Matthew Rumple aka “The Punisher” – Phony Silver Star & Purple Heart Recipient, Phony MSG

| February 5, 2020

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Matthew Eric Rumple, who lives in Pensacola Florida and is 44 years old at the time of this writing.

Rumple, who has the nickname “Punisher,” works for Healing Paws for Warriors.  On their website under Rumple’s biography it claims he is a retired Master Sergeant (MSG – E-8) and “served over 21 years in the United States Air Force and United States Army Combined in the Special Operations Community.”

On Rumple’s LinkedIn profile page, it claims he served in the US Air Force from May 1991 to May 1995 for a total of 5 yrs 1 month.

Although it is now removed from Rumple’s LinkedIn page, it once was posted that he was awarded the Silver Star “with valor” in 2006. Other claims involved medals awarded multiple times.

Navarre Press had an article that claims that Rumple was wounded in combat.


In the following article Rumple writes in to weigh in on the topic of medical marijuana. This is 2018, which is five (5) years after Rumple was discharged. Note that he signs it Sgt. First Class (ret.). The official Army abbreviation for this is SFC which is an E-7.

But on his Healing Paws for Warriors bio page, he claims he is a Master Sergeant (ret) which is abbreviated MSG and is an E-8. If he had retired in 2013 when he left the service, how could he have achieved higher rank?

So what does the NPRC have to say about all of this?

Rumple was in the USAF for a little over one year.  He was in the Army for 13.5 years according to the NRPC Summary Sheet, but according to the DoD Manpower Data Center service dates, it was 14.5 years so we suspect a typo on the NPRC Summary Sheet.  Even still, Rumple was in either 14.5 or 15.5 years and this is different than the 21 years claimed.


His final rank is listed as a SSG (E-6) which is lower and different than his claims of SFC (E-7) and MSG (E-8).

Here is Rumple on deployment. On his Enlisted Record Brief, it lists his Date of Rank (DOR) for SSG as 20090701 (01 July 2009) so it would have been difficult to make E-8 by 2013.


There were no assignments inconsistent with claims.


There are no medals listed that would support Rumple’s claims of having a Silver Star or Purple Heart. If he has TBI, this is a condition that a Purple Heart is not awarded for, so there is some question about the claim of “combat wounded.”



If the claims by Matthew Rumple were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may have been in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.  The Silver Star claims was in direct conflict with Stolen Valor laws.

Yea,  “Silver Star with Valor”.   He took what was a perfectly honorable career and pissed all over it with this kind of nonsense.   I found this extra bit of asshattery: 

Field Sanitation Field Course…he burned shitters w/V   and a lot of supervision.    I am sure that Jonn is wanting me to mention that the IAVA  should be proud.  How many posers have we busted that have been assoicated with that group of shitbirds? 

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Combat Historian

This type of embellishment is the worst. As an NCO with an honorable record, he should have known way better than to pull this kind of lying bullshit…


I’m with you on that CH… I just don’t get the need to go that far.


A Silver Star…with valor.

So as not to be confused with the Silver Star given out for having the motor pool pass inspection on the very first go…


What an ass.

“So I’m just going to take my fine record of serving my country and take a big crap on it! Ahhhhh. That’s better!

And blurring the dog’s face – priceless!


Blurring dog’s faces is a Military Phony in-joke. Not the poor dog’s fault he’s stuck with a valor thief, so why shame him as well? Wouldn’t be fair…


True enough. And funny as hell!

Slow Joe

Hey, he got 39 out of 40 in his weapons qual. He must be…snipper!

Too bad that GT score of 102 would have kept him out of snippering school, otherwise he would have been a shooter like Mark Wahlberg.

My, My, My

Out of curiosity, and not knowing two things: On his book of face 1) is that his jeep, and 2) without PH noted in the FOIA, are those real DV plates from the state, or simply vanity plates?


A DV plate but no PH are not necessarily inconsistent for a few reasons. First of all, not all disabling injuries are a result of enemy action (which would rate the PH) and for that matter, in many states the “disabled” part and the “veteran” part don’t even have to be related to each other.

