Leroy Foley – Silver Star and Purple Heart Claims

| February 7, 2020

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Leroy Grant Foley.  This guy better come up with some documented evidence for the awards that are being associated with him.  I find it nearly impossible to believe that someone would run for public office of any kind without being able to document they have awards like a Silver Star or a Purple Heart.

Foley lives in May, Texas and is 48 years old at the time of this writing – February 2020.

Foley is currently a police detective with the Clyde Police Department in Texas.  He is running for Sheriff for Callahan County, Texas.

Here is his Facebook Foley for Callahan County Sheriff page.

When speaking about the election and what it means for Callahan, some people are under the impression that Foley was an Army Ranger, Army Sniper, and was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart.

It’s entirely possible that they may have gotten this impression from Foley himself, as it seems these claims are part of his campaign posters. Foley has a personal Leroy Foley Facebook page and a Foley for Callahan County Sheriff page. Notice the Silver Star and the Purple Heart medals.

On the following campaign poster, there were more claims such as Army Sniper in addition to the Silver Star and Purple Heart. Notice at the bottom that it says it was “Approved by the elect Leroy Foley for Sheriff Campaign” and “Paid for by Foley for Sheriff Campaign.”

However, this post to Foley’s campaign page is stated in the first person “I” so one can reasonably assume that Foley wrote it.  He states that he served with the “75th Ranger Regiment for 11 years.”

In the following post, Foley claims that he met Carlos Hathcock – the famous US Marine Corps sniper.

After checking books, online archives, lists and databases it was discovered that there is NO record of “Leroy Grant Foley” being a recipient of the Silver Star.  Here are a few notable ones:

So, what does the NPRC have to say about Foley?

Then, the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center results to verify service dates.



At first glance, the military records that the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) provided do not seem to show assignments from 1992 – 2000.

We believe there is a typo on the summary sheet in that it should be May 1990 vs. 1998 to reflect the time on the Delayed Entry Program. The assignment page supports this.

We believe that the dates of 12 June 1990 – 05 July 2000 on the DoD Manpower Data Center results accurately reflect service dates.


There were no claims of a particular rank so nothing significant here.


The reason it does not show assignments from 1992 – 2000 is somewhat of a mystery but his final rank of SGT (E-5) along with medals and awards point to the fact that the NPRC Summary Sheet was based off Foley’s last DD-214. Also, he could have been in the Army Reserve or a state level guard.


There was no Silver Star nor a Purple Heart listed. There were no medals listed that would indicate combat.


Nothing in Foley’s records reflect RANGER, Airborne or Sniper School. He went straight from OSUT to Fort Hood. If memory serves, OSUT was about 14-16 weeks in length back then. 16 weeks equals 4 months so that matches.


Nothing in Foley’s military records indicate that he was an Army sniper.


[ADDITION] Notice in the following video at a Sheriff’s Forum in Cross Plains (at mark 12:47).  Foley answers in the positive that he was an Airborne Ranger.  Foley is on the left and his opponent is on the right.

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLgJjB5BQPs  (12:47)

Foley’s assignments from 1990 – 1992 show no affiliation with the 75th Ranger Regiment. We have doubt that he was with the 75th RANGER Regiment for 11 years. He was trained as Mechanized Infantry. All of his addresses from 1992-2000 show Texas with the only recognizable one for Army being Belton and Killeen, Texas, right outside of Fort Hood.

The 75th Ranger Regiment was not at Fort Hood, TEXAS.

The 75th RANGER Regiment composes of Four Battalions. They are as follows:

  • (1) First Battalion is at Hunter Air Field, GA.
  • (2) Second Battalion is at Fort Lewis, WA.
  • (3) Third Battalion is at Fort Benning, GA. The Regimental Headquarters is also located at Fort Benning, GA.
  • (4) Regimental Special Troops Battalion, Fort Benning, GA.

We were able to trace Foley’s addresses from 1992-2000 in the off chance he was stationed in the Army Reserve but as stated above, most of the addresses were either California and Texas, mostly Texas. Nothing in Washington state or Georgia.

