Ed Doyle – Phony Korea & Vietnam Ranger

| September 2, 2019

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Edward Michael Doyle who was a featured veteran in the New Brunswick (GA) newspaper.  Click the icon below to read the article.

Rather than paraphrase the entire article, we will briefly list his claims here:

Service: Army, 26 years
Duties: Ranger
Rank: Sergeant major
Awards: Distinguished Service Cross; Purple Heart Medal; Bronze Star Medal; Combat Infantryman Badge; Korean Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal; Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Good Conduct Medal
Duty stations: Korea (two times); Vietnam; Germany; Holland; Congo; Afghanistan; Israel; Fort Benning


He earned a Bronze Star Medal in Korea for helping a wounded soldier. He also earned a Purple Heart Medal for shrapnel wounds to his face during the intense fighting.

He volunteered for a second tour of duty in Korea where he and other soldiers parachuted behind enemy lines to disrupt the Chinese communications systems. After they completed their missions, they had to work their way through enemy lines to safety.

After he returned from Europe, Doyle was recruited into Army intelligence, where he took additional training, including attending a language school before he was sent to Vietnam. He worked for a unit directly under the command of the president.

“We did missions that were ordered by the president of the United States,” he said.

His work in Vietnam was classified, but Doyle said he managed to return home “unhinged,” though he did get his jaw broken when he was hit in the face with the rifle butt by an enemy soldier.

“I went down, but I maintained consciousness,” he said. “I shot and killed him.”

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was made for Doyle’s military records.


Doyle was a weatherman – an honorable profession to say the least, but he wasn’t what he claims to be.



Doyle got out as a Tech Sgt (E-6) vs. his claim of Sergeant Major (E-9).


Doyle’s official military records show him to have been in the U.S. Air Force vs. the U.S. Army, so many of his claims would not be consistent with his claimed vs. actual service branch – i.e. Distinguished Service Cross, Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) , Ranger and rank of Sergeant Major.


Doyle’s records, neither awards or assignments, do not show service in the country of Korea. Although he was not in country, he did serve on active duty during the Korean War.


Doyle’s records, neither awards or assignments, do not show service in the country of Vietnam. He would be considered a Vietnam-era veteran but not a Vietnam veteran.


The following graphic was constructed to help compare what Doyle had listed in the newspaper article vs. what appears in his official military records:

The article also claimed he had a Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB) which is a badge vs. a ribbon.

Many of these claimed awards are in violation of the Stolen Valor Act:

  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Purple Heart
  • Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB)

The claims that the newspaper article made in regard to Edward Doyle are not supported by his official military records.


If the claims by Edward Doyle were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, Doyle may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board canvas so Ed can keep on living the dream.  It appears that the closest he got to a screaming eagle was when he painted one.  Eddie is just a reminder that you are never too old to ride the Phony Pony.

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Minor point: receiving the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) actually could be consistent with Doyle being in the USAF. That’s because for part of the time that Doyle served, the USAF’s second highest award for valor was indeed named the “Distinguished Service Cross”. (He could also theoretically have been awarded the Army DSC while attached to an Army unit if the USAF concurred and allowed the award, but that would have been a rare occurrence indeed.)

The Air Force Cross (AFC) wasn’t established until 6 July 1960. It was first awarded posthumously to Maj. Rudolf Anderson; he was shot down vic Banes, Cuba, while flying a U-2 mission during the Cuban missile Crisis.

The establishment of the AFC also changed the name of the award. Prior to that time, the USAF called the award the Distinguished Service Cross.


That said, according to the summary of his records above this tool was never awarded a DSC – either USAF or US Army. So he’s still a LSoS.

chooee lee

Pant load

Cameron Kingsley

What kind? Front, back, or both?

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman


Green Thumb

We should check with the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).

I can only imagine he will be in the “Know”.


Another WX balloon guy. That’s like three for
the year, maybe. The others were NAVY types.

His face wounds are from kissing a balloon on a
windy day.


He must be this WX guy… as made fun of by Mat Best:

A Proud Infidel®™️





BDA = 100/100

Trapper Frank

He was awarded the coveted National Defense Service Medal. Everybody, don’t forget to thank him for his service.


Yeah, after I flush. /sarc

Comm Center Rat

The NDSM brotherhood weeps a little more today.