IOW, you can be a Veteran with a DD-214, and disabled due to a non-military injury or medical condition and still rate “DV” plates because you are “disabled” = “Veteran.”“Disabled + Veteran”.

reply report comment

I’m more interested in why a guy with a decent (but not necessarily stellar) career left active duty when he had less than 6 years to retirement.


Sorry the end of my 2nd paragraph should read “Disabled + Veteran”.


DISREGARD my last paragraph.

According to the FOIA document (yeah, I know they’re often inaccurate) his duty status is “retired” which tells me he got some kind of medical retirement.

That would explain the < 20 years of service.


His ERB shows he was MEB’d.

My, My, My

Much appreciated. I also am scratching my head as well as to why he would do such a thing, having served his country honorably.



3 Army Comms and 5 AAMs aint a career worth shitting on. Apparently the guy did his job to the best of his ability while he was in and it still….wasnt….good enough.

Fucking poser.


3 Army Comms and 5 AAMs in a matter of 13 years, too. Not shabby. . . until he pooped on it all. Then smeared it around with his hands. And sat in it.



And ate it, too

The Stranger

And then pooped it out and ate it again.

Comm Center Rat

E-6 Rumple appears to be pictured at a medal presentation ceremony in Iraq. Note the Viking Warrior with his trusted weapon (nicknamed “Punisher”) slung across his burly chest while his steely gaze is shielded by cool guy ballistic sunglasses. That proves Rumple was ITS (In The Shit)!

Rumple’s final duty title was Movements Supervisor at Fort Lee, VA. And no wonder, because every time he opens his lying mouth the shit starts flowing. I hope no animals are harmed by this valor thief.

Daisy Cutter

I wonder how Rumple*Wilted*Skin Flute earned his Silver Star with Valor?

5th/77th FA

Matthew Eric Rumple, lying, embellishing, piece of sh^t. The dog is to be pitied, and thanks Dave, for saving the poor pup from the shame of being pictured with this tub of lard. Way to flush away what was possibly very honorable service. But, then again, seeing some of the crowd you hang/associate with, it is not surprising that you are an embellishing POS. Somebody got to rock them lies around the meeting room. E-8 is kinda like E-6, isn’t it? After all, they are both even numbers and can be divided in half equally.

The dog prolly caught the PTSofD from just being around this dip sh^t.


Quick Question: His reenlistment code of 9H means that he has been referred to the medical board, correct? It looks like he was subsequently ejected, is that usually due to injuries or poor physical condition? Could he have been medically retired?

It doesn’t excuse the Silver Star, Purple Heart or promotions he gave himself, but I was just curious.

Some Guy

That’s what I’m thinking as well. I wondered how one could retire with only 14.5 years in, but then I remembered medical retirement. For what it’s worth, it’s not necessary to be wounded in combat to qualify for it. Had a buddy who was in combat, but not wounded during, come back with a fucked up back and knees and subsequently be retired.


Over at MP, they floated the possibility of being in some kind of medical hold status while evaluating medical retirement.

Some have claimed their time on wounded warrior as active duty. I don’t know how that works.

Perhps retirement at 21 years sounds better than retirement at 15 years. The latter prompts questions and the former implies a full career of active duty.

What I’m trying to say is he may not be lying so much as embellishing. Some have counted delayed entry and inactive reserve time when they claim how many years they have served.

That said, the discrepancy seems to be with the US Air Force vs. the Army for the 21 year claim so I don’t think we are talking about medical time on the back end of his Army time. He clearly misrepresented his US Air Force service on LinkedIn by stating 5 yrs 1 month vs the one year confirmed both by DoD Manpower/SCRA and NPRC.


I’ll bet the 3 mos as a HVAC engineer is also embelished from he once installed a window ac unit for his mom.
And he charged her for it.

Comm Center Rat

Hopefully, “Punisher” remembered to put fresh batteries in his mom’s AC remote!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Fix your boonie hat Rumple, it looks rumpled. I agree with all of the above comments, so of course knowing myself, I had to add in my above one liner.


Ya know that was the first thing that caught
my eye. Never saw a real boonie worn like that
except some hippie bum.
There was some really cool jungle head cover
going on in the Viet of the Nam days.
This guy looks like worked the mess hall dock
as “outside man”.

