Weekend Open Thread-Introduction to the 4th Dimension

| August 30, 2019

Tesseract, a four-dimensional cube. Other names include hyper-cube and 4-cube. When the 4-D cube is rotated, the inner cube would expand and become the outer cube while the outer cube contracts and becomes the inner cube. This represents a shadow. Four-dimensional objects would leave a 3-D shadow. An actual 4-D cube is hard to visualize as we don’t see the fourth dimension. (Wikipedia User Tomruen)

This post will build on something stated on my last WOT post. Take the “East-West” line (x-axis). The “north-south” line (y-axis) cuts it at 90°. The “up-and-down” line (z-axis) cuts both lines at 90° angles. Collectively, these three lines are 90° to each other.

But, what about a line that is simultaneously 90° to these first three lines?

A good starting point, for understanding this, would be through the Flatland story. In 1884, Seeley & Co. published a book written by Edwin A. Abbott: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.

This is a fictional story involving a square living in a two-dimensional world. This world is nothing but a flat plane. The inhabitants are two-dimensional geometric shapes. The main character is a square named, “A Square.”

Each generation is born with an extra side. So, the children of “A Square” happen to be pentagons. The women are just “lines”. There appears to be a social and economic progression as new generations are born. Circles tend to be in leadership positions.

Workers, soldiers, guards, etc. are “triangles”. The more sides a shape has, the more likely it’ll do “brain” work. Women, having limited rights compared to men, were naturally represented as “lines” in the story.

The author intended to highlight social division, hierarchy, etc., that existed during his time. However, he helped bring the concept of “dimensions” to the public.

A sphere enters Flatland, a square in Flatland sees it as a size-changing circle.

In one scene, “A Square” meets a sphere from the third dimension. This character is from “space land”. When this spherical character enters flatland, “A Square” only sees a cross-section of who he is. He doesn’t see a sphere. Instead, he sees the part of the sphere in the second dimension… A circle.

When the spear first touches Flatland, the square sees a point. That point grows as a circle, stops growing, then shrinks. The circle shrinks to a dot, then disappears. The sphere is completely on the other side of Flatland.

Now, putting us in “A Square’s” place, we could face a similar experience if visited by a fourth-dimensional sphere, a 4-Sphere/hypersphere.

We could project the “sphere through Flatland” scene up one dimension. This time, a 3-dimensional being, us, watch a hypersphere cut through the third dimension. If a hypersphere were to transit from the fourth dimension through our three-dimensional world, we wouldn’t see it in its entirety. We would only see its spherical cross-sections.

As this hypersphere moved into our three-dimensional realm, it would start as a point. That point would expand as a sphere. It would stop expanding, then it would start shrinking. It would shrink down to a point and then it would disappear.

The following videos help capture this concept. The first two videos are short. They provide visualizations of what I talked about above… And more.

Flatland, an introduction:

Beginners Guide to the fourth dimension:

The next two videos go into more detail. Worth the watch. By the time you get done, it would seem like only a few minutes passed by.

Journey into the fourth dimension, part one:

Journey into the fourth dimension, part two:

With the above four, or even the first two, viewed, the following movie would make a little more sense. It’s based on the Flatland story mentioned above. It’s over an hour-long. If you have time, it’s worth the viewing. If you don’t have time, “schedule it” in the “to do” list.

By the time you get done with this movie, you’ll be tempted to click on more videos showing 4-D visualizations:

With that said, enjoy your weekend.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the fourth dimension, a four-dimensional being just read a post and watched videos explaining five-dimensional geometric shapes transiting through the fourth dimension.

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5th/77th FA




Tee Hee. FIRST, telling you…

(Stole this from TAH from someone)

“If you started fucking off today and kept fucking off until the sun burns out you still wouldn’t fuck off far enough to fuck off.”


What is that, 2 weeks now??

Wilted Willy

Congrats 5th! we await your instructions!
Pray this damn storm doesn’t flatten my ass!!!


Praying for you all, WW.

I’ve not seen a Cat number assigned to Dorian, but someone needs to find the painting and destroy it quickly.


At 6 tonight, the weather heads were predicting a Cat 3 or 4. Then again, these are the same folks who get paid big bucks to be right, maybe half the time, if they’re lucky.


Then again, a Baseball player with a .350 batting average is pretty good.


(chuckling) Was wondering if I was the only one to see the “Dorian Gray” connection.

