Weekend Open Thread

| March 6, 2020

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Don’t forget to set your time ahead this weekend. Clocks spring forward, one hour, at 2 a.m. Sunday Morning. I stayed on Daylight Saving Time when everybody set their clocks back in November 2019. Extra darkness in the morning after I completed my predawn runs… Plus the body clock is already adjusted to the upcoming time change. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:


  2. ChipNASA says:


  3. 26Limabeans says:


  4. Hack Stone says:

    Hack Stone is resigned to the fact that, yet again, he will not be able to rightfully claim TAH Weekend Open Thread First Post, as he is a victim of a vast right wing conspiracy that would deny him the title because the moderators of This Ain’t Hell are misogynistic racist Deplorables who would expand all resources to the most qualified candidate for TAH Weekend Open Thread First Post, because he self identifies as 1/1024th Honorary Chief Petty Officer. And Hack Stone is more than confident that Kanye West would take the stage and say that Hack Stone is entitled to First Post status.

    Hack Stone will instead focus his efforts on welcoming Daryl Cleve Edwards of Miami Springs Florida to the Daniel Bernath Chapter Of The Dutch Rudder Gang. With Daryl’s heroic exploits and leadership abilities that he developed to climb to the esteemed pay grade of E-4 in only eight years, plus his dance moves, we can look forward to the national membership of The Dutch Rudder Gang becoming a farce to reckon with.

    With his experience as a US Navy SEAL, he is certain to land a senior executive position with All Points Logistics, where he and Phil Monkress can amaze the staff with stories of their missions behind enemy lines.

    Finally, Hack Stone would like to remind everyone to please consult the All Points Logistics website to view the times and locations that Phil Monkress will be working balls this weekend, and since clocks move ahead at 02:00 Sunday morning, Phil Monkress will only be working balls for 47 hours.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Dance? Did he mention dance? I’ll just leave this little ditty here for David. Not the FIRST time that Ginger Rogers did what Fred Astaire did…backwards…in high heels…AND wearing a floor length skirt. Maybe YOU should watch them dance! just saying…

    • AW1Ed says:

      Dear Mr. Stone,
      Your claims of unfair treatment by TAH Moderators (more properly, Admins) have been noted. In our quest to provide a fair and enjoyable TAH experience to our audience, the TAH Admins urge you to file your concerns with TAH WW HQ, Complaints Department, so the matter may be documented and steps taken to resolve your claim.
      You may rest assured upon receipt of your claim, the professional TAH Complaints Department Staff will review same for perhaps several seconds before, in a gale of laughter, shitcan it in its entirety for disapproval.
      Please feel free to resubmit your claim within 90 days for further disapproval.
      Have a TAH day!

      • Hack Stone says:

        Hack Stone is going to leave a negative review on Yelp about your customer service. If Hack Stone wanted to be verbally abused by an insolent employee, he would call the Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that formerly sold outdated software to the federal government.

      • Lurker Curt says:

        What’s the chance you can find the Hurt Feelings Report DA FORM IMT WF1 for Hack?

        • Hack Stone says:

          You better have more than one copy of that Hurt Feelings Report, because Hack has a pen and a phone. Unfortunately, the pen is only capable of writing contracts for outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software, and the phone was provided by the Vice President of the company that he works for, and it is only capable of leaving threatening messages on the answering machines of people who run mil blogs.

  5. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Honorary First once again.


  6. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Provisional proxy first, dickweeds!

    And always remember… no matter how bad things get in your life… WASH YOU AZZ!

  7. Devtun says:


  8. Hack Stone says:

    If you fail to move your click ahead one hour this Sunday morning, you may end up being late for church, and that would lead to Mass Confusion.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Click, clock, you know damn well what Hack Stone meant.

    • BruteLarson407 says:

      Did Hack do a stint or two on the Borscht Belt circuit? If it’s worth anything I do actually laugh.

      I caught hell a week back for doing what I think maybe Hack did(reply to myself to quickly fix something).

