That Covington Kid

| April 13, 2020

L- Nathan Phillips and R- Nick Sandmann

On 18 January 2019, a widely reported confrontation between groups of political demonstrators took place near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The face-off between a teenager in a MAGA hat and Native American activist Nathan Phillips was captured on photos and videos, with media coverage revealed days later that initial media reactions had misrepresented and/or omitted critical details of the incident.

This haunts Sandmann to this day.

‘Covington kid’ Nick Sandmann says he’s lived under ‘constant threat’ for over a year

By Matt London

Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann said that he has lived under a “constant” and “terrible” threat — ever since his image was splashed across television screens and posted on websites and social media platforms worldwide.

In exclusive new interviews with veteran journalist and Fox Nation host Lara Logan, Sandmann opened up about the ongoing fallout from an incident on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on January 18, 2019. The nationally publicized incident has become a case study in journalistic malpractice, critics say.

Sandmann was one of a group of Covington students from Park Hills, Ky., attending the anti-abortion March for Life in Washington, D.C., when Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and activist, was attending the Indigenous Peoples’ March on the same day.

Videos documenting Sandmann’s encounter with Phillips went viral — including some clips that did not show the full incident.

“For Nick Sandmann, he’s going to be tarnished with this stigma forever — that he is some arrogant, racist kid,” Logan said on “Fox and Friends” on Monday. “Because that’s how he was depicted when he was at the Lincoln Memorial… everyone knows him as the ‘Covington kid.'”

Incomplete video clips posted online and initial media coverage prompted widespread accusations that Sandmann and his classmates had approached Phillips and threatened and mocked him.

He is having some revenge, though.

Most agenda journalism victims are expected to disappear in shame. But this time it was different. Sandmann sued a range of journalists, including Maggie Haberman, Ana Navarro, and Shaun King, for slurs they threw at him on Twitter. Included in the swath of additional lawsuits by Sandmann were CNN, MSNBC’s parent company, the AP, Gannett, HuffPo, Slate, and The Washington Post. In the words of the suit, they “brought down the full force of corporate power, influence, and wealth on Nicholas by falsely attacking, vilifying, and bullying him despite the fact that he was a minor child.”

Poor kid, I hope he owns them all. CNN has already settled for an undisclosed amount. Read the rest here: Fox News and here: The American Conservative

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He is now the highest-paid contributor to CNN.



And some help from Don (The Man) Shipley.


…. who lost his original YouTube Channel (page)
due to complaints and reports from lefties
about his Nathan Phillips Vietnam Times Veteran video.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The Hair®™️ also had posers that he busted as well as their enablers complaining as well.


“CNN has already settled for an undisclosed amount”

I wonder how much they paid Nathan “Vietnam Times” Phillips.


$1 for every prime time viewer to Fredo’s show.

Nick Sandmann will, once the check clears, be able to afford at least a 12″ sandwich from Subway. Maybe even with bacon.

Huey jock

I would have offered to sponsor a set of dentures for Phillips but I guess CNN outbid me.


It was a wonderful day for American “journalism”. A group of “adults” in DC acted like the whiny little liberal pissants they are, attempted to provoke a racist response, the press ate it up like ice cream, and they blamed the kid.

And the mainstream media wonders why their ratings are so low.


What made the story an example of yellow journalism of the finest was the fact that all of the journalists had seen the entire video, knew their articles were BS and did it anyway.

I suspect that is why CNN decided to pay.

Stalin would have been so proud of them…

5th/77th FA

I hope that the Morton Salt Mines aren’t big enough to hold all the money Mr. Sandmann gets from these parasites. Two sad parts of it. (1) The settlements in large part will be paid by insurance companies that will have a ripple effect thru all of us. (2) There will always be people that, as the article pointed out, will still consider Nick the one in the wrong here, despite the evidence to the contrary. We are cursed with some like that on this forum.

Best of luck Nick.


re: #2 … sadly.


The people that denigrate Nick Sandmann are the ones that worship David Hogg.


Naw, he’s forgotten. They’ve moved on to that autistic high school drop out from Sweden.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yep, and the liberals that call President Trump stupid are the ones who call HER a “climate expert” which IMHO further proves that liberalism is a mental disorder!


Saint Greta of the Scowl??

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m a-gonna STEAL that!!


Personally, I prefer Scoldilocks.


” … I hope he owns them all.”

Me, too.

Hit ’em in the wallet where it really hurts. It’s the most effective way to slow down, or stop, this BS.


OoH, ooh, fake chief Bullshitting Buffalo has his mug in the media again. Too bad the lying media didn’t have him regale them with tales of his “Vietnam Times” as a combat Marine refer man. Those air conditioners for the trailers for the generals didn’t maintain themselves.


For the benefit of our occasional visitors, yes, I know he was never in Viet of the Nam. He spent his time on active duty at the El Toro Marine Base, when he wasn’t AWOL.


