FBI Is Looking Into It

| June 29, 2020

The White House/DTrump has asked the FBI to look into the possibility of foreign interference in the recent protests, which included looting, pillaging, burning someone else’s property, and general random disorder.


From the article:  The FBI is “looking carefully” at the possibility that foreign actors are influencing the sometimes-violent nationwide protests in the wake of George Floyd’s in-custody death, FBI Director Christopher Wray exclusively told Fox News’ Bret Baier on Wednesday.

Also in the interview, Wray declined to directly answer whether he was personally “responsible for holding back from Congress” relevant materials concerning key documents, including some relating to former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The Daily Caller has reported, citing a source, that Wray was involved in withholding exculpatory evidence in Flynn’s case.

“We have certainly seen in the past a variety of foreign adversaries looking to amplify controversy in this country,” Wray said. “And they use state media. They use social media. Some of that is through propaganda, some of that’s through disinformation, some of that’s through just fake information. And we are looking carefully at the prospect of foreign influence or foreign interference in all of the protests and activities that have occurred over the last few weeks.”

Wray’s comments came amid a high-level push from the White House and Congress to end the destruction of statues and other monuments across the United States. – article

Read the rest of the article.  Susan Rice sticks her oar into it, too.  In view of the current proposal to eliminate law enforcement and use neighborhood patrols to maintain order in Minneapolis, it’s a very good idea to ask these questions.  If you think it can’t happen nowadays, snap out of it. Anything can happen now, unless people stop acting spineless. None of what happened this past month was accidental.

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    Is Gorge Soros considered foreign interference?

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Sapper, I think that Soros himself is hiding out/laying low in Switzerland. He is already wanted in several European Countries for various and sundry nefarious activities.

      The ringleaders of these activities are already so public and through-out social media that this investigation should ne a snap, even for the feebees, but then again, they found no evidence of Hitlery’s shenanigans, and their ranks are full of Never Trumpers.

      This will go nowhere and what we are seeing, again, is the culmination of the relentless assaults on the US of A. They may as well try to make this a sh^thole country; most of the rest of the world already is.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      He’s certainly a nazi-collaborator.

      • Hack Stone says:

        His ties to the Nazis has been debunked thousands of times, but he sure does love supporting extreme left ideology.

      • QMC says:

        He would have been 15 years old in 1945. He has been involved in a plethora of radical far leftwing activities here in the US over the past few decades.

  2. Hack Stone says:

    Doesn’t the FBI have more important things to do, such as sending 15 field agents to investigate a lanyard on a garage door?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Don’t the Feebies in the field offices have to get credit for field exercises somehow?

      They can’t just go busting people for planning riots, pillaging and looting any more because that can be construed as interrupting “freedom of expression”, so the desk jockeys in the local offices have to find some other way to keep busy, dontcha know.

  3. penguinman000 says:

    And now the script is flipped. Does anyone else think the news will be filled with the same claims as when impeachment was going on? The only thing that will change is the Dems will be saying what the Repubs were saying and vice versa.

    In all of this stupidity that is unfolding we aren’t going to actually hold foreign state actors and billionaires who are actually feeding these protests with all sorts of false narratives accountable. Instead we will get the screeching and finger pointing turned up to 11 until the election is over. Then it will be back to reality TV.

  4. Comm Center Rat says:

    I’d like to think there’s enough hate, rage, and money among American citizens that we can execute our own violent protests without accepting support from “foreign actors.”

    Come on people, we can burn, loot, and pillage all on our own. Let’s git ‘r done!

  5. Slow Joe says:

    The funny part is the cultural Marxists will be the first ones in the chopping block when the real Marxists take over.

  6. OWB says:

    Easiest way to investigate this mess is to make more arrests of those caught violating various laws. Breaking windows, setting fires, destroying property, shooting people, and such are still against the law in all jurisdictions where these things are happening. Arrest the idiots doing it. Keep arresting them. Some of them might even know who prepositioned the rocks, bricks, and molotov cocktail materials.

    Holding people accountable for their actions was so common sense a few short years ago. It really needs to be made fashionable again.

