Daryl Edwards Apology

| March 10, 2020

We posted a case on Darly Edwards HERE

I have had several talks with members of his family.  I must say, they seem to be good people who are hurt and horribly disappointed.   My heart goes out to them.  Notwithstanding that, I do believe that Darly Edwards is probably a sociopath and only sorry that he was exposed.   No apology is ever going to be good enough for some.  Some apologies are sufficient for many.  Let your own conscience guide you on the matter.

I have my own opinion on the matter…It has nothing to do with Jesus.

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Comm Center Rat

“If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.” [James 1:26 KJV]


Thank you Brother.

Green Thumb

Still a loser.

Curious if the wife splits like The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress’s did when he got caught and was finally exposed.


da fukk Jesus gotta do wiffit, bitch? Shaddap.

5th/77th FA

I usually always have some sympathy for the families and friends of these people that have been hurt by the lies and embellishments. ‘Specially the ones who were taken in by these pieces of sh^t. For the pieces of sh^t themselves, such as the lying, embellishing Daryl Edwards…NONE.WHAT.SO.EVER!!! SUFFER BITCH!!! EMBRACE THE SUCK!!! Rot in Hell as Satan devours your worthless soul. I pray that God allows the Spirits of True Warriors to piss napalm on your sorry ass self for all eternity.

Jesus may forgive you…He’s in the Forgiveness Business! I won’t…because I’m not.

Yeah the lying, embellishing SOS Daryl Edwards is sorry all right. He’s sorry he got outed as the lying embellishing phony POS that he is.


I’m just curious, what would the appropriate response be from a dirtbag faker, especially cases where the law is not involved? Kill himself? Feed himself into a wood chipper? Stuff a claymore between his legs and set it off?

It sounds like it doesn’t matter whether they admit they were a lying SOB or keep on lying, the response is exactly the same. If that’s the case, do not be surprised when they keep on lying like rugs.


Yes, curious indeed.

Don’t see where you offer any suitable response to said “dirtbag faker”, rather you the apparent sage, just choose to virtue signal by criticizing others.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

For me the apology is a good start, and then if he followed it up with say at least 100 hours of volunteer service at his local soldier’s home I might be convinced he had tried to make amends…

I say a hundred hours because even at a meager 4 hours a week it would take a year to cover those hours. A year in which he would see honorable men and women die every day, men and women who served their nation and didn’t fucking lie about it for decades. Men and women who deserve to have their service honored by all of us instead of dishonored by bags of shit who stand on their shoulders claiming shit they never did.

When your word ain’t worth *a bucket of warm spit* because you’re a lying sack of shit, you need to provide some physical actions that put the weight of truth back into your words. Serving the veteran community that you dishonored with your lies would go a long for me in showing through your actions that you were done being a sack of shit and were actually remorseful.

When you spend decades fucking lying, your words have the weight of helium balloons; consequently they float off into the ether as relatively meaningless.

But that’s me, others may never find it possible to believe them again. Ever.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

My fucking fingers made that response somewhat less intelligible than I had hoped…striking a couple keys at the same time results in words being dropped along the way, but I hope the context of it makes some sense.


VOV, you study math at NBC?


Veritas Omnia Vincit

Poe I really need an edit function…


Naw, got your six. Took some artistic license, though.

MI Ranger

Doesn’t 4x 52= 108?
Its not like he is saying divide $1Billion by a billion people and everyone gets a billion!

MI Ranger

So maybe two years?!


Relax; you did beautifully and wrote quite eloquently. Much better than I ever could, at that. 😉


I got the picture, VOV.
Asking the dirtbag to serve the veterans he pretended to be sounds like a rational response. Talk is cheap, Acta non verba, and all that.

5th/77th FA

OP, I’m good with any of your suggested responses. Might could even add a few of my own, if yours fail.


Well, Opie, the answer to that doesn’t require a great deal of navel-gazing–it’s rather simple:


Do not persist in your false and foolish claims and do not attack those who have exposed you. Go quietly from the limelight you sought and make amends, and reparations where appropriate, with those you’ve deceived or defrauded.

