Paul Redmon – Fake Recon Marine

| December 24, 2019

The folks at MilitaryPhony send us their work on Paul Edward Redmon Jr who also goes by the nickname “Red.”  Redmon claims to be a US Marine RECON and 81 mm Mortar guy.

So, the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) was asked about all of this…

So, Redmon’s official military records do not show that held or trained for the MOS of a RECON Marine, but it does show that he completed a MCI course for 81 mm mortars, but did not hold the MOS.

It follows that he did not earn the jump wings displayed on his ball cap.

Redmon did hold the MOS of 8531 for Weapons/Marksmanship Instructor and that is supported by his records.

Swift, Silent and Deadly?   I’m going to go with – NOT.

Oh, and let’s not forget the customary bathroom selfie.  Get some!

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Is this dude already dead? Sure looks that way


He looks like he could be brothers with that drum thumping “Vietnam times” dude.


I can see it. Although, it looks like this guy has a full set of teeth or can at least afford dentures!


When you’ve served
Why embellish ????
Your already a hero
Because the other 98 percent
Can’t or won’t
Enjoy your fame

Morgan Blake

He could’ve been a MCI Scout Sniper to go along with the MCI 81mm Mortarman. Pfft.

5th/77th FA

“Swift, Silent, and Deadly?” Nah, I’ll take Sleazy, Sucky, Dipsh^t for $1000 Alex. Lying, Embellishing POS Paul Redmon looks like he might have done some recon behind the Flying J, “looking for a few good men!” And he prolly got mortared working as an Apprentice Towel Fluffer at Brucie’s Bath House (Entrance in the Rear).

He is rocking the men’s room meat gazers stance, so there is that. Let’s see how quick your Google fame causes your embellished book of the fake page to go….POOF!


…he prolly got mortared working as an Apprentice Towel Fluffer….

More likely that he got mortared by walking under a scaffold during construction of a brick wall, and one of the bricklayers dropped mortar on him.


Being a Marksmanship Instructor is one of THE MOST important jobs for an Infantryman.
Way to take a hot-n-steamy all over that honor, you greasy turd.

Green Thumb

What a clown.

Dude looks all felonious and shit in that selfie.

Probably sending it out to “Granny’s Who Want to Fuck!” website.

And by the looks of him, I would keep him away from any local schools.

But I will say, the dog tags are a nice touch…


“And by the looks of him, I would keep him away from any local schools” and barnyards.
Does Uncle Pawlie here belong to a Windowless Van aficionado group?


OK I’ve said some shit on here but Merry *CHOKE* Fucking Christmas Green Thumb you fuckhead!!
I’ve done tea, Mountain Dew, Ice water, but now, NOW, I just spit a half chewed Butterfinger mini bar all over my desk and keyboard….


thanks for the gift, you motherfucker, and I mean that in the nicest way.

“Probably sending it out to “Granny’s Who Want to Fuck!” website.”

I mean GT, come on man, it’s the holidays and all. Well, at least I didn’t this my boxers…..

So I got that going for me, which is nice….


“this” = “shit”… Jebus, I can’t type for shit.
I can’t brain today either. There are two of us out of like 100 people that work on this floor in my building. My Co-worker and myself in the room in cubicles like 10 feet away from each other.
Your tax dollars.
(Actually I’m getting *some* work done. )


Merry Christmas, ya phony bastard! Enjoy your newfound fame throughout the new year.


Flip phone bathroom selfie with the shower stool in the background. Nothing says “badass” more than that.

Keepin' It Real

As well as the compulsory, obligatory Side Chest / Forearm bodybuilding pose.


There are at least 2 places on his Facebook page
to share (our) sentiments… just scroll down a bit.

I see a Nametests (game scam) post..
and a 1978 High School post.

Merry Christmas, genius.


Not even USMC gold jump wings with sniper tab, rookie.


Or a GCM… why’s that?


Spotted some entries on his chronological record that might explain why no Good Cookie.

The periods of 791222 to 800101 and 800508 to 800510 both have the reason for entry redacted. That reeks of being UA/AWOL during those times, which would be a good enough reason for not being awarded the GCM.

But, Hell, he’s gonna be 60 years old next year, and the latest trend for over 60 posers is to develop Namnesia and claim they were “In The Shit” at age 17./s


Namnesia. I’m using that next time my bride is critical when I can’t recall something. I can always make up some story about a head injury when I was “in the shit.”


I’d try that, but she joined before me in ’76 (barely) and knows I was Cold War in Europe the whole time.


Well, he does have a letter of appreciation.
That should open a few back doors.


Marine equivalent of a COA for an ETS award.


Dude’s gay and fugly…

Wilted Willy

Way to take a nice dump all over your service record, dumbass!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my friends at TAH!

The Stranger

Toe tapping phony motherfucker…

Daisy Cutter

The NDSM Community can breathe a collective sigh of relief on this one – “RED” appears to have been passed by on this most coveted, prestigious award.


Yep, he missed the service windows for the coveted fire watch medal…

Comm Center Rat

The Corps doesn’t just give away the highly coveted NDSM – especially during peacetime.

I’m polishing my BSS this afternoon before remounting it to my NDSM ribbon. Yes indeed, the NDSM – its where brotherhood begins.


But he has the highly coveted Letter of Appreciation entry on his DD 214. The big question is was it for staying or leaving.