To repeat a point made previously – the only time he was at Fort Benning Georgia was when he went to Infantry OSUT and he was only there for about 4 months.

So the important question to ask Foley is this:

What RANGER Battalion was he with for 11 years?

In order for Foley to have served in the 75th RANGER Regiment for 11 years, he would have had to have been Airborne Qualified and RANGER Qualified.

In looking at his records, he only carries the MOS of 11M10. We do not see a Skill Qualifier of “P” which is Airborne. If he was Airborne, his MOS would have read 11MP10.

If he was with the 75th Ranger Regiment for 11 years as claimed, he would have had to been Ranger Qualified with a “V” Specialty Code.

We don’t see any Ranger School Training or Airborne Training on his Summary Records.

Foley *MAY* have been with the Army Reserve Unit, the 75th Division (Exercise) out of Houston, Texas but if this is true it would be misleading to say he was with 75th Ranger Regiment for 11 years.


We refiled for Foley’s military records asking to confirm assignments from 1992-2000. At this point we suspect he went Reserve but we’ll keep an open mind. Since the records often take 3-6 weeks to come back, even with a refile, so it would have been after the Sheriff’s election in Callahan County on March 3, 2020.

We have no vested interest in how the election turns out, but we did feel it was important that the residents of Callahan County get clarification on Foley’s military records.

Perhaps there is a perfectly good explanation for the discrepancies, but at this point we are confident that we could find no reference for a Silver Star in any of the listed databases or Foley’s military records. That claim is highly in doubt. If he was in the Reserve, what conflict would he have been activated for to be wounded in combat and receive the Silver Star, if in fact they were the same conflict?

So, we feel it is incumbent upon Mr. Foley to produce a DD-214 that proves he has both a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.

The claim of both the Silver Star and the Purple Heart may put Foley in direct conflict with the federal Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

. . . . .


If the claims by Leroy Foley were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may have been in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

It should be easy enough for Foley to prove those awards are his.  Maybe this is all some big misunderstanding,  I bet he has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

This was provided to MP with saying it was posted to a Callahan city webpage on Facebook.


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Steve Balm

As most of you already do, I suspect that the Leroy G. Foley posting in comments is a fake and just trying to stir things up.

Leroy G. Foley – what’s the color of the boathouse at Hereford?


Leroy G. Foley same/same Colt Kelly Lee Vernon Albert Bulot??


Now That’s a turd ^^^^^


He certainly has the same juvenile vocabulary as Colt Bulot the turd burglar.

Leroy G. Foley

Ronin was a shit movie and you’re a shit thinker if you can’t wrap your head around me absolutely demolish you in the comments.

Steve Balm

Leroy G. Foley – if you are authentic, please use your yahoo email account when posting so we know it is you. Thanks.

Leroy G. Foley

No, I don’t even have a yahoo account in use. I use the outlook address because of the filtering by Barracuda. So I don’t have to worry about all you crybabies sending me malware because I pissed in your wheaties.

The Other Whitey

So, did you serve with Randy Voepel?


If you are Leroy G. Foley please tell us which conflict were you in that you were awarded the Silver Star for?

Also, which conflict were you in that you were awarded a Purple Heart for?

These are simple questions that will go a long way to helping clear this all up.

L. Foley

This is like the 5th time I’ve tried this. My medals of valore were earned in desert storm and consisted of 3 separate engagements. I had rock hard boners for each on.

The Other Whitey

One of two possibilities are in play here:

1) You really are Leeroy Foley, in which case you confirm the rumor that you’re a fucking idiot.


2) You’re a troll posing as Foley. Perhaps you’re actually a different valor thief previously outed by TAH. Your posts certainly resemble those of a certain bunny-fucker.

Steve Balm

Even though you claim you don’t use it anymore, please tell me the name of the yahoo email address you had used at one time.

I’ll wait right here.

Green Thumb

Foley, your a loser.

You should be checking butt holes for contraband at the local prison.

