How To Get Rid of Trump

| February 25, 2020

Squawking from the Dumbocraps about ‘get rid of Trump’ is turning into a crashing bore. Mikey Bloomberbutt, that dink with Short Man Syndrome, doesn’t have a platform. All he has is an agenda/vendetta, to ‘get rid of Trump’. They got nothin’, but I know how to get rid of Trump. So put down that sandwich and listen up.

(Hondo, if you start picking nits, I will hunt you down like a dog and pull the hair out of your nose.)

You have to choose the right moment and people for this. Not too hard, because the younger crowd are more uninformed about a lot of things than reasoning people can conceive of. So put yourself in that little restaurant over on the highway where they make the best darn chicken soup and remember: only you can wake up the Younger Generation to what is right under their noses: How To Get Rid of Trump Permanently.

Two young idiots walk into the restaurant, cop a booth and try to figure out what to order. The waitress takes the order, and they start moaning and bitching about Trump and your ears perk up. Here is this golden opportunity to wake up these children in adult bodies by dredging up Them There Good Old Days, when Nixon screwed his own pooch and gas at the pump was $0.259/gallon until that nasty dustup called the Arab Oil Embargo reared its head.

You listen while they bitch and moan about how much they hate/despise/don’t like Trump, and at some point you say: You really want to get rid of Trump?

Heads turn toward you. Well, yeah. We can’t stand him. He’s just awful….

And this is the plan you follow: you simply adopt verbal camo and agree with them: “Well, I can’t stand him either, but I know how to get rid of him legally and make it stick.”

These two children look at each other, then at you, and the guy says, “What do you mean ‘legally?”  They’re sitting there with those do-it-all phones and don’t know how to use them. A world of information is at their fingertips and they are dumber than a box of bent screws.

“it’s simple,” you say. “It’s already in place: term limits. Been a law since Roosevelt died in office.”

Blank look. “Huh?”

“it’s  the law: no US President can serve more than two terms in office. Look it up. Use that phone of yours. You’ll find it.” Don’t put in the obvious “you shoulda learned that in school”. Let them discover it. It will last longer. And having to find it themselves may send them to other areas they know nothing about, like how jobs are tied to products and sales and cash revenues, never mind rising taxes.

So the guy starts the search, mumbles “I didn’t know that,” shows the squawking girl what he found. Suddenly, you have their attention. And it just goes from there, to their friends: How to get rid of Trump permanently.

And here’s a hint: never ever debate or argue other points. Stick to pointing them toward a solution to their problem of how much they dislike Trump, using real world stuff like the current high employment rate and wages, a very possible, currently looming, and very real Recession, which has been in business news as a possibility for several months and may soon become real instead of possible, and how a recession like Nixon’s Recession can last for months, never mind the Great Depression which was years long.

Point out how you went through that nasty recession that followed Nixon after Watergate and how he got blamed for that and everything else, even though it was the Arab Oil Embargo that made it happen. You’d go to a job interview and find 150 people sitting in the waiting room, hoping for an interview. Stuff like that. Unemployment was rampant on the East Coast, not because jobs were scarce but because output exceeded demand – something like that – and it was all Nixon’s fault anyway. And maybe your nonexistent uncle lost his construction job as a welder because construction starts slowed down and stopped, and again, it was all blamed on Tricky Dick Nixon, whether he had anything to do with it or not.

Point out that if the coronavirus can halt production of phones for Apple in China, because everyone is quarantined and the production level has already dropped 20% rapidly, then Apple has fewer products to sell and loses money, and Apple doesn’t want to lose money. That means they’ll start laying people off and closing stores. No products means no sales. No sales means no cash in the cash drawer. Cash is where your paycheck comes from. And even if you keep your job in a recession, you may not get a raise this year, because sales are down.

Shore up the bottom line by telling them about all those godawful layoffs during Nixon’s Recession. Unemployment rises… the lines get longer… unemployment compensation stretches out for months, and so forth and so on. It happened something like 40++ years ago, and it can happen again. It was worse when your own Mom and Dad had to put up with the Great Depression and all the Okies moved to California. Just keep it generalized and short. A dollop of “personal stuff” is good, too, since your own Grandma and Grandpa had to put off buying a nice bungalow on Chicago’s south side because construction stopped dead the day the stock market crashed in 1929.

One of these naïve dorks might even say “Yeah, my uncle/granddad/whatever told us about that. It could happen again?”

Of course. That’s the point  The girl says “But I just started my job and I love it.” Recent hires go first, Tootsie. Not kidding.

Then the girl says “but they’re talking about raising the minimum wage to $15/hr,” and you respond with “They’re also talking about taxing that at 52% federal income tax alone (FICA), never mind Social Security and Medicare, and whatever state tax there is, and you get a take-home remainder of about $6.75/hr in your paycheck. Do you really want to lose that  much money to higher taxes?

“But that’s not fair,” she mumbles, still not catching on.

