Manhandling Rioters – Not Playing Games

| July 22, 2020

Feds running out of patience with Antifa. (Ian Miles/Sergio Olmos/Twitter)

These rioters thought it was business as usual. That was, until law enforcement came out and gave them an education from the school of hard knocks. Will the bumps and scrapes that the rioters get remind them of the errors of their antics?

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As Mr. Foxworthy once said:

“Dear Lord, be with our guests and prepare them for the butt whooping they are about to receive.”


Upon the rapid arrival of the Cavalry, it cracked me up not even a quarter way in on the video a “peaceful protester” yelling “Not FAIR! Not FAIR!”.

The phrase “scattered like roaches” came to mind.

A Proud Infidel®™️

JUST LIKE cockroaches scattering when a light gets turned on or rodents when they see a Cat!!! 😀😀😆😆😈😈😈

5th/77th FA


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Look back on the twitter feed from dippy captainportland. One of his homies had his painted up, looked like covered trash can shield like these tools had.


Spapos seagull showing up to scream ORANGE MAN BAD in


“Spapos seagull showing up to scream ORANGE MAN BAD in”

Not unless he changes his board name and IP.


5th/77th FA

He did…again…see down thread. Three (3) times counting this jewel:


(1) Use common sense. (2) Obey the law. (Many more.)
Some sound (and comedic) advice for EVERYONE from Chris Rock.
It’s only been floating around the internet for about 20 YEARS.



JarHead Pat

HOLEFUK, dem retards cunts scattered like a covey of butt raped quail BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.


Play the “insurrectionist” game, win “insurrectionist” prizes.


I’m a fan of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I’m all for peaceable assembly and protesting.

I’m not a fan of random violence and the “burn it to the ground” mentality. I’m not a fan of tax dollars going to pay for cleaning up graffiti and fixing public areas destroyed needlessly.

I’m especially not a fan of local government abdicating their responsibility to keep the peace and protecting the vulnerable. Their lack of effort is going to backfire on them.

This abdication of responsibility by local officials is going to end up getting Trump re-elected. The left will blame voter suppression, Russians, and systemic racism. When in fact the reason is the average American is sick of this shit.

Actions (and inaction) have consequences.


The dems are a perfect representation of the fools that support them. They never take responsibility for their stupidity, or the consequences of their poor decisions, they just find a way to blame someone else ( Trump, men, whites, cops, etc.)


i liked the very end. LEO: You look famished. Why don’t you eat a curb they are full of minerals.



This just made my day a whole lot better. Now let’s make this the standard nationwide response to thugs, criminals, looters and those with nothing better than this to do, while they wait for next month’s welfare.

Slow Joe


They need to do this nationwide.

Slow Joe

What do they mean by Feds?
What agency is that?


The Law of Land Warfare prohibits blinding opponents with lasers.

So does Federal law.

Either way, drop the hammer on anyone wielding a laser in a manner that blinds someone, not in lawful self defense.

No, “ACAB” or other Marxist horseshit is not “self defense”.

Slow Joe

What’s ACAB?


All Cops Are Bastards.

All Cops Are Beautiful.
All Commies Are Bonkers.
All Californians Are Bizarre.

Take your pick


All Cops are Bastards.

Also can mean…

All Communists are Beautiful.

All a Communists are Bastards.

All Cops are Beautiful.

All Capitalists are Bastards.


It really depends on the context. The most common meaning is “all cops are Bastards”… put protests are a form of political discourse and the ACAB gets hijacked to mean pretty much any message the protestors want to send.

So context is important.


He beat me to it.


C is for Commissar.

I’ll leave the rest of the word assembly to my fellow dickweeds and lionesses.


Couldn’t come up with something, huh?







I’m just opening the door so everyone can participate. It’s called equal opportunity. You may have heard of it.

5th/77th FA

A(sinine)?, A(ggravating)?, A(sshole)? Either could either fit with SFC D’s game or be a descriptive adjective for a spapos seagull.

