Brief News Update on Iran

| January 15, 2020

Now some Iranian people are calling for the Ayatollah Khameini to step down…. like that will ever happen. Yes, arrests have been made. But it’s still all our fault and Trump’s to blame for everything, when all those clowns had to do was shut down the airport and suspend flights, or stop shooting off missiles.

From the article:  The incident raised questions about why Iran did not shut down its international airport or airspace the day it was on alert for U.S. military retaliation.

The shootdown and the lack of transparency around it has reignited anger in Iran at the country’s leadership. Online videos appeared to show security forces firing live ammunition and tear gas to disperse protests in the streets.

Also Tuesday, Iran’s judiciary said that 30 people had been detained in the protests, and that some were released, without elaborating further. An Iranian film director who’d called for protests in Tehran’s Azadi, or Freedom, Square is among those released. – article

The opposition Green Movement is demanding that the Ayatollah step down:

DUBAI (Reuters) – A leader of Iran’s opposition Green Movement, Mehdi Karroubi, called on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the top authority in the Islamic Republic, to step down over the handling of the shooting down of the Ukrainian airliner.

In a statement posted online, Karroubi asked when Khamenei was told about the shooting down of the plane after it took off from Tehran on Wednesday, and why there had been a delay in informing the public about the real reasons for the crash. – article


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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Anybody else think that it seems as if we have some congress critters that are supporting the Iranian gubmint more than some of the citizens of Iran are? Maybe those same congress critters are watching how the mad mullah controls his malcontents…prolly gathering some ideas.

    We can solve all of our problems in that sh^thole part of the world by GTFO. Let them continue to kill one another as they have been doing for centuries. just my repeated humble opinion.

  2. GDContractor says:

    Trump didn’t kill Sulimani, he just gave him a late term abortion. ~ seen on Twitter

  3. JacktheJarhead says:

    Thoughts on the Airliner shoot down. I think Iran let the jet take off figuring once they fired the missiles, we would respond. They had an AA Battery all set to go, they fired off the missiles and they shot down the airliner. They figured we would have planes in the air and they would say that we shot down the airliner like we did in 1988.

    Only we did not scramble any fighters and did not fire back. But their plan went forward. With no US Response they could not cover it up. Sucks to be them!

    • AW1Ed says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into it, Jack. Occam’s Razor says it was a cluster foxtrot from the git-go, by not closing Iranian airspace and trigger happy Jihadists.

      • Slow Joe says:

        I don’t like that dude, Occam, and his razors.

        • rgr1480 says:

          Ya gets a real close shave with them there Occam Razors.

        • Hack Stone says:

          Occam’s razors reek of toxic masculinity. When Hack Stone needs to shave his testicles, it’s Gillette or nothing. Gillette, the best a neutered man can get.

      • GDContractor says:

        As with everything over there, it was simply Allah’s will.

        Yeah, Achmed might have pulled the trigger (shrug) but Allah ensured the (2) missile(s) hit their target.

  4. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    FUCK Iran and those who support its current regime, especially those in the US Congress who do.

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    For each protestor officially detained, it’s a safe bet the Revolutionary Guards disappeared 10-20 more and shot a least three. That place is the islamic “1984.”

    That everybody vying for the dem ticket would try to play nice with these assholes is quite telling.

  6. I don’t watch cable LSMFT and CNN and am wondering if those fake news peeps are now wearing General Salami tee shirts along with pelousy and the aoc crew like those liberal socialist snowflakes used to wear Mao and Che tee shirts when they were in vogue.