Leroy Foley and the DD-214

| February 9, 2020 | 263 Comments

You may recall the recent post that we did on Leroy Foley.  Foley is currently a Clyde Texas police officer and is running for Sheriff of Callahan County.  The election is March 3, 2020.

Well, a DD-214 has surfaced and had multiple postings on Facebook.  A copy of this DD-214 was also sent to admins at Military Phony.  We straightened it out for readability / aesthetic purposes and redacted information that should not be released to the public.

Although it looks official, having a partial stamp at the bottom with a seal from the County of Williamson, it should be pointed out that this DD-214 does not have a clean chain of custody as it has passed through many hands.  Therefore, we cannot speak to its authenticity.

Oddly enough, some have presented this document as “proof” that Foley’s claim of Airborne Ranger, Sniper, and having been awarded both the Silver Star and Purple Heart are true.  Others have presented it as proof that he is not being truthful.

Whatever its origins, and whatever people believe in terms of helping/hurting this case – we can tell you with certainty that this DD-214 is a fake and forgery.  The commenters at TAH have combed over it and pointed out some things that help to draw the conclusion it is a fake.  We will list them below with credit to the person making the comment.

Also, we would like to post a marked up one for convenience and quick reference.  This input was consolidated in order to make it easier for civilians in Clyde Texas, Callahan Texas and the media to focus on what to look for.

We would encourage everybody concerned with the facts of this case to order Foley’s official military records in order to have the results sent to you directly and compare it with military claims and this document that has been floated around.



TOP RIGHT: “Areas render form void” the word Void is misspelled “VIOD.” (martinjumper)

BLOCKS: My Army DD214 has light tan blocks for some of the sections. (e.g. name, SSAN, and etc. Other blocks are white, e.g. Primary Speciality, Decorations and etc. You would think that the copy of Leroy Folly’s DD 214 would at least have a darker shade, even after running through a copy machine, the tan blocks. (Mustang Major)

SCHOOLS: My DD 214 lists my schools by the name of the course, e.g BASIC ABN; not Airborne Certification. The names come right off of the Officer or Enlisted record briefs. I am sure the course names are standardized. (Mustang Major)

WHITE SPACE: Blocks 13, 14, and 18 of my DD 214 are filled from the left edge to the right edge and single spaced. My blocks 13 & 14 are completely used up and the last entry in block 18 is the issue date//NOTHING FOLLOWS. This is done to avoid typing in bogus info after the DD 214 is issued. Blocks 13, 14, 18 of Leroy Foley’s DD 214 have plenty of space. (All of the Army types reading this, take a look at their DD 214 and see how the format on yours compares to Leroy Foley’s DD 214.) (Mustang Major)


  • Proportional vs. Mono-Spaced Font.  Mixed case and lower case vs. CAPS for entries. (Daisy Cutter)
  • Fonts and Font Sizes on the DD214 are INCONSISTANT. (ninja)
  • Should be ONE Font with ONE Font size. (ninja)

BLOCK 1:  Typo on Defense Department form vs entry area – Name “(Last, Frist, Middle)” (Mason)

BLOCK 6: Reserve obligation term date has a 1997 year but the form was purportedly filled out in 1999 so that should be blank. (martinjumper)

BLOCK 7b: “City and state” should be “City and state, or complete address if known” (Compton)

BLOCK 8a: His DD214 has “FORCOM” followed by “RC.”  The correct wording is “FORSCOM” and “FC” should be after that, not “RC” unless times have changed.  Is he is thinking RC for the 75th RANGER Regiment (Reserve Component)? If so, that’s wrong. (ninja)

BLOCK 8b: “Place where separated” – “SEPARATED” is spelled as “SEPERATED” Same misspelling as in 12b. (martinjumper)


  • Says “ARPERCEN ‘stLouis'” and it should be “ST Louis” (ninja)
  • USAR Control Group and ARPERCEN should be on one line. (ninja)
  • If this DD214 was dated 1999, Block 9 should have read Army Reserve Personnel Command (AR-PERSCOM) as opposed to ARPECEN. (ninja)
  • AR-PERSCOM was officially activated on Oct. 1, 1998, replacing ARPERCEN. (ninja)


  • Claims to be airborne ranger, MOS should be 11B2V if he was a buck sergeant (E5.) 11B – Infantryman 2 – skill level for an E-5 Sergeant V – Ranger Parachutist. If not Ranger qualified but airborne qualified it would be 11B2P. (martinjumper)
  • In Block 11, the DD-214 claims “United Nations Service Medal” but that medal was awarded for the 1950-1953 Korean Conflict. (ninja)