Who is gonna take B?




Since bullshit seems to be one of his most frequently used terms, may I suggest:

All Commissars are Bullshitters?


All Commissars Are Bitches?




More strong law enforcement porn for the boot lickers.

The article claims they are feds.

Since Feds have zero legal jurisdiction to handle non federal crimes or crimes not on federal property I wonder how right wingers can justify their unlawful involvement in arresting and “manhandling” protestors?

Oh, right, I know…

Authoritarians will authoritarian.

History has judged the right wing fairly and accurately; despite the rhetoric they are and have always been pro authoritarian to their core.

There is a reason the origins of modern right wing “thought” is attributed to Machiavelli, Hobbes, and Maistre and their ilk.


Since Feds have zero legal jurisdiction to handle non federal crimes or crimes not on federal property I wonder how right wingers can justify their unlawful involvement in arresting and “manhandling” protestors?”

Well, how about we start with this…

“The Posse Comitatus Act specifically allows the use of Federal (or Federalized National Guard) forces in a LE role “in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress“. And both 10 USC 252 and 10 USC 253 – which as part of Federal law indeed qualify as an “Act of Congress” – appear to give the POTUS exactly that authority.

And then we can go to the Insurrection act of 1807…

But you probably already knew that..

“History has judged the right wing fairly and accurately; despite the rhetoric they are and have always been pro authoritarian to their core.”…

Awww are you still butthurt about Republicans freeing the slaves???


Posse comitatus does not give the federal government authority to enforce laws they don’t have jurisdiction to enforce, period. It RESTRICTS the use of the military domestically and does not expand the authority, jurisdiction, nor the power of federal law enforcement. So you are full of shit as usual. Though I suspect you are just regurgitating some right wing meme. That is why these federal officers are not actually arresting these protestors. That is why they are being released without charges, the only protestors that are actually being charged are the very few that have committed crimes that feds have jurisdiction over,such as trespassing on federal property, damaging federal property, or assualting/battering a federal officer. However, vast majority of these interaction the feds are operating outside the scope of their authority or jurisdiction. If they were operating with a legitimate law enforcement purpose, and had the legal authority and jurisdiction to do so; they would not be hiding the agencies to which they belong and they would be identifying themselves to those they are detaining. The majority of those they rendition would also be facing charges since moving them from their location against their will is by definition an arrest and arresting them, by definition, requires sufficient probable cause they committed a crime. The fact that those they ABDUCT are overwhelmingly not facing charges speaks volumes. Finally…. The Republican Party was the liberal party of its era, dipshit. They were progressives. Liberals. Leftists. College access and funding for the poor, unrestricted immigration into the United States, full citizenship rights – including voting for immigrants, land grants for the poor, squatters rights, homestead farmer land grants, infrastructure investment… Though I am not surprised you continue to make disingenuous arguments, You know the Republican Party was the left wing party of it era. You just pretend otherwise to advance a bullshit propaganda point. I am so god damn tired of the disingenuous argument so many of you make, Relentless bullshit. Though the “calling someone an ape can’t be an insult because they share a lot of DNA with human” really took the… Read more »


Projecting your bullshit and propaganda does not win the day.

You lose. America wins.


You should seriously put some thought into taking your act elsewhere. You’re obviously unhappy here, and it’s clear you hate each and every human being that has the audacity to disagree with you, so remind me. Just why is it you come here? Do you enjoy the verbal pummeling you deliberately attract? Do you have some delusion that one day, you just might convince someone here that your way is the right way? Why do you keep baying at the moon when you know the only thing you’ll do is make noise?


“I am so god damn tired…”

There’s a very simple cure for that.


“If they were operating with a legitimate law enforcement purpose, and had the legal authority and jurisdiction to do so; they would not be hiding the agencies to which they belong and they would be identifying themselves to those they are detaining.”