      Now Brute is even more clueless. Watch your side and rearview mirrors.

      • Hack Stone says:

        Hack Stone blames any spelling errors on the cheap ass North Korean cell phone provided by the Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that formerly sold software to the federal government. He traded some Red Hat Software for the cellphones with a vendor in the adjacent booth of the Dulles Expo Center when they had their Electronics & Tube Sock Extravaganza.

        • Sparks says:

          How is Elaine these days Hack?

          • Hack Stone says:

            She wandered away from the rehab center where she was being treated for placebo addiction, and the only lead police have is that she was last seen getting into the automobile of Will Chamberlain, BFF of the Round Ranger. Hack hired Jared Stern of Prudential Associates to locate her , but the only thing he produces is a bunch of Gator-Ade bottles filled with his urine. We may need to bring in the big guns, and by big guns, Hack means Thomas “Turd” Bolling of Ambassador World Protection Agency. Reading the comments on their Facebook page leaves Hack with the utmost confidence of the fidelities and abilities of this company.


  9. 5th/77th FA says:


    The King of Battle and his Rolling Thunder has struck again. Take that you damned ol wingwiping Chair Force Puke…Gentlemen! Hot wings, cold Yuenglings, top shelf whiskey all around! ‘Ed, whip up some grilled crab cakes and cheese grits with shrimps for the lads and lasses.

    God is in his Heavens and all is right with the world!

    FIRST on the TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread!

    • AW1Ed says:

      I normally stay above the fray on WOTs, but it’s hard to argue with cheese grits and shrimp.

  10. Hack Stone says:

    Daniel Bernath always looked forward to the clocks moving ahead one hour, because that was one less hour that he could not be called out on not being made an Honorary Chief Petty Officer.

    Every Spring, Daniel Bernath would set the needle on his airplane fuel gauge ahead one gallon.

  11. NHSparky says:

    Don’t care if I’m first or not cause got a snoring puppy on my lap at Casa de Sparky.

  12. ninja says:

    6 March 1836.

    Remember The Alamo:

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      You got to it FIRST ninja. I had this on the control v mode when I saw your post. Family lore has it that a 4th GGranpappy served with Algenon on the 18 pounder and died at his post with Dickinson. I got the name and little else. A lot of brave men, on both sides, died that day. Again, a war started by politicians…on both sides. There were some other Georgians and Alabamians there with him, but the majority of the Georgia Troops were murdered at Goliad. Joanna Troutman presented the FIRST “Bonnie Blue” Lone Star Flag to Fannin’s Troops. She lived in Knoxville, Crawford County Georgia. Fannin’s Family were from the Central Part of GA. Poor little rich boy who flunked out/got throwed out of West Point.

      Some of my boys and my equipment helped work in the video that the Alamo Ladies show at the Shrine. They also worked in the Billy Bob Thornton Production. Good Times.

      • ninja says:


        I knew it…I knew it..
        I knew it!!!

        Something told me you had historical and present day connections to this event.


        Thank You so much for sharing this with us.

      • rgr1480 says:

        So, are they ever going to knock off that “ridiculous scroll” (scalloped roof line) — added around 1849 — and return the Alamo to how it appeared in 1836?

        …An army artist who sketched the Alamo compound in 1849 after the remodeling commented that the chapel had been topped with “a ridiculous scroll, giving the building the appearance of the headboard of a bedstead.”…


        1849 daguerreotype:

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          Some good linkys for everybody rgr1480, thanks for posting. And to answer your question, no probably not. The whole fight between the State, the Church, the Daughters and even the Feds has gone on since the day after the Battle, if not even before. For the serious researcher, you would find that Houston sent Bowie to blow the place, pull the captured Mexican guns out and beat feet. “Buck” Travis showing up when he did, and Bowie getting sick kinda changed things. The 600-1000 Texicans (many of them Mexican by birth that sided with the land grabbers) that were lost to Santa Ana would have gone a long way to fleshing out Houston’s Army. However, the flip side, their sacrifice, did buy Houston time and caused Santa Ana to spread his troops out thin enough to allow the San Jacinto Victory. Every attempt to visit the Shrine that I’ve made in this lifetime has failed. Maybe I had my visit there in ’36?

