Intelligence Director Declassifies Flynn Documents- Including Names

| May 12, 2020

Former President Barack Hussein Obama

People are getting nervous. Obama officials, and Obama himself, have lashed out in recent days at the DOJ’s uncovering of their malfeasance, ironically claiming that exposing them is somehow a “threat to the rule of law.”

We all know exactly what went on here and it’s bigger than Watergate would ever be. The Obama Administration spied on political rivals and then tried to take down a sitting President. Declassify everything and expose everyone.

Trump spy chief declassifies list of Obama officials involved in Michael Flynn ‘unmasking’

by Jerry Dunleavy

A senior intelligence official told the Washington Examiner that a list of Obama administration officials involved in the “unmasking” of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn following his recorded conversations with a Russian envoy has been declassified by President Trump’s spy chief.

Richard Grenell, who took over as acting director of national intelligence in late February as he concurrently serves as the ambassador to Germany, has been working to declassify tranches of information connected to the government’s Trump-Russia investigations.

ABC News first reported on Monday that Grenell was seeking to have the Flynn documents declassified, but then updated their story to confirm that the records have been declassified already.

Grenell visited the Justice Department last week and brought the list along with him, and the Washington Examiner confirmed that making the information public will be up to Attorney General William Barr. The declassified list also likely includes the names of officials involved in other unmaskings near the end of Obama’s second term.

Flynn’s name was repeatedly leaked to multiple media outlets in 2017, along with classified details of government-monitored calls he had with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

U.S. Attorney for D.C. Timothy Shea moved to drop the false statement criminal charges against Flynn on Thursday. Concealed documents were dug up and released in recent weeks thanks to a review by U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Jensen, who was appointed to the task by Attorney General William Barr. The federal judge presiding over the case will now decide whether to dismiss it.

Naming names- who knew what, when? This is really getting interesting. Read the entire article here: Washington Examiner

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Wilted Willy

Not to mention the destruction he did to the constitution! It would really please me to see Cankles, Obammy and the rest of that crowd to be dressed out in prison orange!!


Most of the time when you lose it’s best to say good game and move on…But the Left was to stupid to do this…Now I hope they are going to pay…


I’ve never seen a ship sink but rumor has it the rats flee.
Who’s gonna seek immunity first, I wonder?
What horrid machinations will be brought to light?
Who will go the Chardonnay-and-a-bottle-of-pills route?
Shackles for Cankles!? (thanks WW for the reminder of Satan’s daughter’s nickname!)
20 million dollar Nantucket beach home sold for lawyers’ fees?!?!?
For 233 years young that whole ‘Constitution’ thing retains her function!
God bless America.

A Proud Infidel®™

“I’ve never seen a ship sink but rumor has it the rats flee.”

In this case it could be little ships deserting the sinking rats!


Connecticut US Attorney Durham is running an investigation into this whole mess, that being said, I would remain extremely objective if on that jury.
Extremely objective.

5th/77th FA

Alrighty then, will it be more children dying from the new & improved COVID19 or another headline grabbing piece of yellow journalism to take away from this story? Obammy and Company, with the help of deep state domestic enemies of our Republic, have shredded the Constitution in their rush to maintain their power. I still find it incredulous that some many sheeple still support him and his ilk.



The Swamp is trembling. The lovers of the Swamp are hysterical.

Am praying that this will be enough to bring the Swamp back to a more manageable size and function. My greatest fear is that it will take more to force the Swamp to exist within reasonable parameters. Evidence is that the Swamp is handing out incentives to stay home rather than return to work – resulting in more businesses shuttering.

This micromanagement by the Swamp simply has to stop.

A Proud Infidel®™

The proverbial swamp isn’t boiling just yet, but it’s getting there in no time at all, I wonder how soon we’ll see desertions and “accidental” deaths?


I once breached a Farm pond with my dozer so
it could be cleaned out and re lined.
As the water level went down all the creatures
scampered for the last remaining puddles.
None had the wherewithall to escape while the
escaping was good. They held out until the end.

Then I buried them under a layer of clay.

Funny how politics mimics nature.