BLOCK 12: “Years(s)” should be “Year(s)” (Compton)

BLOCK 12a-h: Zeros (0) are typed as the capital letter “O.” Notice in 12c where it says “10” for Years(s) (also misspelled with an extra “s”). That “10” is correctly typed with a zero, but the rest of the numbers throughout Block 12 had the captital letter “O.” (Dave Hardin, Compton)

BLOCK 12a-h:

  • In block 12a, he entered service 890612. In block 12b, his EAS was 990511. In block 12c, total active service is 10y/00m/00d. His math is off. Should be 09y/11m/00d. This isn’t a typical mistake personnel would make. (NHSparky)
  • Just did the math in Block 12: 89 06 12 | 99 05 11| is 9 yrs 10 months and 29 days. NOT 10 years (An Old Arty Sgt)

BLOCK 12b: “Seperation” is misspelled on the form vs. data entry. (Daisy Cutter)

BLOCK 12b: “Seperation” is misspelled on the form vs. data entry. (martinjumper, Daisy Cutter)

BLOCK 12f: Out of 10 years, he was OVERSEAS for 7 Years? Well, where are his Overseas Service Ribbons on his DD214? (ninja)


  • That’s not how awards are written on a DD-214. They all run together and fill up the white space. (martinjumper)
  • He is claiming 7 ARCOMs and 14 AAMs in 10 Years – unlikely. (ninja)
  • There’s no such thing as a “sniper badge” or an “airborne badge.” (martinjumper)
  • Section 13 also shows the award of the “Sniper Badge.” No such badge exists. (T1B)
  • The correct term for airborne wings is “Parachutist Badge.”  (martinjumper)
  • The Ranger award is called a “Ranger Tab” not a badge (martinjumper, rgr1480) but I don’t have one so I may be wrong on that. (martinjumper)
  • There’s no such thing as a “Saudi Arabian Liberation Medal”. (martinjumper)
  • Navy Commendation Medal? Although not unheard of, highly unlikely. (ninja)
  • Soldiers Medal? Although not unheard of, highly unlikely. (ninja)
  • Block 13 on his DD-214 says “National Defense Medal.” Should be “National Defense Service Medal.” (ArmyATC)


  • This DD-214 claims that ranger training was fifteen (15) weeks. The longest Ranger school has ever lasted is nine weeks back when they had that desert phase. RIP was only three weeks, so where does he get 15 weeks? (rgr769)
  • Is that supposed to be “Combat Diver” or “Combat Drive?” (ninja)
  • Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course (ANOC)?  I thought he got out as a SGT/E5!! And in 10 Years? (ninja)

BLOCK 15a: In regards to the Post-Vietnam VEAP, the form uses a spelling of “VIETAM” (martinjumper)

BLOCK 15b: The military writes “high school” as two words, not one. (martinjumper)

BLOCK 16: “Leave Paid” should be DAYS ACCRUED LEAVE PAID (Compton)

BLOCK 17: Again the word “Separation” is spelled “Seperation” (martinjumper)

BLOCK 18: “remarks” should be ALL CAPS (Compton)

BLOCK 19a: This time “SEPARATION” is spelled correctly vs. rest of the form. (Daisy Cutter)

BLOCK 20: “DEPT. OF VET AFFAIRS” should be “DIR. OF VET AFFAIRS” and should be “Yes No” (Compton)

BLOCK 22: The name “JOHMSON” is most likely misspelled. Nobody has been found with that name. (ninja)

BLOCK 23: This time “SEPARATION” is spelled correctly vs. rest of the form. (Daisy Cutter)

BLOCK 25: This time “SEPARATION” is spelled correctly vs. rest of the form. (Daisy Cutter)

BLOCK 28: This time “SEPARATION” is spelled correctly vs. rest of the form. (Daisy Cutter)

And finally…

BLOCKS 1-30:  They contain a large collection of nonsensical, grabasstic asshattery.  We do not leave blank spaces at the end of lines by left justifying them because clowns like Foley may use them to insert claims of nonexistent valor.  (DAVE HARDIN)

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  1. Frankie Cee says:

    I was struck with the thought that there must be some link between Leroy Foley and Daniel Bernath, both being posers and all. Then I fell back on my medical knowledge. BAM, it hit me like an ostomy bag thrown across a courtroom.
    Foley is the name of the inventer of the urethral catheter:

  2. ArmyATC says:

    I noticed another problem with Foley’s forgery. He’s obviously claiming DS/DS service with the “Saudi Liberation Medal” *snicker* and “Kuwait Liberation Medal.” Conspicuously absent is the Southwest Asia Service Medal which he would have received before the aforementioned two foreign medals.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yup, d-bag… can’t even get real DD Form 214 for the period and fake the funk accurately.