I haven’t noticed you on this forum before, but if you’ve been around a while you should have noticed that after the initial opprobrium has been expressed here, it usually fades fairly quickly. UNLESS, that is, the perp is foolish enough to be defiant, to attempt to defend the provably indefensible, to attack those who have exposed his treachery. Those types can remain in the cross-hairs of our wrathful sarcasm forever, as a certain errant aviator can attest.

Does that answer your rather sanctimonious question?


Perfect answer for Omega.
I can only add…
Keep God, Jesus, and religion OUT of the apologies and excuses
for the behavior past, and behavior present.

I could preach about TRUTH for behavior future,
but in most cases, that’s too much to ask, or expect.


I have noticed that people aside from a certain litigious lawn dart tend to fade off the radar. I didn’t know if there was more stuff going on to keep the pressure on the phonies.

I am a lurker here, I don’t post much. I was legit curious on what the goal was with dudes who are lying without ripping off the taxpayers / charity.


As has happened in other cases, those lying dirtbags will issue a kinda sorta apology and lay low for a few months. Then when the spotlight has been turned off they revert to their lying ways. It’s happened before and I’m certain it will happen again. Acceptance of an apology also depends on the level of shitbaggery the clown has resorted to. Many have been lying for years, profiting from their lies and ruining lives, both financially and emotionally, along the way. It also ruins the trust people have in veterans and those serving. It makes them wonder if the person they’re talking to is actually a veteran. And it cheapens the hard work and valor of those who actually accomplished, many times at a very high cost, what the dirtbag is claiming. That’s why their initial apologies aren’t usually accepted with open arms. To quote Reagan, “Trust but verify.” Well, not so much the trust part, but you should get the picture.


I see where you are coming from. Obviously, the lying douchebag needs to stop being a lying douchebag. Or become a Democrat politician.

Jesus told the woman he savwed from punishment “Go and sin no more.” I’d imagine his words for Edwards would be less polite, but the same general idea.


It’s more than that. When Jesus said “go, and sin no more” it wasn’t a slap on the wrist and a simple “don’t do that again.” He meant that the person should be fully repentant, owning up to the sin, acknowledging it, and making restitution.

And this guy with his “Jesus” schtick doesn’t deserve to be trusted. He was spouting the religious stuff before he got caught. He lied like a rug while using the name of God and didn’t think twice about it. Nothing he has said or done was to glorify his God. It was simply to elevate his standing and stroke his ego. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him delve deeper into his “religion.” After all, “there’s a lot of money in the God business.”


For OmegaPaladin (I see what you are inferring there and its asinine);

What would he need to do? Since he invokes Jesus, I will also…

1. Come completely clean…and I mean completely
2. Make restitution for any and all value given under false pretenses. Where the goodwill and accolades did not have direct monetary value, make donations in sufficient amounts to be meaningful to the recipients. I recommend actual wounded or disabled veterans.
3. Spend time working with an actual charity or veteran’s home on a volunteer basis to “learn the truth” of what he was grasping for himself.
4. Go onto center ice at a game and make a public, no excuses apology.

Why? Because Jesus never stopped at forgiveness…he always went further to true repentance.

Perhaps some time reading the book of Luke would help your perspective. Jesus, the healer of broken people knew that sweat equity is always–always–necessary to bring healing.

You’re welcome.


Sounds reasonable to me


I’ll be honest. For me, Edwards is like a pedophile or a Clinton (though I repeat myself). I think that a stolen valor fraud like Edwards is beyond apology. His character is beyond repair or redemption.


You nailed it. I wonder what we’ll see come up *after* this has now been posted? We always the rancid cherry on the top of the shit sundae.


Jesus…Jesus…I…I..I…Me…Me..Me…What a joke..


Bingo. Says it ALL


Very Obama-esque.


Damn..Nailed it…Kinda looks like him…


If Obama had a brother…


If Obama was a brother…


Half Brother…;0


Oh, brother.
He brought back his FakeBook page.
Up again. Risen from the dead.
Whitewashed. For now.
Tightened down to prevent any outside input.


