Chinese Officials Expelled After Breaching U.S. Military Base

| December 16, 2019

 China ultimately wants to pull ahead of the U.S.  (r/The_Donald)

A couple of Chinese embassy staff drove up to the gate of one of the military bases in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Naturally, not having the proper identification to access the base, security ordered the driver to drive around the guard station onto the opposing street leading away from the base.

This required shortly entering the base before departing it again. Instead of doing what they were instructed to do, they drove further into the base. Security called the command post. The Chinese were eventually stopped by a couple of firetrucks that blocked their transit.

MSN lists other “sinister” Chinese activities, like this incident involving farm seeds:

Chinese citizens have been caught not just wandering on to government installations but also improperly entering university laboratories and even crossing farmland to pilfer specially bred seeds.

In 2016, a Chinese man, Mo Hailong, pleaded guilty to trying to steal corn seeds from American agribusiness firms and give them to a Chinese company. Before he was caught, Mr. Mo successfully stole seeds developed by the American companies and sent them back to China, according to court records. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

The F.B.I. and the National Institutes of Health are trying to root out scientists in the United States who they say are stealing biomedical research for other nations, China in particular. The F.B.I. has also warned research institutions about risks posed by Chinese students and scholars.

Some university officials say the campaign unfairly targets Chinese citizens or ethnic Chinese and smacks of a new Red Scare.

National capital cities are known to be hotbeds of espionage activities. Many embassies contain not just legitimate diplomatic staff, but citizens working for the intelligence agencies of their home countries. But intelligence activities are not just restricted to embassy staff.

The MSN article lists other activities that the Chinese engaged in here in the US.

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Combat Historian

American diplomats trying to pull this stunt on a PLA SPECWAR base would have been instantly shot dead with a couple of zillion rounds. We have been much too lenient on the commie PRCs as they continuously probe and attack every seam within our national security and tech infrastructure…

5th/77th FA

Spot on CH. Have we lost all Common Sense with this semi political correctness of “loving our enemies.” Do not these elected/appointed/employed officials realize that the Russians, Chinese, and Muslims are NOT our friends? Two of them want world domination and the latter wants to just utterly destroy us. One needs to merely look to the actions of Den DiFi and her driver to see how deeply the enemies of our Republic have infiltrated all aspects of our society. The Chinese are very patient people. They have been waiting a long time to take over this country. They know they can’t do it the old fashion way with an invasion (yet). They would rather that we destroy ourselves with their help. In the destruction of the teaching of history for the kids, the domestic enemies have forgotten that educating Chinese students in our colleges has been used to steal our technologies for decades.

MI Ranger

Interesting quote, wish the folks in charge of California would see it!
Yeah its amazing that we can’t profile Chinese for conducting espionage…because China send folks over to conduct espionage! We don’t profile just Chinese students, but the only other student we have problems with are Israeli (and they are usually just sleeping with the scientists). Everyone else does it too, but on a smaller scale.


Good thing they had “fire trucks” to stop the intruders.WTF

Hack Stone

Finally, an honest to Buddha Chinese Fire Drill.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman



Needed a laugh, thanks! That’s pretty damned funny!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is disappointed that it took four hours and change to get a response from this crowd. If you fail to recognize and praise Hack’s skills as to (see what Hack did there?) providing the comic relief for this website, Hack will have to go back to his previous career of selling software for a proud but humble woman owned business formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.

Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

Sorry that I can’t be on this site 60/60/24/7. I come on here occasionally as I can between working (sshhhhh…..). If that means there’s a few hours in between giggles, snorts, guffaws, and comments, then sorry ’bout that, kemo sabe.

Hack Stone

You need to get a job that doesn’t have a lot of distractions. May Hack recommend that you apply for a sales position with a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda? You can sit at that desk all day, and no customer will bother you with making a purchase of some outdated Red Hat Software.

Comm Center Rat

I heard an unconfirmed report the drivers were attempting to deliver Sichuan Pork and Kung Pao Chicken to the base commander.

A Proud Infidel®™

It might have been an order of Sum Dum Dog or Sum Slo Cat!


Ah, the Chicoms, everything we most paranoidly feared about the KGB stealing our sh*t in real life.


Greatest thieves on the freakin’ planet. I worked around Chinese for almost 30 years… on an individual basis they are warm wonderful folks, and in manufacturing not terribly innovative – but they are thieves and developers of existing ideas par excellence.


Not surprised here
And this is definitely not there first rodeo
Pulling this stunt
During Red Flag or Blue Flag at Nellis AFB
On north Las Vegas Blvd and Hollywood
By the NASCAR track it’s a who’s who
Of chicoms doing photography of fighter aircraft
And anything else the other area is APEX at I-15
And Vegas Blvd about 10 years ago
In Indian Springs they would set up at a casino
Gas stop next to the base with cameras
But the Air Force finally bought all of that private property and threw a fence up



“The 1980s, they’re now calling to ask for their foreign policy back,” Obama said.


Not a real chore getting on base- here at Pax River there’s a lot of shoreline, or simply hop the fence. The problem is, now what? The secure areas here are just that, marked with Use Of Deadly Force Authorized signage, and guarded by some very humorless Marines. At least the ones you can see appear humorless.