You fucking meat gazer.


Leroy I live in Callahan county so my question is why all the misspelled words that are part of the DD214 that can’t be changed by anyone it’s a government form. And second if you have the silver star the citation should be on the home of hero’s but it isn’t so show the damn citation

Amber or Camo Queen

It’s [removed]

Steve Balm

I knew what the email address was, I was not looking for that.

I was looking for him to confirm it so it pointed a little more to it being him.

Slow Joe

Anyone that tries to profit from a Silver Star deserves to FUCKIN DIE!



Hey now, don’t besmirch John Kerry like that.


The PLOT (?) thickens.

1 – Who is Amber Kendrick?
2 – Is Sonya Salisbury onto something?
OR, is Sonya just a loyal whacko friend of Leroy Foley?

[Sonya Salisbury] –> THIS IS A PAID FOR LIE!
Amber Kendrick is behind this false accusation
and will answer for it in a court of law!
(Photo of Leroy Foley FAKE DD-214 uploaded)


Clay More

Brer Foley..

While stationed at Fort Hood with Charlie Co., 3/41st. Infantry, what was you arrested for, and what was the final verdict..? I know, now you confess to everyone else.. … ..Clay


Would love to hear more about this!!

Green Thumb

My best guess is he was staring in the window to the men’s room.


Game, set, and match…
Laid out on the Clyde Police Department Facebook page.

No Facebook necessary to view the comments.



Jowers was reported and his military records have been ordered through a FOIA request. As an investigation is concerned, the election is only background noise and the setting in which these claims have surfaced – that’s it. We have no vested interest in the outcome of this election, only that there is suspicion of military service embellishment. At this point, other than the short time that Jowers had spent on active duty (03 FEB 1988 – 22 AUG 1989) according to the DoD Manpower Data Center results, there is no reason to suspect he is not being truthful about his military service.

It will be difficult to get both 1) the refiled records in for Foley that will hopefully show assignments and 2) the military records for Jowers in time for the election. This has to be a difficult situation for the voters.

However, it is in the best interest of both candidates that they come clean now because eventually, in a short period of time, the truth will be known. If you cross the finish line and get elected what good does it do if something is revealed soon after that does not speak well for you?

Come clean now. Save everyone a lot of work and embarrassment, including yourselves. Being dishonest at this point moving forward only buys you a few more days at best and will make things worse in the long run.

Green Thumb

Sounds like a couple or real losers to me.

One is a assclown and the other could not make it past 18 months in peacetime.

To borrow from Brewster’s Millions…”Vote None of the Above!”

Time to move out of Callahan County…

Concerned Veteran

Jowers stated he was a Staff Sergeant and an Army Airborne Ranger who took a bullet for his country. Seems like a very short stint in the Army to make such claims. Especially with a General Discharge with Honorable Conditions.

Steve Balm

************ PLEASE NOTE ************

The commenter using the name “Leroy G. Foley” and “L. Foley” has been determined to NOT be Leroy Foley.

Although we’ve seen this in the past with other Stolen Valor cases as a joke, in this case, it is malicious.

Be careful about what you say to him/her, under the false assumption thinking it is Foley.

As for the REAL Leroy Foley – two free, unsolicited pieces of legal advice:

1) Get an attorney
2) Stop talking – if you got an attorney he/she would advise you the same thing

Item number 2 above is also why we believe that it is not the actual Leroy Foley.

**************** END ******************


That makes more sense than a current detective and candidate for public office would use such language and sophomoric personal insults.


His FaceBook page has been taken down.


Leroy needs to read the FNG rules for POS’s to this site.


You gotta do better, Axel.


Post those treats cause I live in the county this is happening and I show everyone his true colors


This is so sad
Why lie about your service???
You served when most in our great country won’t
That alone puts you in a class that few cant even come close
Enjoy your forever fame

That’s all


To All:

marinedad61 is doing an OUTSTANDING job on exposing Leroy Grant Foley of Clyde City and May, Texas on VARIOUS Facebook sites.