(The 2nd FakeBook page is still up,
and taking on new comments.)

Daisy Cutter

Does his ‘Relationship Status’ still say ‘Married?’




Well of course he brought back his Fake Book page. That’s where he’s rattling the tin cup for Aimm Hi.

Donations have tripled (up to $72.00 now) since he was exposed/apologized.


Nope, correction needed. The tin cup still has only the $28.00 in it that was there before the page went “Poof”.

But I see he has lowered his expectations, though. Before the goal was 5K, now it’s only a hundred bucks.


Reminds me of some of the ‘I’m an asshole drug addict/alcoholic but at least I’m a sober asshole’-types that I’ve met in AA/NA.
Admitting you have character flaws don’t make your shit right, you have to do the HARD work.

David R

I feel badly for the families. It hurts when you find put your husband/father/son is a cronic liar. But I will give you odds that this man will find other lives to tell and is unable to accept his sick self for what he is. No, he has to be a warrior hero.


I’m good with apologies. That was an excuse.


I was thinking the same thing… no remorse for his actions.


I’m probably naive, again, but I doubt that doing that video was easy. He could have doubled down and/or gone to ground like many others (Chevy, Round Ranger, …). I’d say good on you, so far. Keep it up.

To repeat Omega’s excellent point above: “It sounds like it doesn’t matter whether they admit they were a lying SOB or keep on lying, the response is exactly the same. If that’s the case, do not be surprised when they keep on lying like rugs.”


Sorry sj, but I have to take issue that Omega’s point is excellent–as I say above, it’s rather sanctimonious.

Confession may be good for one’s soul when it comes from within, from a heartfelt desire to change, accompanied by a willingness to change. But when it comes as a result of external public exposure and is done to cover one’s ass in such a self-serving manner, it justifiably invites our skepticism.

As for your naiveté, ask yourself, do you honestly think that turd would have made that video if he hadn’t been exposed? As Roh-Dog says above, it is behavior typical of addicts. Having lived through that experience with members of my wife’s family, I can tell you the sorrow and piety expressed on exposure is meaningless, totally self-serving and short-lived.


Poetrooper is correct. Spot on.
There have been sincere apologies. Few. Very few.
This page is not shark food when these actually occur,
in fact, the whole circus dies down much more quickly when they do.
Obviously, the sincerity of this apology is highly suspect,
and for good reason.


Fuck him, in the ass, with a rusty crow bar. Trying to play the “I found Jesus Card” won’t work. There is no use for this piece of trash.


Apology denied. You didn’t convince me, work on it. Convince the people in your city, your neighborhood, apologize to the customers of your dance studio, tell the children in your program how you lied. And Jesus ain’t happy with you either.

Green Thumb


The last refuge of a scoundrel.


Had a driver that claimed to be a VV, spec forces worked for me for quite awhile. After maybe 6 mo’s of listening to his stories, I took the minimal effort to look into his records for his DOB. Younger than me. So the next time he spoke out, I called him on it. In front of 2 guys I knew served in VN. 1 an MP, the other spec forces. There was a 3rd guy there whom I hadn’t met, that also was a VV. They tore this guy a new one, he took it like a man. Said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. To a man they said they better not hear of it, and that was the end of it. He was still driving when I was disabled, the 1 spec force guy lost his sight, and became disabled. Shoot, still miss Shelby. Good guy. I’m sure both the other guys retired by now. But it doesn’t bother me that there are liars, other than to call them out on it. They absolutely need to be called on it. But then, I let it go. Wasted energy, and I need it to take care of my wife. USAF Vet dying of end stage renal failure. But we’ve had 40 years, which is more than Colonel Seimens gave her when he diagnosed her with RA 36 years ago. Guess what I’m trying to say to my brothers here is, “Remember what’s important. You, your family, your country, your beliefs.” I know I’ll see you all at the big Dining Out. Whenever I get there.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well said and a great attitude.