A Proud Infidel®™



One of America’s best traditions is the peaceful transfer of power between administrations.

The magic negro left behind an organized shadow government to upsurge and ultimately depose an incoming administration through the use of rogue actors hacks in intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

They all need to be arrested and jailed for treason.

Or there will never be a peaceful turnover of power ever again. And that will lead to a Ukraine situation in America.

It is that simple.


Yet, ‘succinct’ does not imply ‘accurate’. I place the idea that there’s a scandal worse than Watergate here right up there with various POTUS tweets about Joe Scarborough being a murderer, vaccines causing autism and Obama’s birth certificate saying he’s born in Kenya.


If he had a track record of being right, maybe I’d give more benefit of the doubt. This is just more ramblings of a fool and those who want to believe the worst about Obama.


LC, Obama’s mother was American. There is a law on the books that says anyone born to an American parent, but not IN the USA, is an American citizen. The reference for this is the defection of Simas Kudirka, a Lithuanian on a Soviet fishing trawler, who jumped overboard onto the deck of a US Navy ship and asked for asylum.
Kudirka was denied asylum and returned to the Soviets, charged with treason, and sentenced to ten years of hard labor. It was later discovered and verified that his mother had been born in Brooklyn and gone to Lithuania at a young age, which meant she was a U. S. citizen. As a result, Kudirka was declared a U. S. citizen and in 1974 released by the Soviets.
Therefore, it doesn’t matter where Obama was born. His mother was a US citizen, and every time this nonsense comes up, it was and still is fed by ignorance.


It was also fed by Obama’s reluctance to respond to the question of his citizenship. Personally, I never doubted his citizenship but I was definitely puzzled by his reluctance to end the debate.


Always knew he was a citize simply because he Clintons didn’t out him in 2008. If there was a shred of real evidence, finding him ineligible would have been the ultimate ace in the hole for her.

Hack Stone

You got that right. If there was any dirt on Obama’s citizenship, you now that Hillary would have it publicized. Too bad for her that in 2008 the string pullers decided that an African American would be President, and not some alcoholic harpy from Little Rock.

Yes, Hack is aware that Hillary was born in the Chicago area, but she got her street cred investing in cattle futures while in Arkansas.


Fair enough, though I think that’s a tangent that simply makes the where-his-certificate-says-he-was-born irrelevant, and thus Trump’s ‘search’ for the real certificate even more unimportant.

My overall point was simply that he has a long, long track-record of being wrong on so many factors. I could’ve posted many more tweets, I simply wanted to avoid the auto-filter. I’m inclined to think this ‘Obamagate’ thing is just one more thing he’s wrong about.


Not even going to trust my memory on this re details of when it starts and stops, BUT there have been requirements for registration of foreign births to US citizens which seemed at the time to apply to his birth. Both parents being US citizens still required registration with the State Department when I was born abroad, for instance. At the time this issue first came up, iirc, it was still required when Obama was born, but it may have only been required then when one parent was a US citizen.

Point being that no one I know of has ever seen the doc of his mother registering his birth with the State Department. Does that mean he was born domestically or that his mother simply couldn’t be bothered with the paperwork? I don’t know. Could it have been done when he, as an adult, realized it was an issue? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I saw a doc myself offered as proof of his birth in Hawaii which was a poorly executed alteration of his sister’s birth record. That doesn’t prove anything other than we still don’t know. Why would an altered do be provided? Who knows. Could be any number of reasons from a simple mistake to nefarious.

What I don’t know is where he was born and if his mother submitted the appropriate paperwork to register the birth of a US citizen abroad, if he was born abroad.

I also don’t know why there were so many games being played by so many people about the topic. Was it simple arrogance? Could be. Could be something else. We will likely never know. And it really doesn’t matter much at this point.

But it IS understandable that many of us default to “What are they covering up now?” Yes, I am suspicious of behavior which makes things complicated when keeping it simple would improve the quality of everyones’ lives.


Unless and until there is -legal- proof he is -not- a citizen, zer0 is as American as me, or you.

He has the legally required paperwork to be a citizen, under US and Hawaii Law.. No one has demonstrated otherwise -legally-. We don’t yank the citizenship of Americans without iron-clad proof.