Keepin' It Real

Matthew Rumple aka “The Punisher”

Rumor has it that he got that nickname based on his grueling PowerPoint presentations that people had to sit through.

Rumple - The Punisher


Punishes buffets.
Way to flush a honorable career, turd.


“There I was, at the Chinese Happy Garden, and the enemy had just brought out steaming trays of fried rice, egg rolls, Kung-Pao chicken. So I grabbed two plates and went in. It was brutal.

I was asked to join Meal Team Six after that one…”


Meal Team Six, Blubber Platoon, Double Chin Squad.

Back-to-back World Hotdog Eating champs!


Florida — again.

Patriot Guard Riders = motorcycle — again.

Service dogs — again.

IAVA — again.

Mustang Major

What’s up with posers getting involved with the service dog community? Do they feel it gives them cover for their BS?


Well, this is interesting:

“Pensacola Veteran Gifted Mortgage Free Home”

“A Pensacola veteran has been gifted a mortgage free home on behalf of Building Homes for Heroes.”

“Sgt. Mathew Rumple served in the Army for over 20 years and today he was given the home during a ceremony. He says his wife, daughter and grandaughter will all be living in the house.”

“Rumple says having the home takes away a huge burden on his life. He says it can be hard to keep your family together when you’re serving in the military, the new home will help do that.”

“Building Homes for Hereos gives about 30 homes each year to veterans across the country.”

Mustang Major

Holy S**T!

You wish these service organizations would do a better job on due diligence when they decide on who gets a free whatever.

The bank could have cared less, as they were able to raise their CRA (Community Redevelopment Act) score and keep the bank regulators happy for another year, no matter who the economically disadvantaged person was that got the money. Who knows, Rumple could have been late on his mortgage and the bank decided to kill two birds with one stone, get rid of Rumple and raise their CRA score in the process.

I attended one of these service member focused organizations awards dinner in the DC area a few years ago where a guy that was in the Coast Guard for three years, 25 years earlier, got his house rehabbed. No service disconnected disability, just a lazy guy that didn’t want to work the best I could tell. The funny thing was that a couple of miles away was Walter Reed Hospital with plenty of deserving recipients facing a future of uncertainty.

Rumple should make a public apology for his lies, but he is gutless (metamorphically speaking) and will not.

The Stranger

So…this MOFO stole a house?
Beautiful. Fucking Beautiful.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Stealing a whole damned house while there are far many more Veterans who could have legitimately used that, IMHO a special place in hell awaits his arrival!

Mustang Major

I wonder if he is trying to work the system for a free swimming pool for his house?

A Proud Infidel®™️






And this is more interesting:

“Jan 9-15 – Freedom Alliance hosted an American Heroes Retreat for Operation Iraqi Freedom and 13-year Army veteran Matthew Rumple and his family of four at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado. Matthew was given 6 months to live in November due to uranium exposure during his last deployment. Freedom Alliance stepped in to give his family a special retreat away from the worries surrounding his illness.”

The above article was written in 2018 and was I interpret was that as of November 2017, Rumple only had 6 months to live due to uraniam poisoning he encountered during his last deployment where he was awarded the Iraqi Campaign Medal (K2?).

Another Alaska Bob?


“US Service Members Served at an Uzbekistan Base Contaminated With Enriched Uranium — and Now, Many Have Cancer”


Only 6 months left to live in November 2017, and yet somehow he’s still here among us receiving free shit that he doesn’t rate. Amazing.

In addition to only having 6 months left to live, any reports of him being the sole survivor of a highly classified ‘Black Ops’ mission, where his best friend died in his arms?

Mustang Major

If you think about it, saying that you have only six months to live is very clever if you want to milk free stuff from unsuspecting people.

When someone hears you have six months to live, they look at you and think “Poor fucking guy, he looks so healthy and brave in the face of death.” and that causes a certain degree of sympathy that may lead to free stuff. If they see that you are still alive after six months, they might double down on the free stuff, as death is around the corner.

Saying you have more than six months loses its effect for “free stuff immediacy” on an expediential basis. For example, “I have two years to live” will get a blank stare and the response, “Your lunch is still $27.50 before the tip buddy.” Five years to live will leave most people thinking the bastard will outlive them.

