Fireworks For Your Enjoyment

| July 7, 2020


The video below is a fireworks display by the “silent majority” in Los Angeles, since the regular fireworks weren’t going to go on. Los Angeles TV news team went up in a helicopter to get this video.  It’s a nice one, as is the music that accompanies it.

I did not forget to post this originally, but I did not post it on July 4th because I did not see it online until the next day.  It’s quite a nice rendering of the National Anthem, and the video from the Los Angeles TV station crew is quite lovely, considering that commercial fireworks were not firing off because of the CV-19 lockdown. What you see in the aerial shots is what my neighborhood looked like on July 4th from the ground. There were no fireworks displays at all this year, which was a pity.

Enjoy it and remember this: freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.



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Looks like the opening scene from Bladerunner.

Mustang Major

Looks like the first night of the air war over Baghdad back in ‘91.


Ah, yes. Didn’t get to see much of them until later. We were kinda busy all of a sudden after months of mostly boredom. Sort of.


Ahhh. That WAS nice. Thanks, Ex.


GD! I LOVE this country, as many clearly do!
(It got a little smoky in here, clearly a lot of tear-inducting sulphuric compounds in them ‘works)


I -so- love America and Americans.

That video shows folks giving a giant dual “TallMan” to the asshole in the CA Governor’s office.


5th/77th FA

^THIS^ X10MEG Folks forget what the true meaning of, and what happens as a result of “the rockets Red Glare…the bombs bursting in air”. It is not just a pretty light show when they were fired in anger.

Cool video M’Lady, Thanks for posting. I had a lap full of fur babies when some folks in the ‘hood started lighting them off the other night. And like Tox pointed out, guess I need to change the air filters…again!

5th/77th FA

Roh-Dog not Tox in this case. DaHell I get for having too many things open and trying to multitask. Now where’s that other music coming from?


When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.

A Proud Infidel®™

A beautiful way to give Newsom a giant middle finger, ‘MURICA!!!!


I grew up in SOCAL… you couldn’t buy fireworks in LA or San Diego Counties, but you could in Orange County. It’s a big FU to those at the city, county and state level in LA county.


‘Merica. Also:


The music is from a video, of the Kentucky State Choir, consisting of dozens of school and church choirs, singing in the multi-story atrium of a large hotel in Colorado. All total voices, are larger than the Morman Tabernacle Choir….and just as awesome.