I ran into an older gentleman at the restaurant on the highway. He was wearing a baseball cap with LPH-something and a few ribbons, including the UN ribbon and Korean War ribbon, embroidered on it. So I asked him if he was in the Korean War. He said he wasn’t IN Korea but was instead stationed at Okinawa, never got to the peninsula. Nice man. No hogwash there.

Why can’t these phonies measure up to HIM?

Every time I see “my work in Vietnam was classified”, I groan.

NONE OF THAT STUFF IS CLASSIFIED, STUPID, NOT EVEN THE CIA’S SHENANIGANS! You can buy the complete set of CIA crap about Vietnam online if you want to.

NONE OF THAT IS CLASSIFIED. It’s been declassed for a LONG time now. So shut up, IDIOT!!!!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

I wasn’t up your way so it wasn’t me with the LPH baseball cap. My cap has the hull number and the OKIE 3 embroided on it and besides, I was only 6 years old in 1951. Interesting that the cap had LPH on it since the IWO JIMA LPH class ships came out around 1960. Maybe the cap had the Boxer on it which was a CV at one time and converted to an LPH.


His cap was so wrinkled up on his head, the full designator didn’t show, just a chunk of it. If I see him again, I’ll see what it says.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Thanks Ex, I’ll be standing by. Right now, Dorian winds kicking up. Good news is it looks like a turn to the NW but moving 1 MPH.

Comm Center Rat

You can’t spell CLASSIFIED without A-S-S as Ed Doyle attests.

Club Manager, USA ret.

As a clerk in CINCPAC J3A3 I handled enough TS+ communications to I know for a fact missions conducted by SF in NVNam, Cambodia and Laos were classified AT THE TIME. recognize that fact. They were directed by J3A3 staff officers, sometimes directly sometimes through MACV, MACTHAI or JUSMACTHAI not the president. However, that was 50 years ago and I seriously doubt if those missions are still classified. These were brave men and it seriously pisses me off for a sonovabitch like this to steal their valor.


I think he was misheard or that he mistyped the word.

What he may have intended was clapassified.

Having to do with some STDs he caught in the barracks, possibly.


“He worked for a unit directly under the command of the president.

“We did missions that were ordered by the president of the United States,” he said.

His work in Vietnam was classified…”

— sigh —

Yeah. OK. Sure thing.

And I’ll bet that all of his ‘classified’ records have been sealed at the personal direction of POTUS himself, they can only be opened with the unanimous approval of SCOTUS, and they are currently stored in a subterranean, hermetically sealed titanium vault somewhere beneath Area 51.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’ll bet he says he and his Unit were SO supersecret that even their toilet paper was stamped “CLASSIFIED”.


Yeah, like I said, nothing about Vietnam is classified any more. If you have some loose change, you can visit the CIA’s online sales spot and buy their stuff about it, too.

This is ridiculous. “Classified” is the lamest excuse in the world for trying to cover your lame-assed story.

Perry Gaskill

Based on his DD-214, I’d venture that Doyle has more whoppers going than Burger King. On the other hand, it also seems to me a logical fallacy to claim that proof his pants are on fire is because everything about the Viet Nam War has been declassified. Here are a few reasons: Although there indeed has been formerly classified information released, those old reports tend to reveal broad content, and not means and methods. A rough analogy might be that you’re driving down the road one day and your car develops an annoying rattle. You take it to a dealer who fixes it and hands you a bill. Under normal circumstances, you might notice that a line item on the bill is for a “muffler bearing isolator” part, but you’re unlikely to learn the details of how and why a mechanic went about fixing things. An additional example might be that the CIA could declassify a report about a Vietnamese province chief getting greased during the Phoenix Program, but there is likely to be scant detail with the kind of granular data showing how the poor bastard got tagged as a double-agent, or whatever, in the first place. If the CIA now seems to be cheerfully making secret stuff available about RVN on the web, there are arguably high odds that it’s commonly requested information which originally had to be pried out with an FOIA request. Too, an FOIA query is not a fishing license. Those requesting information under the… Read more »


Well, having served in the Viet of the Nam and had some contact with spook units in Da Nang (two of my officers came from CCN) and a CIA officer once, my bullshit detector went off as soon as I read his fabulist claims. I guess being a Chair Force E-6 weatherman wasn’t sufficient for his sense of self-worth.


I have no argument with you about that, Perry, but there is a reason to say ‘everything about whatever is declassed.’ Info about Vietnam was declassified in 1993. The only thing the CIA might try to “hide” is not what they did, but HOW they did it, and as much time as has passed between 1975 and now, I doubt they’d be using phone line wiretaps to spy on people.

