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| January 26, 2020

Colt Mk IV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match in .45 ACP, of course. No, you can’t afford it.

Victims thank good Samaritan who helped save their lives by opening fire at the man chasing them

A big “thank you” to a good Samaritan who helped save the lives of four people.

Police say a man chased four people after he yelled at them at Rusty’s Bar Thursday night.

The fight ended with a car crash and that good Samaritan opened fire.

Investigators say 53-year-old Henry Lesinak, Jr. started it all and now faces several charges.

We spoke with two of those people who ran for help: a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law on vacation, only in Cape Coral for one night.

They’re calling the man who saved them a hero.

Ashley and Emily Gallagher say they’re grateful to be alive. All thanks to one Cape Coral man’s quick thinking.

“He’s an amazing person and he saved our lives and he’s a hero, he really is,” Ashley said.

A hero for saving them and two others from Lesniak who, they say, bought their group some drinks at Rusty’s downtown Thursday night.

“I think he was trying to hit on my daughter-in-law and definitely get her to go home with him, or whatever it was. And I think when he realized that wasn’t going to happen, that’s when he said we were taking advantage of him by spending his money,” Ashley said.

“All of a sudden, like, ‘boom,’ he turned violent, angry,” Emily said.
The group tried to leave and get in their car and that’s when, investigators say, Lesniak chased after them.

“That’s when we saw the white pickup truck and honestly, like, he had no choice but to say, like, yes. We kind of just screamed, ‘help,’ begging him to let us into his truck,” Emily said.

Behind the wheel of that white pickup truck? Amir Rossi.

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Good guy with a gun. Read the rest here: WINK News

A PD report: Man shoots back after being ‘randomly shot in drive by’

by Joey Hollingsworth
ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — The Abilene Police Department (APD) is investigating a reported drive-by shooting that happened early Friday morning.

According to an APD incident report, a 36-year-old male told police he was “shot randomly in a drive by.”

The incident happened between 2:30 and 3:30 Friday morning in the 700 block of Plum Street, according to the report.

The victim, who went to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, told police that he shot back in self defense, according to the report.

Police say multiple shell casings were located at the scene of the incident.

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Not so much fun when your random drive by shooting victim shoots back. Read the rest here: Big Country Home Page

DA: Man was justified in shooting, killing robber at strip mall

Bo Koltnow
ALLENTOWN, Pa. – A robbery victim was justified in shooting and killing a 27-year-old Bethlehem man who committed armed robberies at a strip mall Thursday night, the Lehigh County district attorney’s office said.

Darrell Mussa was pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital. The county coroner’s office determined the cause of death to be multiple gunshot wounds, and the manner of death to be homicide. Homicide is defined as the death of one person at the hands of another.

Allentown and Bethlehem officers swarmed a strip mall in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue near the Bethlehem city border around 8:30 p.m. Police closed off the street and parking lot with crime scene tape.

Mussa first robbed Pennsylvania Avenue Cold Beer and Beverages at gun point. Immediately afterward he went into Drake’s Pizza and committed a second armed robbery, the DA’s office said.

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AMF. Read the rest here: WFMZ

Three articles, three armed good guys. I’ll call that a Trifecta all day long.

The merit of our Constitution is not that it promotes democracy, but checks it. —HORATIO SEYMOUR

Think two wolves and a sheep voting on the dinner menu. With mint jelly.

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Hack Stone

As to (see what Hack did there?) the Allentown shooting, Darrell Mussa is survived by his brother Larry and his other brother Darrell, who refused to comment to reporters.


Mussa mussa forgot to take his anti stupid pills, rob a place then try the same thing next door is asking for some ballistic wounding in the worst way.

5th/77th FA

I will agree that these 3 make a nice trifecta. And another nice trifecta would be that there ginger haired Ms Thang body slamming me, jumping my bones, and having her way with me…3 ways from Sunday. To quote them 3 boys from Texas; “She’s got legs…”

AAAANNNNDDD another thing. What a mean thing to do. Showing that drop dead gorgeous Colt’s Rendition of his Saintly Works, baiting us up with the taunt, “…no you can’t afford it.” You KNEW that a certain someone would click bait on and Google Foo just to see how far out they may be. You KNEW that would bring up page after page after page of those beauties. You KNEW the average going price for some of those. You KNEW that that particular model was not so much unaffordable, but it is NOT FOR SALE because that is most probably your very own safe queen, brought out ONLY to tantalize us true believers in the Saintly one (Howitzer be his name)!

And the taunter is YOU! And the hoarder is YOU! And the coveter is…well…most of us. (chant stolen and paraphrased from the flash mob demo against the rapist weinstein)


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Aaaaaaand Florida Man strikes again!

Most normal men (and increasingly, women), in a bar, when they can’t get the object of their advances to come home with them, will simply admit temporary defeat, call it a day, and try again the next night.
But noooooooooo, not this asshole, he has to take it personal.

I wonder if Amir is related to the Rossi firearms family? In any case, the right man, at the right place, at the right time, with the right tool, helped to save the day…….this time.

Not all heros fly and wear capes.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Was it just me? In my too early AM, pre caffeine state, I read the Allentown, PA first line as:
“A robbery victim was justified in shooting and killing a 27-year-old Bernathian man….”

Yeah, I had to re-read that to shake the cobwebs and make sure of what was what.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I checked my files and saw that that the Colt 70 series Gold cup .45 I bought back in 1974 ran me $257.00 and I noticed the AR 15 ran $269.00 back in 1976. A little hard to read the receipts.


Yeah, they were pricey then, too… was about the time I bought my first Combat Commander for $165. The Gold Cup was too expensive on my budget.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

One problem with the 70 Series Gold Cup was that the rear sight had this pin used to hold the sight to the slide and was suseptable to breakage so I used Brownels 1/16 in. roll pins which I replaced after firing a few hundred rounds because they broke sometimes. I’m now trying to remember if the sight stock pin used to fall out or broke after a large amount of firing but I haven’t shot it in a number of years.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66,

Larry should have told Darrel that he Mussant try and hold up people in shopping malls.