  4. AZtoVA says:

    Looks like his personal and campaign FB pages are gone…

  5. marinedad61 says:

    Clyde Police Department

    *Press Release*

    On Friday, 02/07/2020, the Clyde Police Department became aware of allegations against one of our officers, Leroy Foley, regarding his military service.

    We immediately began an internal review of these allegations and are continuing that review.

    Foley has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this review.

    We take these allegations extremely seriously, as we have, and will continue to hold our officers to the highest standards possible.

    Chief Robert Dalton


    Clyde Police Dept Press Release

  6. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    And the comments keep-a-comin’, looks like Leroy Foley and his magic DD214 are on the way to becoming as internet famous as Les “Chili Feed” Brown of Elko, NV!!!

  7. TxZoomie says:

    As a citizen of Callahan county, and a fellow vet. I want to say thank you for the work. It is opening a lot of eyes here.

  8. ninja says:


    “Clyde Police Officer Under Investigation For Allegations Regarding ‘Military Service’


  9. Tracy says:

    What about block 10? Shouldn’t it say, SGLI and not SGU?

  10. ninja says:

    Frankie Cee NAILED it when he made this comment:

    “Exactly why I have such a dislike for posers. Especially veterans who embellish. The coward that never served and makes the claim is a mess, but the veteran that embellishes is pure dogshit.”


  11. Frankie Cee says:

    This has to be some sort of record. 186 comments so far, and no sockpuppets. And on a full moon weekend,yet. Ahhmazzing.

  12. Skippy says:

    He’s found his lasting fame

  13. ninja says:

    From the KTXS Link that Skippy provided:


    “On Friday, Foley showed KTXS a copy of his DD-214, discharge papers, and said he stands behind the commendations.”

  14. ninja says:

    Ole Leroy is getting around.

    He also made the news in San Angelo, Texas:


    Forgin Foley reaped what he sowed. He wanted attention and he got it.

    STILL like what KTXS reported:

    “On Friday, Foley showed KTXS a copy of his DD-214, discharge papers, and said he stands behind the commendations.”

  15. marinedad61 says:


    *Update – Press Release*

    Earlier today Leroy Foley resigned his position with the Clyde Police Department. Foley’s resignation was voluntarily made. The Clyde Police Department will continue our internal review of this matter in order to reach a conclusion and determine if any additional actions are warranted. We have consulted with the Callahan County District Attorney’s office to update them on this incident, and may call on additional assistance from outside agencies as needed.

    Chief Robert Dalton


    • ninja says:

      Foley resigned.

      Both of his Facebook pages disappeared.

      Yet he told the TV Station, KTXS this:

      “On Friday, Foley showed KTXS a copy of his DD-214, discharge papers, and said he stands behind the commendations.”

    • Hack Stone says:

      Well, there’s always work at All Points Logistics. Word on the street is that they still have an opening in their Reston VA office. The only qualification is that you are willing to commit career suicide, sorry, meant to write career self-murder, on the Internet to protect Phil Monkress’ reputation.

  16. ninja says:

    Ole Leroy now made FOXZONE West Texas News:


    Looks as if TAH & MP were recognized:

    “Several pages dedicated to stolen military valor state Foley has not been honest about his military service record.”

    Hope he makes FOX NEWS.

  17. NHSparky says:

    Imma just say this about that:

    To any lurkers or trolls who think we’re just piling on or grave dancing, I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I do, however, think my opinion which I’m about to express is far from unique.

    I have no love in hounding anyone or seeing harm (physical, emotional, financial, or other) come to someone who has lied/embellished about their service. But as has been demonstrated countless times, Stolen Valor is the rancid cherry on top of the shit sundae that is the character of the liar.

    And in the case of LEO’s, it becomes particularly egregious. We depend on their integrity in all they do, both in and out of uniform, to keep the public safe. If we cannot trust the honesty and integrity of law enforcement, how can we be assured that the innocent remain free and the guilty remain punished.