However, saying it is declassified deflates the claims of these SV buggers enormously. That is more important than the volume or content of what was or was not declassed.

Perry Gaskill

It sometimes strikes me that people like Doyle need to up their game. One of his more standout claims, for example, was that he had been sent to the Hindu Kush to run a Comint mission against the Chinese under, apparently, the auspices of a NATO rapid-reaction force based in Europe. Somehow, this generates a whiff of bovine excrement that’s not just implausible, but bordering on the ridiculous.

Personally, if I was Doyle and wanted to tell a wild tale, what I’d want to do is generate traction that could be picked up by not just the Brunswick News, but also the Huffington Post and Salon. All three would probably pounce on it if I claimed, instead of the Hindu Kush yarn, that when I was a weatherman at Andrews AFB, I was the first to discover evidence of global warming.

Information which remains classified.

Go big or go home…


Oh, I DO like that idea a lot!!!!

There I was, flying in the ball turret of a B-26 over Hkakabo Razi, the highest mountain in Burma, watching for stray Japanese fighters coming at us, when suddenly, a flight a cranes swept ahead of us. They were so much faster than we were that my pilot, CPT J.M. “Mousey” Rattski, asked me to get outside and push the plane.


The original story’s Phaque Booque post,
with a bunch of old “Likes” and 2 old comments,
now with
NEW comments, 1 new “Angry”, and (bonus)
1 denier pushback reply.

(Jackie Gleason) – “And away we go!”



From that Brunswick News Book of the Face link:

“It was a terrible experience. The only thing that saved our lives were the fighter bombers. They put the ordinance down where it was needed. They saved our bacon.”

— groan —

“They put the ordinance down where it was needed.”


Does that mean that they “laid down the law”?

Heh heh heh.

(And with that, a tip o’ the old flight helmet goes out to our resident TAH Punmaster Jeff LPH 3, 63-66.)


Cue the song
“I fought the law, and the law won.”

Due to the dramatic (and phony) headline,
The Brunswick News should be getting some direct attention…
to FINISH a new Stolen Valor story.

Again, (accidentally) exposed by the news media,
and brought to the nation’s attention by VETERANS.


I’m also curious: I couldn’t find any listing of his awards and decorations in the FOIA reply pages. Did NPRC actually show zero GCMs for this guy? He had 11+ years of active duty. Under USAF rules, I believe that means he should have had 3 at that point in his career. If he had zero, that could explain why he got out at Andrews AFB after an odd amount of time (7 yr 6 mo 28 days on his 2nd period of active duty if I’ve calculated that correctly) and with over 11 1/2 years of active service – right at the beginning of the Vietnam War buildup, and < 1 year after he reenlisted in Aug 1964. (If he got tossed, I'd expect the rank to be lower than TSgt/E6. But maybe not.) Disregard – I just noticed the ribbon rack with the USAF GCM shown, the total number (4) presumably from a NPRC reply page not shown. FWIW, and again a minor point: the ribbon rack – probably created by one of the online programs that do same – is technically incorrect. Until creation of the AF GCM in June 1963, the USAF used the same ribbon and medal for the GCM as did the Army. Those USAF personnel awarded the GCM both before the June 1963 creation of the AF GCM and after it had been created were authorized to wear both ribbons and both medals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Conduct_Medal_(United_States)#Air_Force_Good_Conduct_Medal This “fine individual” falls into that category. If he… Read more »

Dave Hardin

Added that Awards page now, keeping me on my toes. S/F


De nada, DH.

FWIW: per that new page listing his awards, all of his GCMs appear to have been awarded prior to June 1963. The correct ribbon for his GCM is therefore the Army GCM ribbon – not the USAF ribbon. The latter ribbon didn’t exist until over 4 months after he received his last GCM.

Dave Hardin

It takes a Village, thanks for keeping it accurate.

Much appreciated amigo.

Club Manager, USA ret.

Roger that Hondo. Having served in the AF during the same time frame, and having been awarded both the Army and AF GCMs, I checked this buy’s dates and he only was awarded the Army ribbon. What really pissed me off is his discharge date. Here is a fast burner, TSgt (E6) with no performance medals who took a discharge in 1964. My experience is it was to avoid serving in Nam. All of us on AD at the time saw our tour coming and this pussy opted out.

