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| July 10, 2020

This picture is fitting for what happens here right before a heated debate. An exposed phony challenges the posted documentation countering his claims… Or someone on the left disagrees with the common argument here. In the movie, a shootout occurs after the man says that they don’t have their badges. Here, it symbolizes the moment before a one-sided hammering. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:


  2. Seadragon says:


  3. Hack Stone says:

    Hack Stone would like to claim First Post for This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread of July 10, 2020, but much like Hillary Clinton being denied her rightful place in The Oval Office due to the vast ring wing conspiracy Deplorables, so Hack will have to take solace in knowing that in the hearts and minds of most Americans, he is the true First Poster for this thread, and he will continue the struggle, until July 17, 2020.


    Hack Stone would like to claim First Post for This Ain’t Hell Weekend Open Thread of July 10, 2020, but much like Hillary Clinton being denied her rightful place in The Oval Office due to the vast ring wing conspiracy Deplorables, so Hack will have to take solace in knowing that in the hearts and minds of most Americans, he is the true First Poster for this thread, and he will continue the struggle, until July 17, 2020.


    • Hack Stone says:

      That is what Hack gets for using cut and paste software from some lame ass software company that can’t even afford a door on their corporate mail box.

  4. Sea Dragon says:

    Wow, lost in “moderation.”

  5. SFC D says:


  6. Eggs says:

    Top 10.

    59 and a day!

  7. Roh-Dog says:

    I got distracted by a awful CNN (I know, redundant) article.
    Beer:30, til the sting of this stupid ‘stock “market”’ is blunted.
    Have a GREAT weekend y’all!

  8. 5th/77th FA says:

    A one sided hammering…What the King of Battle does in the fight for FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And no, there will be no defunding, and no, there is no worn out F5 key (Chromie don’t have an F5 key) He has an F and a 5 Key and nope ain’t no pr0n donwloaded on it neither. Bookmark bars is mail, bing, fox,weather, War History, History Flight, TAH and misc others.

    FIRST on the 2nd new time TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread. (EARNED never Awarded) Supply Daddy Claw, what’s the score these days? Issue out Class VI Supplies, hand rolled seegars, and cheesecake for all hands. My treat! Nothing is too good for my most loyal miscreanted d’weeds and weedettes.

    BTW, the Lionesses were speaking of the pioneer ladies that were crossing the plains, alone; today’s episode of Wagon Train is depicting some of them doing just that. Was perusing that when the WOT Dropped.

    I’ll just leave this right here…GO ARMY BEAT NAVY…How ’bout them Dawgs and Roll Tide Roll!

    • OldSoldier54 says:


      Maybe switch to decaf?

    • The Stranger says:

      Settle down KOB. I’m on a Brigade conference call. Whisky makes it tolerable. Fortunately, I’m done briefing so I’m not too buzzed yet. Found the Canadian Club 12 at the “likka sto” so I’m gettin’ down northern style!

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Pappy, don’t let that dog bite you. I discovered years ago how Ms Thang manages to hold her “likka”.

        • The Stranger says:

          Just remember, the sun never shines in Whisky Heaven!


          Yes, I know that this is originally a Fats Domino song, but I couldn’t find a live version of ol’ Fats doing this one, so this is Frankie “Sea Cruise” Ford doing it live. Hell, he’s from New Orleans just like Fats, so close enough.

  9. Cameron says:

    Sometimes, I find myself beginning to believe that it may be time for me to invest in some rope or that trying to perform surgery on myself without anesthesia would be preferable than keeping up with current events. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing if the afterlife will be any better than this. This is why I now try to avoid the news, because it’s one of the few ways I can keep my blood pressure under control.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      I pretty much don’t watch any news anymore and rarely listen to it on Sirius XM.
      It’s all the same bull shit, telling us that we are hopelessly racist and that everything we say, think and do is beneath the pond scum floating on the nearest septic system.
      So, I just have to have confidence that there is a
      God and that everything that happens on His Beautiful Green Earth is meant for a reason.
      Life is so much better if I skip the news !!!
      Like ignoring the resident communist who is firmly convinced that if only America would fall into line with his thinking that the world would finally turn around.
      After all he, like the marx brother from Russia, staqulin and good old boy meaow are a thousand times smarter than any human being that posts here and disagrees with it !!!
      If only, the world would be so wonderful…..

  10. Green Thumb says:

    The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) continues to avoid calls seeking clarification of his Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims.

  11. Sapper3307 says:

    I was distracted by some paint in the road.

  12. Graybeard says:

    Well, top 20, ish.

    All is well at the GB Compound, or as well as can be expected.

