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| March 11, 2020

“Make my day.”

1 killed, 20 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings
Seven people were shot outside a party Saturday in Grand Crossing.
Chicago Sun-Times

Police: Bystander with gun broke up Walmart bat attack

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) — Police say a bystander armed with a gun kept a brutal baseball bat beating on Saturday from being even worse.

Fort Wayne police say the bystander pulled out a gun when they saw a masked man beating the victim in the Glen Apple Walmart parking lot just before 10:30 a.m.

That’s when police say the man got back into his burgundy Chevy Impala and drove away.

A detective spotted the vehicle and tried to pull it over but was unsuccessful. Police say officers in Wells County also tried to pull it over but couldn’t.

Investigators later arrested and charged 21-year-old Levi Arnold of Bluffton with attempted murder.

Police say they were tipped off by Arnold by someone who recognized the car from a separate incident.

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Read the rest here: WFFT

Resident shoots intruder during Brea break-in: Police

by: Brian Day
A resident shot and wounded an intruder amid an attempted home break-in in Brea early Sunday, officials said.

The incident unfolded just after 7:30 a.m. in the 200 block of South Laurel Avenue, according to the Brea Police Department.

“Officers responded to a report of a male suspect who had been shot by a resident while attempting to break into a residence,” police said in a written statement.

The suspect was found suffering from a single gunshot wound, officials said. He was taken to a hospital in unknown condition and was undergoing surgery Sunday afternoon.

Police said the residents of the home were cooperating with investigators.

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Read the rest here: KTLA

Suspected Gunman Turns Up At Hospital With Gunshot After Shootout With Off-Duty CPD Officer In Forest Glen

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man turned up at a hospital miles away with a gunshot Sunday, following a shooting involving a gunman and an off-duty police officer in the Forest Glen neighborhood.

Police say an officer heading to work around 8:30 a.m. was in the 5200 block of North Lawler Avenue when he saw someone trying to steal a catalytic converter from a parked vehicle. He announced he was an officer and attempted to intervene when the suspect shot at him.

It was initially unclear whether the suspect was struck, but it turned out he was wounded in the hip.

Police later said a man arrived at St. Bernard Hospital in Englewood with the gunshot wound. He was stabilized and transferred to Stroger Hospital of Cook County for treatment, and was also taken into police custody, police said.

Interim Police Supt. Charlie Beck said the officer who was involved is a bicycle officer assigned to the Town Hall (19th) District who lives in the Forest Glen neighborhood.

“I think this highlights not only the work ethic, but the investment that Chicago Police officers put in their neighborhoods, and the lengths that they go to to keep them safe,” Beck said.

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Read the rest here: Chicago CBS Local

Three inconcenienced, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. Would that the work ethic and investment displayed by a Chicago bike cop would flow up into City Hall.

The merit of our Constitution is not that it promotes democracy, but checks it. —HORATIO SEYMOUR

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Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Wounded in the hip? Ouch! That’s gonna put a limp in his step.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Shot in the hip, so now he’s a hip guy as we used to say back in the 1950’s.


Yep, that’ll definitely put a hitch in his giddy up.

5th/77th FA

Three inconvenienced and the taxpayer on the hook for their medical bills, room, and board. Come on sepsis. If our pocket books must suffer, then so should the dirtbags.

Make my day indeed. Nothing like a locked and cocked wheeled gun hand cannon to find out how lucky a punk may be.


I’d ‘feel good’er if creepy Uncle Joe wasn’t tryin to take my AR-14[sic]!
Let’s hope that 3 books at throw at these 3 warts on the ass of society. But let’s be real, collectively they’ll do less than 15.

MI Ranger

Three of a kind is often a winning hand, so I’ll take it.
Stealing a catalytic converter…must have realized what he was stealing after he dropped it and ran. I wouldn’t expect someone to shoot at me over that either! Hope the Officer was not hurt, sounds like he was not. He will have enough problems dealing with “…the comprehensive use of force investigation…by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability”!


Ah, MI… go back and re-read where the guy stealing the cat SHOT at the cop first. He had every reason to expect return fire. He’s lucky he wasn’t more effectively ventilated.


They need to stop focusing on containment and focus on mitigation.

Containment failed.

Mass quarantine is going to magnify the impact of the virus. Particularly economically.

Good public awareness of protective behaviors to slow the spread and targeted stimulus spending and target safety nets for heavily impacted industries and their workers is what we should be doing.

Dumping hundreds of billions into markets to prop them up is just transferring hundreds of billions to short sellers. Who by an large are wealthy and institutional investors.

Trying to do broad tax cuts also heavily favors the wealthy, many of whom are not being negatively impacted by this virus. In fact have positions themselves to profit from it.

Very target stimulus to impacted professions, demographics, and communities is the way to go to mitigate the economic harm.

For instance 38% of our nurses have children in school. If we shut down schools we may lose a significant percentage of our medical response capacity. Daycare centers are also shutting down.

Nurses will lose income and not show up for work. We need to find a way to allow them to work. Even if it means emergency daycare centers designed to mitigate spread.

25% of our population has no sick leave. Meaning they either risk losing their livelihood if they get sick, and are unlikely to follow self quarantine guidance if they show no symptoms. Despite the fact that you can spread it while being asymptotic for 5-8 days on average.

30 million Americans have no health insurance so will not get tested even if they have symptoms. They are also often gig economy workers such as Uber drivers, contract package delivery drivers, and food delivery drivers.

The virus can survive for hours and up to several days on surfaces.
Including packages….


Oops. Wrong thread.