Let his crap drop. zer0 exploits this horseshit to distract from his real misconduct. This crap came straight out of the HRC camp. No good can come of the replay time.


The overall “Obamagate” thing has been pushed by POTUS – when the man with the largest microphone in the world espouses a theory that even many in his own party are backing away from, surely that’s a connection, no? Grenell is, and has been, a die-hard supporter of POTUS as well. It’d be a bit like Valerie Jarrett pushing something pro-Obama, and then claiming Obama had absolutely nothing to do with it.

The ‘unmasking’ issue is complicated – I’d be interested in seeing the documents you say absolve Flynn of a Russian link, since it was clear he did have conversations with Kislyak. And plead guilty, twice. Were all the actions of the FBI here above board? Hard to say, and quite possibly not. Was it a grand conspiracy? That also seems pretty unlikely.

It certainly doesn’t seem there was collusion with Russia, but he did lie about his contact to federal investigators. Is that not a prosecutable offense? And did he not plead guilty to that?

I’m inclined to think there were plenty of errors all around, but that doesn’t equate to a conspiracy by Obama.


You feel his lie was made under duress because the FBI was debating what they wanted to get out of this pressure on him? Are you equally open to the countless people accused of, say, dealing drugs, to say that because the police debated whether to flip them or charge them, any plea they make is under duress?

And what of Flynn not disclosing his lobbying for Turkey? If we’re ‘draining the swamp’ of people skirting the rules, shouldn’t that still apply?

The original investigation may reek of mistakes, but this reeks of politics, not justice.


LC, this doesn’t even hold water: “Are you equally open to the countless people accused of, say, dealing drugs, to say that because the police debated whether to flip them or charge them, any plea they make is under duress?”

Chicago’s police department is probably THE most notorious PD for allowing senior cops to torture people to get invalid confessions out of them, and Chicago is NOT the only city known for that kind of thing. That question shows a lack of reality on your part.


“The overall “Obamagate” thing has been pushed by POTUS –”

Even if true, so what?

“Is that not a prosecutable offense?”

Only for Republicans.


The problem is not of Obama’s US Citizenship. The problem may be how he portrayed himself in his earlier years.

That book of his with the blurb describing him as a Kenyan, for example. That was only corrected around when he sought the Presidency. If I was mentioned in a significant publication as being a foreigner, bet gold I would correct it immediately.

Did he leverage status as Kenyan/Foreign for advantage in College? You know, the place that sealed his records? Maybe just to be “in” with some group? Or just to get laid?

College chooms swapping fibs?

That is my surmise. He played fast and loose with a lie, and -that- lie about being foreign, or letting others infer it incorrectly, eventually became the “birther” crap, which came out in the Primary, you may recall.

And zer0 seems to have no problem letting other folks lie about him….

Now Qui Bono “birther” in the Donk -Primary-……. hm


Unfortunately to our sensibilities, I don’t believe any of the high ranking criminals involved are going to prison. The political apparatus in the US just doesn’t send folks of that “lofty” stature to the big house. (Not that will stop the next Dem administration from trying to jail Trump.) The question is how low do you go before you get an indictment? I’d like to see Struck-Stroke-Smirk (thank you, Rush) and the rest of the FBI cabal have it’s life savings depleted, at least. It was good enough to do it to do it to Gen Flynn, I wonder how they would like it.

One parting thought. . . When you have a shield as powerful as the press, how far will that protect you? From the evidence, it would seem pretty far. What Republican could get away with BJs in the Oval Office from an intern and then perjure themselves about and still remain a president, and after, party big wig? Not too many. How about spying on the press like Obama did? The press STILL loved him. Think of this headline: TRUMP USES IRS TO IMPEDE POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS OF DEMOCRATS PRIOR TO 2020 ELECTION. Think we’d ever here the last of that?

The Other Whitey

They’ve done everything they can to downplay both Clintons’ numerous visits to Pedophile Island with Epstein. They continue to ignore credible rape accusations against Bill with corroborating witnesses and physical evidence. Das Hildabeast could murder a child on live TV and they’d still look the other way.