Sorry dude, that would be you regurgitating left wing talking points. All the officers have patches clearly identifying their agencies. What they don’t have is name tapes, due to left wing assholes doxing them and their families
Same goes with your argument about the Republican party. I know that you lefties like to make those claims, but it’s very easy to trace the demonrats from being the southern slave owners to the founders of the KKK, to the early 1900’s progressives that inspired Hitler (Wilson, Sanger, et al, to Jim Crow laws, the filibuster against he civil rights act, etc. ad nauseum.
I know these things called facts upset you, but as has been pointed out by many here, being capable of rational thought, and using critical thinking skills as part of my profession, I am not the least bit inclined to believe your propaganda just because you say so, and turn it into a personal attack on me.
Have nice day!


He’s aware. He’s intentionally being misleading. It’s what you have to do when you’ve chosen to be ignorant.


As always, you are wrong.

It must be tiring to be both wrong and useless.

Being a member or participant in groups that advocate or work toward the violent overthrow of the government is a violation of federal law.

Oh…did you forget that your fellow commies are really just an unlawful insurgency?

Or in the process of licking the commissar’s boots did you misunderstand the training you have received over and over in the Army?

You make a good pet, comrade, but a poor excuse for a person “defending the constitution from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC”..You…YOU…are in the domestic enemy camp.

Sweet dreams, comrade.


The Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service, through 40 U.S.C. § 1315, has the responsibility to “protect the buildings, grounds, and property that are owned, occupied, or secured by the Federal Government … and persons on the property.” 40 U.S.C. § 1315(a). This authority permits the Secretary of Homeland Security to designate law enforcement officers for the protection of federal property. See 40 U.S.C. § 1315(b). Additionally, among other authorities for the protection of federal property, the Secretary has the authority to promulgate criminal regulations for the protection of federal property. See 40 U.S.C. § 1315(c).


(b)Officers and Agents.—
The Secretary may designate employees of the Department of Homeland Security, including employees transferred to the Department from the Office of the Federal Protective Service of the General Services Administration pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, as officers and agents for duty in connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the Federal Government and persons on the property, including duty in areas outside the property to the extent necessary to protect the property and persons on the property.
(2)Powers.—While engaged in the performance of official duties, an officer or agent designated under this subsection may—
(A)enforce Federal laws and regulations for the protection of persons and property;
(B)carry firearms;
(C)make arrests without a warrant for any offense against the United States committed in the presence of the officer or agent or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if the officer or agent has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing a felony;
(D)serve warrants and subpoenas issued under the authority of the United States;
(E)conduct investigations, on and off the property in question, of offenses that may have been committed against property owned or occupied by the Federal Government or persons on the property; and
(F)carry out such other activities for the promotion of homeland security as the Secretary may prescribe.


Hope your good at covering your tracks, Lars… someone will flip on you and drop your name to the feds to keep their ass out of a federal poundyourintheass prison. Since you love to support them and play medic to them during their “peaceful protests”, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been ID’d as a known associate.

The question is…. how loyal are you to your “friends”, or will you rat them out?


So, you are OK with blinding people with whom you disagree?

Feds enforcing federal law is 100% legal, including arresting suspects. Settled law.

Blinding folks is ok?Really? That is low even by the scummy standards of the current insurrection.

So, ok if folks facing victimization by riots do the same in response? You ok with that?


What the fuck are you talking about?

And you seem to have no idea what the word “jurisdiction” means, I never said they have no authority to enforce federal laws.

But rioting is not against federal law unless on federal property or against federal Property.


“or against federal Property.”

You mean like the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse in the video?


In accordance with the Marxist views of these violent insurrectionists, the courthouse is no longer federal jurisdiction. It has been liberated and reappropriated to the people.


Are you OK with having a laser shined in your eye? Two officers are facing losing their sight because your Pantifa butt buddies like using that tactic on LEO over in Portland. Protecting not only the FEDERAL courthouse, but the FEDERAL Building next door.

