What’s This? A TAH’er Birthday Today!

| March 23, 2020

5th/77th FA

One of our ninja’s ratted you out, Gun Bunny. No sense in denying or running, our ninjas are remorseless, and the best, as you well know. To take the sting out a bit, it was suggested I dummy up a couple recipes to celebrate another lap around the sun. So here ya go, ya dirt diggin’ doggy.

Skillet Fried Chicken (cast iron was made just for this, but make sure you have a fry screen to cover, or face a kitchen with a nice coating of oil, everywhere)

You’ll need:

8 chicken thighs (I like thighs-stop that- they’re usually uniform in size, and the dark meat won’t easily dry out when cooked)

2 cups low fat buttermilk

2 tablespoons kosher salt

2 tablespoons Hungarian paprika

2 tablespoons ground sage

2 tablespoons dried thyme

1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

Flour, for dredging

Vegetable shortening, or oil of choice. I like neutral canola for frying.

You’ll do:

1) Place chicken pieces into a plastic container or zip-lock, and cover with buttermilk. Refrigerate for 12 to 24 hours.

2) Melt enough shortening (over low heat) to come just 1/3-inch up the side of a 12-inch cast iron skillet or heavy fry pan. Once shortening liquefies raise heat to 325 degrees F. Do not allow oil to go over 325 degrees F. Or use canola oil, same level and temp.

3) Drain chicken in a colander. Combine salt, paprika, pepper and herbs. Liberally season chicken with this mixture. Dredge chicken in flour and shake off excess.

4) Place chicken skin side down into the pan. The oil should come half way up the chicken. Cook chicken until golden brown on each side, approximately 10 to 12 minutes per side. More importantly, the internal temperature should be right around 180 degrees. (Be careful to monitor shortening temperature every few minutes.)

5) Drain chicken on a rack over a sheet pan. Also hit the chicken pieces with a pinch of salt while hot. Don’t drain by setting chicken directly on paper towels or brown paper bags. If you need to hold the chicken before serving, cover loosely with foil but avoid holding in a warm oven, especially if it’s a gas oven- it’ll get soggy otherwise, and no one wants that.

Serve with whatever floats yer boat, or cocks your cannon. But wait…

AW1’s Mom’s Key Lime Pie

Mom would make the pie crust from scratch, but that art skipped a generation and I get store bought, and blind bake per instructions.

You’ll need:


Pre-baked pie shell.

2 (14-ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk

1 cup key lime juice (bottled is fine)

2 whole large eggs, separated

1 cup sour cream

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

1 tablespoon lime zest if available.


4 egg whites

6 tablespoons sugar

1/2 teaspoon cornstarch

Pinch salt

You’ll do:

1) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2) In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg yolks and condensed milk. Stir in the lime zest, lime juice, and cream. Pour the filling into the crust and bake about 30 minutes or until firm. Remove pie from oven.

3) Meanwhile, in a medium bowl beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. In a second bowl, stir together the sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Add the sugar mixture, a little at a time, to the egg whites, beating between additions. Continue to beat until the sugar dissolves. Spoon the meringue over the hot pie filling. Torch the meringue to give it’s golden color; or bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Serve pie warm or at room temperature. Or top with whipped cream, up to you.

Heh, You share a birthday with Chaka Khan, so…

Happy Birthday!

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Combat Historian

Happy Birthday, KoB…

More importantly, can you sing like Chaka Khan?


Happy birthday 5th/77th FA!😊🥳🎂🍰🎁🎉🎊🧁🛍🎈


Check the gas pipe.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Happy Birthday, Gun Bunny!

Wilted Willy

Happy Birthday and I hope you have many more!
You are not getting older, just better like a fine wine??
All the best to you Gun Bunny!!!


Hey fucker!!
Great to see you posting!!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Wow a two fer!

Welcome back WW, hope you are feeling well and getting healthy quickly and happy birthday to the KoB….

We are all of us getting older, some of us older than others these days…but the grass is still underfoot so it’s a good day.

Enjoy your day good sir.


Yo Willy! Glad you’re back!


Son of a gun Willy you just made my day after
a long drive back home from an infested area.
Great to see you commenting again during these
crazy times. Can’t keep a Signal guy quiet.

Speaking of Guns and Signal guys….
Happy Birthday to the Gun Bunny. I used to
listen to fire missions on my PRC-25 for fun
and try to spot the splashes from my mountain top
perch. You guys always had something going on
somewhere and your RTO’s were superb.

First time I ever heard “WTF Over” for real.


About pissed myself when I heard “say again, you’re coming in broken and stupid. WTF, over.”


DI in Basic had an assistant fresh back
from Viet of the Nam. Short skinny SGT
with a 1st AirCav patch and CIB. Guy was
certified nuts and would walk around
saying “WTF..over”. It was like a tic.
SGT Kasavage. Ft Dix 1968. hoorah.


Welcome Back !!!!



The Stranger


5th/77th FA

Well just butter my buttocks and call me a cat headed biscuit, here is the proof that AW1Ed and the ninja (we do have the best ninjas) loves me and wants me to be happy. Or, in layperson’s terms, otherwise occupied and out of their hair. Talk about an under the horizon surprise attack, Pearl Harbor can’t hold a candle to this one. At least the 7th Fleet had some kinda idea that the Japanese Fleet may be out there, I had no clue. Well played, Good Sir, and a tip of the old Kepi to our very own ninja…Roll Tide Roll! Haven’t had a whole lot of birthday parties per se, and have NEVER had a surprise one. I am very humbled and touched by this. Took me awhile to get the pollen and dust down just so my eyes would clear up enough to read the post and slobber all over the recipes. Little slobber going on over Chaka also, lusted…er er, liked her R & B songs and moves for a good long while now and no I can’t sing like her, but truth be known while I was still able to be a happy hooker/pole dancer for Ma Bell, wearing those defined heel climbing boots did keep my legs and mid-drift in like condition. Tell you something good? The TAH Family is the main thing that has kept me going the last two years. I had lurked for a long time before commenting. I know a… Read more »


Happy Birthday you blowing up shit fucker.
Oh, and don’t spend all day playing with your gun.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

charles w

I shall raise my stapler in your honor.

