Gun Control Heats up in Virginia as Legislative Season Approaches

| January 3, 2020

On the ground, the support for the 2nd Amendment is a bipartisan one. (Ben Garrison)

The politicians that won the election at the state level will be taking office and kicking off legislation. Most of those elected are Democrats. Together, with the Governor, they’re ready to push some of their policies related to gun control.

On the other hand, local governments have essentially set themselves up as “2nd Amendment” sanctuary cities. They simply will not cooperate with state laws that infringe on people’s constitutional rights.

From Fox News:

Virginians turned out to debate the measures at public budget hearings on Thursday, less than a week before the General Assembly’s first legislative session of 2020. Both the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) and Gun Owners of America specifically warned about Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s related budget proposal, which directs $250,000 for the Department of Corrections to incarcerate people as a result of new restrictions.

Another measure included over $4 million and 18 “authorized positions” — part of an apparent team that Second Amendment groups warn could be used to enforce an assault weapons ban. The new General Assembly is expected to vote on two bills in particular — SB 18 and SB 16 — which would ban assault weapons, raise the minimum age of purchase to 21 and require background checks for any firearms transfer.

Mark Herring, the state’s attorney general, has stated that local second amendment resolutions don’t have legal effect. One of the Second Amendment groups countered this argument by arguing that the oath of office that people swore was to the federal and state constitutions. Not to state laws that may be in violation of those constitutions.

Fox News has more here.

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Virginia is going to be a powder keg here in a few days. I’m still trying to figure out if I should just have a cigar and some whiskey or get some popcorn as well.

If more people paid attention to this they would see what Bloomberg, Robert O’Rouke and the ilk have planned for the rest of the country.


Stock up on butter and loose popcorn (not the microwave kind) and get a Whirlypop popper or a suitable pot, add cigars and your favorite beverage to that, and watch the fur fly.


Lard in a dutch oven pops the best corn, IMHO.


Nice even heat. I have ben using a 1 gt Revereware saucepan to make roughly a gallon at a go (gotta be quick on emptying partial loads and shaking kernels down to the bottom to pop) for 40 years. On my 3rd saucepan Butter salt to finish up, less greasy. Order it in 12 bottle cases. We are SERIOUS about our popcorn.


I’ve got a 6 quart Guardian Service pot that does wonders for popcorn. It also does great for pudding

AW1 Rod

Phil Van Cleave (President, VCDL) has been advocating that we who currently live here in Virginia stay and fight this bullshit. While I sympathize with the “This far…..and NO further!” philosophy, I see potential for serious (possibly fatal) confrontations down the road. And, since I WILL NOT COMPLY with any of the unconstitutional edicts of Blackface Ralph and his idiot minions in Richmond, it seems likely that I may one day be involved in such a confrontation. Therefore, I’m taking my cosmetically-incorrect rifles (and other scary firearms) to another state…..along with my taxable income. I won’t live like a serf in the New People’s Republic of Virginia.


This one hits VERY close to home for me…. my City/County voted for the “sanctuary” resolution way down in the SE corner.

I expect compliance with any gun grab (should it pass) to be hovering at ZERO percent… especially while challenges work thru the legal system up to SCOTUS.

As a transplanted Yankee… I had no idea growing up that we (NJ) were so incredibly “infringed” upon. Mindset in the northeast is a lot more complacent then down here.

They can pass anything they want, let’s see em enforce it. Molon Labe.

SSG Kane

“As a transplanted Yankee… I had no idea growing up that we (NJ) were so incredibly “infringed” upon.”

This hits home. I grew up in Utah, Idaho, and Montana, but then spent 12 straight years in California.

It wasn’t until I moved to New Hampshire that I realized just how Cali’s infringements had crept up on me.


It’s the old frog in the slowly-heating pot phenomenon.

How creeping tyranny works…

SSG Kane

Exactly. Its a point I try to make to people but I think until they get a shock to the system (as I did) they don’t get it.

I use the income tax as an example. Adjusting for purchasing power, the stamp act only added about $280 a year in taxes…that was enough to spark the Revolution.

Today we lose that month in a month and don’t bat an eye.