    Made some more tomatoes and okra today – added a couple of jalapenos and cowhorn peppers to spice it up. Tastes pretty good.

    Got a pair of grandsons playing on the floor, building dragons, buildings, odd vehicles, etc., out of Legos. With only a little squabbling, too.

    Hot as all get out in the AO, heat indices well into the triple-digits. Had to help Airborne son with some plumbing work when his injured back made him quit in the middle. With care I can still dig a ditch and glue a pipe, so thankful for that.

    Hope all you Delta Wiskeys and Wiskey-etts have a great weekend, and get some range time as well. (Remember that arrows are recyclable.)

  13. Slow Joe says:


  14. Combat Historian says:

    Greetings from the great state of Arkansas as I continue with my traveling vacation roadshow…

    Interesting observation from meeting with relatives while on this trip. Three relatives from three different families in different locales have stated to me that they are appalled by what they have read and seen regarding the political chaos and violence started by a political party and faction that shall remain nameless here (it starts with “D”). They stated they have always stayed away from politics, and were not even registered to vote because they did not want to be called for jury duty. The scales have now fallen from their eyes, and they are now eager to get involved and vote. If you multiply this by millions of families and households across the country, this November may well hold a true surprise for the political prognosticators and establishment know it alls; we shall see what happens…

    I currently reside in a leftist blue shithole because of my job, but it has been a pleasure to hang out in the heartland with good people who believe in traditional values and individual rights and freedoms. A couple more years and I plan to move to the heartland myself…

  15. Slow Joe says:

    Serious question:

    Why is it getting so hard to troll people in TAH?

    Are our regular TAHers getting too thick skinned? Insensitive to outrageous personal attacks? Dismissing of outlandish claims?


    • The Stranger says:

      No…we just scroll by you. You need to up your game. Since you’re here, though, it’s time for some good old NCODP. You need to improve your choice in beverages. If you gotta drink light beer, drink something better like Yuengling light or Yuengling Flight. Or hell, just drink whisky…more bang for your buck!

    • SFC D says:

      It’s not that it’s gotten more difficult. You just suck at it. Now Dave, that guy can troll.

    • Claw says:

      Serious Answer:

      “Social Media has made too many people comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the mouth for it.”

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      ‘S-okay Junior, you’ll learn one day!

  16. 22
    Went to Publix earlier and bought hot sausage links and a box of penne to make up a batch of Ex’s famous sausage and penny which is worth every cent. Bought two bananna’s which is actualy three and if any of you are in doubt about my math, just go on youtube and watch the Abbot and Costello/Mr. Botchagalu Bananna routine. Amazing.

  17. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Umpteenth and Honorary First once again


  18. Commissioner Wretched says:

    Wow … move the timing of the WOT and the King of Battle takes the coveted FIRST anyway! That’s why he’s my main main and will be the only ace (and double ace) we ever have. Prove me wrong.

    In the meantime, enjoy this week’s trivia!

    Which Presidents delivered the longest – and shortest – inauguration speeches?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    I was just looking at my desk here at the newspaper and realized something.

    I’m a slob.

    Well, not that bad, perhaps, but consider this: in one corner of my desk, under some papers but still visible, is a box of candy I was given.

    In February.

    For Valentine’s Day.

    It’s been sitting there since February 14th and is still wrapped in its clear shrink-wrap, awaiting opening and consuming.

    Neither of which is going to happen, because the very nice co-worker who gave me the box of candy didn’t know that there was no chance of me eating it – some of it is strawberry flavored, and I am allergic to strawberries.

    I’ve been told that I have missed out on one of the great taste treats in life, but all it ever gives me is hives so big bees come looking for me.

    Anybody want some six month old Valentine’s candy?

    Or would you rather have the trivia you came here for in the first place?

    Yeah, I thought so.

    Did you know …

    … the Milky Way Galaxy is on a collision course with another galaxy? That’s the bad news. The good news is, that other galaxy – M31, or the Andromeda galaxy – is so far away that the collision won’t happen for another three billion years. Additional trivia note: The Andromeda galaxy is two million light years away, but if you could see it in a clear, moonless, very dark sky, it would be six times the size of the full moon. (Never mind that … I’m breathlessly awaiting the collision!)

    … the plural term for rats is a word you’d never expect? Animal plurals are pretty silly as it is – murder of crows, for example – but for rats, the word for a group of them is a “mischief.” (It’s also a very appropriate word for them, now that I think about it.)

    … it is against the law in Colorado to allow a llama to graze on public property? (You can graze your llama on your own land all you want, though.)