Also, six months to live is the perfect excuse if you don’t want to explain why you don’t have a real job and binge watch Netflix.

If a guy is married, and the wife is the bread winner, she gets a certain kind of hero status because she gets up every morning in the face of her husband’s impending death and puts in her time at the job without any complaints. A clever spouse can even get some four-day weekends with the “I had to drive my husband to see Dr. Soandso in Nashville for an appointment on Friday.” When the wife shows up for work on Monday, coworkers will ask how it went, and the honest reply will be, “No one can do anything for him.” With any luck, the office busybody will pass around an envelope for contributions to offset the cost of the trip to Nashville.

As good as the “six months to live” strategy is, the IRS doesn’t fall for it.


Well, this is interesting.

His PULHES on his ERB reflects 113113.

Those of us who serve or have served knows the meaning of PULHES.

For those who do not know:

PULHES is an acronym that stands for the following:

P – Physical capacity/stamina.
U – Upper body.
L – Lower body.
H – Hearing.
E – Eyes.
S – Stability/psychiatric.

So, he received a 3 on Lower Body and a 3 on Stability/Psychiatric (perhaps on his last physical?).

His ERB also reflects that his last PT Test was in 2009, where he almost scored a perfect score of 300.

Am trying to figure out the Lower Body (Back? Legs? due to an injury while on active duty which could explain his last PT test in 2009?).

Also trying to figure out how this ties in with his claim of Uranuim poisoning that he supposely encountered while being in the Sandbox in 2009.

You Be The Judge On His Rating Of 3 For Stability/Psychiatric.


I’m betting knees and BPD…err…PTSof the D

A Proud Infidel®™️

“Silver Star with Valor” MY ASS! When The Bronze Star is awarded for valor it is “Bronze Star with a ‘V’ Device “. “Rumpleforeskin” here fucketh himself greatly!

The Stranger

Fuck it. For stealing a house AND a family vacation. I hereby nominate this here Magnificent Fellow to be the recipient of the Hemisphere of Insults. Who’s with me?

A Proud Infidel®™️

I second the motion.


Bring it.

Cleared hot.


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So without further ado, here is a link to the New York Orchestra performing America the Beautiful, at Carnegie Hall, for your listening pleasure, if you want a musical accompaniment to the The Hemisphere of Insults®™


5th/77th FA


All Hail ChipNASA and the beloved Hemisphere if Insults!

ALL HAIL!!!!!!!

Haywire Angel

Amen Brother!!


I think he does actually have TBI….

Traumatic Belly Injury. Just look at that picture of him and the victimized dog.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He’s built like a Buffet Assault Commando!

Green Thumb

Nice gut, for sure.

I love the Boonie Hat. I never ever wore one in country. Ever. But then again, I was never in a lot of base photos, either.

I love the AAM as an eight-time achievement.

Weak sause.

What a fucking clown.


When I mention being a retired Corpsman, I always say they retired me for being too broken to fix. What’s the point of crapping on what you accomplish? What’s wrong with doing your job well when most people won’t even consider doing it? I don’t get it, people like Rumphole make me shake my head and wonder why. Think I’ll go take the dogs out, guys like ol’ Rumphole really make me prefer dogs to people sometimes…


Trying to figure out what Petroleum Unit out of Hunter Air Field, Georgia Rumple was with while deployed in the Sandbox 2008-2009 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as the location of that Unit.

603rd Aviation Support Battalion?

260th Quartermaster?

Uranium Poisoning?


Def the 260th QM.


See my comments above reference Rumple receiving a Mortgage Free Home coutesty of Building Homes For Heroes, Inc.

Here is their Website. A Veteran had to apply to receive a free home:

“Qualifying Criteria:”

“Were you injured after September 11, 2001?”

“Have you been, or will you be, honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces?”

“Do you, or your spouse, currently own a home or land? If so, you are not eligible for a home gift at this time.”

“General Information:”

“Homes are awarded to veterans who have been injured after September 11, 2001 and are not currently homeowners on an availability basis. Submitting an application does not mean you will receive a home. Please understand there are far more applicants then there are available homes. While we will do everything we can to help as many injured veterans as possible, we will not be able to help everyone who applies.”