5th/77th FA

Again, what part of “…Shalt not be infringed” don’t these gun grabbers understand? I guess the example of NY, IL, CA, ect gave them some leeway. What’s happening in VA is typical of what we have discussed many times. Outsiders moving in, bringing their bad ideas with them. The 2nd A was designed to prevent exactly what we see happening now. A despotic gubmint enslaving the people.

These politicians would do well to have the Constitutional lessons that we all had this past summer here at the TAH Institute of Higher Learning.


Constitution? Democrats don’t need no stinkin’ “racist” Constitution!


The Donks routinely wipe their big fat asses with it… all in the name of “justice”.

SSG Kane

Again, what part of “…Shalt not be infringed unless its black and scary looking” don’ you understand?

I mean its right there in the Bill of Rights or something. Right after the part about only the National Guard being allowed military-grade weapons, and everyone’s right to free health care and taxpayer-paid abortions, but before you hit the amendments outlawing student debt, the death penalty, and the requirement that racism is limited to white males between the ages of 24 and 104…

I mean don’t you even read?

Just in case it wasn’t obvious /s

SSG Kane

Let me find my inner Lars…

What about my right to be free from fear of you owning a gun? Huh? Isn’t that the most important God given right? the freedom to be free from fear of you!

That is the implied right from teh Bible.


The Eternal Struggle of Citizen versus subject.
May the Almighty guide the naive, protect the righteous and provide peace to my Brothers and Sisters in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The chair is against the wall.


SSG Kane

Everytime I see that scene I’m reminded that we used Radio Free Europe to broadcast nonsensical codes and phrases into Russia just to fuck with them.


The codes they used in that scene were actual D-Day codes for the French Resistance. They can also be heard in The Longest Day.


And as a salute to Virginia I bought the new Sig P320….then lost it immediately in the flood…..damn the bad luck

A Proud Infidel®™

Oh, oh, OH, WAIT a minute, the D-rats are totally A-OK with local jurisdictions passing “Sanctuary” ordinances to shelter illegal aliens BUT when it comes to sheltering those who believe in the Second Amendment it’s “NO way, Jose”, further proof that liberalism is a Mental Illness!!!


Guns don’t vote, API. Only hoomans vote.


There have been times in the course of human history when guns have voted in the most meaningful way, Ex. Sometimes they are the only way to ensure your vote is counted.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

You took the words out of my mouth or the letters to type this from the keyboard about “Selective” Constitution when it fits the demo rats. Amazing how pe lousy can stand in front of our Flag and say everything we do is unconstitutional against this great country WTF. I wonder how the 37% of Democrat NRA members think about this.


Import millions of “migrants” and eliminate local law enforcement (plus get UN intervention to disarm everyone… except loyal leftist thug cronies) and Democrats rule– better in Hell, than serve in Heaven, like the Devil:


Someone suggested elsewhere that this was meant to set up Northam and others like him for failure.

Extremism has invaded the left side of the political coin, which may lose voters who don’t like that kind of thing. Most people don’t give a rat’s tiny little ass who is in charge as long as their silly daily lives aren’t disrupted somehow. What has come out of Trump getting elected is radical extremism and lots of it, and that turns of more moderate people.

Put that and the constant pounding the table about money to “fight climate change”, which is a power grab by global socialists, and voters who see through that fraud, and the gun hysterics, make other choices.

Stop looking at just the surface of this colossal mess that the Democrats have created, and look deeper. They don’t want to lose votes, but that is exactly what is happening and they know it. With the census coming up, they are going to lose even more votes, hence redrawing congressional districts in New York and eliminating a seat occupied by a nitwit who opposed and Amazon distribution center that would have provided 25,000 jobs to people.

There’s a whole lot of stuff going on that radicalization by spoiled brat children in adult bodies is going to ruin for the Democrats and those at the top, like Pelosi and Schumer, know it and don’t want it.

Frankly, I expect to see a lot of turmoil in cities like NYC and Chicago and California over the next few years, and all of it will be over this very issue. Won’t surprise me one bit if some of them start building walls to keep people in…. oh, wait – that’s a different story.