KUDOS and Thank You to a REAL Desert Storm Veteran. Jonn would be very proud of him.

marinedad61 also was diligent in pursuing Les Brown of Elko, Nevada and Maggie Desanti of Arizona via Facebook.

Please continue to spread the word via Social Network and the Military Phonies page about Leroy Grant Foley. He had dishonored the RANGER Community as well as Veterans who truly received the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

Thank You.

Daisy Cutter

Thank you for your efforts, marinedad61

You are overdue for a favorable result after the Les Brown fiasco. The people of Elko, Nevada rated the Annual Chili Feed above Stolen Valor.

I suspect the folks down in Texas look at things differently.


(Blush) Thank you. 🙂

5th/77th FA

You are da Man, marinedad61…and what you do is muchly appreciated.


Thank you very much for your work and helping expose this.


On the bottom of the DD-214, there’s some text that’s cut off, it looks like it says “State of Texas, County of Williamson, This is to certify that…”

O-o. You don’t suppose Detective Foley actually recorded this document as factual with the county, do you? That’s gonna hurt when the truth comes out. I think they frown upon that sort of thing.


Public information reviews that he had addresses in Round Rock, Texas and Cedar Park, Texas, Cities in Williamson County, Texas, so it will be interesting as to what DD214 he filed in that County.


I can’t do it on my phone
Here is a link


It’s recorded in that county go to there web site a lot of Texas county’s allow you to pull
A free copy off the web I did a property pull there two months ago
It free


An interesting comment from Military Phonies:


“I served with this guy in 98-99. We were in the same platoon in Bosnia. I don’t recall him having a ranger tab or jump wings nor remember him ever saying he was in a Ranger Batt. He was only an E-4 Corporal then. He had just went the E-5 promotion board around the end of 98. I would have thought with that high speed past that just about anyone else would have had a higher rank then E-4 after 9 years.”

Interesting. Ole Leroy may have been with the 1st CAV and deployed to Bosnia in support of Peacekeeping Missions in Bosnia:


He probably thinks he is entitled to a UN Medal, which explains why he annotated “United Nations Service Medal (it was for Korea from 1950-1953) on his Bogus DD214.

No telling what he did in Bosnia with the 1st CAV, if in fact he was with them from 1998-1999 before he ETS out of Fort Hood, Texas.

Only Leroy Grant Foley of May, Texas can share that information.


I seem to remember that in 98-99 ARNG units were doing the Bosnia rotations as well…

could it be that after AD ETS he went to the TX ARNG? Back then, it was the 49th Armored Division (Lone Star).

Met more than a couple of such folks later on when we started mobilizing the ARNG for OIF.


PAARNG 28th Div. sent plenty to Bosnia.
However, that’s not part of the story told in Clyde.
And, it conflicts with the DD-214 of phony phuckery.

Steve Balm

To the individual posting in comments under the pseudonyms “Leroy G. Foley,” “L. Foley” and the attempted “Steve Balm” – I have some thoughts I’d like to share. Based on the fact that you advocate for people’s right to conduct Stolen Valor as evidenced by your willingness to spend a large amount of your own time in this pursuit – do you really think you are helping the cause? Do you think you are helping Leroy Foley with the unprofessional banter you have put out in these comments? If you are willing to concede that you are not helping, what’s the end game if it’s not to help people that you perhaps feel have a right to misrepresent their service? Maybe you haven’t thought about an end game. Maybe the sole purpose is just to be an antagonist because you are feeling disrespected for someone calling out your service. Maybe your friends are dwindling in numbers and if you can get more of these people driven into your open arms to enlist in the battle you will feel strength in numbers. I feel that the last paragraph is spot on for one, several or all of those reasons. This is why people don’t take you seriously. If you had a clear mission, a clear view of your end game and can articulate them you would have a better chance of winning people over to your point of view. But hey, that’s just me. You may feel more comfortable putting even more energy into being antagonistic where you can, so the game continues with no real resolution. So, keep up the snipes and we will ignore them or block you and it goes on and on. Or, you can state your case if you can and perhaps win people over with possible solid points that you can express. They have done studies of people in prison and the number one reason people get into fights and feel disrespected is the lack of their ability to communicate effectively. I sense the same trend with you but I could be wrong. Prove me… Read more »


Reference the link that Skippy provided us:


Gee Whiz!