And you use to be a LEO? Probably the dumbest one on the force.


I would imagine that Lars left law enforcement because none of his co-workers would break any speed limit to back him up when his mouth got him in the shit. Can you imagine going to a fight call or large disturbance call with him and that mouth?


I left law enforcement because I was shocked at how much corruption, how much abuse of authority, and how much incompetence there was.

It was pervasive.

And the primary role of law enforcement was explicitly revenue generation. And I do mean explicitly. Costs and revenue collection drove damn near every decision.

Our law enforcement system is a disgrace.

Some places worse than ever, New Mexico among the worst. As are a few areas in the South and a Northern Florida as well as border regions in Texas.

But there was bad departmentS and agencies nationwide.

There is a reason many New Mexico police Chiefs and a Sheriffs get arrested or forced to resign for corruption.

And the infection is not top down. They often rose through the ranks as part of the corruption.

Corruption is a damn cultural legacy is some departments, as is abuse of power.

Not all offers are bad. Some officers and agencies are great.

But we have a systemic National problem with law enforcement in this country. We desperately need reform.

And the fact that our officers kill more of our citizens than any other industrial nation on Earth is. A god damn disgrace.


The fact that our citizens put themselves in the position of having deadly force used on them is a disgrace.
And, I call bullshit on your “reason” for leaving. You appear to have, albeit unknowingly, confirmed the reason you left. Nobody would back you up, nobody would go to coffee or meal break with you, because you’re a hypocritical, self-righteous prig. And everyone on the street knew it.


You left law enforcement because you are a pussy and didn’t fit in.


But I appreciate the tone of your criticism.

It was genuinely meant. Not intended as mean spirited and not posted in bad faith just to score virtue points.

The Dead Man

Come on, every department needs a dependable Blue Falcon for everyone to unite and hate together. He was bringing black and white officers together. It’s an important role.

I don’t need sarc tags right? It’s been years since I was even semi-active.




Yeah, that describes the Spapos Seagull.


Of course not.

That is a crime and the asshats doing it should be arrested and charged.

But that has nothing to do with why the feds were deployed there.

And them being victims of asshats with lasers does not justify the 5 days of abuse of power and extrajudicial bullshit they were doing while operating outside their jurisdiction and lawful authority and refusing to identify themselves or their agencies.

Stop funded post hoc excuses to justify authoritarianism.

All that makes you is a useful fool for a despot.


Your friends are committing federal felonies. Federal LEOs can and will arrest them. This will lead to further arrests of accomplices.

All proper.

Suggestion to the mob: stop comitting felonies, or aiding and abetting them.

Folks don’t -want- anarchy, or the inevitable resultant violent mob rule. That is why the insurrectionists are rioting in other people’s neighborhoods. Even they don’t want to live under their own mob.

Marxists gonna Marxist. Destroy is all they have, which is why they produce only shitholes. Everyone is getting a real good look at your “radiant future”.

And you are going to lose because of it.

USMC Steve

Wrong yet again. Not surprising. If it violates Federal law, they can go anywhere they want to go and enforce that particular federal law. They are currently doing it. If it were not legal, the socialist democrat traitors of congress would be drafting laws to stop it, and making a lot of noise about it, kind of like you do. Riots fall into this category, and federal forces have been used against them any number of times going as far back as (I can recall)the draft riots in NYC of 1863.


The Whiskey Rebellion of 1791-1794 is an early example of Feds vs Riot

A prior one in 1786-1787 that directly led to the Constitution of 1787 was Shay’s Rebellion under the prior Articles of Confederation.


How many Che T-shirts do you own dude?


Well, he did have a North Korean flag in his barracks room.


On the floor. As a floor mat.

Perhaps the symbolism of that is lost on you.


Naw, we are all pretty sure you took it to bed with you every night as your woobie.