Hack Stone

You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the BS blows.

Green Thumb

Thanks funny.

He could be a weatherman at All-Points Logistics for sure.

Cameron Kingsley

Not to sure that I want to know how that will work. I sure am not too desperate to know.

Hack Stone

He could let Phil Monkress know when he will be getting more heat as to (see what Hack did there) his false claims of being a Navy SEAL.

Green Thumb

And also work as Phildo’s part-time ballwasher while holding the umbrella.


Fake News.

Irresponsibilty, lack of professionalism and integrity as well as being guillible and ignorant of the New Brunswick, Georgia Newspaper and their Reporter for failure to Fact-Check before publishing this article.

Based on his age, have my doubts about him being prosecuted for Stolen Valor.

IMHO, sometimes the best remedy for Military Service Embellishments or Lies is Public Humiliation. Then again, some Folks don’t care. They will go to their graves never admitting their shortcomings because the Truth about their lives is too painful to bear.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I wonder if the New Brunswick paper will either cough up the truth about him, ignore it or do like the Elko NV daily cage liner did with Les Brown and his merry band of bathhouse customers? As to posers and embellishers, I think we’ve seen just how right The Hair®™️ was when he said “A lot of them will take their lies with them all the way to their graves.” In a TV Interview.


Cage liner. Great line.

Much like a local free leaflet rag,
(now also online)…. The Fishwrapper.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Now after he was exposed, he will have to weather out the storm over his Walter Mitty fantasies. A weatherman???, and now I will have to apologize to my two 30+inch mercury barometers hanging on my walls for his B.S.


I’d really like to know the full story behind why he got out at Andrews AFB after an odd amount of time (7 yr 6 mo 28 days on his 2nd period of active duty if I’ve calculated that correctly). At that point, he had over 11 1/2 years of active service. It was also right at the beginning of the Vietnam War buildup – and < 1 year after he'd reenlisted in Aug 1964. Since his rank at discharge was E6 and he has 4 GCMs, my guess would be medical or some other legit reason vice "for cause". But that's just speculation on my part.


IMHO (based on post 9/11 NG AWOL, PCS, and ETS counts)

Quite possibly a “fair weather veteran”,
one who was happy to serve in peacetime,
but split (by any means possible)
at the possibility of involvement in a war.

Malingering, phony injuries or illnesses,
sudden Conscientious Objector syndrome,
the gay discharge, and many more.
(We saw it ALL in 1990, and again between 2002-2005.)

Decades later, remorse for basically copping out of completing an enlistment contract.
And, well, being a Vietnam Veteran is popular again.
Certainly a possibility here. Ugh.

Hack Stone

He answered directly to the President. We have a transcript of one of those conversations:

President Johnson: I’d like to squeeze in a few rounds of golf this afternoon. What do you think, Airman?

Technical Sergeant Doyle: I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite awhile.


Judging by the T-shirt and “work bench” I’d say
he is into glitter.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Would that be like glam rock glitter?


From the last sentence of his comment, I’d guess 26L was thinking more along the lines of “rub some glitter on his face, and a little ’round his eyes”. But I could be wrong.


Garry Glitter? Perhaps

A Proud Infidel®™️

I’m sure he wears it to try and look like Boy George.

5th/77th FA

No pass for being an old lying, embellishing SoS, Edward Michael Doyle. Little Google Hit for you there Eddie Boy. Brought shame down upon yourself, your family, and what was an honorable record of service. How many of our Aviation Brethren will testify that an accurate weather report is as important as fuel in the aircraft? You just brought down a real sh^t storm that’s going to be hard to “weather.”


I wonder if Eddie has a leather vest.


I bet he’s into Cream of Sum Yung guy soup and trainer for associate towel boys at Brucies Bath House (Entrance in the Rear).


No he has a weather vest

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one!

(Said in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger)


Someone tell me just WHAT is so unworthy about being a weatherman?

In the civilian world, the weatherman is the guy/gal who gives you the forecasts, tells you ‘Don’t go anywhere NEAR Whatever Drive, it is blocked with snow’ – stuff like that.

Any good weather forecaster/observer is worth a whole lot more than a pile of pancakes to people who live in Tornado Country or Hurricane Hometown. I think sometimes, we take for granted those people who do the weather on TV news.

So just WHAT is wrong with being a weather person?


Nothing wrong with being assigned to weather. In fact, it’s a critical career field in support of flying units. Really, really important.

