Toilet Paper Cakes Selling Like Toilet Paper

| April 13, 2020

Toilet paper cakes have apparently been around for a while. Panic buying in the face of the current pandemic increased the popularity of these cakes. (

A bakery in Germany decided to make cakes that look like toilet paper. Within minutes of the news of this cake’s availability, the bakery sold out within minutes. Now they’re baking 200 toilet paper cakes a day to meet demand.

A bakery in California did the same thing, with similar results. They’ve received requests as far out as New York.

From Fox News:

Schurener Backparadies, a bakery in Dortmund, Germany, started selling cakes designed to look like the hard-to-find item as a way to poke fun at the controversy, the New York Post reports. The first round of cakes reportedly sold out within a few minutes.

Now, the bakery is cooking 200 of the toilet paper cakes per day to meet demand, according to the news outlet.

While the new item shows the bakery has a sense of humor, the business has reportedly been struck hard by the pandemic. Due to social distancing and various bans on large groups, the bakery has reportedly had to stop making items like wedding cakes, and hasn’t been able to cater meetings as they normally do.

Aside from the toilet paper cakes, the bakery is also selling cupcakes designed to look like they’re wearing little facemasks, also inspired by the coronavirus outbreak.

Fox News and Hawaii News Now have more on the toilet paper cakes.

Frenchies Bakery provides a video on how you could make your own toilet paper cake:

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OK Cool, so the question is, you can eat toilet paper (I don’t recommend it and it probably isn’t tasty) but can you wipe your ass with this cake?

(Yeah, noodle that one..)

Lurker Curt

I saw a video once…never mind


If the cake bakery puts “crypto” in their name, they could probably get a few $100 million in an IPO.


I see coming a flurry of domain registrations….

5th/77th FA

I guess the proper ice cream to go with this cake would be chocolate fudge? Brownie Delite? Rocky Road?


Forget the ice cream. Just serve it with a Baby Ruth candy bar or two. (smile)


Chunky Monkey?


If you think this is odd, Neal Boortz published a recipe for a “cat box cake”.

It looked just like an insufficiently cleaned box used by a lazy “two scratch and scoot” cat.

But it was a real cake.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember getting a “goat cake” for one of my birthdays when I was a kid, it looked kind of like a goat had shat on it!