          • Thunderstixx says:

            Since I moved to Austin I’ve been there a few times.
            It’s always such a great experience.
            Nothing in this world is perfect that is touched by man. An imperfect artist paints an imperfect canvas.
            I imagine that the new roof fixed some of the original timbers and shell holes that no doubt let the weather into the building and would have inevitably collapsed the structure.
            I knew nothing about the quarrel about the roof until I read about it today.
            What I will say is that it is a place of reverence and everybody must remove their hat when they enter.
            It’s like a trip to Graceland, filled with the wonderment and sights that link this country together through good times and bad.

  13. ninja says:

    6 March 1981:

    “And That’s The Way It Is”. Walter Cronkite’s Final Sign Off:

  14. The Other Whitey says:

    Red Dawn progress for those interested.


    I applied some pigment powder in various colors to give the dirt some variation, as well as adding some dead grass to the green grass. The same stuff in black was added to the muzzles of the Patton’s main gun and coax to give them some propellant stains. Kicking around some ideas for flags/pennants to put on the vehicle antennas. Pretty much set on a rebel flag for the tank, possibly with a Cavalry pennant or guidon below it. Haven’t decided for the halftrack yet.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Gadsden Flag (yellow snake)

      Betsy Ross Flag

      Unit guidon

      Jolly Roger


      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Looking good TOW. Bunch of us are following this. You might want to think about the Gonzales “Come and Take It” with the gun tube and a lone star. I do “Like” the “Rebel Flag” idea, too, for some reason. My (step) Son flew the St Andrews Cross from his Brad during The Storm. I’ve still got it, put away. Needless to say, it’s in rough shape.

        “I’ve got not respect for any young man who won’t join the colors.” Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    • ninja says:


      Thank You for sharing your work of love with us.

      I like 11B-Mailclerk’s recommendations for the flags/pennants.

      Looking foward in seeing more!

      • ninja says:

        P.S. Forgot to ask:

        What is “Weird”?

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Strange stuff

          The flag used by Blue Oyster Cult, for example. Three exclamation marks and a question mark, cruciform arrangement sharing the dot, question mark down.

          That is weird.

          Obscure pirate flags.

          Flags from Sci Fi – United Federation of Planets, Harrington Treecats (Baseball team, Grayson)


          • Ret_25X says:

            the BOC flag is supposed to be an occult symbol, not punctuation (you know…Blue–Oyster–Cult).

            Which is weiderer…so to speak…LOL

    • Sparks says:

      TOW, Sir you are a true artist!

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Obliged, Sparks, but this is a product of trial and lots of error, assisted by large amounts of foul language. The interwebz-porn-machine-thingy has sites filled with the work of people who are far more skilled than me (though some of them like to make way too much nazi shit for some reason).

        I’m hoping to start my wife’s B-17 some time soon, as well as my middle daughter’s F-100 Super Sabre and my niece’s F2H Banshee.

  15. Slow Joe says:


  16. ninja says:

    For the Marines:

    On 6 March 1932, John Philip Sousa passed away at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Reading, PA.

    “Sousa served two periods of service in the Marine Corps. He first enlisted on June 9, 1868 at age 13 as an apprentice musician, his rank listed as “boy”. He re-enlisted on July 8, 1872 and was promoted to musician. He left the Marine Corps in 1875 at age 20. His second period of Marine service was from 1880 to 1892, during which he was the leader of the Marine Band in Washington, D.C.”

    In 1888, Sousa composed the Official March of the United States Marine Corps, “Semper Fidelis”. This piece was one of two composed in response to a request from United States President Chester Arthur for a new piece to be associated with the United States President.

