Fake Ninja Charges Police with Samurai Sword

| May 12, 2020

In the current age of self-identification, we have another case.  This time the gentleman was claiming to be a ninja and charged the police with a samurai sword.

I’m guessing he didn’t see the final charge depicting sword vs. guns in “The Last Samurai.”

From CBS12 in Las Vegas:

Man with samurai sword claims to be ninja, charges at Vegas police

A man claiming to be a ninja charged at police with a samurai sword before officers shot and killed in Las Vegas.

Police released body camera video of the incident, which took place last Tuesday at an apartment complex.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police initially responded to the complex after getting reports of a man yelling at neighbors and talking to himself.

He wasn’t talking to himself.  He was communicating with his ancestors.

There were a lot of unwritten rules broken with this episode, not to mention what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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Let’s play name that drug for the second time today.
It was Las Vegas so could be anything.




His mistake was turning his head to see if the
other Ninjas were with him. Apparently not.

Hack Stone

He didn’t understand them when they said “私たちはあなたの6を持っていません”

Hack Stone

The last thing he heard from his Ninja cohorts was “私たちはあなたの6を持っていません.”

He should have brushed up on his Japanese.


What does it say in Japanese? Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight?


LOL google it.

Well played, Hack Stone!



Well, this ninja TRIED Googgling those Japanese characters…and all I got was a bunch more Japanese characters…Oh, well…🤔😉

MSG Eric

when you google it, type “translate” in front of it, then do the search.


Thank You, Top! Will do that.



“We do not have your 6.”


This actually happens quite a bit. People with mental health issues somehow come into possession of a fake display purposes only samurai sword and their delusional minds take over.

Honestly, I am surprised the Harry Potter collector’s wands didn’t lead to more tazings.

Apparently officers have been showing restraint when confronted with a man on the street charging them with a small stick yelling “EXPELLIARMUS!!”


Was the sword later determined to be ornamental? Fake sword or not …. the police officer does not know.

I have trained in iai and batto since 1970 and can cut very well. If that nut were I, and the officer did not kill me, I could easily remove his arm above the wrist or thrust through his throat or ribs. Fresh bone is easy to cut, especially with a true Japanese blade; heck, even the “martial arts-grade blades” made in China are very good weapons and cut well.

Even an untrained person who can swing a baseball bat is dangerous with a Japanese sword. It does not take an expert to injure, maim, or kill someone.

The police officers knew the man, and they knew about his mental health problems; but — they did not know if the blade was a live blade or ornamental blade. The officer made the correct choice.

The Other Whitey

Even if it’s a shitty SLO*, it only needs to be sharp once to be a murder weapon.

* Sword-Like Object, such as the vaguely-katana-shaped things that are often sold to whiskey-tango jackasses who probably think it’s been folded 2,000 times (which is a myth even for the real thing).


Big smile ! (^___^)

Haven’t heard “SLO” in a long time. And you are correct — even the aluminum ones will go through a throat or eye socket. Heck, maybe even the heart if you hit just right at a good angle.

I got YOUR 6.


My USMC Officer’s SLO would piss some buddy off if you were to hit them with the edge. You could skewer someone like it’s the thing to do, however, as the point is extremely. . . well, pointy.

But yes, as with black squirt guns, a cop just doesn’t know.

The Other Whitey

He who lives by the sword…
Gets shot.


TOW wrote: “He who lives by the sword…
Gets shot.”


Don’t mess with Harrison Ford when he’s got Montazuma’s Revenge!


Or when he’s flying.


Taxiways AND golf courses ain’t runways!
(Although he did a damn fine bit of aviating on that loss of power ditch!)

The Other Whitey

The greatest moment in cinematic history!


When I first saw the popo video last week, I was wondering whether this fellow was re-enacting that scene, but expecting a different outcome.

Green Thumb

I did not realize Stephen Cio “Ranger” Burrell had a gambling problem.


So now we have a Ninja faker?
“Yeah, man. I was there at the Battle of Sekigahara and I was killin’ Mofos like left and right. Tokugawa Iesyasu totally thought I was so badass that he made me the lead Ninja dude. It was sweet.”