Did it impress the asian women that you date in order to prove you are not racist?


I find it ridiculous how limited people’s understanding of economic ideas is on this forum.


Not capitalism and thus communism.

And very few of you seem to know much about either.


After all your efforts to educate us. It must suck to fail that miserably.



Versus not freedom

Your army of strawmen are ineffective.


Another back door brag about your perceived superior intellect.


Ask Khan Noonan Singh how that “superior intellect” worked out…


Lars has neither the intellect or common sense God gave to a goose…

Dennis - not chevy

When will the communists learn they’ll not live in the dacha while hoi polloi live happily in the tenements? I grow so weary of the commissars preaching about the glorious union of the workers and the students. I work for a living and I neither want nor need commissars patronizing me.


When will you learn that our current political crisis has nothing to do with communism or communists.

The Cold War is over. Please stop trying to frame your understanding of the word using discarded theories and mid century scare mongering,

The Dead Man

I mean the tactics being used by these guys IS closer to the Brown Shirts than the communists so you’re not wrong.

It’s funny though since BLM’s higher ups have admitted to being Marxists and we’ve seen plenty of references to the ideology. Goebbels and Pravda both would be proud of the doublespeak on display here.


Nothing to see here, move along. Au contraire… leftists gonna leftist, like rust (or black mold) they next rest. Same ol’ sh*t different day– that other stuff wasn’t “real” Marx/Lenin/Stalinism/Whatever, they’ll claim.


“…never rest…” dang


Marxists gonna Marxist.


They’re using the same tactics of terror and intimidation that the Bolsheviks and Fascists used in the past… and their “leaders” have said that they are Marxists.

But that doesn’t mean Jack Shit to you, right?

USMC Steve

To an extent he is correct. The antifucks are not commies, they are socialists. But as we all know, socialism is merely a economic and business model for communism. No communist country is ever anything other than socialist in operation. They are inextricably linked throughout history.


Actually, many of them -are- hardcore communists, thus the Red Flag in their logo.

The Communists promise that once Communism is supreme, government simply fades away to a natural Communist Anarchy. The Anarchists say “goody!” and buy the lie.

If you look up the communist party of Germany, prior to WW2, the flag of their paramilitary arm looks vey much like a mostly red version of the current black/red/white “Antifa” flag. They even used the same name.

Same shit, different day. Marxists gonna Marxist.


Yeah, those committing federal crimes

Which is a bullshit misdirection.

These officers were sent to intimidate, detain, and harass protestors.

The vast majority of the actions they are taking having nothing to do with federal laws.

If they were only acting against those that violated federal laws then this would not be an issue, They would be acting within their authority.

Of course, then they would be wearing identifiable uniforms and identifying their agency and purpose.

Stop defending abuse of power and federal agents acting outside their authority you authoritarian personality dirtbag.

All this talk about the second amendment to prevent federal overreach and extrajudicial abuse of citizens…

But when it happens you sycophants cheat it on and make excuses for it.

But I already knew you were a shitbag,


These officers were sent to intimidate, detain, and harass protestors.

Come now. Even you can’t believe that.

They ARE only arresting people who have violated federal law, they ARE wearing uniforms, and they ARE wearing patches identifying their agency. You know this. Stop spreading lies and misinformation.


Sure he does… just regurgitating the talking points that his “friends” give him.


That is not true. They are detaining and questioning people randomly, abducting them of the streetand did so for days,

They refused to identify their agencies, and refused to give any indication of which crime they were using as a pretext for the rendition.

And they released them without charges after questioning them photographing them and identifying them.

That is not the actions of any agency operating with any legitimate law enforcement purpose.


Your objection to routine investigations of Federal felonies is noted.

You were LEO. At some point. You are well aware that sometimes prime suspects are questioned and released. For a while. CIs are often not charged for their crimes, or at least not seriously, as long as they stay useful.

Sleep tight.


So everyone detained has to be charged with a crime?

