Democrats: President Trump’s Mount Rushmore Rally Glorifies White Supremacy

| July 1, 2020

President Trump plans a rally at Mount Rushmore. This rally will include 4th of July celebrations. (Reuters/National Parks Service)

President Trump plans on holding a rally at Mount Rushmore on July 4. This rally will come with July 4 celebrations. However, it did not take long for the Democrats to describe this as glorifying white supremacy.

“Trump has disrespected Native communities time and again. He’s attempted to limit their voting rights and blocked critical pandemic relief. Now he’s holding a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore – a region once sacred to tribal communities.” -@TheDemocrats

Russia Times (RT) shows additional tweets made in response to the above tweet. According to Fox News, fireworks as part of the celebrations would be re-installed. It was ended in 2009 due to environmental concerns. The New York Daily News reports that South Dakota’s governor will not enforce social distancing and announced that masks will be optional.

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  1. OWB says:

    There was a beautiful carving of a tribal leader on horseback planned very near the busts of the past prezzies. Whatever happened to it? Maybe the same environmentalists got it’s construction stopped, huh?

    So, “we won’t let you build a monument to the native peoples of this land, thus proving that you don’t value the native peoples of this area.” Only makes sense to idiots.

    • OWB says:

      Here it is:

      Maybe if those fools raising such cain now would contribute a little time, effort, and $$, the Crazy Horse Memorial could be finished.

      Come on, people. Instead of complaining, kick a few shekels into the pot and get it done! That’ll show all those white supremacists.

      • Slow Joe says:

        Didn’t Crazy Horse had slaves and killed women and children and stuff?

        • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

          Don’t disrupt the narrative Joe, the liberals definitely don’t like that…truth pisses them off to no end if it conflicts with their mythology.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Most of the locals of the Black Hills area agree that the monument to Crazy Horse is all about the sculptor’s family business and not about paying honors to Crazy Horse. Retired wing wiper brother married into a family that has been in the area since the late 1880s. The attached article gives some of that discussion. Tourism is THE Business of the area. That and Ellsworth AFB. The whole state doesn’t have but about 750K people, total, and that includes the height of the tourist season crowd. A very nice place to visit, but very few want to live there. And most of the Res Natives do love their fire water…and meth. Did I make mention that I was supposed to have been in the area for the last 2 weeks?

            A place that really pays Honors to, and tells the story of Crazy Horse, is near Crawford NE @ Fort Robinson.


            The Democrat Party…America’s Own Taliban. Lieawatha…aka Skanky Squaw.

  2. Comm Center Rat says:

    In the spirit of Native American reconciliation perhaps DJT should invite the Cherokee Nation’s own prophetess, Fauxahontas to the July 4th Mount Rushmore Rally.

  3. Hack Stone says:

    They should just relocate the monument to a location where it is not impeding on sacred land. And then all of the Native Americans whose income is based on Mt. Rushmore tourism will have more time to do other things.

  4. The Other Whitey says:

    Disrespected native communities, eh? I genuinely wonder how many Indians give a shit. I suspect the answer would be “few, if any,” though I could be wrong.

    The funny part here is that the Sioux are not the original owners of the region. They constantly fought the Crow, Blackfoot, and Northern Cheyenne over it. And before that, they slaughtered the previous inhabitants (who had in turn butchered their own predecessors). The United States wasn’t particularly nice to them or any other tribe, but we treated them far better than they treated the people they took their land from.

    • Veritas Omnia Vincit says:

      Lawrence Keeley and Steven LeBlanc have both written about the Myth of The Noble Savage….

      Keeley’s work points out that despite current popular revisionist history the archaeological records paint the truth of just how violent man has been throughout history including pre-civilisation history.

      Mr. Keeley’s work shows that pre-historic massacre sites were common in both Europe and North America and that regardless of whether we are discussing natives of the Amazon or New Guinea that comparative fatality rates from conflict during those times was four to six times higher than even the Germans and Russians experienced during the 20th century.

      But never let the truth of a thing get in the way of an opportunity to score political points.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Those folks for whom we named our attack helicopter?

        Ate people. Often under particularly grim circumstances. And those not invited to lunch were noisy entertainment.

        Like in “make the Waffen SS puke”

        Yeah. “Noble savage” , “no word for war” yadda yadda yadda.

  5. Ex-PH2 says:

    Maybe if the sculptor who started Mt. Rushmore had put enough money together to finish what he started, there might be more faces on that cliffside. I put a short list together.

    Martin Luther King
    Frederick Douglass
    Sitting Bull
    Cochise (to prevent grave robberies, where he’s buried is never given out)
    We need some girls of the female persuasion up there, too, so how about:
    Maya Angelou
    Boadicea (okay, I know, she wasn’t American, but she was a warrior and a leader)
    Artemisia Gentileschi
    ADM Grace Hopper
    Hedy Lamarr
    Elizabeth I
    Hattie McDaniels
    and my personal favorite, Mae West, who never met a diamond she didn’t like.

    Is that enough, or should I add to it?
    All this noise is to get attention prior to the elections in the fall, and we all know it. When you have spoiled brats yapping and squawking and squalling now, think how much louder it will be if we all get out and vote, come November.

  6. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    D-rats will BITCH no matter what goes on., they’re the party of bitches and bitching!

    • rgr769 says:

      I am looking forward their complaints about being hung with new ropes.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        Now now. well-used-thus-recycled sustainable-hemp rope.

        We can be kind, and observe that sensibility.

  7. Sapper3307 says:

    This casino is sacred ground!

  8. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Biden get elected he will try to give his son a discharge upgrade?

    What a clown.

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      Once the discharge is upgraded his son will be appointed Secretary of the Navy or Administrator of DEA.

  9. Green Thumb says:

    Trump has actually helped several of the Native American Reservations and communities through increased funding and tribal recognition (ie: Little Shell) in some cases.

    White Democrats – Fools!

  10. Almost every day There is something on TAH about obama’s shadow govt slow moving coup trying to discredit the POTUS. The demoRAT merry go round seems like it’s running in circles 24/7. Looks like they are trying to grab impeachment papers from the brass ring chute because he didn’t say anything about the rusky bounty on US Troops. Does he have to tell the public everytime he takes a dump? I can also see an impeachment attempt over Rushmore being on Indian land.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Team America was prophetic: