Chinese Expert: the US Going Too Fast With Vaccine

| March 23, 2020

Commercializing on the Chinese Virus? This appears to be a candy vendor/store selling Chinese virus shaped piñatas. (The Donald Win)

Want to see Chinese spin on American efforts to bring vaccinations or medications to play to combat the Chinese virus? There’s one medication, related to dealing with malaria, that appears to be promising. Naturally, this had already gone through the testing procedures and then used. Now, it could be used to deal with this current pandemic.

There is a conspiracy theory in China accusing the United States of sending this virus to China. With talks of a potential vaccination or medication to deal with the Chinese virus, Chinese conspiracy theorists are suggesting that we had this planned. They brought in an expert to spin our progress with coming up with a way to treat this virus.

From China Global Television Network:

Chen Xuyan, director of Emergency and Critical Care at Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, while calling U.S.’ progress in developing coronavirus vaccine “unusual,” said that a vaccine needs to be tested on animals first to ensure that it’s effective and safe before being tried on humans. “There is a set international timeline on this matter and these crucial steps cannot be skipped,” she said.

The reality is that the Chinese know that they dropped the bubble. However, for many in Asia, “losing face” is a serious deal. They generally take it much harder than those in the West. Cooking up conspiracy theories blaming the United States for introducing this pandemic is just a way for them to minimize the embarrassment.

“It seems the US is going way too fast.” – Chen Xuyan

Given that this pandemic had spread way too fast, one can’t blame the United States for quickly coming up with ways to treat this virus. You could watch the video on CGTN or click on the YouTube video below:

Here’s a sample of the comments on YouTube:

“Frankly, they already have in hand decades ago, it was prepared to ‘face’ Russia someday, but China is growing so fast and they are left behind now, so they they need to use this virus to slow China down and expecting China will collapsed after this. But China could overcomed the situation, so there will be something else coming pretty soon. Believe me they have alot of stock of “viruses” that ready to be use one by one. And for sure they have the vaccines too. They created it duly the cold war. They step into non-conventional war (middle grade) before the nuke. They will only stop when they get their goal.

Russia is too weak economically so it is not even a threat to the US anymore. China is for sure! And will overtake the US soon, with or without this virus/vaccine.

“It is very suspicious that China first had that swine flu problem in 2019 and had to kill their pigs, then right after that coronavirus starts to spread and all this during a trade war with USA. After China worst hit is Iran, which is under US sanctions, and Italy, which is the only western country to join BRI. People blame Chinese for eating weird animals, but they were eating them for thousands of years and they didn’t have these issues until 21st century when they were close to becoming a superpower.

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if calling a virus from China “Chinese” is racist, then is calling a person from China “Chinese” also racist?

How about food from China? Trade goods?

Oh…it’s just if it is a virus and makes commies look bad?



Seems both the Xi and his sycophants and Trump and his sycophants care more about controlling the narrative than the virus.

And thenUS is not the one that came up with using hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with this virus.

China started doing it as least as far back as January and published an initial paper alerting the world it may be effective.

Most tests need to be done and are being done right now. France has a huge study ongoing and the US has initiated several as well.

China wants to the one to develop a vaccine so they are going to try to PR spin their way to an advantage.

A Proud Infidel®™

More “ORANGE MAN BAD!” blab, eh? The damned virus came from China, no ifs ands or buts and you’re too brainwashed to say anything other than the propaganda your profs feed you. Do us all a favor, will you? Stay where you’re at and DO NOT BREED!


I’m already at the point I see your name on the post and I don’t need to go any further.



I second this motion.

Can I get an Aye?



The Other Whitey

Lars loves to invent stupid shit and accuse others of saying it. Imagine how much fun it must have been to work with this guy in the Army!


Biggest difference between Xi and Trump as far as you’re concerned, Lars, is that by living under the despised Trump’s oppressive rule, you’ll still be around tomorrow to post more of your snotty drivel on TAH.

Now if you lived in China…

A Proud Infidel®™

Come to think of it, NO ONE who has accused President Trump of anything as “committed suicide” so far…


Does it bother you at all that the Chi-Coms are paying the NY Time
To write opinion pieces and what they call news and at the same
Time taking millions of dollars from companies directly and indirectly
Controlled by the CCP and the GRU
Just wondering

Combat Historian

Fuck the Chi-Coms; all manufacturing and production contracts for items that can afford to be built overseas should be immediately transferred from the PRCs to our Chinese allies on Taiwan and to the ROKs. All production of critical parts and end items as well as all pharma products should be immediately transferred to the USA and its territories. This needs to be done NOW, if not yesterday…


Shit man, that definitely won’t happen if “Chinese Joe Blow Bidet” is elected. He’ll give them the rest of what little we have left as long as they pay him.