    … if you go by weight, the largest insect alive lives in New Zealand? The giant tree weta looks something like a cricket, but they’re pretty big – about the size of a blue jay. Their size may be imposing, but they are very sweet insects. (It looks like a very, very big cricket. The kind they made movies about in the 1950s. Nightmare stuff, if you ask me.)

    … there really was a Cyrano de Bergerac? The real Cyrano (1620-1655) actually had a big nose and engaged in duels, like his literary counterpart. He was also a writer of very early science fiction, and was the first person known to suggest that a rocket could one day carry human beings into space. (And he didn’t make a dime off the book written about him, I’m sure.)

    … the shortest presidential inaugural address was only 135 words long? Delivered by George Washington (1732-1799) at his second inaugural on March 4, 1793, the brief speech remains the shortest ever given by a president at his inauguration. Since I mention it, the longest was given by William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), ninth president, on March 4, 1841. His speech of 8,445 words was delivered outdoors on a cold day, and took him more than two hours to get through – while not wearing a hat or coat. Harrison developed a cold not long afterward, which turned to pneumonia, which claimed his life exactly one month later. (I think my inaugural address would be just, “I’ll do my best. Thanks for electing me.”)

    … the actor who was judged to have made the closest portrayal of James Bond to the original books only played the role once? George Lazenby (born 1939) took over the role of Bond in the 1969 film, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Born in Australia, Lazenby is the only non-British actor to play the role. Lazenby’s performance as Bond was said by critics to be the closest to the written character created by Ian Fleming (1908-1964), but after the one film he said he did not want to play the character again, claiming the producers made him feel “mindless” and disregarded anything he said. Additional trivia note: Lazenby did, in fact, play the role one more time – sort of. In a cameo in the 1983 television movie “The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” Lazenby plays a Bond-like secret agent known simply as “J.B.” complete with all of Bond’s trademark gimmicks like the tricked-out Aston-Martin automobile, the catch phrase “Shaken, not stirred,” and even the signature tuxedo. He has also appeared several times in roles that parody Bond. (So he will do it again, but only for a laugh.)

    … chocolates were first packaged in a box in 1861? Richard Cadbury (1835-1899) of England put roses and cupids on a box as a marketing move for Valentine’s Day, placed chocolates in the box, and single-handedly began the Valentine’s candy industry. (It’s his fault!)

    … an official disaster guide has a chapter on UFOs? “The Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” contains a chapter on unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, and covers how to handle UFO emergencies. By coincidence – or by design – the chapter concerning UFOs is Chapter 13. (It’s nice to know that someone at least acknowledges the possibility, right?)

    … the botanical name of the plant from which we get chocolate has a special meaning? The cacao plant (or cocoa plant, if you prefer) is classed as Theobramba cacao, which translates into “food of the gods.” (And brother, is it ever!)

    … zebras sleep standing up? (Nice to know that.)

    … a squid’s digestive tract passes through its brain? (Squid like to think about what they’re eating.)

    Now … you know!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      CW…You’re Late!!! Give an accounting of yourself! 😆

      Again, was not really gunning too hard today, had been out changing the oil and filter on my Baby Tractor for Ms Ginger Haired Thang. (She thinks my tractor’s sexy) Came in, made a glass of peach flavored sweet iced tea and was playing catchup in the comments when the WOT dropped. Even hesitated a bit when I hit post. Sea Dragon might of even been FIRST if his FIRST comment hadn’t hit the mod. Only the Grace of Man Above. I am gonna back out tho, if I count correctly this would be a 3rd ACE, if you consider the Independence Day Open Thread in the mix. It is uncanny, all the years I lurked and never could even read the WOT on the day it posted, and now…The King of Battle is the King of FIRST. Not on a fiber ethernet connection here, just a twisted copper pair, dial up/DSL running a little over 6 meg from a Windstream CO. And that is running thru the WiFi, not hardwired.

      Just meant to be one of my many blessings; kinda like the trivia you bring us. One has to wonder how big of a breame, crappie, perch, or fat mouth bass one could catch with a cricket the size of a blue bird? Bet that former Jewish Carpenter could feed a multitude with that kinda fish. And we have some that post here, whose brain is plunged up into their digestive tract.

      How big a bang will there be when the galaxies collide? Can we get a package deal on the software for that event and the Y3K from a proud but humble woman owned software company?

    • rgr1480 says:

      Bond …. James Bond. In Flemming’s first of the series, Casino Royale Bond is likened to Hoagy Charmichael. So yes, Lazenby was the closest in resemblance.


      I just started reading “Royale” a few days ago.

    • Graybeard says:

      I’m not sure there is an answer – or not a single, neat, tidy answer – to why.

      Prayers for his family and his buddies.

