Try to imagine if you will…

| October 22, 2019

Guest post by Poetrooper….

Try to imagine if you will…

That you are the son of a prominent politician who will ultimately rise to the second highest executive office in the land, and your very first job out of law school, when ol’ Dad’s a mere United States Senator, is with a major bank holding company that just happens to be a major contributor to your father’s political campaigns. Wonder of wonders, within two years of being a new hire, you are the executive vice president of said company. But you don’t tell Daddy about that astonishing advancement because you and Dad, operating out of a keen sense of political and familial decorum, simply don’t ever discuss your phenomenal career successes as it just wouldn’t be proper, nope.

Then you become a Washington lobbyist and you and your father maintain your defiantly defined degrees of separation and propriety with an agreement in which ol’ Pops won’t ask you about your lobbying clients and you won’t tell him about them. One has to wonder how those seeking influence and advantage in Washington by paying your lobbying firm all those big bucks feel about how all that high-minded family rectitude serves their purposes. As for your newly acquired hedge fund, Daddy already knows about all those investors, but you’re not about to ever discuss them with him as that just wouldn’t be proper—nope just wouldn’t be, not in the least.

At age 43, when many naval officers are approaching retirement, you are selected to be directly commissioned as a very junior officer in the Naval Reserve, an astounding accomplishment requiring double waivers for your being two tokes-over-the-line—your advanced age, as well as previous drug and alcohol usage—both waivers no doubt obtained entirely by your own ingenuity and persistence, inasmuch as you and dear ol’ Dad still are maintaining this wall of professional and familial separation, meaning he would never, ever have used his position to pressure the Pentagon to offer an unheard of commission to an unqualified candidate. Nah, that’s simply too silly to consider—since you never talk about your professional life how could Daddy possibly know how badly you want to be a naval officer, a known safe haven for addicts where alcoholism, general drug use and affinities for crack, gentlemen’s clubs and prostitutes are sure to go undetected.

Of course it’s a good move for the service: the Naval Reserve poobahs could be expected to eagerly issue such waivers considering all the benefits you can bring to their service in the decades before you retire in your sixties to collect that nice monthly pension. Ahh, but then your nautical ambitions go overboard but a single month later when you piss hot on a drug scan and even dear ol’ Daddy can’t fade that degree of Pentagon heat, not that he’d try, of course. He just never, ever would do something so lacking in integrity like that. Just wouldn’t be proper, nope.

But your fickle fortune cookie favors you, and on a fortuitous flight to China with Pops on Air Taxpayer, you sit on opposite sides and ends of the cabin and you speak not a word of business to each other for fourteen hours so as to maintain your principled propriety. While in China, you discuss nothing but family matters and Dad introduces you to no one. Nor on the return flight, do you address matters of commerce due to similar seating arrangements as before. Can you just imagine your old man’s surprise when he finally learns from the financial news that the Chinese have awarded your hedge fund an investment deal worth more than $1.6 billion? You can just picture Pop’s pride in his boy, except, of course, he can’t discuss it with you because it just wouldn’t be proper, unh-uh.

Then, a year later, through your unique personal qualifications, you manage to land a sweet seat on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company to the tune of $50k to $100k per month, in spite of being behind the curve on the country and knowing nada about natural gas except for Daddy’s dazed emissions. Here you just got the boot for taking a toot, and now, but a mere year later, you are collecting some serious coin. A proud son must be chomping at the bit to show Poppa what a self-made success you are, but nope, just wouldn’t be proper, now would it? So you stifle your pride and don’t tell the old man a thing about this latest extraordinary turn in your fortunes, because of that conscientious clan claim to indisputable integrity—which makes you wonder how Dad manages to find out about your position in time to call those clowns in Kiev and convince them to call off their corruption investigation, saving your job and your fairly-earned compensation.

Try to imagine how your dear ol’ daddy ever knows to do that when he doesn’t even know you’re on the board that’s being investigated? It sure wasn’t you who told him about it because we all know that just wouldn’t be proper, now would it?

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5th/77th FA

And ‘lest we forget, this fine upstanding young man set aside his feeling for own family to take the time to comfort the soon to be widow of his dying brother. A true family affair.

Drain the mudder truckin’ swamp!


I’m sure he considered knocking the dust off his dead bro’s WidowBox a tax deductible act of charity.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Good effects on target, Poetrooper.

Careful, you might make the KoB think he’s being dethroned!

The Other Whitey

So where’s the free bridge if we buy all this Biden innocence, Poe?

A Proud Infidel®™

BUTbutbut Trump and Russia no, Ukriane,… uuuhhhmmm,… No, the Kurds, uuhhhhmmm,…

Rich White Trash Privilege as I see it, the same thing that magically landed Chelsea Clinton a cushy six digit salary right out of college as well as magically catapulted Meghan McCain in the talk show circuit. Come to think of it, Al Gore Junior grew up as the Son of a powerful US Senator and had the lap of luxury handed to him as well and Al Gore III valiantly risked his life to prove that a Toyota Prius can do 100+ MPH while he was running away from the Police with drugs in his car!

A Proud Infidel®™

Uuhhhhhm nope, and Insider Trading is how many career politicians like Pelosi become filthy rich while in Office!


It’s only illegal for us.

A Proud Infidel®™️

True, Martha Stewart went to jail for the same thing that politicians do day in and out, they’re exempt from insider trading laws!


