More on the Texas Church Shooting

| December 31, 2019

Gunman kills 2 at White Settlement church before 2 members fatally shoot him

Ex is a bit under the weather, so she asked me to post these up for her. Aye aye, Ma’am.

Here are some links to the post-shooting reactions to the shooting at the church at White Settlement, TX.

In this one, Beto O’Rourke just has to stick his oar in and blame the gun, not the user, ignoring the fact that Texas laws allow people to bring weapons to such places for their own safety.


Republicans support those laws, Democrats condemn them while ignoring the fact that without the protection from the two who took out the shooter, more people might be dead.

Dallas News

If, at some point, we start addressing the real problem, which is the violence and NOT the means of committing violence, please let me know. As evidenced by the knife-wielding, and apparently mentally ill man in the NYC suburb who attacked people at a private party, and prior attack a few weeks ago on the London Bridge by another knife-wielding nutball, violence is the problem, NOT THE MEANS OF DELIVERING IT. How many times do cranks and crackpots have to drive vehicles into crowds and injured kill people, as happened in London earlier this year, before that sinks in? How many truck bombers have to drive into a crowd or park next to a building to wait for it to explode, before someone points out the obvious about the problem?

I could write up an entire essay on this subject, but it would be too long for TAH and anyway, it’s the ignorance from control freaks that pisses me off.

It ain’t the guns. It’s the people who use them and will find a way to hurt/kill as many as they can before they are stopped.

Thanks Ex!

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  1. Fyrfighter says:

    Somehow I doubt that the change in Texas law had anything to do with the criminal that went there to do harm (regardless of the lies you hear from the left), but I’d damn sure bet it had an effect on how many law abiding citizens were armed that day, and therefore the final outcome of the situation..

    • AW1Ed says:

      Clearly making carrying a sawed-off shottie into a place of worship and discharging it at innocent people should be made illegal-ier.

      Or something.


      A good guy with a gun…

      • Anonymous says:

        Watch this story disappear off the news shortly… doesn’t fit the left/libtard “narrative,” you know.

      • rgr769 says:

        Yes, those murder laws are so pase. We need new laws to prohibit slaughtering people at church.

  2. SSG Kane says:

    This is a complicated topic, because people are complicated.

    One of those complications is the desire for a lack of personal responsibility. People, on the whole, would rather make the community responsibility, ie share the responsibility than take personal responsibility for their actions, or ascribe responsibility to the individual actor.

    It’s not the criminal’s fault he’s a criminal, its societies and its certainly not my fault.

    Why yes, I knew he was being bullied, but it wasn’t my place to put a stop to it.

    blah blah blah

    People fail to take action, because they don’t want too. And when bad shit happens they defuse the blame and spread it onto others.

    And then because everyone wants to be “teh good guy”, punishments are done away with. So bad guys are learning they have nothing to fear from the individual and nothing to fear from the system.

    So they are free to be the bad guy they want to be.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      “People fail to take action, because they don’t want too. And when bad shit happens they defuse the blame and spread it onto others.”.. Thankfully, a number of folks inside the church did not take this approach.. though sadly, for far too large a segment of the population, your comments are spot on.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

      “defuse” = diffuse?

      The grammarian in me just wants to be sure.

    • USAFRetired says:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke

      In this case good men took action as they were not handcuffed and they ended the threat.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    Pay no attention to the nondescript small framed older gent. His head is only moving around because of the nervous tic he has. Nothing to see and no way he would be a threat to a dirtbag looking to bring mayhem. (last thought of the dirtbag, “what was that bang and why is it getting dark?”)

    Mr. Kahr only barks when he is “triggered.”

    • AW1Ed says:

      Kahr- arguably the best semiauto DA trigger out of the box. Travel is a bit long but easy to get accustomed to. Not a firearm for beginners.
      Or so I’ve been told.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        K40…Like the old American Express Commercial….Never leave home without it. Better to have and not need…..