On the other hand, Barry is a narcissistic jerkoff obsessed with his own “legacy,” and it’s known that there’s no love list between them since ‘08, with her SecState slot having been mandated by the party as a consolation prize and a “You’re up next” guarantee. I wonder if there will be a point at which he will decide “I’m not going down for that twat!” If so, that will be a very interesting day.


Hurry up Lars! I don’t want to spend all day checking here to laugh at you.


I can’t wait for him to come here. I’m ready to start carpet bombing. :mrgreen: It would be better if the others come in and argue against the above. :mrgreen:

Hack Stone

A Proud Infidel®™


Combat Historian

Nothing will happen to obamao and his senior tier of coup plotters. If necessary, they will throw small fries under the bus (Strozk, Pientka, Page, etc.), but other than these sacrificial pawn pieces the rest will get away literally with Murder…


If you want the truth, follow the obituaries.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Can’t wait for the “accidents” to start happening to these higher up “untouchables”.

“What a pity”

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Good. No redaction. Full transparency for the first time in who knows how long.


They declassified names, but no details.

This is bullshit political nonsense.

They are trying to make it charges against Flynn were manufactured or a conspiracy.

The court records speak for themselves. Flynn is guilty. He admitted to it.

He is a god damn traitor as far as I am concerned,

We was working on behalf of foreign interests and foreign wealthy benefactors against US interests for personal gain and advantage for his allies.

You guys keep sheepishly defending a malignant con artist and some of the biggest pieces of shit in the country.

Because you think their on your team.

Partisanship and propaganda over country.



He lied to the FBI. Oh my God!
They needed to be lied to.

“Partisanship and propaganda over country”

I love it. Needs to be on a Biden campaign poster.


That is not the only thing he did.

Not even close.

The lies were the coverup. Not the crimes,


“The lies were the coverup. Not the crimes”.

If you’re referring to the FBI, we’re in total agreement.


Until evidence came up that the FBI had no grounds to question him, we were in agreement with regards to his lies and his being held accountable for them. However, the evidence became available that prove that he should not have even been questioned by the FBI. “Dirty cops” within the FBI wanted to get him no matter what.

Additionally, the FBI agents that interviewed him did not believe that he lied to the FBI. Who should we believe? The FBI agents that did not believe he lied or those on your side of the argument who insist that he did? That narrative is based on the shady prosecution that Michael Flynn was subjected to. Michael Flynn would be in his right to initiate a lawsuit against the FBI.


“We was working on behalf of foreign interests and foreign wealthy benefactors against US interests for personal gain and advantage for his allies.”

See Clinton Initiative for instructions on how to do it without getting caught.


So it is ok for anyone else to do it because Clinton got away with it?

Is that what you are arguing?

That you think all government, military, and elected officials now should be allowed to work on behalf of foreign powers, even against US interests, because Clinton probably did and got away with it?

That is your position?


Dingleberry, his position is that it should be enforced against everyone.


No. That was not his position.

He was using Clinton as a a “whataboutism” to deflect away from Flynn and minimize his actions.

He does not think Flynn should be prosecuted. Most of the Trump supporters here take Flynn and Trump’s side on this.


His position was “why are we prosecuting one and not the other”. The only whataboutism came from you.


I’m taking the side of truth. And there’s been almost none from the FBI on this entire clusterfuck. Whether or not he did what he’s accused of, Flynn was entitled to a fair trial, not the underhanded corrupt railroading he got.


False. Applying the standards equally, and not selectively based on who you favor, is precisely the point that he was getting across. He was using Clinton to illustrate that point. The left, the leftist media, the leftist elite, etc., turn a blind eye to leftist/Democrat corruption. They are quick; however, to point to corruption when it shows up on the Republican side… Actual or fabricated.

Retired General Michael Flynn should not have been prosecuted in the first place. He would not have been exonerated if the facts didn’t support his exoneration. The facts indicate that this was a “hit job”, third world dictatorship style. There was no basis for the FBI investigating Michael Flynn, let alone interrogating him.