    Rest In Peace, John Philip Sousa. Always Faithful.

  17. ninja says:

    I said this a couple of months ago and I’ll say it again:

    Impeach Daylight Savings Time.

    A Dinasour that needs to be put to rest. Forever.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      The whole world needs to be on Zulu Time.

      • Hack Stone says:

        When Hack was working the Pentagon, has a lot of scheduled maintenance that did not go on time because some people are Zulu Challenged.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Used to be color blindness was not
          allowed in the Signal Corps.
          Being time challenged was ok though.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            I had an IT gig where I took over for a grayscale-colorblind predesessor,

            Who had installed most of the in-wall wiring and made most of the patchcords.

            Oh, bother! Said me.

            Maybe 10% were the correct pinout pattern and colors.

            Oh, bother.

  18. Sparks says:

    Tope 30. I made platoon formation.

  19. ninja says:

    Just thought of something.

    About a week or two ago, TAH Admin had finally corrected the clock on the Blog.

    So as a reminder, please do not forget to correct it again.

    Thank You.


    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ninja…That wasn’t correcting the clock; that was Dave Hardin moving his boat from the Bahamas back to Hampton Roads. The server is on his sailboat. When he moves it back, the clock will be on the auto corrupt. Shhhh, don’t tell anybody. I’m the only one that had figured it out.

  20. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Hey – Any work on Wilted Willie?

    • AW1Ed says:

      Last I spoke with him he was home, recuperating. I had hoped he would have commented by now, but it’s entirely up to him. I’ll try to contact him this weekend for a SITREP.

  21. ninja says:


    Am STILL laughing at this one. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Check out Brian Williams of MSNBC “The 11th Hour” and New York Times editorial Board Member Mara Gay Math Skills on this 1 minute video.

    Last night, on Williams’ show, Williams and Gay both claim (based on a tweet posted by a Mekita Rivas) that Michael Bloomberg could have gifted EACH American ONE MILLION DOLLARS with the money Bloomberg spent on his failed campaign.

    The tweet: “Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. The US population is 327 million. He could have given each American $1 million and still have money left over. I feel like a $1 million check would be life-changing for most people. Yet he wasted it all on ads and STILL LOST” :

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Math is -hard-

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      Below is Brian Williams’ lie about his combat experience during OIF that lead to his firing:

      “The story actually started with a terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of Iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an R.P.G.,” Williams said, as images of a battered helicopter flashed on the screen. “Our traveling NBC News team was rescued, surrounded and kept alive by an armor mechanized platoon from the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry.” ~ Vanity Fair

      Not only does he suck at math, he sucks at lying too. Those “desert times” always trip-up the phonies.

    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      The “new math” fucks with those Donk brain cells….

  22. ninja says:

    Reference the Corona Virus and the warning that we should wash our hands and not touch our face:

    This 1 Minute 22 second video is hilarious.

    “Officials Keep Warning The Public Not To Touch Their Faces – And Then Do Just That”

    • Hack Stone says:

      Hack Stone’s father warned him not to touch himself. Still trying to figure out how these palms got so hairy.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Hack Stone, I didn’t go blind, but I do wear glasses.

        • 26Limabeans says:

          Turns out Viagra won’t make you go blind
          but there are cases of it causing deafness.

          • rgr769 says:

            Blind and deaf, that is no way for a fella to go through his golden years. A warning to you young wankers. Moderation is best in all things.

  23. Commissioner Wretched says:

    I don’t know what troubles me more … that I had to work through the posting of the WOT, or that nobody noticed I hadn’t been here yet.

    Ah, well. I’m here now so here’s this week’s trivia!

    Did a pilot once almost drown in mid-air?
    By Commissioner Wretched

    Spring is here at last!

    No, not according to the calendar. If you consult that, we’re still about three weeks away from the Spring Equinox.

    Spring is here at last because, down in Florida and in Arizona, it’s Spring Training for the 2020 Baseball Season!

