Coasties To the Rescue Again

| August 29, 2019

Photo by Ex-PH2

Coasties rescue 2 boaters from Lake Michigan, near Waukegan, IL

A video is here:

There were several units involved, per the USCG report.

The problem with Lake Michi Gamu is that when the lake gets restless and wind speeds are driving waves to break high and hard on the shoreline, it is not a good time to test the waters of this, or any of the Great Lakes.  See the photo for reference. I shot that in April. The guy in the red jacket gives you an idea of how hard the waters break on the shoreline.

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BZ, Coasties. Semper Paratus. Every time you save a life it is someone’s loved one, and you can be justifiably proud for the rest of your lives.

5th/77th FA

Coasties preventing another Darwinian Award. As you pointed out, that lake will try very hard to kill you. A PW is like a Jet Ski? Haven’t been on too many of those, but I would think going 3 miles out into the Big Water on that would be like being in a dinghy in the ocean.

BZ to the Coasties, and to the Boat Captain that had the presence of mind to call it in.

Haywire Angel

Lake Michigan pulls no punches when she wants to.