No, the point that he was getting across is that the left applies double standards. The left is doing exactly what you accuse people on here of doing. Turning a blind eye to those “on the same team” for partisan purposes.

What you’re doing is using, to borrow a term that you use, “whataboutisms”. You erroneously think that we are “blindly partisan” and would “throw darts in the dark” to defend our own. That is not what is happening. This is clearly a point being made to apply standards equally, not selectively based on who you favor and who you don’t.


I’ll break it down Barney Style for you. Flynn lobbied for a foreign entity AFTER he retired from the military. Hillary recieved contributions from foreign entities WHILE she was Secretary of State. Along with her spouse getting PAID from foreign entities with business pending with the State Department. Spare us your feigned outrage that a former general lobbied for foreign entities AFTER leaving government service. If that was/is a crime, you’re gonna see a metric butt ton of politicians going to prison. And just to preclude your halfassed rebuttal about “he violated FARA by not registering”, use the way back machine to show us your indignation WRT the Podestas. It’s not ‘whataboutism’ it’s calling out your flaming hypocrisy


“This is bullshit political nonsense.”

Unmasking Flynn was political nonsense, but you’re cool with that since it was your side that did it.


They did it ‘for the rightest of reasons’ though, only they know what is ethical and moral.
We, the average citizen, have no idea how to Republic. We should be grateful for their guidance and forethought, repent for any and all doubts, lay on our stomachs in front of them and feel blessed when called fore to kiss the ring!
Worship Obama or else!


If you read the article, they’re working to declassify transcripts related to the Russian collusion investigation. The documents related to Michael Flynn have already been declassified per the article.

They would not have exonerated Michael Flynn if the evidence did not prove that the charges against him were false. The evidence available proves that the charges against him were BS. There is no “trying to make it” something that was “manufactured” or that was a “conspiracy”.

He is a traitor based on what? A reading of the Mueller report, regarding Michael Flynn, does not show that he engaged in any traitor activities. As soon as President Trump won, and they started their transition, they were in their right to interact with representatives of foreign governments that they would be working for. foreign governments. After all, they were about to take over for those who were on their way out. This is what he was involved with. Not with trying to line his own pockets.

No, we are not “sheepishly defending” anything. We base our argument on the facts. Your side does not do that. This has nothing to do with “who is on whose team”. This isn’t about partisanship either.

This has everything to do with the facts. What you consider “disgusting” is our embracing what you think is “BS”. That’s not the case. What you’re really finding disgusting is our refusal to embrace your emotion-based biased opinion.


Stop feeding the troll. You guys are just running up his bill for more Soros bucks from his CCP and CPUSA handlers.




Let’s look at Flynn’s Actions…

Did he lie repeatedly to the FBI? Yes. He did. Absolutely. He did. Repeatedly.

Did he work on behalf of the a foreign power while serving in a position of the Trump transition team? Yes he did. He worked on behalf of one of the worst pieces of shit in the world; Recep Erdogan. A dictator piece of shit that deserves a bullet to the fucking head.

Did Flynn conspire to kidnap one of Erdogan’s politics, opponents and bypass US extradition law and hand him over to Erdogsn… for personal profit? Yes he did. He fucking deserves to spend a decade in prison for that alone.

Did he work with Kushner, to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, likely in violation of US law? Yes he did. Though that is not one of his charges it just highlights the kind of piece of shit you all are defending.

Flynn worked with Putin cronies to formulate a Ukrainian “peace plan” which sold Ukraine down river and basically gave Russia everything they wanted. A plan he was working on at the behest of Trump AND Putin before Trump ever took office.

He covered for Trump which is why Trump thinks he is such a stand up guy and was treated so unfairly.

This kind of shit is also why Trump was suspected of being compromised by the Russians.

I won’t say Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Ambassador to undermine Obama administration positions against Russia were illegal but they sure as hell were fucking wrong.

As a retired military officer it is unlawful for him to accept money from foreign governments.