When going to that link, click on “Official Public Records Search” and after acknowledging, type in his name.

Leroy Grant Foley was in the US Army in 1995, most likely stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

YET, in December 2004, he owed his FIRST Wife $39, 042.84 in Child Support that went into effect 17 October 1995.


Wonder if he kept this a secret from his Chain of Command while he was in the Army?

The Army does not take keen to any Soldier not paying Child Support.

Am surprised the Child Support was not taken directly from his Monthly Pay.

IF he went to Bosnia in the late 1990s, he may have received Tax-Free Military Pay to include Hazardous Duty Pay, so in reality, he had $$$ to pay the Child Support.

Wonder if Wife #2 and Wife #3 knew about this?

A Lien was put on any Property he owned to get that unpaid Child Support.

And this guy wants to be Sheriff?


I live in this county and have met him, heard him speak at both debates he was in. Very arrogant and the more he spoke and carried himself, the more red flags went up in my mind.

He’s running for County Sheriff because he has a bone to pick there. The SO fired him a couple years ago over some shady stuff.

And yes, everything in the released report above about the claims he makes publicly IS true.


OH, OH……………

I never had any care or concern about Leroy Foley’s
opponent for the election for Sheriff… until NOW.

RICK JOWERS has since been reported to this website,
and his name is now flying around Facebook, too.

As a result,
under pressure to provide his own DD-214,
Rick Jowers posted 2 small snippets of his DD-214
on his own Facebook page:

1. The part that says (only) “DD-214”


We all (here) know what THIS means……


Holy Crap it’s a turd festival


Time to crack the Jameson’s at D’s Cantina! Popcorn, STAT! It’s a late night double feature picture show!


I have plenty of popcorn

The Stranger

It’s raining turds!💩


Reminder for everyone…

The video is already posted here (scroll up),
where it is the words of Rick Jowers (not Leroy)
into a microphone at a sheriff’s election town hall.

(Rick Jowers) “He’s military like me.
We were both Airborne Rangers.
Weren’t you Airborne?”

(Leroy Foley) [Nods YES]

(Rick Jowers) “We were BOTH Airborne Rangers in the military.”

So, I’ll ask the not so stupid quiz show question.
How many Airborne Rangers are in the room?
Well, we already know about lyin’ Leroy.
So the answer must be 1,
because it’s possible to be an Airborne Ranger,
but get discharged with a
General Discharge under Honorable Conditions
after 19 months (<2 years) of active duty service.


Anyone with Reserves or National Guard
Airborne OR Ranger history
able to provide some input here?

R. Hare

Find out which Ranger class he was in ,and look it up online. There should be a class photo.


This dude is right up the road from me! Holy shit!

Six years since I discovered TAH and finally there’s a poser local to me. Not just one, two it looks like! Haha.

Oh! And.



Congratulations, Grunt.
You can attend the next sheriff’s election town hall,
BEFORE the election,
and meet them both.
IF you live in the county,
YOU can ask questions, too.

As for posers, we’re at 1 1/2.
And it’s not lookin’ too promising.

So it’s (technically singular) Cocksucker.
For now.

Keepin' It Real

Grunt – Hurry up and put your papers in to run for Sheriff of Callahan County. Looks like you may be able to run uncontested. 😉


I looked- the filing window is closed!

