| December 31, 2019

Ruger LCR

‘I am in utter shock’: Frightening video shows gun pulled during hit-and-run

Quanecia Fraser
Investigators are now looking at a woman’s home security video, which shows a man pointing a gun at the driver in front of him.

“I am in utter shock,” said Lindsay, whose home security camera shows the confrontation.

The video shows a Ford F-150 pulls around the corner of 28th Street, north of Avenue G in Council Bluffs.

A car pulls up behind and that’s when the pickup driver got out. The other driver stepped out with a gun.

Deputies believe the pickup driver is 52-year-old Kenneth Budka. They say he was armed with a hatchet or ax.

Investigators believe it started Christmas Eve night when Budka sideswiped the car in Omaha.

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Read the rest of the article here: KETV

Man shot, arrested on Christmas after attacking former boss with nail-studded baseball bat

Corey Arwood
INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — A local business owner told authorities he shot a former employee in self defense after the man attacked him with a nail-spiked baseball bat, according to Sheriff’s Office records.

Deputies arrested Matthew Thomas Shaler, 38, of the 5600 block of 38th Place, around 8 a.m. Dec. 25 and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and felony armed trespassing.

According to an arrest affidavit, the incident occurred seven days before Shaler’s Christmas arrest.

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Read how it’s not done here: TC Palm

Macon man tries to rob restaurant, gets shot by employee
Bibb deputies say 27-year-old David Vazquez was shot in the leg by a restaurant worker after he tried to rob them Saturday.

MACON, Ga. — A Macon man is in jail after trying to rob a Chinese restaurant at gunpoint Saturday night.

A release from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says around 8 p.m., a masked man in dark clothing entered the China Inn on Vineville Avenue with a gun and demanded money from the employees.

The man fled on foot after a worker pulled out their gun, the release says. The suspect didn’t get away with anything, and no one was injured.

Later that night around 9:40 p.m., the sheriff’s office says they arrested 27-year-old David Vazquez for the robbery attempt.

The sheriff’s office says it was determined that Vazquez entered the store and pointed his gun at the employees. That’s when one worker pulled out their gun and shot at Vazquez.

As he was running away from the shots, Vazquez and the employees exchanged gunfire, and one of them shot him in the right leg.

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Wrong restaurant. Read the rest here: 13 WMAZ

Spending New Year’s Eve in various lock-ups, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, we have a road rage loser, bat-boy who by rights should be on a slab, and a new version of Chinese carry-out. So the old 2019 ends with a Trifecta of sorts, and here’s to looking at a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

“The bearing of arms is the essential medium through which the individual asserts both his social power and his participation in politics as a responsible moral being…”
— J.G.A. Pocock, describing the beliefs of the founders of the U.S.

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“nail-studded baseball bat”

Large slot head wood screws work better and don’t
get stuck in the guys melon. Easy clean up.

That LCR is the most easily concealed weapon I’ve
carried. The .22LR is way underpowered so I
replaced it with the .357 Mag and use .38 SPL+P.
Same small frame. Front jeans pocket carry without
holster is nearly undetectible. Unless of course your
“date” has a certain fixation……

The grip laser sucks. The button is way too short
and needs my secret fix kit which I will gladly ship
for free at the low price of $21.99 CONUS only.
Includes complete instructions in plain English.
Fancy English available at extra cost.


Try one of the various pocket .380s (P3AT, LCP, et al) in a pocket DeSantis holster. Fits in any front pocket and leaves room for a .22Mag NAA revolver in the watch pocket of my jeans. Carrying the extra magazine I have 15 rounds of .380HP and 5 .22 WMR HP on tap. Can wear the whole lot to church on a summer day with no tells (have to switch to an ankle holster for the .22 in dress pants.)

5th/77th FA

Strong is the stupid in these three; I(diot) O(ut)W(alking)A(round), (IOWA); Floruduh Man (need we say more), and more trash in Maconga (a pure shame at what my former home town has become)

Nice little pocket popper, like ‘beans I’d go wid more than the .22 tho.

It is bad when your button is too short and you can’t get a grip on it. Oh…wait…never mind.


Hard to beat Charter Arms .44 bulldog. Try that Chinese take out at the wrong place and could end up on the menu. I always order the General Tso chicken. We have a great Chinese restaurant near here in Bellows Falls Vt.


Have had two Charters – first was a ’70s model and the frame cracked, the one I bought years later worked great for years. Decided 6 rounds of .357 beat 5 rounds of .44 SPL and sold it… never been that sure it was the right decision. As noted above, now I prefer more rounds… if I am so far away that the difference between .44 and .380 is moot, I am far away enough to unass the AO ASAP and it won’t matter. I am a huge believer in distance.


Re Macon: “[Vazquez] didn’t get away with anything, and no one was injured…as he was running away from the shots, Vazquez and the employees exchanged gunfire, and one of them shot him in the right leg.”
No one was injured yet the ‘suspect’ was shot. So…Vazquez is no one?
Works for me!!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

So when the hold up perp asked the cashier at the Chinese restaurant for money did she ask him if it was “TO GO”