      I know some of what Airborne son went through after just one tour. A few Sundays ago the family was over (a GB Compound standing event). We had a major thunderstorm roll through, and when a bolt hit real near he automatically hit the floor – even though he’d seen the flash and tried to not react.

      I cannot begin to imagine what Master Sgt. Marckesano and the men of the 2-508 are going through.

      All I know to do is pray for them and their families.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Just…DAMN! 12 Combat deployments…30th out of one battalion that took themselves out.

      This Warrior should be the Poster Soldier for why we need to GET.THE.FUCK.OUT!…NOW!

      May God’s Peace bring His Comfort and Understanding to this Solder’s Family and Compatriots.

    • Green Thumb says:

      9 years over seas?

  19. ChipNASA says:

    I was distracted by playing Fortnite on X-Box. Maybe I’m a little old for that but my 11 year old says I’m improving, meaning he’s glad I was a cargo guy in the Air Force and not a Marine or Infantry because I can’t shoot or fight for shit.
    So I got that going for me, which is nice.
    I remember back when I was first, so does Pepperidge Farm®, LOL

    Have a lovely weekend

  20. MarineDad61 says:

    As the 1st Anniversary approaches
    of the outing of Stolen Valor phony CIB phony combat veteran
    Lester Kent Brown (Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.)…

    Updates about that organization in Elko, Nevada:

    1 – They still meet at VFW Post 2350.
    Odd choice, considering how many in the group are VFW eligible.
    [Today, July 10th at 7:00pm @ the VFW Hall
    we are going to have a potluck BBQ.
    We will get together, eat, kick around a few ideas
    and enjoy each others company.]

    2 – They are doing local functions again (like July 4th) wearing
    “Uniform POW Class A’s”.
    Does anyone understand what a Uniform POW Class A is?

    3 – No photos anymore, on their webpage, nor their Fakebook.

    4 – Pocatello, Idaho RIDE / RALLY / RODEO on July 24-25.
    Not odd, because it’s always been about the RIDE.

    5 – Note – July 25 is the ANNIVERSARY of Phony Les saying
    “These hack websites are going after our VESTS.”


  21. A Porud Infidel®™ says:

    Here’s something to watch live, not only plenty of trains, but boat traffic on the Mighty Mississippi River as well as a Pivot Span Drawbridge which opens for barge traffic in Fort Madison Iowa (They even have INTERNET there now as well!).

    • Friend says:

      Proud dude…check your moniker…it’s misspelled as PORUD…

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Noticed that on evening last as I was preparing to get horizontal.

        Btw, speaking of horizontal, staying on track, social distancing, and misspelled names, let us take this moment to remember that a certain Be Nasty wanna be lawer/pile it/naval cpo (sic) is staying on track and maintaining his social distancing by being horizontal at a minus 6 feet AGL.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Yeah, that’s what I get for not proofreading before hitting “Post”! Did anyone check the webcam out?

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          I checked him out several times API. Caught several trains, day and night, and a coupla barges. Cool as all hell. I’ve seen some of this traffic up close and personal on my trips out west. My trip this year that got canceled (did I make mention of that?) because of the Chinese Communists would have included a stop at the Bailey Yard in North Platte, and a lot of parallel running along side Big MO. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN IIIIIT!

          Tanks Man!

  22. 26Limabeans says:

    The Bangor Daily News was a very good state wide
    newspaper for many years. Then the lefty owners went
    nuts with it and now only lefty nuts pay to read it.
    They just re-did the format and are now circling the drain.

    Front page news: How to poop in the woods. No shit.


  23. MarineDad61 says:

    Stolen Valor Phony (Double) Purple Heart ALERT.
    Upstate Parma / Rochester, New York.

    (From the article:)
    Convicted felon Marcos Guzman tried to get on the good side of probation officers in upstate New York with a bogus tale of combat heroics that he claimed had earned him two Purple Heart medals.

    He claimed to have served with the National Guard in Iraq for 18 months and been wounded twice while coming to the rescue of another soldier on the battlefield.
    (end pastes)

    More jail time for this gun thief felon,
    and a fine he can never repay.


  24. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Fox news channel has a report that the Bonhomme Richard is afire, alongside the pier. Appears to be a fuel fire on the hangar deck. Lots of smoke, no visible flame. Crew is off. 11 “minor” injuries.

    No article on the web site yet.

  25. Claw says:

    Submitted for discussion/debate:

    Should the following seafood item be left in the care of the mess hall line choices or used to introduce a new MRE Menu #11 (replacing Vegetarian Taco Pasta) entree?

    8905-01-414-3158 Alligator Nuggets R (Ready-To-Eat)