Military Religious Freedom Foundation Versus Jesus Candy

| December 31, 2019

Jesus Candy for sale sitting on base exchange shelf. (Military Religious Freedom Foundation)

Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, received notification that an Air Force base exchange was selling Jesus Candy. He argues that this is an attack on religious freedom.

How is it an attack on religious freedom? Are these candies going to prevent people from attending their own religious services, or observing their religious requirements and celebrations?

A basic concept of “separation of church and state” entails that the church runs church affairs, and the state runs state affairs. The church does not dictate to the state how to conduct civil affairs. The state does not dictate to the church how to conduct spiritual affairs. This was an argument advanced by Christian monks long before the founding fathers.

From Fox News:

Selling Jesus-themed candies on an Air Force base is just one example of religious freedom in the U.S. being “under constant attack,” according to a watchdog group.

Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) founder and president Mikey Weinstein is furiously calling out the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo., for offering such products at its shop.

“Peterson Air Force Base, located deep in the intolerant, fundamentalist Christian enclave of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has consistently been one of the most horrendous military installation abusers of the Constitutional mandate to NOT establish Christianity (or any other faith or even ‘non-faith’) as the de facto armed forces State Religion,” Weinstein told Crooks and Liars.

The base exchange decided to sell this candy. If they are still selling it, there is a good chance that they are making money from it. The free market, and not the church, drove this decision.

Fox News has an article on this event here.

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Mikey is just upset the Exchange doesn’t sell phallic marital aids. He has an itch…
(You’re welcome. Drink it off, champions)


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Mikey and his faux outrage may go piss up a rope.


Mikey is all ass hurt again? Someone donate a couple of cases of this to him and his “foundation”


How does one splint a fractured taint, Senior Chief?


In Mikey’s case, it’s congenital… no cure for his broke taint/asshurt.


Mikey is clearly racist.

That is NOT “Geezus” candy as in the central character of the new testament, but “Heyzoos” candy as in the guy who fixed my roof last summer.


If that candy was at the Huachuca PX, it would most definitely be “haysoos” candy.

Fuck off, Mikey. Shields of Strength sends their love.


So, he is Racist.

Hispanic service peeps should sue.

Wilted Willy

Fuck Him!

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

With a pineapple, 1 ea, extra large, fronds first.

Lurker Curt

Installed with a sledge hammer

5th/77th FA

Unlike Epstein, Mikey needs to go hang himself.


Lars will be here shortly to set everyone straight.


I’ll agree with this statement; “religious freedom in the U.S. being ‘under constant attack'”.

However it’s not under attack from the government like little Mikey thinks. It’s under attack by him and his ilk that want to erase religion from the public sphere entirely.


So I guess I am not as enlightened as I wish I could be.

How does selling religious themed candy in a STORE, equate to the government endorsing that religion?

At my local AAFES, I have seen Islamic, Hindu, Christian and Jewish items for sale. While I’m not a marketing professional, I’d guess that it’s so all service members are able to purchase items personal to them and their beliefs. I have yet to be forced by the government to purchase any of these items. That is why I guess I’m confused on where this case is built.


Sorry Mason, I didn’t mean that as a reply to your post, but as a new post. Tougher to do with fat fingers and a not so smart phone!


No worries. I did do a double take at my post to make sure I hadn’t gotten things backwards. 🙂


Mikey is just craving attention. He’s trying to keep his name in front of people.


I’d rather he keep his body on front of peoples cars.. as in “Go play in traffic Mikey!”

A Proud Infidel®™️

You mean someplace like Interstate 10 in Los Angeles!


Nah, traffic is too slow.

I’d suggest I-15 somewhere between Barstow and Baker.


Since he’s in Colorado, I-25 would work just fine. Plenty of Californians that don’t have a clue how to drive.


C’mon Blaster, you know by now that logic and reason are not allowed in this situation. Mikey’s deeply hurt, you big meanie.


Hopefully he has a nice safe place to go to. As nice as MFFR can buy with all of the money they scam.


Kidding! I don’t give a $h1t if he has a safe place or not!


Last time I read the United State Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it said nothing, nada, zero, zilch zip about freedom “from” religion…


That exchange is less than a mile from my station, and the guys on base are our second due engine. Maybe I’ll get to see the little piss ant Mikey, the roads in that area are pretty dangerous, and we run a lot of wrecks just outside the gates. I’ll be sure to let you all know if I get to say hello.

pookysgirl (WC wife)

That’s assuming you make it out of the “intolerant, fundamentalist Christian enclave of Colorado Springs, Colorado” alive!


Yeah, I don’t know where he gets that crap! Just because Focus on the Family is HQ’d there.. There’s plenty of lowlife gangbangers, hoodrats, and illegals too. Just because it’s not as bad as Denver, Pueblo, or Boulder (all demonrat enclaves, imagine that…) And i do get out alive, after every 48 hr shift, and head back to my bible and gun toting Elbert County..(even C-Springs is a bit too populated / liberal for my tastes…) and if it’s been a particularly stressful shift, I engage in some ballistic therapy when i get home..


Mikey would vapor lock if he wandered into the greeting card section.

I’m good with that.

Hack Stone

Hack was wondering about the Christmas cards, too. Why is he just cocoon this candy? Hack is pretty confident that any Starbucks located on a military installation is selling Christmas themed coffee mugs, probably at a discount this week. Next up, he will set his sights on St. Valentines Day candy that has taken over the shelves of the local PX in the last week.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Hey Whine stein, It’s peeps like you that gives some Jews like myself that we are all stereotypes of you, so why don’t you just keep your mouth shut.


Ditto Jeff, lit all candles last night.


Gee whiz, Jesus is a popular name in Spanish-speaking countries.

Maybe it isn’t Geezuss candy. Maybe it’s Hay-souss candy. Did that occur to that imbecile?

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey Mikey Weinstein, SHIT in your Momma and Daddy’s faces for breeding you!

The Other Whitey

Is anyone compelled to purchase this? No? Then Whinestain can fuck off.




Last time I was in an exchange there were multitudes of products I didn’t want. Some of that stuff was the wrong color, not my size or too short. Other things looked boring, seemed like they would involve doing stuff I didn’t want to do, or we might already own three of whatever it was. And I simply don’t need another TV or more electronic devices. There might have even been some things in there that would offend me were they hanging on my flagpole.

I was allowed to freely leave without buying anything. No sweat. No one suggested that I MUST purchase something. And I didn’t demand that they remove all the items that didn’t interest me.

Hack Stone

Back around 1998 when Hack Stone was on his final tour of Okinawa, he was looking through the clearance bin of compact discs (remember compact discs?) at the Camp Foster Exchange. Occasionally Hack could find something to his liking that would warrant a $3 purchase, but for some unknown reason, they had probably 200 copies, if not more, of a Roger Clinton album, marked down 75%. Some shit is just meant to sit on the shelf.


I wouldn’t give a shit if that candy had Mohammed riding a Buddha on it….just want my sweet diabeetus inducing goodness.


So in honor of the holiday season, instead of a regular stick up his ass, Mikey has a giant candy cane jamnedcin there?
That boy is in more desperate need of a beej than any man in the world