    As I’ve noted many times in these pages, where I come from, there are only two sports – baseball and everything else.

    And now everything else is drawing to a close and baseball is getting back into business.

    Of course, I can’t approach the 2020 baseball season without questioning whether my Chicago Cubs will be in the pennant race, win their division, win the National League championship, win the World Series, or (hopefully) all of the above. This question leads my thoughts as Spring Training begins.

    Go Cubs Go! (With apologies to the many Braves fans who read my silly words.)

    Okay, enough baseball for now. On to what you really came here for … trivia!

    Did you know …

    … the original 1965 broadcast of the classic special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” was supposed to have a laugh track? Executives at CBS, the network that first aired the special, loved the laugh track and wanted it used on all of the network’s comedy shows. The creator of “Peanuts,” Charles Schulz (1922-2000), disagreed, saying viewers – especially children – should be allowed to laugh when they wanted, not when some executive thought they should. The disagreement didn’t last long, though; Schulz threatened to not allow the airing of the program at all if the executives didn’t back down. They did. (The money they stood to make wasn’t … Peanuts.)

    … Elvis Presley’s natural hair color was not black? Presley (1935-1977) was a natural blond. He dyed his hair black to give himself an “edgier” appearance. (I’d say it worked, wouldn’t you?)

    … plumbers have a special name for the day after Thanksgiving? It’s their busiest day of the year, and they call it “Brown Friday.” (I’ll let you guess why.)

    … you can get an insurance policy against alien abduction? Called Alien Abduction Insurance (duh) or AAI, the “UFO policy” covers you in the event that you can prove you have been abducted by non-human life forms known as “aliens.” Several insurance companies offer the policy, and more than 50,000 have been sold. Most of the buyers are from the U.S. or Great Britain. (Gee, I wonder why?)

    … a single strand of spaghetti is called a spaghetto? (If you know it well, you can call it anything you like.)

    … there is a term for the offspring of a polar bear and a grizzly bear? The little cub is called a “pizzly bear.” (I dare you to call one that to its face. I double dare you.)

    … a pilot once almost drowned in mid-air? On July 26, 1959, William Rankin (1920-2009), an aviator in the U.S. Marine Corps, was flying from Massachusetts to South Carolina when he started to climb over a thunderhead directly in front of him. As he was climbing, Rankin said he heard a bump and rumble from the jet’s engine, which then flamed out. Rankin ejected from the jet directly into the thunderhead cloud, and the winds in the cloud kept him aloft for more than 40 minutes. During the wild ride, Rankin was pelted with hailstones and hit with so much rain he had to hold his breath at times to avoid drowning – in mid-air. Rankin eventually safely parachuted to the ground, suffering from frostbite, welts and bruises from the hail, and injuries from decompression. A veteran of fighter combat in both World War II and Korea, he retired from the Marines as a lieutenant colonel and later wrote a book about the incident, The Man Who Rode the Thunder. (I don’t care what you do, you’ll never top riding around in a thunderstorm for 40 minutes without an airplane around you.)

    … timing really is everything? In 1960, during a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, singer Leonard Warren (1911-1960) had just sung the opening lyrics of Act III of the opera “La Forza del Destino” by Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901), which go, “To die, a momentous thing,” when he suddenly collapsed to the stage – dead, of a heart attack.

    … the average American’s diet is 55% junk food? (Yet another way in which I am above average!)

    … the classic video game, “Sim City 3000,” has a “perfect” ending? It’s pretty hard to achieve, though. Over a period of three years, Vincent Ocasla (born 1987) designed and created his “perfect city,” Magnasanti. Ocasla’s virtual city had the game’s maximum population of six million, no crime, and no pollution. Maxis, the company that designed the game, said the game has no “solution” and no real ending, but Ocasla’s design comes as close to such as possible. (Sitting around playing video games pays off! Sometimes.)

    … only male fireflies can fly? (They’re also the only ones that want to.)

