Marines Expand Training

| October 18, 2019

The Marines are expanding the size of their battlefield prep training, based on the assumption that at some point, they may face either Russia or China.

From the article: The 2nd Marine Division is heading west to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California, to conduct the unit’s largest exercise in recent history, the Corps announced.

Roughly 10,000 U.S. Marines, sailors and British Royal Marines will take part in the Marine Air-Ground Task Force Warfighting Exercise, known as MWX 1-20, during the first week of November, a Thursday press release from the 2nd Marine Division said. – article.

Full story is here:

If they’re at 29 Palms in the desert, then will they be getting woodlands and jungle training as well?  Practice runs for future events are always a good idea. Let’s just hope that it never happens.

Note to curmudgeons: the dog in the photo is not a Marine, but would like to know where to sign up.

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5th/77th FA

BZ Devil Dogs and Royals. Have “fun.” Unscripted can be more realistic and give that better opportunity to “improvise, adapt, and overcome.” Let us pray that this level of engagement doesn’t happen. Better to have the training and not need it, than to need the training and not have it.

Re the picture above. Not the FIRST time a dawg took out a gator. Maybe the dawg won’t choke like it did on that chicken last weekend.

Cameron Kingsley

I sure hope so too 5th/77th FA. I want to say that I don’t think it will but you never really can tell. It’s really the sheer size of the Chinese military especially the army really unnerves me (maybe I am over reacting). I remember when the Wikipedia page (take it with a grain of salt) for it had the number of active duty troops at 975,000 and now it’s up to 1,340,000 and that’s just the active duty component. I don’t know how good their leadership, training, logistics, or fighting skills are but they are decently equipped for the most part (don’t know how good their equipment is either but it certainly is not like the stuff that North Korea has and almost all of it of it is domestically produced). And I don’t think they will fold quite as quickly as Iraq did in Desert Storm either. You guys here have far more knowledge about this kind of stuff than I do. I am currently living in Japan and if it does happen, then I really hope it doesn’t happen while I’m over here.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

That pooch must have had a RUFF time after the Gator fight. Well, see you later Alligator.


AHHHH Camp Wilson in the 80’s. No PX, No place to buy food and chill. No Barber (they came in a truck once a week). Just sand and GP tents. The bathrooms were good. We did our laundry in laundry bags with a washer set up on a trailer. The kids now adays bitch about Wilson. Damn millenials.

Just An Old Dog

Wilson got much better over the decades.
When I first got there it was exactly as you described. GP tents, Communal heads. Not even sure if there were showers. PX trailer came out twice a week.
Chow hall was a grab and go where you git it and ate standing up in a tent with a wooden table.
Over the years they put in A Frames and built a PX and Club. Last time I went there was in 97.
Most of my Time there was with 11th Marines out of Pendelton.
We would Convoy up and drive right past Wilson to the Field. We’d spend two-Three weeks there, then drive right past it on the way back. Once in a while they would let a few Marines do a PX run, but most the time nothing.