Must not be Corruption if Joe or other Democrats do it or something…


The carload of crap doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test on a day when my sinuses are plugged solid from my allergies. Yet they peddle it like it’s somehow believable – maybe to someone just off the teleporter from the planet Zatar, but you have to be a special kind of stupid to fall for it (we all know a certain commenter from left field who meets those criteria); Joe Biteme – take your drug addled halfwit son and just go away…


Pay no attention to the Hair Club for Men doofus behind the curtain…


And the college admissions scandals…
I *get* a certain amount of nepotism but the scale of rot at the edges is detrimental to Our Union.
A life of public service should be just that, service, not a kleptocratic club of self-interested control freaks.
{dulling pitchfork tines}


“Sheriff” Joe is just a poor ($$$) version of Joe Kennedy…


Chief, I think you meant to say a Stupider version of Joe Kennedy.


…with hair plugs.

Slowest Joe

But, but, it is Joe Biden!
The poor guy have fought honorably for the future of our country in Washington DC, the most treacherous of all battlefields.

He deserves to wet his beak from time to time…

It is unfair that only the Kennedys, Clintons and Obamas get to become rich while in office. The Bidens deserve a chance too!


Man, this seems like pure seagull bait! Has that jackass been banned again, or is he just too busy going balls deep for Bernie to show up with his empirical evidence as to why we’re so wrong about Biden, and Orange Man Bad??


Thanks but no Ex… lol I just figured with this nd the Syria post, you were trying t conjure the goblin

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

DOUBLE STANDARDS as usual by the DemoRats.


So…did anyone else read this and hear Rod Serling?

MI Ranger

Exactly my opinion. I was waiting for him to describe the golf outing with these two deaf mutes, who they had just met, that suddenly pulled off their masks and became Ukrainian Brisma Board Members…totally unbeknownst to the Bidens!


That meme looks like Lars bait.

He should be here soon to post right after he gets all his psycho cut and paste dribble organized.

A Proud Infidel®™

I don’t even think he’ll show up, the only time he does is when he screeches trying to hijack another thread seeking any attention he can get. My bet is that he’s just as big of a PITA in person as he is here, always demanding to be the center of attention.

Perry Gaskill

One of the things that seemed fairly obvious during the Obama administration was that the news media avoided criticism of the administration’s faults so as not to appear racist. So a lot of things such as nepotism were glossed over, including when it involved flagrant corruption. Some of those chickens are just now coming home to roost.

In a general sense, the sins of the father shouldn’t be automatically inherited as the sins of the son, or vice versa. Also, in the case of the Biden’s, what might have appeared to others as clear corruption was to the Biden’s likely considered to be their natural due. Call it the spoils of politics.

Something else to consider is that a big hazard of nepotism isn’t just the money, or assumed entitlement. It’s that nepotism creates insular groups which are not always the best at making decisions. Like a lot of decisions made by committee, you get results that can be agreed upon instead of results that are a better solution.

It’s also evident that the same kind of thing happens with large companies such as Google. The case of engineer James Damore is one example of how the Google hive mind tolerates only those with the correct political view. Which, in a larger sense, has nothing to do with writing computer code. Ultimately, this is how companies– and systems of government– can fail. People like Damore being the canaries in the coal mine.


I’m unaware if this has hit the national news, but it stinks … stinks to high heaven. A plan by a Biden family hedge fund to make rural hospitals profit centers. What could go wrong. Jim Biden, passionately concerned about PTSD treatments in Rural America. Yeah, right.

5th/77th FA

Haven’t seen anything about this til now GDC. I am shocked, shocked I tell you that a Biden family member would use the name of their politically connected brother to line their pockets. Jim and his wife have both stated publicly that their only reason for these investments is to further the treatment of substance abusers and sufferers of the PTSD. /s/

Another example of the Lame Street Media protecting the swamp critters. Torches?? Pitchforks??


Exactly 5/77.

“Jim and his wife have both stated publicly that their only reason for these investments is to further the treatment of substance abusers and sufferers of the PTSD.”

And yet they’re suing because the biz wasn’t as profitable as implied (which lounds like a lack of due diligence issue). Come on, pick one! Do you want to heal vets or do you want a return on your $750 mil hedge fund loan?

And the press thinks we’re too stupid to see the obvious conflict and hypocrisy.

My guess is that this matter will be “settled” with the appropriate stacks of NDAs… And in the future, Snopes will say “there’s nothing to see here”.


Next thing about Biden’s son will likely be a paternity test after all this money he made came to light. Oh wait….

Hack Stone

Did Bill Clinton get to tap that Arkansas keg before round Biden?


Buddy of mine got DQ’d from serving in the Navy after college because of minor eczema on both elbows.

Biden’s dildo of a son gets in at age 43 on a waiver despite his age and drug use. The guy had no skills that made his service really badly needed but he gets in anyway and pops on a drug test within a year.

Good people get turned away over nonsense and he steps in and shits all over it immediately. Incredible.


I think at the time the Navy was critically short of Public Affairs officers making a world-wide search necessary.

When they couldn’t find anyone, they chose Hunter Biden, and in record time gave him a “routine” waiver for his age and his previous cocaine conviction.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a matching coke spoon by his nose.


You know how Biden criticized Trump for using “lynching” to describe the current “impeachment” Kangaroo Kerfluffel?

Yeah, there is that little problem of Biden referring to the Bill Clinton impeachment for perjury as “partisan lynching”.



I am shocked, shocked I tell you that a Biden family member would use the name of their politically connected brother to line their pockets. Jim and his wife have both stated publicly that their only reason for these investments is to further the treatment of substance abusers and sufferers of the PTSD. /s/