For Today . . .

| December 25, 2019

. . . a bit of appropriate music – though none of what follows would be considered traditional.

The first is an IMO excellent cover of a rather famous popular tune from some decades ago. The second and third are far more recent, and were written by the performing artists. Enjoy.

While Christmas was indeed the inspiration for first two songs, the third has a decidedly different genesis. Still, it seems to fit – and I suspect will resonate rather strongly with those who’ve served, and particularly with those who’ve deployed.





A bit Pollyanna-ish and naïve? Perhaps. Maybe it’s indeed the case that only the dead have seen the end of war, and we’ll never have peace on earth. Maybe today truly is “as good as it gets”.

However, we can still hope. And today such hopes seem particularly apropos.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the day with friends and family.

Still: maybe take the time to say a prayer today to whatever Deity you may worship echoing the sentiment in the last tune. We certainly could use it.

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M*E*R*R*Y C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S everyone!

May each of you have a wonderful day.

(Thanks, Hondo. Peace is a great goal to have in mind even when realistically we are unlikely to ever fully attain it in this world. Still, personal peace can be had.)

Green Thumb

Happy Holidays, TAH!

My best to each and all.

5th/77th FA

Thanks for the Memories Hondo…Did get a mite dusty in here, guess I better change them central unit filters…again! A goodly number of us have been on that far flung deployment “keeping watch over our flocks by night”, and yes it does seem that only the dead have seen an end to war.

To those that have their entire family still together, give each and everyone of them a hug, from all of us.