Like Push-Ups Phony LTC Vietnam Nurse Maggie DeSanti,
the major networks and MSM show NO interest in the truth,
after they put on their phony “good story” show.

A Proud Infidel®™

I join everyone else here hoping that he HURT them for what they did to him and I hope he does it to the other networks who smeared him!


When Phillips claimed to have been a USMC “Recon Ranger” in Vietnam, the components inside my bullshit meter nearly had a meltdown.


Given the leftist political atmosphere of 99% of colleges and universities today, he’ll have a hard time getting accepted at 4 year schools.

Hope somehow his lawyers factored that in to their suit(s).

A Proud Infidel®™️

Sad fact, but for proof just look at how quickly “Hahvahd” accepted that little Bony Eared Assfish named David Hogg!


Truth. And any other kid with Hogg’s SAT score would have been condescendingly patted on the head until he walked out of the room, whereupon the admissions committee would have laughed their asses off.


Ugh…Everytime I see anything related to this story my blood boils. What’s fucked up about it was the stupid fucking liberal media doubled down against this kid at first when the truth started coming out. And the most enraging thing of all is the fact that phillips is still going to continue receiving support from many of these libtards. Even though this lazy, lyin, fuckstick of a coward ran away from his tour of duty, dodging them big ol dangerous AC units at a time when thousands of marines were dodging VC bullets.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The media minions smeared that Young Man as quickly as they did Richard Jewell in 1996!


“…this lazy, lyin, fuckstick of a coward ran away from his tour of duty, dodging them big ol dangerous AC units at a time when thousands of marines were dodging VC bullets.”

CST, if it weren’t lazy, lyin, fuckstick cowards, the liberals wouldn’t have any military heroes. Like everything else in their lives, they get their hero-worship completely ass-backwards.

In witness to that truth, I submit our very own Lars…


“fuckstick of a coward ran away from his tour of duty, at a time when thousands of marines were dodging VC bullets.”

I’m thinking you are giving Phillips-Stanard too much credit, since his time on active duty was 14 Aug 74 to 05 May 76.

Hell, Phillips-Stanard is not even a member of the NDSM Brotherhood for Viet Nam Times./smile


I know the insurance companies are going to take the hit, but if enough of those hits happen, the companies are gonna put some heat on the idiots with diarrhea of the mouth/mind and hopefully make them think before they speak – or take the hits themselves in the future.

Hack Stone

They are probably just as happy to cut that check as that Insurance Company who covered Daniel Bernath’s homeowners policy were when judgment day came in that case of libeling a guy who was so poor that he had to resort to dressing in clothes made out of meat byproducts. Last I heard about that guy was that he blew all of the money, and he is so broke now that he has to cut kids hair for a living.

Comm Center Rat

Something’s wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren’t of Snow White

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragon’s fire
And of things that will bite

~ Enter Sandman by Metallica (1991)


Ol Poe has finally decided what he wants on his headstone:

At Least He Wasn’t a Liberal…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Anyone with a single clear thinking thought in their head knew this was crap almost instantly…

Nathan Philips said he stepped between the black Israelites and the Covington kids to calm everyone down by BANGING A DRUM IN THEIR FACES while chanting some bullshit native American nonsense chant….

Everyone knows peace makers usually use loud drums banging 6 inches in front of people to “calm” them down right?

That drunken old shitbag was looking for a confrontation and instead found restraint in the face of a teenage boy who was clearly uncomfortable and unsure how to proceed in the face of the abject stupidity of the adults in the room.

If you know anything about black Israelites you know they are nothing more than the giant turds in any punchbowl they inhabit at the moment.

I was glad to see this kid get over on CNN, and I will be even happier when he’s done collecting from the parade of assclowns reporting incorrectly on this issue.

It brings me great joy on social media to point out those who called this kid a wide variety of names without knowing fact one on the case.

Here’s hoping his life eventually resumes some normality moving forward.


Nothing since this happened has occurred to change my initial reaction to it – strange that the only adult in the area was the teenager surrounded by a bunch of whining folks ranging in age from 20-something and up into their 70’s obviously fomenting some sort of violence, which the kid refused to give them.

You go, young man. You are doing more for America than most of her citizens.

And thank you.


If you liked this story how ‘bout this news about the White Mexican who shot the son that Obama and Big Mike woulda/coulda/shoulda have…

American Thinker Link

News. You fake it, we’ll break it!


Read it last night. The proof that the Tray-von prosecution was a put up show trial. The only thing that saved Zimmerman from conviction was the fact the jury was for real.


I thought Zimmerman was Cuban.


Correction, he’s actually of Peruvian descent. Father was German, his mother was Peruvian.

Slow Joe

For some reason I read “That Covid-19 Kid”


That makes him a “white hispanic” according to the media. His true ancestry and racial makeup are irrelevant to the story/narrative.