Public Information:

If anyone is interested in reviewing the four (4) Legal Documents on Rumple’s Mortgage Free Home in Florida, go to this site:

Go to “Name”. Type in his last name. After finding his name, click on each reference to see the legal documents on his home.

Am still scratching my head about his claim on Uranium Poisoning.

Green Thumb

“Punisher”. I love it. Tough as in like-asshole tough.

I bet this assclown punished some two-holes in his day or maybe better yet, he could (and willingly) took the “Punishment”.

Two-way street and all….

HT3 '83-'87

“Punisher”? No, no, no…you got it wrong. Its “Porcelain Punisher”. There…I fixed for him. You wanna give credit where credit and that dude is full of shit which is why he punishes the porcelain so badly.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

For his efforts at Stolen Valor, and hopefully subsequent arrest, trial and conviction, just call him “Rumple IN the Bailey” (h/t BBC)

And knowing that SV is the Rancid Cherry topping the Shit Sundae, one has to wonder what lurks in Rumple’s background?


Hope this works. I don’t think you need a Facebook account to see this information.

If you click on the link below (Facebook Welcome Home Staff Sergeant Matthew Rumple and Family) you should be able to see Rumple in his new home courtesy of Building Homes For Heroes, Inc:


This absolutely sickens me. Hopefully this will end up being investigated. The site is wide open for comments.

Comm Center Rat

The “Punisher” has a ribbon rack tricked out with ARCOMs and AAMs, but the hero has only one NDSM. The legendary career of “Rumple The Round Patriot” proves how highly coveted yet rarely awarded this service medal truly is. /s


I want to know what lazy, self serving, POS of a Sr NCO allowed this crap weasel to be promoted to SSG without attending his MOS aligned ALC!

He went to WLC in 2001…more than 10 years before he was medical boarded.

10 years! I’m betting he made no effort at all to go to school (which is at Ft Lee) because his NCO cadre made no effort to lead, counsel, mentor, shape, or discipline him.

He cannot be a SFC without graduating ALC.

This guy is the end result of a careless, incompetent, lazy, and useless NCO Corps in his unit.


I’ve been retired 5 years now and this still pisses me the F off!

This guy might not be embarrassing himself in public right now if some Sr NCOs had done their J-O-B !!

Damn, this frustrates me!


2009 – 2012 or so was when the wars n Afghanistan and Iraq were peaking, so wasn’t the Army pretty generous about granting waivers for NCOES requirements?


Extremely so. You could pin SFC with only WLC (formerly known as PLDC).

Comm Center Rat

Yes indeed it was a waiver friendly Army and not just for enlisted Soldiers. I received a officer PME waiver allowing me to be promoted while deployed to Iraq. I did eventually complete the school, but it didn’t happen until after finishing a deployment to Afghanistan.

I absolutely agree with the SGM’s comments regarding the apathetic NCO leadership in Rumple’s unit(s). The “Punisher” was carried to the retirement line and still demands more while a member of the Free Shit Army.


in 2009/10 the Army was downsizing again. The ALC message for SFC came out in 2009.

But let’s leave that aside–no one in my unit went to the SSG board without it. I did not care who was being handed rank otherwise. There is no way anyone can adequately advance from SPC to SGT to SSG without any NCOES.

In addition, most of ALC was actually online, with the resident phase being less than 7 weeks. With him stationed literally on post with the course, he would have been allowed to attend any time he wanted to by simply showing up and taking a no show slot.

I’m betting his “NCOs” allowed him to ride a profile for 4-5 years and allowed him to be ALI (automatic list integration) qualified for promotion because no one could be bothered to counsel him and tell him the truth–he isn’t material to be a SSG (let alone a SFC).

How effing hard is it to pass a course designed around the lowest common denominator student and essentially self paced and student lead?

I’m betting SFC D went to ANCOC before he pinned SFC. I know I did.

We wonder why the military has a problem with sexual assault, theft, assault, suicide, and drugs. Well, here is the reason.

An Army will only be as disciplined as its NCO Corps.


With all those inflated claims he’s clearly suffering from PTSD.

That is, Penis Too Small Disorder


Phony Silver Star?