Marine Recon my ass.

More like a Marine “We-Con”.

Hey “red”, why don’t you flip that shower stool upside down so that you and three of you bath house buddies can have a seat……..dumb ass!


The term be “douche” as he already had perfectly good service but jacked it up anyway.

Morgan Blake

Nothing says “badass” like a USMC RECON “Swift, Silent and Deadly” ballcap propped up with some Tupperware.


So, could one our esteemed Squidly/Leatherneck colleagues explain to this Army guy, why he has Army/Air Force Jump Wings on his lid, vs Navy/Marine wings?


The Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia has its own requirements. So a Marine attends the basic jump school like the Army/Air Force, gets the basic badge. They then have to complete five additional jumps before they get the gold wings. I could be wrong, but I think they have to be in a jump billet when doing so.


Yes, ya need to be in a billet to go gold regardless of how many jumps you have. Also there is a progression regarding the jumps…, i.e. day/night/tactical/hollywood, but I’ve seen that progression altered to suit the fancy of whoever happens to be in charge at the time, like adding a water jump to the progression, so YMMV.

Was a dust up in Lejeune when a female Marine got her golden leg spreaders and wasn’t actually in a billet. Some on education from a few bona fide airborne Marines resulted in them ripping the wings off her chest. As far as I recall after it all came to light there were no repercussions on the wing rippers and there was an investigation over what may have been an inappropriate relationship between the woman and her superior officer…quid pro quo.




The Stranger

By the way, what’s with using the “Tombstone” picture on his Fake Book page? Honorable, if uneventful, service, it would appear. It seems he missed out on Beirut and Grenada, but then so did a lot of the Corps. Can’t really understand this. Even the lack of a “Good Cookie” isn’t that big of a knock. Seriously, what the fuck?



Terry Sheehan

It’s Christmas but fakery does not take a day off.


As an 81mm mortar maggot myself, I’m particularly offended by that mullet mount head of his.

His head would be perfect for swabbing a hot tube right after an 8 round FFE.


As a Recon Doc, I’m offended that he claims Recon. What a turd.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all at TAH.

Combat Historian

Use the douche as a human aiming stake; if he moves, pound his head into the dirt with a mallet until he stops moving…


We would resort to pounding them in with our Kevlars, but either would work as intended on this douche bag. Lol.

Mustang Major

Paul Redmon is an entry level poser. I guess he didn’t know when to keep a lid on his BS and someone ratted him out. Might have been one of his kids that had their fill of his BS.

He should have had his poser coming out party on Halloween as opposed to Christmas as he looks like the walking dead.

Paul Redmond- I know you are reading this. Here is some good advice for you: Get a fucking haircut and pull your earrings off. Stop taking pictures in the gym until you get some real muscles. People think you are a clown, help yourself out and try not to look like one. Enough said.


Check out that pic of him on his Fakebook page in the blue shorts and wife-beater. I swear he looks like a trannie of some sort. Pathetic effort as a POSer; no mutt, no Harley, no doo-rag, and no Viet of the Nam POW claims. He does have a leather jacket, but it is totally lacking in fake bling.


HEY, I was also an 0311 in 1/5, though not during the same time. Unfortunately I was not moto enough to be Pretendaissance – pretend reconnaissance.


Looks like that creepy guy who runs an ice cream truck and “recons” for children….


A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK YOU Paul Edward Redmon Jr, you’re not even worthy of a fresh piece of Chihuahua shit in your stocking, let alone a piece of coal!


The Stranger

Goddammit, Proud! I have a whole Bethgon Coal Porter ready to dump on this shitbag and here you are telling me he isn’t worthy. Well, time to send it back to Kentucky.
*Pushes on railroad car*
Little help?

5th/77th FA

I’ll dangle a frosty cold Yuengling on a stick/string in front of the coal car Pappy, give you some motivational help.

I still say that POS Seagull is a masochist and just shows up here to get his punishment.

Imma gonna have a cold one or six in Honor of my TAH Brothers and Sisters. Been working on the food fixin’ for the Christmas Dinner.

The Stranger

Well, thanks KOB. Getting ready to hoist a Yuengling Oktoberfest here in a minute. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever your celebrations entail at this time of year to my brethren (and sistren) here at TAH!


Bourbon on ice, 2/3 of the family here, over 50 degrees abd watching the stars on a clear NE Texas night. Any presents tomorrow are gilding the lily.


A Recon Marine wouldn’t display those silver wings of shame. 🙂

Grabastic quimcheezy fukktard


Who knew there’s a bayonet lug on an an 81mm?


I sometimes wear my 3rd FSSG Supply REMF hat from Okinawa circa 1981 when I’m out and about. My bling on the hat consists of the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal. I’m waiting for someone to stop me and ask so I can tell my swashbuckling tales of kicking boxes, driving forklifts and counting canteens, but no one ever asks me 🙁 Oh well, that’s what I did and I am proud of it. Redmon, you are a piece of maggoty garbage. The only recon you were involved with is recon patrols for man meat at truck stop restrooms.


Don’t forget your extensive combat tours on BC Street.
(Karena 84-86)

Carlton G Long

I will give him credit for decent enough arms, but the skullet and the fakery, as well as the aforementioned shower stool, land him firmly in the jabroni column.

PRCS (Ret.)

I dunno…that gray mullet screams tactical to me.