5th/77th FA

I’m wid you CH and it needs to happen NOW as you said. Anybody with half a brain and some reading comprehension knows that NOTHING happens in Chinese Society/Business/Manufacturing/Education or any aspect of Chinese Life that the CHINESE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT doesn’t know about and/or control. NOT. ONE. DAMN. THING! My above description, naturally, does not include the seagulled, poddled donged, aggravating, asinine, self centered, egotistical, ORANGE MAN BAD, bernie boi because…wait for it…he doesn’t have even 1/2 of a brain and it is obvious that he has ZERO reading comprehension. I had promised myself to stay above any fray with his azz and to try and not make any personal attacks, but I’ve backslidden. He started his drivel on the other thread with immediate personal attacks and it went downhill from there. At least now, we do know what his major problem is. Freud or Doctor Sidney Freeman would have a field day with him.

I laffed and laffed over there on the other thread. It’s been a GREAT TAH DAY.


I work for a mid sized international industrial automation company (things like marine crane motors/software, huge inverters, etc…)

Regardless of who gets elected, I’m pretty certain China is going to see companies start spread loading their manufacturing. Companies pay attention to the $$$. First the supply chain interruptions and then China threatening to cut off supply lines. They (China) jumped in front of the money train and that train doesn’t stop for anyone.

Any company that wants to keep the money train moving is going to start spread loading their manufacturing. It’s not going to matter whose in the oval office.

A Proud Infidel®™

If I remember correctly, it was during the “Blowjob Willie” Administration that China was given Most Favored Nation Trading Status followed by a *WHOOSH!* of US Manufacturing Jobs going full express over there. we need to keep resurrecting American Manufacturing!

5th/77th FA

You are correct on that API. The FIRST big sucking sound in BJW’s administration was the jobs going to Mexico under NAFTA. I could rattle off the names of any number of outfits that closed the doors on American plants and started shipping out from Mexico Plants the day after that was signed. We were the US Reps for many of those outfits. When the MFN went thru a great many more went to China. One item in particular that was the FIRST product shipped here from those Chinese plants was an AM/FM/FM Stereo Cassette “Walkman type” with headphones that we were wholesaling for $5.75. We had about $4.00 each in them. MSRP was $9.95 retail. The manufacturer had a cost of about $2.00. The name brand plate was a very old and respected American name from long ago. I asked the manufacturer’s rep how they could produce the thing so cheaply, he looked me in the eye and said, “We’re not paying any labor and mush is cheap.” There are multitudes of people out there that just could not compete against that. Again, follow the money You can bet the ChiCom gubmint was loving all of the attention being directed toward the Ukraine. Kept them under the radar.

A Proud Infidel®™

Despite all this, we need to remain calm and be concerned about what kind of a World we will leave for Keith Richards and Willie Nelson!


And Betty White.


LMFAO !!!!!!!

WIN ^^^^^^^^^


Never trust ANYTHING said by a spokesman for the Mainland Chinese government.

They’re almost as dishonest as Democrats…

A Proud Infidel®™

ALMOST is right, PT!


They own them


I don’t see it as necessarily racist to call the virus “Chinese”, but I don’t see any point in it, either.

Calling it the Wuhan virus is better since it’s a bit more specific – after all, there are other viruses from China, like SARS. And there will surely be others in the future.

There’s also the fact that we typically have a naming convention for these things – much like we do for tropical storms. In this case, that convention gives the virus the name SARS-CoV-2, and the disease COVID-19. Both tell you a lot more detail about it than ‘Chinese virus’.

It might not matter much when you’re shooting the breeze with your neighbor, but it does matter when scientists, governments and medical professionals talk. To put it differently, if a sonar tech identifies a “Chinese ship”, that’s a whole lot less valuable than specifically identifying that it’s a fishing trawler or a Renhai-class destroyer.

The Other Whitey

Fair enough. And actual racism, like that which my Sister-in-Law suffered two weeks ago, really pisses me off. However, calling it “Chinese/Wuhan” disease/virus/flu/whatever definitely isn’t racist. As you correctly stated, there is a professional naming convention. It is not the only naming convention, however, as others have led to the naming of German Measles, Legionnaire’s Disease, Spanish Flu, etc.

I agree, “Wuhan Virus” is a reasonable name to give it. But far too many people, especially in Congress and the media, would rather piss and moan about the imaginary racism of the bug’s name than look for any meaningful solution to the health or economic threat we now face.


