The Continuing Story of Turkey

| October 18, 2019

Turkey agrees to a cease-fire, but says the Kurds must vacate the border area.

Full article is here:

Anyone want to take any bets on how long before Turkey ramps it up again?

Yeah, me neither. They want to re-establish the Ottoman Empire, which they lost under the Sykes-Picot agreement. Remember that one? They never recouped their acquired turf after that.  I have no issues with this, other than my cynical view that it will last about as long as it takes Pence to board his plane and return to Foggy Bottom.

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5th/77th FA

Whether we are in that area or not those people have been and will be killing one another for centuries. If we nuked the entire place from space, the last two standing would be trying to kill one another with rocks as the mushroom cloud drifted away. Pull everything and everybody we have there out and blow hell out of what can’t be moved. Leave nothing of value. I have some sympathies for the innocent people caught up in between land and power grabbers. However, going by the history in the area, they will align themselves with the allies of the day and it will all continue.

Odd that all of a sudden Mitt the mutt Romney is against us pulling out now. Too bad that SOB’s Daddy didn’t pull out sooner.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

“Odd that all of a sudden Mitt the mutt Romney is against us pulling out now. Too bad that SOB’s Daddy didn’t pull out sooner.”

Thank You. No love for Mittens here.


All humanity has been killing each other for centuries.

Don’t pretend our nation’s betrayal and cowardice is not complicit in this.

In a single phone call Trump elevated the power and influence of Putin, Erdogan, Assad, and Rouhani. The only national interests being served by this are those of Russia, Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

And most of you are mindlessly clapping and supporting this.



With all due respect, if most of us are “mindlessly clapping and supporting this,” then why do you continue to read TAH and post comments?

Am trying to understand your thought process.

Ever heard of if you don’t like what you see on TV to either change the Channel or turn it off?

Ever heard of if you don’t like a type of music being played on a radio to either dial to another station or turn it off?

Ever heard of if you don’t like the taste of any food, to not eat it anymore?

Hope you see where I am coming from.

Last time I looked, no one has forced or coerced you to read TAH or encouraged you to post comments.

Debates or disagreements can be healthy if argued properly.

Hope you read what I wrote and answer my questions


ninja: attempting to understand Commissar “thought processes” is an exercise in futility.

Commissar emotes, projects, and provokes, but had no practice with the process of true thought.


He couldn’t persuade a squad to visit a brothel if he was lugging a duffel full of C-notes and good booze.


Thank You, Graybeard and Ex on the feedback.

Just blows my mind the way Commissar states his views.

I am a pretty open minded individual and do listen to other folks opinions.

But when folks such as Commissar act like Adam Schiff or the other Extreme Liberal Democrats, then I scratch my head and start asking questions.

I am beginning to think that Commissar REALLY likes us and that he is addicted to TAH (Am being serious and not sarcastic).

Hopefully, Commissar will answer my question.


I’m revising my opinion on you, Lars. You really ARE stupid enough to need a reminder to breathe. Good lord, if brains were gasoline you wouldn’t have enough to drive a pissant’s MOPED around the inside of a Cheerio, which I believe makes you even dumber (and obviously more useless) than a bag of broken hammers. Do the world a favor, don’t reproduce – we’re full up on idiots and a mini you is something too terrible to ponder. Buh-bye, Larsie. PLEASE DON’T COME AGAIN!!!!

chooee lee

Ask the Armenians about the Turks.

A Proud Infidel®™

I was about to say that until you beat me to it!


Yes, we need OUT of the ‘Middle East Perpetual Wars’.

That constant fighting has been going on since BIBLICAL times. We can’t stop it or solve it.

‘Get out and stay out’ is the only sane thing to do.


Ordered to vacate the border area?

That’s where the Kurds live.


Who knew Turkey and Little Miss Muffet share the same problem ?
….. both have Kurds in their way

Slow Joe

Why all this sudden love for the Kurds?
They have been using us for years to achieve their stated goal of nationhood. We don’t owe them shit.
They have fought for their own reasons, for their own goals.
Have they come out of their way to help us, like…Australia?, I would take the Kurds more sympathetically.

Slow Joe

Now, if we could only get the hell out of Afghanistan…


I suspect Trump is trying to figure out how to induce Russia, China, and/or Iran to get involved in that insane place, to their sorrow.

And combos are triple score. Heh.