Iran Fails – Again

| August 29, 2019


Photoshopped Iranian launch

Looks like Iran’s rocketry needs some adjusting to make it work. Something blew up on the launch pad, per the attached photo. Like someone observed a while back, when prepping to jump to hyperlight speed, “Launching a rocket ain’t like setting off fire crackers. One small mistake, and BOOM! You’re dead!”

You can see the results of the explosion in the satellite photo that accompanies the article.

From the article:  Satellite images appear to show the smoldering remains of a rocket at an Iranian space center that was to conduct a U.S.-criticized satellite launch.

The satellite pictures were taken Thursday morning of the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Iran’s Semnan province.

The photos show black smoke and part of a painted launch pad apparently scorched away. – article

Whatever happened there, playing with that stuff is a good way to get yourself bumped off. I doubt that anyone is left to punish for that accident. The marks around the launch pad are visible.

Respect the rocket and its fuel, or BOOM! You’d think they’d “get” what happened to the Russians a week or so ago, wouldn’t you?

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Let’s all squeeze out a tear for the poor Iranians who got smoked when they lit the candle.

Or not.


Squeeze out some BBQ sauce from the bottle onto a freshly roasted pork chop.


Yeah well,


They will hang the usual suspects


Blame the Mossad…

cc senor

“Respect the rocket and its fuel, or BOOM! You’d think they’d “get” what happened to the Russians a week or so ago, wouldn’t you?”

I don’t know, maybe they have that same inshallah attitude as the Saudis. That’s kind of like the Muslim equivalent of the redneck’s “Here, hold my beer and watch this”. Just stand back and watch them light the fuse.


If it’s missiles they want, we can send hundreds their way anytime they are would like. . .

5th/77th FA

AND give them their choice of silo based, bomb bay based, or floating platform based. Or, better yet for our training/testing purposes, a combination of all three!


You recognize God’s work when ya see it.
He does occasionally put his thumb on the scale.

chooee lee

Sucks to be them.

The Other Whitey

That’s a big smoking hole where something expensive used to be! I believe the kids call that an Epic Fail.


The only bad news is that this is how you learn to build rockets–by blowing up rockets; Werner Von Braun to Elon Musk did the same.

Just An Old Dog

Iranians ” Hey it ain’t exactly Rocket Science”..

Umm hey.. actually it is.


Insh’allah, bitches!

The Other Whitey

Deus vult!

A Proud Infidel®™

Achmen Oobla-boobla: “HEY, me need to check fuel in rocket.”

Hussein *HOCK-PTUI*: Here, I have match, use it!”



I ran (So far away…


If Joe Biden can cut-and-paste his way ‘round…


I ‘spect it’s that insalla attitude that gets them. Everything that happens is due to the will of their demon god, so why bother with details?