?


Old Squawking Seagull is so predictable, isn’t it?

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Gun Bunny, where’s that Squawking Seagull video? Need to post it, post haste!

The Other Whitey

Because you’re an expert, as usual. Lars, I’d be willing to bet that out of everyone here on TAH, myself included, you probably have the least knowledge and experience of people, places, things, culture, and concepts Chinese.

You have a history of claiming expertise on things about which you demonstrably know jack shit, so it’s par for the course with you.


Technically from the standard of “good enough for government work” I am an expert on China.

I was selected to become one, I was trained to become one, I became one, and I worked as one.


I think he is speaking of quality.

You have been found wanting.

You are demonstrably incapable of functioning as such.


By people who think China is still a communist country,

Hardly a damning indictment.


You are demonstrably incapable of functioning in that role, as you apparently lack any practical skills to discuss or persuade.

Surrounded by a peer group, you create almost entirely dysfunction and acrimony, lecturing and insulting instead of discussing and educating as to the Threat forces capabilities and intentions and methods. Etc

Also, for someone supposedly a subject matter expert, you seem remarkably oblivious to how China exploits intelligence assets. You -act- oblivious anyway.

In Sun Tzu “art of war” terms, what sort of “asset” would you be? (Five asset/spy types)

And Skip the rageboy act on this one. You interact with their assets, you said so even if you genuinely don’t realize it, so you are categorized. Which?

(Chinese language sites… they would -never- use those, right)

You -did- self examine for exploitation, right? They do have -world class- online exploitation efforts, right?

So, which type of asset would they call you?

-world class- espionage system. Literally they wrote -the- book on it.

Some folks reading this just looked up what I said, or will look it up. They may even read Sun Tzu’ Art of War, key portions of that short work, thus learning very important things about China and how they operate. It was required reading at all levels of Soviet military and intelligence training.

How come a former E-4 11B-Mailclerk has to do your job, major? Hm?


I never once said I was unaware of China’s intelligence capacity.

I never said that at all.

You have reading comprehension issues.

I said it was ridiculous for someone to claim they had some prescient insight by “warning us” China had them…

Their intelligence capacity is such a well known and established aspect of modern China that acting like they were “warning” us is absurd.

In fact China’s intelligence efforts a so baseline to any discussion of China that I legitimately thought he must be referring to some OTHER threat. Some right wing conspiracy theory fever dream about China I had not hear of yet.


He is likely a stooge for the CCP. Bet he has Mao’s little red book with many well thumbed pages.


The son of a good friend lives and works in China. He’s an expert on China and Chinese culture and government. The son says that China is a communist country. The economy is still centrally planned and no citizen truly owns their companies. Why should I believe you over my friends son?


Because you friends son is either lying, the information passed to you is incorrect, or he is an idiot.

First, China does not have a planned economy. No expert would make that claim. Government does “interfere” but that is not the same as a command or planned economy.

There is no country in he world where the government does not “interfere” with the economy.

Second, “not citizen truly owns their company” is not a criteria to claim something is communist. In fact private-public partnerships are by definition not communist, or partial private-public ownership.


Wow. You are not even living in reality anymore.

Do you even realize how psychotic you now sound?

Even a direct on the ground observer has to be wrong versus your remote beliefs.

Seek help.


When are you going back?


I was supposed to go this year.

A Proud Infidel®™

HEY MAJOR MOONBAT, willya “enlighten” us on the climate thread?


Commissar does not know me.


Like idiot liberals in this country, the COMMUNIST Chinese believe in globalism.

Unlike idiot liberals in this country, the COMMUNIST Chinese believe in globalism where THEY are in control of the globe.

And, yes, ol’ Poe realizes that idiot liberal is a redundancy…as so frequently demonstrated by you know who.


Seriously. It is like you were hit in the head in 1955 and have not been able to create new memories or gain additional knowledge about the world.

China is not communist.

China is not trying to conquer the world.