The sincere apology in this case seems a bit suspect, which is why I thought if he spent some time with those at the soldier’s home all of whom won’t leave there alive. It’s a humbling experience and one we should all experience at some point to understand the reality of service.

A Proud Infidel®™️

It sounds to me like he’s only sorry he got caught. As for me, he can go sit on a Claymore Mine while someone hits the clacker, DEEDS, NOT WORDS!!!



That’s more than we get from most posers. Only time will tell us whether there was an iota of sincerity in there somewhere.

So, I, for one, am willing to accept an apology from him or any other poser who proffers one. But it is impossible to accept it on its face. We need for him to prove it to us, something which almost no poser has done. Still, it IS possible.


I was good, his apology was fine up until the 0:15 mark and “Only in Jesus”…and then You’re FUCKED!! That sanctimonious shit is BULLSHIT, then you play the victim card and the OH POOR ME. FUCK YOU!!
You lying sack of shit and you false prophet and sorry-assed shitbag coward.

Man up and straight up say I fucked up I was WRONG I’M SORRY!!!. This crap you posted was fine for 15 fucking seconds and then YOU FUCKED IT COMPLETELY UP LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE YOU’VE DONE WITH YOUR LIFE!!

So to recap, FUCK YOU!!! HARD AND LONG!!!
Your words mean NOTHING!!!


Invoking Jesus as an excuse for being a compulsive liar and pillager, never mind looter, is NOT going to work well for this crapweasel.

There is always a backlash to it later on. And nobody believes this asswiper anyway, so he might as well save his foul breath to melt ice next winter. I hear it will snow hard right over his roof.

Daisy Cutter

I’m thinking what probably happened is Edwards was trying his hardest to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

He most likely asked himself “If Jesus joined the U.S. Navy, what would he do?”

Becoming a Navy SEAL probably popped into his head as the answer.

Jesus stood beside Edwards when he stood out on that hockey ice and waved like he was in a Miss American pageant. Jesus put his hand on Edwards’ shoulder as he accepted those four hockey tickets.

Jesus may be guiding Edwards now to transition all of this into helping others. All those people out there that claim to be a LT, Navy SEAL and were buried in a bombed building for three days in Lebanon. You know, all those people.

Edwards so much wants to be an example for others to follow. He wants to help people discover the right path. He suggests so in his Apology video.

So, have patience with Edwards. God isn’t finished with him yet. He just needs a better backstory to help him be an inspiration to others. This one didn’t work all that well.


You guys are correct.
A non-apology, worse by pulling God out of his ass (again).
86 seconds on YouTube with 86 views won’t put this away.

HERE are the next 2 steps in his “recovery”.
Give a 90 second apology, with NO God or religion attached, on
(1) CBS Miami TV Channel 4, and
(2) Center ice at the next Florida Panthers game (Saturday)


Keepin' It Real

“Center ice at the next Florida Panthers game”

… and get pelted with empty beer cups and Milk Duds.


Keepin’ It Real,
Yes, or…. MRE trash and (almost empty) water bottles.


I have found that people who say they have found Jesus have been found out.




Good grief, what a sack of sh!t… This isn’t an apology, it’s a commiseration over getting caught.
How many times have we seen this same type of “apology” for being a dirt bag only to have said dirt bag show up somewhere else trying to pull the same crap?
Calling on the name of Jesus & then continuing into a string of “me’s” and “I’s” that sound more like he’s sorry for himself than anything he did… Nope, doesn’t cut it. He needs to eat a bag of dicks!

Daisy Cutter

So, if he admitted he lied, what’s the issue with the newspaper/TV station running a correction to the story?

There is no legal risk to them now.

However, if I were them I would avoid Edwards’ positioning to be another “advise giver” for everything that happens in his life. He created this mess, it didn’t happen to him as he would suggest.

Bruce A Revelle

He’s an apologetic liar. Only God knows what sincerity is in his heart. Ye reap what you sow. No pass from me.


They always find God when they get caught


Not Bill Clinton.



Flashback. The template. The “Jimmy Swaggart apology.”
Emulated by many ever since.
Yes, Swaggart was caught with another hooker 3 years after this “apology.”