Hook this guy up for some PUSH UPS… with MAGGIE DeSANTI.

No, Matt, not on TOP of Maggie.

Terry Sheehan

All sarcasm aside, I do find it truly amazing that people find a way to bargain with a run-of-the-mill military service enlistment for a lifetime of free shit – service dogs, houses, medical care, cars, etc.

Many that were truly in the shit are more often than not very humble and quiet about it. Then, you get these clowns that get out front and seemingly represent and speak for all veterans.



It’s worse when local area veterans work the system, get “stuff” as well as disability pay beyond the disability….
…. and then not only expect everyone else around them to accept, condone, or keep quiet about their chest of plunder…..
… Some of them shamelessly parade their booty,
with things like (new) Harleys, extravagant vacations
(including long bike trips, a physical challenge),
and every conceivable money-wasting hobby and indulgence.
That’s a lot of healthy living for some folks who get paid a LOT of money for supposedly not being very healthy.

I remember the NYC Fireman on 100% NYC disability,
who WON the Empire State Building steeplechase stair climbing race.
Veterans should know better. Most do. Some don’t.


Your comment made me reflect a little & I am probably setting myself up for ridicule (especially on a Combat Vet site). I am going to mention my situation – as not all are gaming the system. What I am saying is not to get attaboys or scorn – I am just telling my truth in response to your comment (as I feel a lot of guilt). I’ll explain. I am Norwegian, & I joined the Corps to repay the debt I felt to my adopted country (my Norwegian Uncle was a bubblehead during the 60’s also)… we did this as the Allies freed Norway so as a family – we felt a debt was owed. My Uncle died in 1967 and I have served. I believe our debt has been paid. I served from 1981 to 1988. MOS was 3533 (given my green card status at the time, I wasn’t given much options regarding MOS). I made it to E4 (Motor T was top heavy – the Corps gave away E5’s with many bonus’ in 1984, I couldn’t get to E5 despite Meritorious Cpl. in 1984). I earned my citizenship in 1983 (in San Diego).. I waited 10 yrs to go through this process. My last duty station was base motors at SOI. I got out 6 months early due to medical problems – I do have an Honorable Discharge (I did my time, never served in combat, & just did my job & did it well – I was a 4.8/4.8 Marine). A couple of Meritorious Masts. One Marine of the Month. Nothing special. When I got out, nobody told me that due to my medical problems – that I could or should apply for any benefits. I did make a copy of my medical & dental records since I was being released medically (the day before separation). Those files remained in my file cabinet & do to this day (& helped me reconstruct what I went through when I was in as I couldn’t remember explicit details after 25 yrs). I then worked a regular job &… Read more »


Thank you for your service, your family’s service and all your dedication to being a great husband and father.
I am sorry to read of your losses and all send an extra prayer your way.
Thank you.

The Stranger

You have nothing to be ashamed of. You earned your benefits and used what you were entitled to. The asshole featured here literally stole a HOUSE! Not quite the same thing. Also, service members get injured on the job and in training; if this happens to you, it’s on DOD and the VA to fix you. No different than health insurance or workmen’s comp in the civilian world. The only people any of us have a problem with are those who fraudulently claim these benefits. My condolences on your loss and sincerely wish you the best.


He looks like the only thing he ever punished was a fork or a beer can. What is it with the punisher logo anyways? I see them all over the place here. Mostly on jacked up pickup trucks. I do live in Pensacola so maybe I will get the opportunity to run into this self proclaimed hero.


I am the one who turned him into Military Phonies. He was at an event where myself and a few friends from the Special Operations Community and Ranger Bn were present. Seeing as it looked to be a good cause we naturally started talking to the veterans present. Myself and 2 others approached Matt and my first words were “what unit were you in?” he replies ” The 175th”. This right out of the gate didn’t make sense as people from 1-75 don’t refer to the regiment like this, the common reply is Ranger Bn or 1-75, 2-75 etc. My next question was “what rank and position did you last hold?”, he replies ” SFC and Platoon Leader” At this point I was done with him, he states his job was that of a 2LT PLT LDR and not a PLT SGT as a SFC would be. I sent another friend his way to confirm what was tingling in my spine and he gave me the thumbs up that this guy was full of it. It didn’t take long once we all started to research that his LinkedIn and other things were all embellished with crap.