Even their 20 year timeline for developing force projection capacity would make it impossible to even invade a small country outside their pacific region.

They simply are not trying to develop a military that is capable of projecting force outside their region and even then in a very limited capacity.

China is a threat to the US. And economic threat. Not a military threat.

And the reason they are an economic threat is because….


There is a reason why no communist country has ever become a global leader in production.

Because it is literally impossible to to that as a communist country.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman


5th/77th FA

Some things NEVER change. Here’s your mini you, spapos!


Absolutely no surprise here


China is authoritarian. Not communist.

Communist is usually authoritarian. And when China was communist it was also authoritarian.

It is no longer communist. It is still authoritarian. In fact more authoritarian than it was five years ago,


You keep pretending that corruption and lies are not fundamental properties of Communism.


They are fundamental properties of government.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman




The Other Whitey

Then why do you support the people who want to increase the size and power of the government, Lars?


I don’t, you just assume I do because you think conservatives in America want to reduce the size and power of government thus anyone not a conservative must want the opposite.

You are wrong on both counts.

Conservatives have never been about less government. Ever. Not once in the history of nation states.

The fundamental premise of classical conservatism is that people are sinful. Especially “other” people.

So when a conservative says they want less government, they mean less government for themselves, but they want the government to keep others in line.

That is literally the foundation of classical conservatism. And the reason Trump gained so much populist support among conservatives is because he is as close to a classical conservative as we have seen run for president in our lifetimes.

That is why so much of his political speeches were about “others” being a threat or problem for this country.

It is an old, tired, well worn, and dangerous political narrative….that works time and time again in history.


Anarchy invites tyranny. It is the handmaiden of oppression and slaughter, removing proper controllable minimal government and thus creating fertile ground for another thugocracy and bumper crop of misery.

Intentional support of that is evil.


Nobody is talking about anarchy.

But the fact that you framed it in that binary framing shows you know you are full of shit when you talk about small government.

You want the government to keep others in line.

Can’t be done with “small” government.


“Minimal’ is hardly “binary”.

And yes, I do prefer a system of laws and civil behavior so my rights are relatively safe, along with everyone else, versus having to enforce those rights by gunfire.

I really dislike violence as a means of solving interpersonal conflict. I also accept that there are worse things.

But reality checked out of your worldview a long while back. Now there is only you and the wrong-straw-man you placehold for anyone who doesn’t agree.

Seek help.


The PRC is run with an iron hand by the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP calls the shots; one literally risks his/her life if he/she deviates from the CCP’s dictates.

The PRC’s economy today may be somewhat more liberal than the former Soviet Union was during its heyday. However, their government is no less of a Communist-led authoritarian dictatorship than was the USSR, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba prior to 1989.

No one with normal intellect and knowledge of history seriously questions whether the other nations I listed above were “Communist dictatorships” – because that’s precisely what they were. They were dictatorships ruled with an iron hand by their national Communist parties and had zero respect for either human rights or lives.

The PRC today is no different, politically, than any of the other nations I listed above. They are an authoritarian dictatorship run by the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, politically they can be quite accurately termed a “Communist dictatorship”. The fact that they have somewhat liberalized their economy may be true – but is also irrelevant.


Authoritarian to their core. Communist in name only.