The Stranger

Happy Birthday to our very own King of Battle. Drinks are on him! I’ll take a Canadian Club 12 with a Yuengling chaser, please.

Green Thumb


I will stick with the Colt 45!

The Stranger

To quote Billy Dee Williams:
Works every time!

I remember well drinking many a cold 40 of Colt back in the day. I found that the “double deuces” (22 ounce bottles) worked better; they didn’t get warm and we could pick them up for $1.04 per bottle (with tax). Ah, good times, good times.

Green Thumb

Didn’t get warm. Yeah. I hear you. You had to chug them so that you could get it all down while it was cold. Then you got hammered.

Back in the day in Memphis, you could get an old school QT for .79 cents.

Years later, they actually used to have a joint named Reggie Neelys in the Memphis Airport that had it on tap. I used to love laying over (only reason to lay over in MIA as the airport smells like a combination of a dank fart, rotten garbage and Indian food) to grab an ass burning BBQ sandwich and toss it down with a 24oz glass of Colt. Tasted nasty (the Colt), but it was definitely a “check the block” experience.

The Stranger

Colt 45 on tap?
Interesting…very interesting. Hmmm, new item on my bucket list. 🍺

Lurker Curt

Happy B-day, KoB!
Here is hoping for many more- I love your comments, and am secretly pulling (the lanyard?) for the FIRST 5peat on the WoT.

Mustang Major

Just sang Happy Birthday to you. Now where is my piece of cake?

Happy birthday and a tip of the hat to you5th/77th FA


Happy Birthday!!

Great to see WW on here today 👍👍


Happy Birthday KoB!! (and many more)

And now……..a Birthday interlude just for you. 😉


I didn’t hear any singing… I was “distracted”…


I didn’t find the singing distracting at all; I maintained my focus through the entire video.

Several times.


Happy birthday, cannon cocker! D’s cantina will serve a round in your honor this evening! MRS D starts homeschooling the boy today, and she’s gonna need a drink!


Happy Birthday 🎈🎉🎁
Take it easy and
Try to behave
Or don’t do what I would do

The Other Whitey

When we first started dating, my wife wanted to know when my birthday was. I was reticent. After much negotiation, I agreed that I would tell her before the day of. However, she failed to specify *which* birthday, and on that technicality (and hiding my ID) I managed to skate for the better part of a year before she got one of my uncles to rat me out.

The Other Whitey

And happy birthday, KoB!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Happy Birthday Gun Bunny, and check out youtube
Happy Happy Birthday Baby by Margo Sylvia and the Tune Weavers, 1957 on the Checker label.

A Proud Infidel®™

Happy Birthday KoB!

Green Thumb

Happy Birthday!

How man 105mm round salute are we talking about on this great day?!?


/arty joke


Sorry the ninja family is late for your Birthday Party, KoB!

Happy Birthday to our Favorite Gun Bunny!

Are you now Legal Age? *grin*

In your Honor, the ninja family will be making AW1Ed’s Skillet Fried Chicken along with Fried Okra, Smashed Potatoes and Cat Head Biscuits as well as the Key Lime Pie! Thank You, Ed!

Tell Me Something Good?

Well, in reading everyone’s comments, this shows that even though we may come from different background with different walks of life and even different perspectives (still trying to get AW1Ed to get away from the Dark Side and root for Mules instead of Goats), we definitely are all bonded as a FAMILY.

Enjoy your Special Day with your Love Ones, your Fur Babies and your Friends. Don’t forget to make a WISH when blowing out the candles!

And remember…tomorrow you will start another Lap around the Sun!

Keep On Truckin!


Commissioner Wretched

Many happy returns of the day to the King of Battle! And here’s to many, many more!


A birthday? Well, then. Happy, happy, HAPPY!!!!

And to everyone else who plans to have one any time soon, or whoever DID have one, and to all those we can no longer wish one to: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all y’all!

Does that just about cover it all, at least for now???

Yeah. Have a good one.


Happy Birthday to TAH’s resident Gun Bunny!

5th/77th FA

My most gracious and humble Thanks again to the ‘Weeds and Weedettes of TAH on a great time celebrating my 67 turns around the fireball. What a day! I have received many accolades and made a few milestones during this time frame, but this out of the deep blue surprise was oh so very special. I am honored beyond words with all the well wishes, videos,the recipes, and even a stapler toast. I think that is a FIRST. And the best news is our Brother Wilted Willy is returned, present for duty, ready to close ranks, advance the colors, and continue the fight. And another thing we have to look forward to is the upcoming Thursdays Are For Cooking Episode, followed up the the Friday, you’ve set a precedence now, added feast idea. I give Thanks and the credit to He who is in overall Command of us for making it this far and will serve here until His work for me is done. Now get off my lawn!



I stopped observing birthdays a few years ago (too depressing) but if I did, I would wish you a happy one.


My first taste of key lime pie was actually a calomondin pie.My father had a calomondin tree(?) in his back yard and used it instead of key limes. Out-freaking-standing!!

I once bought a key lime pie at a bakery in New Jersey once. My mouth watered so much I was dehydrated when I got it home. It looked and tasted like lime jello. It’s a good thing Jersey has pizza and hoagies to fall back on.


Ditto all the above positives, double ditto the negatives!
Kidding. Happy belated, Artyguy!