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| October 22, 2019

GDContractor, re: His new gun: 1941 Colt, COL. Robert Sears–Ordnance inspector (only 27,000 bear his initials). This pistol was one of 1500 shipped to Springfield Armory on 29May, 1941. Unrefinished. Not Arsenal rebuilt. Sweetheart grips, handmade. There’s a good chance this pistol killed Nazis.

Here’s a starter story:


Next: Sheriff switches parties after election.


Randy Seal will once again serve as sheriff in Washington Parish after winning Saturday’s election.

After his victory, he no longer wants to be considered a Democrat.

After years in politics in Washington Parish as a Democrat, Seal, and his wife Sheila, walked into the parish registrar of voters office Monday and changed parties. Both are now Republicans.

Seal said he waited until after his Election Day win to change his affiliation, and is now the Republican sheriff of Washington Parish.

“I don’t like what’s going on in Washington,” Seal said. “Don’t care about abortion and Democrats support that. They are against the Second Amendment and I support the Second Amendment, and I am for closed borders. I think we ought to have rules. If we don’t have rules, we have chaos.” – article

Virginia Beach has an issue under discussion ahead of upcoming elections.


Virginia Beach was the scene of a mass shooting on May 31, when a longtime city employee stalked through a municipal building armed with two .45-caliber pistols, killing 12 people and wounding four others before he was killed in a gunbattle with police.

That crime has amplified the debate over gun laws as the campaigns head into the final weeks before the Nov. 5 election.

The race in the 8th Senate District in Virginia Beach pits two U.S. Navy veterans against each other. Democrat Missy Cotter Smasal, a 41-year-old political newcomer, is challenging the incumbent Republican, 54-year-old Bill DeSteph. – article.

I have to add this: the hoplophobes always, always, always miss that simple fact that no one is forcing them to buy, own, touch or look at a gun or any other kind of weapon. It’s a choice, but like the rest of the liberal pack, they don’t want the responsibility that goes with choosing to own or not own a gun. I don’t fear for their safety. I fear for my own, and it’s because of them.

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What a beauty of a Colt!


Thank you sir. One of the last of the blues. I figured we could level up in gun pRon. 🤗


Might I ask where you purchased it and for how much?
Asking for a friend…..


Snatched it off of gunbroker dot com. The slide s/n predates the frame s/n by 70, but I still thought it was worth it. Got it for $1500.

If you like vintage 1911s and 1911A1s, join this group. Some amazing collective knowledge going on there.


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

A friend of mine has his Grandads Colt 1911 .45 still in the original box and brand new. Also in the box, a Colt .32 Auto. I don’t think there were any serial numbers on the .45. I should give him a ring. During Hurricane Sandy, there was a light coat of rust on the .45 since he got 7 feet of water in his house. I told him to use 4 or five zero steel wool with gun oil and gently wipe it off. Came out like it never had rust on it.


Thanks GDC. I likes me ALL 1911s. But I don’t do the FB or other social media. I’ll have to go snooping on the intertoobs.

5th/77th FA

Bloomberg = dickhead! It ain’t about controlling gunz, it is about controlling the population.

I have issues with the sheriff changing parties like that. We had a congress critter that rode oblowme’s coattails in as a demonrat in a predominately demonrat, gerrymandered majority black district. After the swearing in he switched parties to become a RINO. He won his re-election several times, padded his retirement fund and decided to “spend more time with his family” in ’16. Bitch got away with it cause, well…people are stupid sheep.

Know nothing at all about either VA pol. Ms Thang is a cutie but just seeing who has endorsed her has put a serious taint all around. Tried to look at both sites in order to make an informed opinion on their stances and couldn’t get beyond all that and the pop ups. Not to be sexist but may the best “man” win.

The gun pr0n!!!!!!! Honey Hush!!!!! fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap! Need we say more?

5th/77th FA

Don’t you toy with us. Next thing is you’ll be whispering sausage gravy biscuits in our ears.


Gun pictures would be fine.
Especially with pretty women using them.
5th/77thFA had it right.The controllers are only doing it to disarm the citizens.
None of the stated reasons are the truth.
We do not need to use logic, reason or statistics in our arguments.
Just no compromise on any issue.
Not one inch!


Note that in Virginia, just one anti-gun group has spent as much as the NRA and Bloomberg is spending almost 80 times as much ($23 million vs $300K from the NRA. Who is buying influence?

Kurt G Rominger

The gun probably never killed any Nazis since 90 percent of German soldiers weren’t Nazis.


OK. Fair enough. I’ll correct it. “There’s a good chance this pistol killed human beings wearing uniforms issued by the German Nazi Government.”

Feelz better?