Your argument is equivalent here to saying that a prostitute working in a brothel is a “sex worker” but is not a “whore” on the grounds that they work in/for an established business vice individually walking the streets. In reality, the older, historical term “whore” remains a perfectly accurate description. You would also be best advised not to conflate a country’s economic policies and their form of government. Case in point: during the late 1930s, Nazi Germany’s economy had become so centrally planned – and had become so similar in economic policy to the Soviet Union – that many German industrialists were actually studying the Soviet Union’s 5 year economic planning process so they could figure out how to do business under Nazi governance. By your logic here (e.g., economic policies determine whether or not a country is “Communist”), that implies one could consider Nazi Germany a Communist dictatorship. Why? Because their economic policies had begun to closely resemble those of the Soviet Union. So, was Nazi Germany a communist state? No; that assertion would be laughable. Nazi Germany was a National Socialist (Nazi) dictatorship – just like Fascist Italy was a Fascist dictatorship and the USSR and other Marxist-Leninist regimes prior to 1989 were Communist dictatorships. A few of the latter remain dictatorships run by their respective Communist parties – so they remain Communist dictatorships today. Specifically, the PRC remains today a Communist dictatorship. It is run by the CCP with an iron hand; dissent is not allowed and is vigorously suppressed. Period. Why? My theory is that the CCP – under Mao and his successors – discovered three things that are obvious to anyone who isn’t a “true believer” blinded by ideology: 1. Communist economics . . . suck. Badly. 2. The “dictatorship of the proletariat” stage under Communism allows those in power to maintain power indefinitely. 3. In a dictatorship, being a member of the political “ruling class” – in today’s PRC, the CCP – is a very good thing. In practice, today’s PRC is a one-party dictatorship, with the sole political party being the Chinese Communist… Read more »

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m a-gonna come clean about a part of my past right here and now, back when I was just another meathead in college back in the mid-80’s, I fell for the enviro-doomsday propaganda hook, line and sinker. I thought that I knew it all and screeched like zampolit does now, but after a stint in the US Army and some time in the real world, I awakened and realized what bullshit the far left preaches! IMHO Lars aka Major Moonbat still to this day has never left his cocoon of propaganda and still seeks self-fulfillment by parroting it thinking that he will eventually convince crowds of people to his way of thinking which will get him the acceptance that he craves like a junkie does a fix.


The quote often attributed to Churchill seems appropos here:

“If a man is not liberal at age 20, he has no heart. If he is not conservative at age 40, he has no brain.”


A Proud Infidel®™

YES indeed, Sir Winston Churchill was very right yet again!!!


I’ve read somewhere that Churchill was questioned late in life about that quotation. There’s a good chance he probably wasn’t the originator.

When asked if he’d said that, the account I read said that Churchill thought for a moment, chuckled – then said words to the effect of, “No, I never did. But I wish I had.”

Gotta love the man. (smile)


Exactly when was I exposed to “leftist” propaganda?

Keep in my i was progressive before going to Berkeley.

So my “indoctrination” must have come before that…

I grew up in a Southern Baptist tradition family. My grandfather was retired Navy, Navy civilian, Part time minister. Grandmother was a Sunday school teacher. My Sunday school teacher.

While my mom and I were poor, she was a single parent, she was a strict disciplinarian.

I grew up entirely during the Cold War. Constantly hearing Cold War propaganda.

Joined the Army. During the Cold War.

Served In intelligence. And Intelligence support to Special operations. SF battalions were not full of liberal indoctrination.

When I was first released from the Army I went to college in Texas. Then back in the military.

It was not until I was in my 30s that I went to Berkeley. Already very progressive. Already a combat veteran.

So what “indoctrination” did I never awake from?


You never really knew me, did you?


And the type of economy is fundamentally relevant to whether a country has a communist government.

The very notion of a communist government is to implement and manage a communist economy until such time the society no longer needs a government to manage the economy.

Once it abandons the communist model for the economy it BY DEFINiTION is no longer a communist government. It may retain the name for propaganda reasons and to maintain a perception of legitimacy in the eyes of older generations and entrenched stake holders…. but it is no longer communist. Period.

China is not communist. It is authoritarian. It is no longer implementing, managing, nor has any intention of returning to a communist economy.


Didn’t Marx say that the path to Communism was through Capitalism?

Did you miss that?


No. I don’t miss that. It is kind of fundamental to Marxism.

But Mao rejected that idea.

But if you are claiming the entire reason the Chinese government abandoned communism and shifted towards a market economy was to become capitalist so that they can become communist….

That makes no sense, first, it is not consistent with Mao/Chinese communist theory, second, they already were communist.