    … Santa Claus has a brother? Well, in the French and Pennsylvania Dutch traditions he does, anyway. His name is Bells Nichols, and his job is also to give children gifts – but he does his work on New Year’s Eve, and his gifts are confined to cookies and cakes placed on empty plates left out for him. (He’s not to be confused with “Fred Claus,” the 2007 movie flop about Santa’s bitter older brother.)

    … action film star Jackie Chan (born 1954) is also a pop superstar? Chan is a highly admired music star in Asia, having recorded and released 20 albums. He also often sings the theme songs to his movies.

    Now … you know!

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Had wondered why you were late CW, figured you had taken off to go catch some pre Spring Camps for your Cubbies. A lot of us former Braves fans gave up on all things Turner when he married that traitorous whore from hell. He might have moved up a notch when he divorced her, but he got custody of the politics. The Braves still have a taint about them from that.

      Has your newspaper research ever carried you into the legends of the haunted ground the stadiums in the ATL are built on?

      • ninja says:

        Once upon a time, the ninja family were Atlanta Braves Fans…until Ted hitched up with Jane.

        Garrett Morris of Saturday Night Live always said “Baseball very good to me.”

        Not with Ted.


    • ninja says:

      “Elvis Presley’s natural hair color was not black?”

      You were missed, CW. Thought perhaps you came down with the common cold or worse, the Flu.

      I knew Elvis was a natural blonde, but always thought he colored his hair Black because of his loyalty to his Mama. Priscilla Presley sported Black Hair when she wedded The King in 1967.

      Again, Thank You…Thank You Very Much for the Trivia!

    • ninja says:

      “…only male fireflies can fly”

      That is not what I read:

      “In many species of fireflies, both male and female fireflies have the ability to fly, but in some species, the females are flightless.”

      Similiar to birds. Not all birds fly or can fly. Have you ever seen a flying ostrich or a flying chicken? (Besides THunDeRCHicKeN).


      • Commissioner Wretched says:

        I stand corrected, ninja! Thanks for the heads-up!

        For the record, the longest flight ever recorded by a chicken was 13 seconds.

      • thebesig says:

        I’ve seen chickens fly! They go short distances though, and fly low compared to other birds. I’ve seen them fly onto trees to sleep for the night. :mrgreen:

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      “… you can get an insurance policy against alien abduction? Called Alien Abduction Insurance (duh) or AAI, the “UFO policy” covers you in the event that you can prove you have been abducted by non-human life forms known as “aliens.” Several insurance companies offer the policy, and more than 50,000 have been sold. Most of the buyers are from the U.S. or Great Britain. (Gee, I wonder why?)”

      I have been regularly hijacked and snagged by Unidientified Furry Objects claiming to be cats. I have no proof that they are cats, other than the stray whiskers left behind, which could likely be antennae that broadcast info the these space aliens. If anyone else has been subjected to this kind of thing, please let me know.

  24. Graybeard says:

    First in the Hearts and Minds of my grandkids.

    Remember the Alamo!Marty Robbins’ Ballad of the Alamo still gets me:

    Mrs. GB had an ancestor at the Battle of San Jacinto who helped avenge them.

  25. ninja says:

    According to this Army Times article, based on a study, taller, heavier Female Soldiers outperform their Smaller Female Peers:


    So…..What about taller, heavier Male Soldiers? Do they outperform their Smaller Male Peers?

    Asking For A Friend.

    From the Article:

    “Female trainees and active-duty soldiers who are taller and heavier than their smaller counterparts performed better in common soldiering tasks (CSTs), according to a new study.”

    “The findings suggest the U.S. Army should consider reevaluating its physical standards for female soldiers”.

    “The trainees and soldiers were evaluated in the sandbag carry, moving under fire, casualty drag, casualty evacuation and road march.”

