A First: Sisters Make General

| September 7, 2019

An article at Newser.com reports that Maria Barrett and Paula Lodi are the first-ever sisters in a military branch to both achieve the rank of general.

Siblings are always trying to pull rank on each other, but these sisters have taken it to a whole new level. Meet Maria Barrett and Paula Lodi, who’ve both attained the title of general in the US Army—an achievement the Army believes is the first of its kind in the military branch’s nearly 250-year history. Lodi, 51, was promoted on July 12 to the one-star rank of brigadier general; her 53-year-old sister was already a two-star major general, ABC News reports. “Maj. Gen. Maria Barrett and Brig. Gen. Paula Lodi represent the best America has to offer,” said Acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, per USA Today.


The paper notes that even though there’ve been father-and-son and husband-and-wife general teams, sisters is a first. Women overall make up just 69 of the Army’s 417 current roster of generals and admirals. The women’s father, Ruston, himself served during World War II and received a Silver Star.

Although this is a first, I’m sure it won’t be a last.  Kudos to both of these soldiers.

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woooo…three way!

5th/77th FA

You saying you would gladly serve “under” them both, IDC SARC?

BZ Ladies…err Ma’ams. (snaps off Parade Ground quality Hand Salute)


know them both…let’s just say that this is not entirely merit based…


Am I correct in suspecting they wouldn’t be up for the SARC’s plan? I bet at least one of them is one of the “L’s” from the alphabet crowd, aka Lesbianese.


Well… it is NETCOM, after all. Competence isn’t usually a job requirement there.


He’d make them go WOOOO WOOOO WOOOO, then make them both sleep in the wet spot.

Perry Gaskill

George Thorogood was probably thinking of IDC SARC when he wrote Bad to the Bone


“Women overall make up just 69 of the Army’s 417 current roster of generals and admirals.”

The Army has Admirals- who knew?


The Army did have more boats than the Navy during WWII.

5th/77th FA

Prolly some Admirals that wished they had some Army assets; specially around the FIRST Weekend in December. just saying…(snicker)

Wilted Willy

Somehow I just knew SARC would hit them both!


Congratulations !!!!!!!

Club Manager, USA ret.

Bet that is one proud father if he is still with us. Sierra-hotel.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Generaly speaking, I wish both good luck on their promotions.


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