    It becomes a cost in terms not only of money, but of safety, that society cannot bear when we cannot trust law enforcement to do the right thing, especially if/when nobody is watching. So that being said, fuck this guy.

  18. PTBH says:

    ********** ATTENTION **********
    Military Phony and This Ain’t Hell / Valor Guardians have received Foley’s OFFICIAL final DD-214. We will be doing a brief huddle on how to get this out. A quick post here or a new post on MP / TAH / VG.
    The NPRC provided the actual DD-214 vs just a Summary Sheet. We are checking for spelling errors such as VIOD, SEPERATE and VIETAM but haven’t found any yet. That should give you a hint.

  19. Frankie Cee says:

    A comment that I left on Chief Deputy Rick Jowers Facebook page:
    Rick Jowers, would you have a comment about your opponent falsifying his Military Service? You would never do something like that, would you? Being a veteran myself, and having friends who from Vietnam to today have given of themselves, even their lives, I abhor anyone who would falsify his military service, seeing that if they’d do that, there is nothing they wouldn’t lie about, including in their work lives. Someone who lied like Leroy Foley did, would also lie in his law enforcement capability, wouldn’t he.

  20. Robert griggs says:

    They always lie about going to ranger school, having a CIB or SF, just go in do your time and come home a better man, that’s all we really need.

  21. ninja says:

    From the Abilene Reporter News:


    “Clyde Police Officer, Callahan County Sheriff Candidate Resigns Following Allegations”

    “A post Thursday on militaryphony.com, a website devoted to investigating “stolen valor” cases, alleges that Foley made false claims about his military record while campaigning for office.”

    “The website shared Foley’s military records obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. The website states that the records do not support his claims that he served with the 75th Army Ranger Regiment for 11 years and received a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.”

  22. ninja says:



    “Callahan County Sheriff Candidate Admits To ‘Misleading’ Public About Military Service, Opponent Under Investigation For Similar Claims”


    “A Callahan County Sheriff’s candidate has admitted to misleading the public about his military service after an investigation was launched on his opponent for making similar fraudulent claims.”

    “Rick Jowers, who currently serves as the Chief Deputy for Callahan County, released a statement on social media Monday that reads in part, “I deeply and wholeheartedly apologize for misleading you about my military service. I do have discrepancies on my DD 214 from 30 years ago and I’m currently working on correcting those.”

    “Jowers goes on to explain that even though he claimed otherwise during public forums for the Sheriff’s race, he is, “not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an Airborne Ranger. “

    “This statement was made soon after the Clyde Police Department confirmed Jowers’ opponent, Leroy Foley, resigned during an investigation into allegations regarding his military service as well. That investigation is still underway.”

    “Foley is accused of fraudulently claiming he had received Silver Star and Purple Heart medals during his time in the military.”

  23. The Stranger says:

    Serious question. If it turns out that Jowers is also a fraud, what realistic option do the voters of this county have? I would hope both of them would drop out, because even if one of these dudes was elected, they’d pretty much have to resign immediately. Victimless crime my ass.

    • Combat Historian says:

      The story I read on the local TV Texas news channel is that both Foley and Jowers are competing against each other in the Republican primary coming up in March. So if they cancel each other out, presumably the democrat sheriff candidate will run unopposed in the general election. Not the optimum result, but it may work out that way…

  24. RGR 4-78 says:

    What a f#$&ing s%!t show.

  25. Comm Center Rat says:

    “This statement was made soon after the Clyde Police Department confirmed Jowers’ opponent, Leroy Foley, resigned during an investigation into allegations regarding his military service as well. That investigation is still underway.”

    ~ Big Country news link cited above by Frankie Cee

  26. Frankie Cee says:

    The Callahan sheriff has posted on the county sheriff facebook page that he only wants supportive comments regarding this mess. As I read it, (1655 Central time), he hasn’t admitted that his chief deputy is also an embellisher.

  27. Steinar O Andersen says:

    Jaysus H Kerist…..

    Double trouble? And what else pi$$es me off besides the stolen valor, both of these pricks served the public as first responders AND they were Republicans?

    Not only giving their respective police departments a bad name, but also the Republican Party in that district.

    As a Veteran and as a Republican, I am simply ashamed of these 2 pieces of excrement. Next thing you know, they are probably deacons at their Church and are bastions of their community (shitting on God as well).

    Holy shit (where’s the tylenol).

  28. greenberet722 says:


    In this video at @ 21:04 Rick Jowers claims to have taken a bullet for his country and was a Staff Sergeant in the Airborne Rangers.

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