Maybe next time! I’ve got an NDSM *and* a Good Conduct Medal- I should be a shoo-in


An additional point on why ol’ Leeroy didn’t ever attend Jump School is the fact that he was trained as an 11M, that is the MOS for a mechanized infantryman. And that is why his first assignment was as a mech infantryman in a mech infantry battalion at Ft. Hood. The Army did not send mech infantry trained privates to jump school because it would have been a waste of funds. In my AD time I crossed paths with a number of Pvt’s and PFC’s going to jump school; they were assigned to the 82nd after completing Airborne school. Unless ol’ Leeroy was assigned to an airborne unit after his tour at Ft. Hood, there is no way he went to jump school, let alone Ranger School. He is obviously a POSer; his fake DD-214 and claim of 11 years (one year less than his actual AD) in the 75th Inf Regt says all I need to hear.

Mustqng Major

Lying police/deputy sheriffs/agents/marshals and the like piss me off.

A Proud Infidel®™

Will we hear from Leroy Foley, or will we just keep getting obvious sockpuppets? Time will tell.

Terry Sheehan

Wouldn’t it be ironic that when the smoke clears, one candidate felt the need to embellish his military record because the other one had seemingly a better record? They upped the ante and then later realize that they never had to in the first place.

It’s a race to the bottom. See who wins.


Last liar loses.
But, who comes clean first?


I lived in Travis County for 15 years. Don’t do bad things in Williamson County. Don’t think about doing bad things in Williamson County.

Hope WW and Ex-Ph2 are feeling ok today.


Reference Foley and Jowers claiming RANGER status:

If they both are claiming RANGER status, then they both should be able to give their RANGER Class Number if asked.

If they go down the road “Well, I don’t remember it right now”…..

Similar to those claiming Navy SEAL status. A SEAL is able to give their BUDS Class Number.

Some things one does not forget.



Well, this is interesting.

One does not need a FACEBOOK account to see this:


*** Update***

“Deputy Jowers has informed me that he is having surgery on the 27th of February. I have been talking to him to find out when he could come down and speak. I will update as soon as I find out.”

“I would like both candidates to address us all at the same time, but if they are unable to we may have a single candidate night for each one.”

“I have been made aware of doubts of candidates service claims and I encourage both candidates to bring their Dd214 along with any other evidence they wish to provide so that the issue can be laid to rest.”


“I have asked the two candidates running for Callahan County Sheriff if they would like to come speak to us on the 27th of February. I would like to open this up to anyone in the county to come and listen to these gentlemen.”

“Leroy Foley has accepted the invitation. I am still waiting to hear from Rick Jowers. The post does not endorse any political candidate, but we will provide a space for them to talk to the membership and the community.”


American Legion Post 423 Cross Plains, Texas has invited Leroy Foley and Rick Jowers to speak on 27 February 2020.

Foley has accepted. Jowers said he is having surgery on the 27th.

The Post Commander has encouraged both Foley and Jowers to bring their DD214s as well as other evidence on their Military Service.

Wonder if Foley will show up?


I wonder if Foley shows up with the fake DD-214?



5th/77th FA

Jowers is seeing a proctologist to get his head removed from his ass. Leroy may want to see one about getting marinedad61’s boot out of Leroy’s ass.


Size 12.
Oil resistant.
Safety toe.

I’m good. Thanks.

Daisy Cutter


The Stranger

He’d be either one bold MoFo or one dumb MoFo to show up to a Legion hall with that fucked up DD-214.


Showdown at the OK Airborne Ranger Corral,
coming soon.
They can play this page’s town hall video!

Kudos to American Legion Post 23,
for looking out for veterans… and voters.


[…] may recall the recent post that we did on Leroy Foley.  Foley is currently a Clyde Texas police officer and is running for […]

Woody Eldridge

Jowers told a friend, that in 93 he was in Somalia, got shot and killed hundreds of the enemy in a single day. Do his records reflect he was even active duty in 93?

Woody Eldridge

And what about the claims of Jowers planting dope on a girl so he could arrest her. Maybe untrue, but why is it not being investigated?


Clyde PD just put Foley on leaving pending outcome of investigation on Military back ground I’ve also heard the Texas Rangers are looking into both candidates

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s getting better every day, good thing I’m stocked up on beer, Nachos and popcorn!

A Proud Infidel®™

The Texas Rangers don’t fool around, that doesn’t look good for either of them!