They were entrenched in first stage communism but that is always the case. It is impossible for a society to reach second stage communism.

First stage communism is terrible, second stage communism is impossible…

That is why China abandoned communism.

It doesn’t work.

They know it doesn’t work even better than Americans do.


The free market, and freedom, does work, which is why communism fails.

Marx got a whole bunch of stuff wrong.


The free market, and freedom, does work, which is why communism fails.

No. Communism fails because it is contrary to basic human nature.

Communism is based on the principle that everyone – given the proper “education” and/or sufficient compulsion – will eventually learn to act altruistically. (“From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs.”)
After than has been accomplished, a Communist society will be realized and the state can then “wither away”.

On paper, that sounds great. But in practice, there’s a huge problem.

The problem? Unfortunately, the vast majority of humanity is simply NOT inherently altruistic – and cannot be forced to be. I’d estimate the percentage of non-altruistic humans at 98+%, and maybe 99+%.

Absent a population primarily motivated by altruism (e.g., composed of individuals willing to work for the common good over the long term at the expense of their and their own family’s well-being), a high level of coercive force is required to ensure compliance. Marx and Engels apparently realized this; this is why Marx indicated that a “dictatorship of the Proletariat” phase would be required in order for a society to eventually achieve “true Communism”.

In actual practice, in a Communist-run country the dictatorship of the proletariat phase never ends. That dictatorship is ended only by the end of Communist rule.

If you want to see working Communism, there are IMO actually a few real-world models that exist. They’re called Abbeys/Monasteries/Cloisters/Temples and religiously-motivated communal farms. But these are self-selected communities composed of altruistic individuals truly committed to their causes. Even there, a strong central authority (Abbot/Abbess/equivalent figure in non-Christian religions/community’s central committee) is virtually always present. Plus, those authorities generally have near carte blanche authority to keep members “in line”.

Bottom line: Communism fails because it is contrary to basic human nature. The vast majority of humans are not primarily altruistic. Rather, that vast majority of humans are primarily motivated to improve their and their families lives. Communism tries to force people to act against their nature – and thus sets itself up for failure.


The free market works, because it is not contrary to human nature.

Communism cannot work, because the free market can. Mindedness is required for Marx, and humans can no more stop thinking than they can stop breathing.

Much of the writing about communism inverts that.

Even a trace of freedom wrecks communism.

“Doesn’t work! Communism is fix!”

“Not broken, thus duh “.



Auto corrupt just hates me.

The Other Whitey

Marx was a lazy freeloader who grew up privileged, never did an honest day’s work in his life, spent his existence leeching off the generosity of others, and forced himself upon his household maid, who was in no position to say no. Marx lived Lars’s dream!

Ain’t it funny that modern marxists love to cry “Patriarchy!” when Marx himself wasn’t everything they claim to despise?

The Other Whitey

WAS everything they claim to despise. Fuck autocorrupt.


Marx’s history sort of parallels that of Bernie Sanders. Except, that Bernie did get a job, a political one that came with plenty of perks and little work. And he still is sucking on the teat of government. Bernie is what I call a crypto-communist, one who is a strong believer in communism but just won’t admit it. Instead they call themselves socialists. They all long for one party rule and the dictatorship of the proletariat.


Marxism: building a system based on jealousy, envy, and rage, wrapped up in brute force.

No thanks. Seen the main Marx movie and the sequels and spinoffs. All were shitty, or worse. Bombs,really. No need for any remakes or “re-imagining”.

Combat Historian

Chicoms are the enemy of civilized humankind. They are corrupt and they corrupt everything they touch..