The rest of your assertions, like most of the stuff you post here, is utter lies and bullshit.


I’ve seen several twit videos showing DHS patches on their shoulders.


Why don’t you drag your lame ass to Portland and attack the courthouse. After you are arrested, you can give us a first hand report instead of all your agitprop speculation.


hahahahahaha…Kummissar calling someone a shitbag.

Coming from a domestic enemy of the constitution that is sooooooo rich.

For his next trick, he will pretend to honor his oath by supporting insurgency in Portland…not personally, of course, too dangerous. No…I’m betting his credit card is maxxed out with patreon donations to his favorite commie insurgency.

Treason, thy name is Lars.


Sorry, commiie-zar, did you say:

Yeeh, thuse-a cummeetting federel crimes

Vheech is a buollsheet meesdurectiun.

Zeese-a ouffeecers vere-a sent tu intimeedete-a, deteen, und heress prutesturs.

Zee-a fest mejurity ouff zee-a ictiuns zeey ire-a tekeeng hefing nuzeeng tu du vit federel levs.

Iff zeey vere-a ounly icting igeenst thuse-a zeet fiuleted federel levs zee-a zees vuould nut be-a un issuoe-a, Zeey vuould be-a icting vizeen zeeur ouothurity.

Ouff cuourse-a, zee-a zeey vuould be-a veering identiffeeble-a uniffurms und identiffying zeeur igency und puorpuse-a.

Stup deffendeeng ibuose-a ouff puoer und federel igents icting ououtside-a zeeur ouothurity yuou ouothuriteriuon persuneleety durtbeg.

Ill zees telk ibuout zee-a secund imendment tu prefent federel ouferreech und ixtrejuodeeceel ibuose-a ouff ceetizens…

Buot vhee-a it heppens yuou sycuphuonts cheet it oun und meke-a ixcuoses fur it.

Buot I ilreedy knuo yuou vere-a a sheetbeg,


Why do you even bother?

There is nothing clever about cutting and pasting into a joke translation site..


Yeah. Why defame a treasured icon of humor by putting your mindless drivel in his mouth?

Just wrong.

USMC Steve

There is nothing clever about a Berzerkely degree holding traitor who actively supports sedition either you stupid cocksucker. Go eat a bag of dicks, you are tiresome and boring.


You lost this argument a long time ago, comrade copperhead.

USMC Steve

NO, they were sent to CRUSH them. And I am fine with that. They are vandals and thieves, nothing more. Long past time to be shooting them. Then this shit would rapidly stop when little Johnny and Jeanette learn that actions can have consequences. There is no protesting going on. In every instance, they form up, identify their intended targets, then try to burn and damage them as much as possible in the time allowed for it.


Hell yes. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


Some bloody bayonets on the M4’s would help out.
Panama 94-95

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

I was thinking more of Kent State May 1970.


The last 5 seconds of that video is my favorite. I laughed out loud when he sent that unemployed feminist soy-boy face-first into the sidewalk. I could watch that for hours! Little gender studies puke shoulda never left grandma’s basement.


Folks style themselves “revolutionary” but forget to develop actual “hard ass” first.

The poseurs are being fed to the grinder by their comrades.

And the error is thinking they are isolated from the fodder, thus untouchable.


Granted some of the “protestors” made it across the street, but I think hot pursuit applies here, even into the next state if necessary.


Where does a panicked fleeing person run? To a hideout? To a comrade? To an ally or helper?

Letting them run is useful.


It’s about time. Scatter those cockroaches. Disrupt a few of their lives for a change. Let them know that they are not capable of continuing to hold the entire country hostage.


I came here to get called an authoritarian bootlicker idiot that doesn’t understand socialism, left satisfied (yet disappointed).
Would recommend to friends…that like to be angered by agitprop
2 + 2 = 5 stars


-real- anti-fascists brining a measure of justice to a real fascist. (Also, to a real socialist)