James, yes. Here it is.

Clyde Police Department

*Press Release*

On Friday, 02/07/2020, the Clyde Police Department became aware of allegations against one of our officers, Leroy Foley, regarding his military service.

We immediately began an internal review of these allegations and are continuing that review.

Foley has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this review.

We take these allegations extremely seriously, as we have, and will continue to hold our officers to the highest standards possible.

Chief Robert Dalton

Clyde Police Dept Press Release




“Clyde Police Officer Under Investigation For Allegations Regarding ‘Military Service’



” A Clyde police officer is under investigation for allegations involving his ‘military service’.

“Leroy Foley was placed on administrative leave Friday due to the allegations, which say Foley may be stealing valor by fraudulently claiming he received Purple Heart and Silver Star medals during his time in the military.”

“A press release from the Clyde Police Department states that once they learned of the allegations, they, “immediately began an internal review of these allegations and are continuing that review.”

“Foley is also running for Callahan County Sheriff against current sheriff’s deputy Ricky Jowers.”


This has been a great place to live over the last few years but never would have thought this was going on

The Stranger

This isn’t going to end well for Foley. He might want to drop out of this race. But, he’ll probably ride this train until it runs out of track, Silver Streak style! Oh well, I think I’ll pour myself a wee dram of Macallan 12-year old when I get home. Or perhaps a frosty Yuengling Oktoberfest. Decisions, decisions. 🍺🥃😎


*Update – Press Release*

Earlier today Leroy Foley resigned his position with the Clyde Police Department. Foley’s resignation was voluntarily made. The Clyde Police Department will continue our internal review of this matter in order to reach a conclusion and determine if any additional actions are warranted. We have consulted with the Callahan County District Attorney’s office to update them on this incident, and may call on additional assistance from outside agencies as needed.

Chief Robert Dalton


Well he knows it’s not ending well
Update – Press Release*

Earlier today Leroy Foley resigned his position with the Clyde Police Department. Foley’s resignation was voluntarily made. The Clyde Police Department will continue our internal review of this matter in order to reach a conclusion and determine if any additional actions are warranted. We have consulted with the Callahan County District Attorney’s office to update them on this incident, and may call on additional assistance from outside agencies as needed.

Chief Robert Dalton

The Stranger

Well, I stand corrected. He resigned instead of doubling down. Now if he drops out of the sheriff’s race, that would be great. I’ll have either a wee dram or a Yuengling tonight (or perhaps both!)


Flash to Bang = Feb 7 – Feb 10.
And it appears there may soon be another candidate departing the election slate.
I wonder if there is some fine print in Texas election law: “Run for Sheriff, you need not be present to win.”




“Callahan County Sheriff Candidate Admits To ‘Misleading’ Public About Military Service, Opponent Under Investigation For Similar Claims”


“A Callahan County Sheriff’s candidate has admitted to misleading the public about his military service after an investigation was launched on his opponent for making similar fraudulent claims.”

“Rick Jowers, who currently serves as the Chief Deputy for Callahan County, released a statement on social media Monday that reads in part, “I deeply and wholeheartedly apologize for misleading you about my military service. I do have discrepancies on my DD 214 from 30 years ago and I’m currently working on correcting those.”

“Jowers goes on to explain that even though he claimed otherwise during public forums for the Sheriff’s race, he is, “not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an Airborne Ranger. “

“This statement was made soon after the Clyde Police Department confirmed Jowers’ opponent, Leroy Foley, resigned during an investigation into allegations regarding his military service as well. That investigation is still underway.”

“Foley is accused of fraudulently claiming he had received Silver Star and Purple Heart medals during his time in the military.”

Mustang Major

How in the world do you correct a DD 214 so it conforms to your bogus military service claims? Actually you can’t.

Rick Jowers should drop out of the sheriff’s race now while he still has a job.

Are there any retired MP 1SGs living in Callahan County, Texas? Good chance to become elected County Sheriff- In a landslide.

Robert Jackson