Reestablish full diplomatic, military, and commercial relationships with the Free Chinese on Taiwan NOW…

Let Taiwan be our unsinkable aircraft carrier once again, and up-gun the Free Chinese with every modern weapon system we’ve got…

I am even willing to go the extra step and allow Taiwan to go nuclear as a deterrence from being swallowed by the reds. Follow the Israeli model and maintain technically plausible deniability but have the warheads ready to assemble and go when the red balloon goes up. The lunatic Norks have nukes; the civilized and freedom-loving Free Chinese ought to have that deterrence capability as well…

5th/77th FA

How many times have I screeched about the foreign and domestic enemies of our country? And that they were financed by the Chinese Communist? Almost as many times as the spapos seagull has screeched; “ORANGE MAN BAD” and “CHINA IS NOT COMMUNIST!”.

Somebody connected the dots and followed the money. I love it when my advice is taken.

Anybody else notice it took the spapos seagull just a shade over 30 minutes to swoop in and start his squawking. He must have been finishing the cream pie that mommy had made for his lunch. There is a 3 hour difference from here to commiefornia.


Examples of foreign domestic enemies of our country funded by the Chinese?

You mean the spies China sends every year?

Sounds like you have other groups in mind.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman



Parrots are smarter.


Parrots know they are parrots.


“I can talk. Can you fly?”

-Barrett the Parrot

5th/77th FA

READ AND COMPREHEND THE ARTICLE SPAPOS!!! Your precious empirical data is right there to READ AND COMPREHEND! The numbers, the money, and where the money came from. And this is just one recent example.

Or better yet why don’t you just go away, you pathetic little man! Mommy called, she’s mixing up a fresh cream pie for your afternoon snack.


Yeah, the spies.

It is almost as though you don’t understand how the world works.


Lars, you know it’s almost as if the Freudian concept of projection might have been developed just for you.

Uncanny, actually…


He just said that he has been screeching about foreign and domestic threats…

As though he thought he had some brilliant and unique insight that China spied on us.


And projection!?

You all were bitching about the UN recently.

Which country in the world most benefits from the existence of the UN?

US does.

Yet people here were bitching about how “worthless” is was.

So, yeah, I think wondering is some of you have a clue how the world works is a reasonable thing to speculate.

Especially those of you who still think we are still in the midst of a cold war with communists.

It is like you spent the last 60 years in a bunker continuously rewatching reel to reel Civil Defense public service messages.


How in the fuck do we benefit the most from the UN?


Lars says:

“Which country in the world most benefits from the existence of the UN?”

US does.”

You mean like the way the UN’s World Health Organization helped us with this Communist Chinese virus?

That the kind of benefit you’re referring to, genius?


No, not that type of benefit.

And a virus has no nationality, ideology, or political identity, nor has a virus ever read Marx or Mao.

A Proud Infidel®™

“And a virus has no nationality, ideology, or political identity,…”



China is not communist…

And even if it was, still won’t make the virus communist.

A Proud Infidel®™

“im Und prujectiun!? Yuou ill vere-a beetcheeng ibuout zee-a UN recently. Vheech cuountry in zee-a vurld must beneffeets frum zee-a ixistence-a ouff zee-a UN? US dues. Yet peuple-a here-a vere-a beetcheeng ibuout huo “vurthless” is ves. Su, yeeh, I zeenk vundering is sume-a ouff yuou hefe-a a cluoe-a huo zee-a vurld vurks is a reesuneble-a zeeng tu specuolete-a. Ispeceelly thuse-a ouff yuou vhu still zeenk ve-a ire-a still in zee-a meedst ouff a culd ver vit cummuonists. It is leeke-a yuou spent zee-a lest 60 yeers in a buonker cuntinuouously ruoetcheeng reel tu reel CEEfil Deffense-a puobleec serfice-a messeges. Bork Bork Bork!”
Major Moonbat, your rants are always funnier in “Chef-Speak”!


What country gives the most to the UN, Lars, and usually gets shit on by the UN?


We have used the UN to our advantage for 75 years.

The US has more influence, power, advantage, and control in the UN then any other country.

Saying it shits on the us is nonsense.

That is like saying we should abandon a Republican controlled senate because the dems in it sometimes say bad things about republicans.


Destroy the Sith, not become one.