Can’t wait to hear Donut Operator break this one down.


Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Even a very long knife.


It is the new Cartoon Network show:

Samurai Jack-Ass


Although Nin-Jerk is probably more appropriate.


I’m glad the Officer got those shots off, if he’d a malfunction or tripped while backpedaling it could have been a different story. That dude was way too close, bullet resistant vests ain’t always stab resistant.
Bad outcome for the mentally ill guy but let’s learn the lesson, if you have a friend or family member that gets ‘not right’ when they’re off the pills, please give them a call or stop by and check on them.
Cops have enough crap to deal with!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

These body cam cameras proved to be on the cutting edge of technology. maybe the guy was a Ninja baker who was cutting up a wedding cake and messed it up so when the customer refused to pay him, he ran into the PO outside the shop.


No ‘Feel Good Story’ tag, Steve?

5th/77th FA

Maybe he shoulda mutated into a turtle.

The Last Samurai? Hmmmm…Don’t think I saw that motion picture either. Mick might have, or maybe him and AW1Ed. I think they are partial to the star of the show. Maybe if he’d of had a gun, he coulda been a “Top Samurai” Samurai Naval Aviator? Too soon?


We both still hate you.


So, you lost that loving feeling?


Don’t even get started, doggie.


You’r taking the highway to the danger zone, FA.
They’ve lost that loving feeling about…um, ‘things’


You want on the Mick and Ed hate list? ‘Cause that’s how you get on the Mick and Ed hate list.


No, Sir! I was *just* offering advice to my fellow TAHers.
I don’t need my goose cooked!


KoB & AW1Ed now have a team-mate: Roh-Dog.

The new TAH Trio.

You all are killing me…😅😆😂🤣!!!

Thank You for the laugh! (At the expense of Mick…poor guy…)

Please keep up the great sense of humor…and I see KoB is following in Jeff “The Punster’s” footsteps!




Now, if you want to make an Old West aficionado weep, screen an old William Shatner flick “White Comanche”.

If you thought the Star Trek episode “the Paradise Syndrome” was bad, (Kirk gets memory wiped and goes native on Planet of the Indians) “White Comanche” is beyond bad. It is like an MST3K riff, but without all the funny stuff. Or the merciful commercials.

Worst Western -ever- Plan 9 in outer west. But worse. I had to sit through it once. The horror… Ugh…… If you thought Shatner was a ham on Trek, you have no idea…


5th/77th FA

ninja, Welcome Home!!! 😉 rtr/hbtd/gabn

Roh-Dog do you cook a goose in an upside down crock pit, I mean cock pot, or is it a sandy beach?

11B..tried to watch that wanna be Cowboy Shatner picture, barley got thru the opening scenes. Never could click with Ol’ Bill, have seen a number of good cowboy shows with Bones and even Spock in a Paladin (?) episode. The other trekkie stuff I watch on occasion for the eye candy, Jazeya Dax, Counselor Troi, and huba huba 7 of 9. Yeah I know, I need to be punished… by them.


Dammit Gun Bunny, da fuck am I supposed to do with you? There’s a crock here, and it ain’t for geese.

The Other Whitey

I took a college class with a dude from Japan around the time that shitfest of a movie came out. Somebody asked him if the movie was accurate, with the whole “Noble Samurai swords vs evil guns” thing it had going on. He said, “Yeah, they charged with their swords, but only after they ran out of ammo!”

Took the wind right out of the sails of multiple fanboys, weeaboos, and anti-gun idiots with that one sentence. It was magnificent!

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman





Hack Stone

Here is a classic from way back in the day when someone knew how to use a samurai sword.


Kudos to the homeowner for successfully disarming the burglar.


Baltimore, of course.

“Disarming.” Heh.


I’m so glad I no longer live there
This ain’t shit compared to some of the stupid
Crap I’ve seen


Didn’t something like this happen in Vegas some other time in the last couple of years?