      • Kahr’s!! Iv’e mentioned in the past that I bought a Kahr .45 Sub Compact single stack back in Dec of 2008 and the recoil spring was so hard to work that I had to wear cotton rubber stippled gloves to rack it and I should have not bought it BUT the guy who sold it to me says that it’s just a hard spring. Hard spring, None of the twelve semi auto handguns I own don’t have a spring like that so that’s how I ended up with the trade in for the Springfield XDSC .40 striker fired double stack then bought the Springfield XDE SC .9MM in 2017. I had to go into my records to look that up and among other things I came across the up state NY gas station receipt from 1967 where I bought the Winchester 30-30 mod. 94 and paid a whopping $89.00 for it.

        • I forgot to add in fairness in my above comment (Kahr .45) that in 2008, Kahr did have a quality control issue during that time. I also forgot to mention that I shot the gun a week later in their range and the mag kept falling out after I shot it two times and a 3 eights of an inch square piece fell off the end of the slide above the grip so hence the trade in. The owners son looked at me like I dropped the gun but I’m sure he checked the camera after I left.

      • docduracoat says:

        Hero Jack Wilson used a Sig 229-357 to stop the church shooter.

        I’m not knocking Kahr,just clarifying.

  4. Thunderstixx says:

    Welcome to Texas…
    Things to do while you visit.
    #1: Buy a gun.
    #2: Learn to use it
    #3: Find a church and thank God you made it to the
    Great State of Texas !!!

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    This incident also disproves the bullshit you hear from the fascists about how CCW holders engaging a bad guy would just be a “free-for-all” of bullet-riddled bystanders. The Good Guys With Guns didn’t just start blazing away. They moved to get a clear line of fire before taking any shots. They acted responsibly despite the high-stress situation, contrary to every assertion by the anti-freedom crowd.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like the smart-aleck response says:

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      Weird how that never happens, despite all the CCWs.

      Five (or more) responding CCWs.

      Two engage and down the perp, in a total of six seconds, including an approx fifty foot head shot.

      No bystanders hit.

      Those details will be embargoed to the max, and the LEO background of the one CCW played up.

      Because it is not like most folks can hit a four inch circle at fifteen yards with even modest practice. (Granted, the circle isn’t firing a sawed-off shotgun at the practicing pistoleer.)

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        A useful practice drill:

        Staple up a “dessert” paper plate at 15m.

        From your normal carry, draw and fire a round into the plate as fast as you can succeed on the -first- try.

        If 15 is too far, bring it closer until you are 100% sure of hits.

        Work to push out to at least 15m.

        Smooth is better than all-out-fast.

        Note: first, sandbag the gun to see if it will group on the plate.

        The above capability is “head shot at longish self-defense distance”

        Some surprisingly small pocket pistols are capable, but very hard to grab consistently to achieve this. Practice.

        Note: if you insist on carrying a three-meter pistol, plan on charging the bad guy.

        • David says:

          You’ve obviously seen my 1″barrel one-sight .22 mag… I feel I am doing well keeping 5 on a full size silhouette at 15 yards. Damn thing isn’ t a 3 meter gun, it’s a 3 foot gun. But… it’s always there. Or was, before that boating accident.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            I understand completely. The .22 in one’s pocket, -right now-, beats that 1911 .45 one left in the car.

            Try to find something that works as best as can be, for the size and round and carry conditions.

            Practice. Determine what your envelope -is-. Plan how you will thus have to respond. Stay inside that envelope so you do not endanger bystanders.

        • OWB says:

          Yeah, I remember getting some grief back in the day for practicing with the little S&W for qualification. “Why don’t you use something with a longer barrel?” My response was “Because this 1″ barrel is what I carry.” Usually additional disparaging remarks would follow. Funny thing was that I almost always was the first in the group to qualify, often with the smallest grouping on target. Fun times.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            A well made and maintained J-Frame S&W is surprising accurate, loaded properly. Fired off sandbags, or a proper Ransom Rest, you can make some truly amazingly small groups.

            I watched my father use a S&W J-Frame to put five “FBI load” .38 rounds in about ten seconds, from the draw and double-action, in the A zone of an (old-style, round A-zone) IPSC target, from a standing, two-handed hold.


            At one hundred meters. One freaking hundred meters.

            The freaking group was less than the span of my hand. From a freaking pocket carried J-Frame. At 100 meters.

            I still am in awe of that man’s shooting skills. (Miss ya, Pop.)

            • David says:

              Brits used to run competitions at 100 yards with .38 snubbies. Longer sight radius helps the shooter but is not essential.