Hack Stone

Hack remembers the Swaggart hooker when she did her spread, and boy did she spread them, in Penthouse. What a skank.


No photos here, but lurid Debra Murphree / Swaggart details.


Comm Center Rat

Jimmy Swaggart’s first prostitution scandal inspired the song “Miracle Man” on Ozzy Osbourne’s 1988 album No Rest for the Wicked.

A devil with a crucifix
Brimstone and fire
He needs another carnal fix
To take him higher and higher
Now Jimmy, he got busted with his pants down
Repent ye wretched sinners, self righteous clown

Miracle man got busted, miracle man got busted


Comm Center Rat,
Thanks for remembering this.
Here it is… the official music video,
with Ozzy wearing a Jimmy Swaggart mask.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember when Gallagher made Swaggart the butt of one of his jokes saying “I bet that God looked down and thought “DO I HAVE to specifically say ‘Thou shalt not play “The Pirate and the Slave Girl” in a cheap motel room?”


LOL Classic.

Crazy PVT

Jesus. The ultimate Sorry, not sorry.

Sorry i shit on your dining room table. It’s cool with Jesus.


I am a born again Christian. That being said, nothing upsets me more than when someone takes God’s name in vain. (Meaning, to use it in an empty and hollow manner when it is completely unproductive to its purpose.)

So it chaps my ass when I hear someone throw the Jesus card in the hopes it will garner more sympathy or make them seem more sincere. This guy is the perfect example. Forgiveness from Christ is a personal and private matter. Forgiveness from anyone else is public. In my opinion, never the twain should mix or even meet.

Should I be caught in some wrongdoing, the LAST thing I would do is to drag the name of my Saviour through the mud with me.

I do not know if this man is sincere, but listening to him, I think not.

Crazy PVT put it more succinctly above and with fewer words.

A agree with Dave in the notion he is sorrier he was caught than for what he did.



Well he apologize, still looks like a raw asshole.

He should apologize to Don Shipley. Because that shit he pulled on him angered a lot of people.

Mustang Major

The sad thing is that Daryl Edward’s family has to go through the process of explaining his BS to their friends. I am sure that are doing some apologizing in the process.


When you ignore the Jesus stuff, his weak apology merely says he is “sorry” he lied about his military service, and it hurt his family. I am sure it did hurt his family to find out he has been lying about claiming to have been trapped in the wreckage in Beirut for three days, that he was a decorated Navy SEAL officer, that he was wounded in combat, etc. He also never admitted all the lies he told when first confronted about them. If he pissed off The Hair in their phone conversation, he must have doubled down on his lies. I am not buying the contrition.


1) I don’t know what the 12 steps are but he needs to go back to #1 and start over.

2) Did he ever think that maybe the cancer was God/ Jesus’s vengeance for all the bilious crap spewing from his cock holster?

3) With all the me-me-me & I-I-I crap, this guy sounded like he were warming up for his shift as a fluffer on the set of “Big Brutus & the Beefcake Boys”!


That cue card he more than occasionally dropped his eyes to tells the story.
He’s just sorry he got caught.

b out.


More like a bad testimony than an apology. You can tell he has no heart for Jesus. If he is going to celebrate recovery, it is for ulterior motives. I see no true contrition or repentance here,

A Proud Infidel®™

Like I said, I truly think that he’s only sorry he got caught AND I’m willing to bet that he’ll go right back to playing SV Con Games as soon as he thinks that the heat is off of him!

Terry Sheehan

I don’t sense that he bared his soul…

… more like he flashed his ass a little bit.

FC2(SW) Ron

Just to reiterate what others have stated, this asshole is putting on the “halo” of religion to garner sympathy. As a “public servant” in a former career I’d see assholes just like this guy who got cheating on their wives or getting mixed up in extremely bad decision making then say “I’m a sinner, Jesus, God, I’m a vessel for change etc. Makes me sick.

Suck up your innernets fame you fucking baloney smoker!