  7. Skippy says:

    I don’t trust the FBI anymore

    • rgr769 says:

      Ditto. Some have said recently that except for politically motivated investigations against those in the Trump admin, they are worthless. Thus, people are saying FBI really stands for Fan Belt Inspector. Personally, I think some of them couldn’t find a fan belt even if they could figure out how to raise the hood. It only took fifteen of them to figure out that a five inch negro lynchin “noose” was a pull-down lanyard for a garage door and that every rollup garage door in the complex had one. Moreover, the one in question was there over a year before Bubba Whathisname was ever assigned to Garage No. 4. I guess those Nascar Klansmen were psychic, since they knew Bubba was going to be assigned to that one garage of about forty over a year ago.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      The Whitey Bulger case was the last straw for me.
      John Connolly wasn’t the only crooked agent but
      certainly one of the most brazen.

  8. CM says:

    Listen, I really like the POTUS and I really believe he is doing what he can to reign in some serious issues which should have been handled decades ago. That being said, I need to see movement on these serious issues at a much higher rate. We simply cannot continue to allow these open rebellions to occur in our streets, we simply cannot allow foreign groups to have such a foothold in our great country, and we simply cannot allow beach heads to be established for foreign powers by them bribing local and state officials. Enough is enough Mr. POTUS, it has been over three years and I love you but I need to see serious movement and I need to see it now, no more hints, no more “Law and Order”, nothing except a complete and total obliteration of any, every, and all people(s) associated with or even farting in the same direction of any of the aforementioned issues.

    Before any twink shills try to capitalize and claim “Oh look, a Trump supporter changed sides, we are winning!” just realize I am voting for him anyhow so save your fake news media bullshit and realize that I consider those such as that to be (very) high on the enemy of the Republic list and should be put down, permanently and without mercy or hesitation by the feds or military. Bottom line, I need to see serious movement, I need to see punishment to these people who openly attack and have brought internal conflict to our country, I need to see it, I need to see it sweep across the nation and take all of them by storm. You brought up the storm, well it is time to bring the storm because, the way I see it, if you (POTUS) do not handle these issues immediately then we are on a fast track for a civil war which will likely begin the very moment you leave office. Please handle it immediately, no more slowdowns as they are not and will not play by any rules and you must expect they will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in their power to destroy you and all of us. You need to fight that fire with fire and destroy them because their strategy for the election is obvious to me. Use Covid to shut down all debates and shut down all voting booths, allow mail in votes to control the totals, throw constant riots up until the election date, invade rural areas to scare normal citizens into not voting, and use the media to create false narratives which cannot be countered without debates and open dialogue at rallies.

    Handle it. No more baloney, handle it.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Once upon a time, SIGINT of the Imperial Japanese Navy intercepted a communication from Midway, about a failure of water purification. They dutifully reported it, and others discussed and reported it along to higher.

      No one questioned -why- that sensitive information had been broadcast “in the clear” where they could not possibly miss it.

      It was bait from our codebreaking efforts, trying to determine what “objective AF” meant. In reporting the bait, it was attributed to “AF”.

      We had each of our key bases in the Pacific report a juicy tidbit in the clear. We also identified a bunch of other two-letter location codes.

      Result? We ambushed the IJN at Midway. Scratch four flattops. Now we were attacking Japan, and Japan was trying not to lose.


      So when Trump appears to be making a mistake, ask yourself -why- this demonstrated virtuoso of public appearance is showing this. Nothing in his public appearances is off-script. Not the background objects, not the off-the-cuff comments, not the tie, not the mood. Nothing off script.

      I suspect he is allowing the Donks to show just how dysfunctional they are, all the while demonstrating his respect for our legal process. Also letting the Donks position themselves badly.

      If he waits for a large and bipartisan “Do something Mr President!”, it will work much better than one begrudged.

      The Left may well have some over-the-top mayhem planned for the Independence Day weekend. It would fit with the Marxist “destroy all things American” plan that is so obvious from context.

      Many Leftist areas are trying to shut down the Fourth for exactly that reason. They -know- their notional “allies” will do something stupid. Denying their “allies” mass targets is an effort at damage control. Secondary is denying a morale boost to patriots and preventing folks from realizing that the “pandemic” is over a bad cold for most.

      So I do expect a response, but I expect the Left will be allowed time to look very bad, and to drive their remaining sane members over the line to Trump.

      Trump wants and needs a second term, preferably with a Republican House and Senate. The Donks are about to hand it to him. The Marxists, “Anarchists”(anarchomarxists), and other “violent overthrow” dipshits are going to give it to him.

      Because if he waits a few weeks or a month, -then- busts the insurrectionists, folks will be voting on -that- “big reveal”, not the patient build-up.

      Also consider Sun Tzu’s advice on appearances.