    “The U.S. Army has relied heavily on the assessment of cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance as an indicator of overall physical fitness and mission readiness, yet, the most essential common soldiering tasks that have greater strength and power demand, were performed better by the trainees and soldiers who were taller and heavier.”

    “Body mass index, BMI, is generally used as a measure of a person’s body fat ratio, calculated by dividing weight by height squared. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, whereas 30 and above is considered obese.”

    “In addition to task-specific training, performance of CSTs may be enhanced in tasks requiring strength and power by recruiting and retaining taller and heavier females with higher BMIs. Allowances should be considered for soldiers and trainees who can successfully perform soldiering tasks with high physical demands despite less desirable physical measurements.”

    “The findings demonstrated that soldiers with BMIs “near or within the adult overweight BMI category” performed better than their more compact counterparts.”


  26. thebesig says:

    People from inside China are claiming that the coronavirus recovery claims are false.


  27. Roh-Dog says:

    Those idiots in Washington stole 12.6% from me last year.
    On a completely unrelated note: ammo prices are rising and sales are accelerating.
    Work your preps people!
    Have a great weekend y’all!

  28. thebesig says:

    Elon Musk wants to build a new starship every 72 hours in order to colonize mars. Shouldn’t they be called “interplanetary ships” as their destination is another planet in the solar system? A star ship is a space ship that travels to another star:


    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      (A song of redshirts, to the tune of “Aquarius”)

      As your ship, speeds through the galaxy, To distant worlds, way past Mars.

      Be sure that your adventures, do not…..kill off your stars.

      And you can do it with,

      A crew that’s dispensible
      A crew thats dispensible

      Minor actors that you bring on, perish when they meet a Klingon.
      Vanish in a planet’s crater, those who try to aid them fail because
      The script has made them



      (Stolen from a -really- old MAD Magazine)

    • A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

      No surprise to me, most of them cannot be made civilized.

      • Fyrfighter says:

        Not while they’re breathing anyway…

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          What’s that old saying about doing something to them and letting a deity sort them out?

          • thebesig says:

            I saw a video once, may have posted it here, showing an interview with a Taliban commander. He argued that their struggle will continue until the whole world is under Islam. Or something to that effect. This isn’t an anomaly. This is a common theme among the Taliban and other groups like them. The whole world under their version of Islam.

            • Fyrfighter says:

              Can we switch it to “them under the whole world”? seems better ending to me…

              • thebesig says:

                You pointed to reality. We face only two outcomes. Either we prevail over them, or they succeed in turning the entire world into a series of radical Islamic caliphates. There are no third or other options.

  29. ninja says:

    As a Reminder:

    Tonight, on NBC Dateline, 2100 EST, the story about Derek Alldred will be featured.

    “Derek Alldred, Phony SEAL”


    “Derek Alldred Charged”



    • HMCS(FMF) ret says:

      I’ll bet that Derek won’t be watching… he’ll be servicing the Clientele at the BTJT Deli (Home of the WORLD FAMOUS Cockmeat Sammich)

  30. 5th/77th FA says:

    Saw this earlier, didn’t know if Admin was gonna do a post on it. My Aunt Johnnie was a “Rosie” at the Naval Ordnance Plant during WWII. Afterwards, while as Civil Service at Robins Air Base, she was one of the FIRST Women to be trained on the new “Computing Machines.”

    RIP Rosie and Aunt Johnnie!


  31. Devtun says:

    Ever just wanted to piss in the office coffee maker?


    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      My idea of a cruel coffee prank is to swap out for decaf in the high-octane can.


    • thebesig says:

      I know of someone that brought in doggie biscuits to deal with someone who helped himself to other people’s snacks without asking them if he could have some. This someone helped himself to some doggie snacks.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Used to watch the Spooky work out at night
      in Viet of the Nam. From a distance….
      It looked like red paint being poured from
      a can in the sky. The stream of tracers would
      “snake” like a rope as the gunship moved.
      I always chuckle at the term “spraying bullets”
      but it sure looked like it. From a distance….