Had a chaplain at Huachuca a few years ago that got caught consorting with a woman not his wife. Tried the “I’m a sinner, forgive me, Jesus has” crap for a while. Epic fail.

FC2(SW) Ron

yep….. different skunk, same stripes…


OK it’s been a few days and I don’t see any outside attention or influence on the Daryl Cleve Edwards threads and in addition, because he posted a really weak, shitty excuse he called an apology, the following is going to be posted TWICE…. OK so there was a reminder posted by 5th/77th FA, KOB!! in the Michael Sean Green thread that a requests and the appropriate seconds and Aye votes had been put out for one Daryl Cleve Edwards. Seeing how Daryl Cleve Edwards was unbelievable in his use of his phony to access public events and such and not only that, claimed Beirut, which we all know is near and dear to our hearts at TAH, he fully deserves the The Hemisphere of Insults®™ to be dropped on him. In addition, he came back with a sanctaminous bullshit apology and more than that, called out Jeasus as his excuse and cruth, futher not accepting the consequences of his actions and just pawning his bullshit out on everything but himself. Therefore, the The Hemisphere of Insults®™ will be deployed in *BOTH* Daryl Cleve Edwards, 1. Because he needs and deserves the attention and 2. Because he came back with a PhD in his bullshit, piling it higher and deeper, in a lame attempt to take the spotlight off his actions. Towit, I hereby give you, the The Hemisphere of Insults®™ , the ALPHABET ASSAULT and the The TAH Toilet Bowl of Taunts ®™ The Hemisphere of Insults®™ (aka, “This Ain’t Hell” Thesaurus) FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!! TACTICAL NUCLEAR ROUND OUT!!!! THREE PASS AIRCRAFT BOMB RUN!!!!! DANGER CLOSE!!!! MOPP LEVEL 4!!! TAKE COVER!!!!! … Daryl (And his other brother Daryl) Cleve (Is not to be believed) Edwards (Deadwood) …HEY DICKLESS WONDER, We all hope you read this and come back here and try to defend your actions, but, you won’t because, YOU’RE A STRAIGHT UP COWARD, vile, flaming piece of skunk shit, ALLEGEDLY, but not confirmed or proven, but in some people’s opinion, works balls, tickles taint and tongue punches hobo’s crusty fart boxes all, I Guess, while being a… Read more »


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Remembering to reference “Sarge” and request the Staff Summary Sheet of Shame


5th/77th FA

AMEN!!!! And all of the miscreanted D’weeds and Weedettes went HALLELUJAH!!!


Thank you just doesn’t seem enough ChipNASA.


Nay, just seeing you fuckheads happy is all the joy I need here.




I’m late to this comment thread and for that I apologize. Much of the comments here have revolved around Edwards’ use of religion in his “apology” or whatever you want to call it. Since we are talking about whether Christ is actually a driving factor in this, there are two stories from the Bible that come to mind. The first is that of David and Bathsheba. When confronted with his sins over wanting Bathsheba, the prophet Nathan says to David (paraphrasing) “what you did in the darkness has now come to light. You tried to hide your sins but now all of Israel sees them.” David repents because he has been caught. He may not have repented before, but like so many people here note, being caught is a powerful motivator. The light of exposure illuminates the action. That’s how I feel about Edwards and so many of those who steal valor or exaggerate service. They wanted their sins and lies to be in the dark, but they get exposed. The other story is the New Testament story of the woman at the well, She is dragged in front of Christ by her accusers of being a prostitute. The accusers want her to be stoned (killed) according to the law. Christ bends down and starts to write in the dirt while he listens to the accusations against the woman. It is believed that he was writing the names of the men she had slept with, and that list included the people accusing her and wanting her to be killed. The men sulk away and Christ looks at the woman and says “where are your accusers?” He then tells the woman to “go and sin no more.” I am unaware of any record that recounts what happened to the woman – whether she returned to her old life of being a prostitute or whether she walked the “straight and narrow path.” When I hear people like Edwards, I am reminded that it is not for me to judge them. “Judge” does not mean say whether they are right or wrong but… Read more »