For once I agree with you, LC. I also think that Trump by now might have adopted the less contentious and more scientific COVID-19 nomenclature had not the Chinese tried to pass this off as an American-caused pandemic.

Now, every time he says “Chinese virus,” Trump is using the globe’s most bully pulpit to rebut that nefarious attempt and remind a listening world exactly where their current problems started. It also doesn’t help for the usual jerks to be calling him racist because, as we’ve seen, that just inspires him to keep poking his finger in their bugging eyes.

You try to fuck with this guy, expect him to fuck right back–unmercifully.


Wuhan is what I’ve been calling it
I don’t see the point in China
Normally and historically the names were picked Based local location not regional
Or national I’m still trying to understand how or Why Spanish was chosen for the 1918


I’ve been educated
Thank you !!!!!


Just for giggles, and to cement my credentials as a racist, I thought I would mention the “Hong Kong” (aka influenza A subtype H3N2 for all the pedants out there) flu epidemic of 1968.

Or “asian flu” (influenza A (H2N2) ) of 1957-58.

Speaking of pedantic, “Chinese flu” is not racist but nationalist; “asian flu” would be racist.

Speaking of racism, what song did the caucasian male sing to his black/negro/colored girlfriend in 1955?

“If loving you is wrong I don’t want to be white”

(My apologies to Luther Ingram and anybody with a sense of humor beyond the grammar school level)


Yes, I contracted the Hong Kong or Asian flu riding in a deuce and a half on the trip back from the Mountain Ranger Camp. I was sick for four or five days of my six day Xmas leave.

MI Ranger

Wait, so you are saying that multiple pandemics have originated in China over the last thousand years? So this is normal? People eating weird animals for thousands of years, getting weird illnesses and transmitting them other humans without understanding them or trying to contain them!
So its not so much a conspiracy theory as disinformation about facts? You mean the big bad US Gubnet’ doesn’t need to create laboratory viruses and introduce them to populations in China, they do it to themselves?
All the US needs to do is prevent them from coming out? Well, we can’t do that, it would be racist…no travel bans from our most favored Nation trading partner! We need to outsource more industry to that country that still allows enslavement of its indigenous people by keeping its wages unnaturally low and cornering the market on production. Then we can introduce product defects and hidden controls so as to ensure our technological superiority.


Asian flu is not racist. Oriental flu would be… they really dislike that term.

Skippy above: my understanding is that most places did not report much on the flu pandemic during WWI, censorship being seen as preferential to harming the war effort. The Spanish press reported it freely, so it became known as the Spanish flu. Could also be urban legend, too.

Some woman in Arizona is screeching about how her husband died because she and her husband took repeaqted doses of an aquarium cleaner chloroquine phosphate thinking it was the same as the medicine chloroquine. It’s all Trump’s fault, of course.


Oriental is not racist. It is still a geography reference, with “pearl” or “jewel” as its base meaning.

It is distinguished from occidental which has as its root meaning the point at which the sun sets in the west.

Pearls and sunsets, useful descriptors of geographic regions from a macro perspective with the “Empire of the rising sun” on one side of the earth and “Sunset Blvd” on the other.

Nothing about the terms indicate race.


Too fast? Like the Chicoms didn’t? Eh, bite it, Lady.


True to form, the libturds never miss an opportunity to stick their foot in a pile of shit and then stick it square in their mouths…..
This is beyond vile.
In the middle of the worst financial crisis in the history of America and the world since the end of WWI the asswipes nancy and schmucky look to stick every stinking liberal polliwog onto the bill that can keep America afloat…
This just stinks, it just plain stinks….
Right out of the larsy-boi ChiCom playbook…..


The Chicoms thought they would one day own the World…they now Owe they World….

How and when will they all pay is way above my pay grade.


You want fast? Here comes Ford with stuff needed for the bug fight:

Making PPE with auto-parts. Respirators, face shields, and air filter hoods.


From the info I’ve received and what I’ve been
Able to ingest I believe Chinas Wuhan covid 19
Figures only represent between 1-2 percent
Of the true numbers of real numbers
Also of note is the figure for Iran
Skippy has a few friends left
In Iraq and UAE who have sent me translated
News papers from the region that would suggest
80,000 plus deaths in Iran with over 190,000 plus
Infected these numbers are conservative
And are off the wall but this is what people
Are seeing on the ground and through
intelligence reports
Another country who’s been under reporting is Russia with over 10 million Chinese nationals
Working in the oil and mining industries
Several bloggers have been reporting since
January of the deaths and illness going on in the east of the country, there official figure only represent 2 percent of total cases

So my question is why all the lies ????