Then you get her to understand that you aren’t dissing Bernie’s campaign or anyone else, just pointing out the obvious things she’s missing and anyway, the government under Trump or anyone else doesn’t have to be fair. She can still blame the higher taxes on Trump, but it’s better if he is in office.. Before too long, you’ll say something about ‘even cruise lines are shutting down because of the virus and you can blame that on Trump, too,’ and next thing you know, she’s babbling about a friend who works for a cruise line and is worried that she’ll lose her job…

And you shrug and you say, “That’s exactly my point. She can blame it on Trump.”

Now do you see how easy it is to get rid of Trump? you ask them. Term limits….

Re-elect him and he can never, ever be the US President again. You’re rid of him for good. And you can blame him for everything that goes wrong over the next four years. But if he isn’t re-elected this time, and the economy hits the skids like it did with Nixon, he’ll be back.

Those two look at each other and nod, and start talking and you pay for their lunch (as a courtesy, of course). And they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and before long, Trump is re-elected to his final term in office. And they can blame everything on him, from a loss of coffee beans at Starbucks due to a blight or fungus in the crop, to loss of jobs in Bangladesh due to a virus, and higher gas prices and fewer car sales. Every cotton-picking thing that happens can be blamed on him, to eternity.

Hey! Buddy! Can you spare a dime?

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Love it !!!!
The snowflakes will have brain cramps no doubt.
I got reported to Uber because I told a snowflake that there were only two genders….
He said it made him uncomfortable….
Fucking babies !!!


That is deliciously evil. I love it!

MI Ranger

I love it because you might even get some traction with the term limits for Congress part as well!
Yeah blame Trump for those gas prices falling since China can’t buy any oil since they are quarantined…dang it, its going to fall under $2 soon!


Colion Noir for President 2024!

5th/77th FA

If Buddy does have some spare dimes, he may want to invest in pencils and a tin cup. He may have to sell them to those gen xyzlmnop so they can fill out those job applications that will have 150 others trying for. They better hope they can buy some that will write in cursive, gotta have some way to stand out in the crowd of gender studies and underwater basket weaving grads. Those that can write cursive and drive a stick shift have the best chance for the job. /s/

These dumbazzes have to have Trump to blame. They’ve spent their entire lives not taking any responsibility and for the last 3 years have had it emphasized that EVERYTHING is Trump’s fault.

I “Like” your idea on helping them out.

Saw an example in court today of the proper blame not being placed on the real guilty party. A rock solid case on a sure ’nuff dirt bag was dismissed because the “witness” refused to testify against the guilty one. The Judged was pissed, the Sheriff was pissed, they jury pool was pissed (48 of us). Now this scum is walking the streets, the county is out a boatload of money just in jury payments, and I wonder how long the girl that refused to testify will live.

Dennis - not chevy

I was on a jury like that. We sat and waited until the judge told us the witness refused to testify. Then, with a smile on his face, he told us a bench warrant had just been issued for the the witness. The judge then dismissed us. I didn’t stick around to see what happened, I figured a court house with an angry judge was not a place I wanted to be.


Ex-PH2 wrote:

“One of these naïve dorks might even say “Yeah, my uncle/granddad/whatever told us about that. It could happen again?”

George Santayana wrote:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”



It IS gonna be interesting…and at the same time, SCARY.

Thank You so much for your article. Enjoyed you sharing your insights. It is a great read.


That there’s some hypnotic eye mind control judo! Have them look up that Grover Cleveland served two terms non-consecutively. Say, “Trump will always be there if he isn’t re-elected. Like an excised tumor that you know is coming back angrier and non-treatable.” Omit that Cleveland was a Democrat of course. They probably won’t read past his name.


Probably, or The Muppets. Hell, it’s even starting to work on me a little! I’m finding myself almost glad that a few near past turds got their 2 terms in! That’s some powerful juju!

Boiling mad CPO

PH-2 I luv you. BZ

Veritas Omnia Vincit

After last night’s “debate” I’m not certain there’s much to worry about… I’ve posted about Bernie the disruptor previously, but his self inflicted wounds of late are not doing him any favors and I suspect the Democrats will tear themselves apart before they run Bernie as their guy. If they don’t run him the Bernie supporters are not at all the kind of people who “vote blue no matter who” and their absence on election day means that democrats would be fighting a low turnout if Bernie is not the guy… I had previously suggested should Bernie get the nomination the election might be a coin flip instead of a Trump easy win. In light of the idiotic comments and refusal to back down from the praise of Castro’s great education system for eliminating illiteracy in Cuba that coin flip is looking more like 30-70 against Bernie… Super Tuesday should prove interesting, and provide some further insight. South Carolina still has Sanders as number 2 and Steyer in third solely based on a ridiculous amount of money being spent. The rise of Bloomberg and Steyer are sad indicators of what the crux of your post is about…the relative ignorance of the great masses of plain folk as Mencken called them… “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the… Read more »


Oh, lawdy. Yep.

What will they do when this latest virus turns out to be less than they want it to be? Without their self-imposed hysteria they got nuttin’. They will NEVER understand the simple truth that doing something is very different from talking about something. Hence, the more hysterical they act telegraphs just how important they view something. Ridiculous.

And why your proposition can be so effective, PH.