Don’t Forget to Set Your Clocks Back Tonight

| November 2, 2019

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The clocks go back an hour on November 3, 2019, at 2 am. This is an extra hour of sleep for those that sleep in. That is if their bodies are able to sleep an extra hour.

I tend to stick to Daylight Saving Time, as I do distance runs early in the morning when it is still dark outside. I keep the coverage of darkness during the run, and traffic starts much later… Making the other days seem like Sunday morning.

Additionally, it’s usually at the earlier time that objects that are not supposed to be up in the sky tend to become visible. Or, “choose” to become visible.

In some of the earlier threads, there was talk about UFO sightings. I shared my experience on one of those threads. Usually, if I see a “star” where there is normally not a star, and aviation is not active, there’s a good chance that what I am looking at is UFO.

Remaining on Daylight Saving Time provides an advantage when everybody else returns the following March. The body is already adjusted to the new time.

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Hack Stone

If you don’t adjust your clock overnight, you may end up going to church tomorrow one hour early. This is known as Mass Confusion.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Mass Confusion???/Groan

Hack Stone

Every fall, Daniel Bernath would set the fuel gauge on his plane back one gallon.

5th/77th FA

Yeah, and his altimeter is still set at minus 6 feet AGL.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

It ain’t the fall that kills Ya, it’s that sudden stop.


Laughing myself dizzy….


Hah!!! Ouch.

5th/77th FA

Done forgot what it was like to sleep more than a coupla hours at a time. Besides, the extry hour of sleep is negated by having to stay up till 2 am or getting up at 2 am to turn the clock back. 😀

My little corner of the world, by longitude, shouda been in Central time. Way back yonder, the powers that were decided the whole state would be on EST. Makes our dark thirty show up even earlier than you would think. As many of you know, the folks around Columbus/Ft. Benning/Phenix City AL, gets confused all the time, about the time. Was taking my baby girl back to her Mama one fall, she had set her clock FORWARD the night before. Raised immortal hell for me being late, till the young’un asked her if she had properly set her clock. That pissed her off even more. After she left I laughed and laughed.

Never saw what I thought was a UFO early of a morning thebesig, but I did see the bad moon a’rising. Usually she was still asleep when I left out.


Was taking my baby girl back to her Mama one fall, she had set her clock FORWARD the night before.

I guess she “remembered” the old adge about setting clocks after the time change: spring back, fall forward.


5th/77th FA

Rogo Hondo, must have. Baby girl & I still laff about that and it’s been over 30 years ago. Her exact words were, “You’re late asshole and I’m really pissed.” So anytime someone uses the phrase “You’re late”, she and I will just bust out laughing. Then we have to explain why. Good times.

After that episode her Mother refused to meet me halfway between our different homes on Sunday afternoon, requiring me to make a 240 mile round trip for the next 12 some odd years.


Impeach Daylight Savings Time.


(Please see my comments on Halloween Open Thread and OWB comments on WOT).


Old Indian said: Only damn white man stupid enough to think you tear a strip off one end of blanket, then sew it on to other end of blanket, you get longer blanket.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

What time is it by the Jive Five, 1962 on Beltone/Relic




That didn’t work.

This might

5th/77th FA

How about this one?

5th/77th FA

Or maybe this one here?


“Daylight Savings Time” is the monstrosity you get when you cross timekeeping with the US Congress.

Huey Jock

Stay with STANDARD time all year. If you want to grab that extra hour of daylight get the boss to set the start time an hour early. It would only affect those who want it. Leave those of us who want continuity alone. I like STAYING 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time.

Now to reset my 8 tickers.

Hack Stone

Can you imagine how many more balls Phil Monkress of All Points Logistics could “juggle” with that extra hour this weekend?

Club Manager

Setting the clocks back – no problem. Explaining to the cat why he has to wait an additional hour to be let out – big problem.

Tip for next year for those with German pendulum clocks. Stop the clock the evening prior about the time you figure you will rise in the morning. Then its just a matter of restarting the clock at the time on it’s face rather than have to cycle it to reach the correct time. It only took me until last night to figure that one out – about 44 years.


Have three old clocks which have to be wound, one dating to the 1890s- I usually wind them Sundays. Today I am just letting them run down and I’ll adjust them tomorrow or so. Figure I have several months to do it in…


Move to Maine. Time stands still here in Winter.
Then goes back to normal in the Spring.