I will say this, it is truly a shame that someone with a perfectly acceptable career couldn’t just keep it that way. He was an E6 91C, had almost 15 years, plenty of awards and a deployment. Ride that out and move on.

Stolen Valor is out of control quite frankly.


“Stolen Valor is out of control quite frankly.”

And the understatement of the day award goes to CrimsonB


Hmmm, Killer Killam revisited:

Killam – Claimed to be a Sergeant in the 1/75 Regiment. Got 45K worth of home remodeling. Reality, was a General Discharge PV2 who was in the 7th Bn 15th Arty. Had the backing of the 1st SEAC.

Rumple – Claimed to be a MSG (probably because he was once duty MOS slotted for a Zulu 50 slot for about four months) and got a whole house for free.

Is there a 3d SEAC sockpuppet sighting in our future?/s

Green Thumb

General Discharge = Shitbag.


And let us not forget the 1st SEAC lied about being a Vietnam-Era Veteran in order for him to claim a NDSM for the Vietnam Era.

Unfortunately, Senior Ranking Enlisted Members are known to embellish or lie about their Military Service.

Ask rgr769 about a certain Retired CSM who claimed to have a Vietnam POW until he got caught with his lies.


Comment left by a Samuel Greendorfer of Naverre, Florida or Rumple using his name:

“You are so wrong on this. Matt is an American hero. I have personally had his silver star citation in my hand. It was awarded after he got out. He went from blue to green and became a Ranger. Take this shit off your page. You have insulted an American hero that still suffers from his battlefield wounds. Your disgusting”


Samuel Greendorfer of Pensicola, Florida Linkedin page:

Not sure if he left the comment or if someone close to Rumple or Rumple himself used his name.

Also could be a Troll to instigate trouble?


I think Sam believed in him and was completely misled. I think that is shock talking.


I’m thinking Samuel wouldn’t know a $25.99 Bob Neener Silver Star Citation if it slapped him in the face./s

Veritas Omnia Vincit

So was his service cut short for a head injury?

I knew a kid once took a serious head injury and then liked to masturbate all the time afterwards…even in public places.

Maybe that’s why this fellow jerked off on his career as well…

Too bad so many of these guys think so little of themselves they need to tell tall tales instead of the truth. Most of the nation can’t be bothered to serve, those of us who do are already in a small group. Sad that’s not enough for some.



That’s all

Steinar O Andersen

Well, he has certainly scrubbed his Linked-In account.

His Air Force time now shows 1 year, 1 month. His medals now match his DD-214, I believe.

Now there is the thing tho, if you want more information on him, you can actually connect with his Army buddies. Look at the Skills & Endorsements section.

Skills & Endorsements
“Endorsed by 11 of Matthew’s colleagues at US Army”

“Endorsed by 14 of Matthew’s colleagues at US Army”

“Endorsed by 12 of Matthew’s colleagues at US Army”

So literally, all of those colleagues are hot linked when you click on those endorsement lists. Just click on it & message them directly if you are still pursuing him.

I know that the requirement for the house was literally just to be a vet in need (the organization should tighten their requirements, but that’s just me spitballing). But, it’s still burning my shorts that he most likely got the house before another vet in larger need (you know, combat vets missing arms and legs for example) due to his claiming a “Silver Star”/”Purple Heart” & alleged valor (& he was eligible on a frikken “technicality”).

Man this just pi$$es me off.


I contacted Healing Paws for Warriors and spoke with Shelia their co-founder, she was very receptive. They have a great organization but, we’re fooled like a lot of people were. I believe they are currently reviewing everything and have taken down his blurb on their site and replaced it with no rank and nothing mentioning time served or Special Operations. Good on them. This kind of thing does not need to be looked over. Had myself and a few fellow veteran buddies not been at this event he would have continued this path of lies and destruction.



Bravo for getting 1 (more)
Phony Silver Star Phony Purple Heart turd
some necessary and unwanted attention…
that he fully deserves.

(Not that civilians should have had much trouble
looking up and verifying Silver Stars and Purple Hearts.)

Great job. 🙂