Slick Goodlin

The stateside U.S. military installation “Deadly Force Authorized” signs are always commented on and look ominous, but when has any intruder ever been shot dead?
With doubt there is no deterrence.


Some geezers from the anti-US anti-nuke group The Ploughshares, a few years ago were able to get on Bangor Naval Sub Base and make their way down to the lower base “sensitive area” before being stopped by a young Marine LCpl whom detained but did not shoot them even though deadly force is most assuredly authorized.


Several years before that, a True Believer lay with his legs across the tracks in Concord, thinking the train would halt.

Nope. “Stumpy” learned a very hard lesson that day- his only claim to fame.

San Franscisco CBS


Ed, I would love to see exactly what this ‘Vietnam Veteran young officer’ actually did in country as opposed to what he said he did. Him: “I saw in one week somewhere between 700 and 900 dead Vietnamese. And they were all either mothers, young women and lots of children and a few elderly people.”

Yeah, color me jaded, but.. That sounds exactly like what some hippy without a clue would say to justify his mission against ‘the man’. Ain’t buying it.

Cameron Kingsley

Comment from Robert Schildgen: “The responses to this article published here are idiotic. Do you fools have any idea about the cruelty of Reagan’s policies in Nicaragua? If you don’t, you should keep your mouths shut. Willson is a hero of the resistance to cruel U.S. foreign policy blunders.” Yeah Willson is a real hero for stupidly putting himself in danger. I agree with bim, I wonder how truthful Willson is being about his Vietnam service.

A Proud Infidel®™

Oh well, tough shit for that hippie.


Now Ed…Marine security guards have in fact been known to smile. It begins as they take the sight picture and broadens as they pull the trigger. In fact, a solid hit has been known to actually bring a broad, toothy grin.



I meet all sorts of interesting people at my gun club. Aside from military and local Po-Po, there’s security for several sensitive places nearby. One being Calvert Cliffs Nuke Power Plant, another the LNG pier. Got to fire several of the toys they have and they are all big suppressor fans.
Suppressors make me smile, hush puppy.

A Proud Infidel®™

And they’re just the ones who got caught!


Solid article and as usual, good comments from the TAH team.

I worked at two major universities where I taught radiation safety to principally graduate students. There were always Chinese students in the classes. The language barrier was a bit of a problem, but what I discovered was a bigger cultural problem that made it difficult to determine whether or not they were assimilating the info I was trying to impart. Chinese students do not question their teacher. I had to tell them that I would be insulted if they did not ask questions. I’ve always suspected that this cultural difference is why the Chinese are not as innovative as Americans. If you do not ask questions and/or challenge the status quo it will stifle your innovation.

A Proud Infidel®™

I had two Chinese roommates during my time in college, one was Taiwanese, the other from mainland China. the Taiwanese Roommate I had was hell bent for leather on getting his Degree and making his first million as fast as he could while the mainland Chinese roommate flat out refused to believe anything that wasn’t in the propaganda fed him by his Government. While my Taiwanese roommate was always ready to work like hell for whatever honest money he could make, the mainlander would always only settle for the bare minimum.

Bill R.

I thought most bases had barriers to be activated if someone attempts to breach the gate. I also know of at least three incidents where the perpetrator was shot dead. Two at Selfridge ANGB and one at Luke AFB.

Hack Stone

Don’t forget the trannies who tried to run the gate in a stolen car at the NSA gate on Fort Meade a few years back.


We had a couple try to run the gate here at Robins AFB a couple months back. The impact on the pop up barriers served as an impediment and the end result was a couple vehicle occupants assumed room temperature without benefit of shots fired.


I’ve seen them activated once in person
The bag running from the PO PO didn’t make it the other time was the Wilmont gate at DAVIS Mothballs AFB it killed two illegals
Being chased by the police
Oddly enough it is right next to the Tucson sector DHS/BLM HQ
And yes the Mexican government and all the crazy Ibtards tried to sue and they were thrown out the lawsuits that is


Sadly, this was a preventable incident. Proper security procedures were not followed, as in the case of the USS Mahan incident March 2014. As an Anti-Terrorism Officer and program assessor, this drives me crazy why we can’t stop screwing this up.

Burma Bob

The city I worked in in China was HQ to one of the regional commands. The HQ was pretty much right in the middle of the city. From 2000 to the present the area has gradually become pretty much off-limits to foreigners. Except for the gates themselves, the area is covered by forests of cameras, and now facial recognition is a very well developed art in China. If a foreigner manages to stumble into a secure area, it had to involve a perfect storm of stupidity on the part of the PLA. The PLA is also the largest property owner in the city, rents or owns thousands of businesses. Fact is, we should ALWAYS apply reciprocal restrictions to foreign diplomats, but we never do because the State’s Diplomatic Security Service the the FBI simply do not have enough people to cover. I always thought DOD manpower should be brought in. Here in Burma, US diplomats cannot leave town without special permission, except for a narrow 250-mile corridor between here and the capitol. Things aren’t as bad as they used to be, but American diplomat’s access to the country and the people are hampered.