Green Thumb

Air Force weathermen are some tough dudes.

Well respected in the ops community.

Comm Center Rat

“Gray skies are gonna clear up
Put on a happy face
Brush off the clouds and cheer up
Put on a happy face”
~ Tony Bennett


Somewhere over his rainbow….

Wilted Willy

Hi Ex, this guy doesn’t even come close to the bullshit story my brother has put forth for so many years? So what’s wrong with making false teeth? Did he really need to go to jungle school and how in the world did he get all of those DFC’s while making false teeth! I can however see how he got his Purple Heart! I’m sure he didn’t give the poor bastard enough novacane and he bit his finger off??? Why don’t they ever put his name up in lights! I want his ass in prison!!!

Keepin' It Real

There I was, surrounded by weather projections and satellite data, about to go live in front of the green screen to give the report.

Then, out of nowhere, a metaphorical rifle butt to the face – we lost the live feed to the overlay and I’d have to do it with crayons and whiteboard.

“I went down, but I maintained consciousness,” Doyle said. “I shot and killed it – meaning I nailed that broadcast.”


Reminds me of this guy…


Damn, this wouldn’t happen in the Army Air Corps…..Oh, wait, I forgot about “Tail Gunner” Joe McCarthy. This guy is almost old enough to have made the AAC.

Commissioner Wretched

I have to tell you all, this one scared the BeJeebus out of me when I saw it. See, I know an Ed Doyle … Colonel Ed Doyle, U.S. Army Retired, Vietnam Vet … and he and I were teachers together at the same private school, also in Georgia. Reading the article, I realized quickly that it wasn’t the Ed Doyle I know. (Besides, the picture doesn’t look anything like my friend Ed.)

All I can say is, “Whew!” Oh, and TSgt Doyle is a Lying POS.


“His work in Vietnam was classified”. Sure pal, that’s like me saying the “work” I did in Itaewon was “classified”.


Wait. You mean my “activities” in Itaewon aren’t classified? Uh oh.


My activities in Itaewon, Songtan, and Anjung-ri are classified. I’m the classifying authority and I ain’t saying shit!

Daisy Cutter

What happened in Itaewon, Songtan, and Anjung-ri stayed in Itaewon, Songtan, and Anjung-ri.


Besides the routine BS stories of derring-do behind enemy lines, the thing that should piss off USAF veterans the most is the fact that he made his otherwise honorably Air Force service disappear from his stories altogether.

I enjoy the typical interservice ribbing as much as the next veteran but just like Sailors who have to pretend they were Marines, this turd apparently was so ashamed of his service with the Air Force that he couldn’t even admit to it. That’s a pretty big “screw you” to his fellow airmen.


When I go to a bar I tell everyone I’m an Airman. That keeps the chicks from pestering me all night.

Green Thumb

That’s funny!


BTW the fact that the NPRC clerk listed his rank as “Task Sergeant” instead of “Tech Sergeant” just shows how slipshod the NPRC records division is.

Unfortunately the sloppiness of the NPRC casts doubt on the integrity of their information. Kind of like Les Brown being listed as having two awards of the NDSM – which is impossible. It’s this kind of sloppy work that gives posers the ability to say “those records aren’t correct” with at least a shred of credibility.

Unfortunately, there’s probably not a lot that can be done about it. Nobody is going to lose their job over this and unless it happens in a high profile case, it’s likely that nobody at NPRC really cares.

It’s just a shame that the organization charged with the mission of keeping and transcribing records doesn’t do a better job of it.

Helpful Medal

So what are they supposed to do if Les Brown’s DA Form 2-1 or his DD 214 actually did show two awards of the NDSM? Obviously, if his records say one and they put two on there, they fucked up. But do those record clerks have the authority to leave out listed awards that couldn’t possibly be earned?


No, not at all. They should faithfully transcribe what is in the records.

But in those cases where we have BOTH the DD-214 AND the NPRC document, the error is almost always on the NPRC document.

In this case, do yo uthink any of Doyle’s Air Force records actually listed his rank as “Task Sergeant”, a rank that never existed?

Occam’s razor (and the MULTIPLE examples of egregious errors like this on NPRC documents) says that if there’s an error like this, it’s most likely the NPRC transcriber that made the error. And if there’s nobody double-checking these forms when they go out (and it appears there is not) and there are no consequences for making errors, then the slipshod behavior will continue.