He accepted multiple payments. From dictator pieces of shit.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Flynn wouldn’t lie for Barry, so that’s why he was relieved of his duties/fired him. That’s a President’s prerogative.
When Trump hired Flynn, Barry & his cohorts had to torpedo Flynn because he would expose the corrupt and politically motivated ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ aka the soft coup d’etat. He knows ‘too much’…
The whole Russian episode is simply a hoax. Remember Barry chastising Romney that the worrying about the Russians was so 1980’s? Remember Cankles McHildabeast and the Russian ‘reset’ button? Remember Barry telling Medvedev he’d have “more flexibility” after the election? Remember Barry & Cankles letting the Russians pick our pockets with Uranium One? Its the Obama Administration what was cozy with the Russians. We won’t even get into FISA & The Steel dossier which is nothing but Russian lies and disinformation. Your boy Barry is caught, and you don’t like it. Peddle your nonsense elsewhere, pinko!


If you tested Obama’s tonsils, you’d find Putin DNA.


There’s probably more that Putin’s there…


Empirical evidence. Show it or shuttup.




Interesting. What makes it even more interesting is that even though, according to you and your precious Media, Flynn did all this…the FBI had to trick and extort Flynn into “lying” about something not even close to as bad as conspiring to kidnap.

Also interesting, not really, is your Media doesn’t seem too worried about the Turkey thing.


“Erdogan…deserves a bullet to the fucking head.”
What is it about you Communists and shooting people in the dome? I’m not a huuge fan of Jungian/Freudian psychoanalytical theory but my layman’s guess; psycho-sexual frustration manifesting as a maladaptive behavior pattern due to early childhood paternal absence.
To quote Good Will Hunting, “Its not your fault”. Now do us all a favor, go have a good cry in a man’s beard, please?


If anything you said is true then why isn’t the media harping about it instead of focusing only on Flynn lying? All this rotten porcupine dropping coming from you reminds me of all the times that you swore up and down that Trump colluded with Russia and he was going to be removed from office any day now or thrown in jail. Have you ever been right? You are a cult member who will lie or distort anything to make the other side out to be the bad guys while ignoring or deflecting away from anything negative about your left wing overlords.


Again, according to the FBI agents that interviewed Michael Flynn, they did not believe that he was lying. So, how could you absolutely be sure that he lied when the FBI agents that interviewed him did not think so? The Mueller Report does not support your claim that Michael Flynn worked on behalf of a foreign power while a member of the transition team. As a result of the investigation, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement. Also, the Mueller Report does not support your claim that Michael Flynn worked on behalf of Recep Erdogan. Your claims about Flynn conspiring to kidnap a political prisoner and have him extradited to Turkey is unfounded. Given that the FBI was looking to get him for anything, without having to cook anything up, this would’ve been a perfect excuse. Mueller would’ve been all over it. No evidence that he wanted to do this. Just leftist media doing what they do best, spewing propaganda. Under the nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government was reaching out to different companies, in different countries, to help develop their nuclear energy sector. The talks between the US government and the Saudi government, as well with US companies that would be able to transfer some of these technologies, fell under the auspices of laws that already exist. According to the Saudi side, talks with the US were not going as they wanted. The “peace plan” that you talked about recommended a drop in sanctions in exchange for Russia’s full withdrawal/disengagement from Ukraine and recognizing Crimea as belonging to Ukraine. It was just a proposal. This does not sound like Ukraine’s being “sold down the river”. On a side note, it’s the Democratic Party, the left, the leftist elite, and others on the left, who want to sell the United States “down the river”. This is what would happen if “progressive policies” were fully implemented. No, this was not a case of him “covering up for Trump”. All he had to do was tell the truth with regards to events related to President Trump. Telling… Read more »


There you go again, getting all “truthy”. Commissar and his ilk have no use for your truth, the truth is what they say it is. Facts are irrelevant.


Since when have facts and the truth gotten in the way of Lars and his lies and propaganda?


Just bought two large jars of popcorn kernels and a bunch of butter from that company that took Liawatha Warren off the box.

This is going to be interesting and entertaining as all those media darlings “attempt” to tap dance out of the trouble they created out of thin air. But… But… But… Orange Man!


Why has this taken so long ????
I know someone is going to say it’s the swamp protecting
The swamp but seriously