Getting serious: at 5AM this morning (31 Aug), NHC had Dorian’s winds at 120 kt (140MPH). That’s Cat4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

NHC is now also predicting Dorian to make US landfall in extreme southern South Carolina (e.g., Beaufort/PI area) as a strong Cat1 or weak Cat2 after running just offshore from about 1/2-way down the FL peninsula northwards. But uncertainty for that part of the storm track is still very high.

Further: for the last 24 hours, the forecast path has been shifting right, while for the previous 48 hours it was shifting left. NHC also says that models aren’t in agreement on the latter part of the storm track. So IMO this one should be watched closely if you live anywhere along the Atlantic coast from the FL Keys to the Outer Banks.


Update: as of 2PM EDT, the NOAA’s National Hurricaine Center (NHC) has shifted Dorian’s projected path more to the right (e.g., north and east). It’s now projected to run up the East Coast, staying offshore, then finally make landfall somewhere in NORTH Carolina. It might even miss the US mainland entirely.

comment image

Uncertainty is still high, though – so if you live along the US East Coast, you should probably keep a close watch on this one. And in any case, it will be close enough to the shore to be dangerous for much of its northward journey.

5th/77th FA

Well would you loooookie heeeah. Another FIRST for the King of Battle. Take that d^ckweeds. And weren’t even flogging my refresh key. Had just left the other thread and Whoomp, there it twas.

Somebody getting sneaky, dropping in early like that. Just shows, it was meant to be.

FIRST on the TAH Coveted Friday Weekend Open Thread.


At this point, why do we even try? 5th/77th FA gets it again.

5th/77th FA

There is no try…(puts on shades)…there is only do.

Commissioner Wretched

Not first again, but hopefully in the top 5! My kudos to my man 5th/77th for his formidable first yet again! So, in lieu of being first, here’s this week’s trivia. DID YOU KNOW…? Did someone really survive both World War II atomic bomb blasts? By Commissioner Wretched I recently read a fascinating article about memory. Let me see if I can remember it … Just kidding. I remember it as if I read it yesterday. (In fact, I did read it yesterday.) The article points out that the older we get, the harder it is to remember things in our distant past. Like I needed some researcher with more alphabet soup after his name than I have to tell me that. How far back does your memory go? Right now, as I approach my 61st birthday in about a month, I can truthfully say that my memory goes back to the day before my fourth birthday, in 1962. I recall only one thing – a cake, which I knew was for me, that had a “4” candle on it. I don’t recall actually eating the cake, or what I received for my birthday, or who came to the party … I just remember the cake. And that is a truly amazing thing, too, because as I write these words … I can’t remember what I had for breakfast today. Perhaps the older we get, the more our memory becomes like Swiss cheese. I don’t know. This, however, I do know – I always remember to bring you trivia. Like right now! Did you know … … people in the Middle Ages believed that the heart – not the brain – was the seat of intelligence? (When one considers the state of government, that might be accurate – no heart, and certainly no intelligence.) … the Centers for Disease Control actually has a “Zombie Plan” in place? No, they don’t believe in zombies, which cannot exist. But their “Zombie Plan” – which began as a joke – evolved into a real training regimen including countermeasures. The CDC mantra here is… Read more »


“…older we get, the harder it is to remember things in our distant past.”

Okay, I can remember when my mother brought my new baby brother home from the hospital, and had to change his diapers, and when she hoisted his little heinie into the air, he weed and hit himself right in the middle of his own forehead.

I was 3. That’s as far back as I can go. I found a photo of me sitting on the front steps, wearing little white baby shoes and holding a patch tabby and white kitty under both arms. No wonder I gravitate toward cats.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I can remember a roaring noise as my eyes opened up as I think I was in a high chair and remember me screaming when my dad left me at my Grand fathers apartment in Brooklyn to go to Jamaica hospital in Queens NYC to see my Mom whom was giving birth to my Sister in Jan. 1949. I was 4 years old at the time. But now, I can’t remember a number of things like the Alamo. Remember the Alamo??


“The article points out that the older we get, the harder it is to remember things in our distant past.”

I must be from Mars. I remember MORE from my past than I do in the present or yesterday or a week ago.

I still remember playing in the snow at the young age of 3/4 with siblings and friends at Fort Wainwright, Alaska BEFORE it became a State.

My older relatives always shared stories with me about their youth, but when it came to time to try to remember where they laid their glasses, well, that was a different story.

Thank you for sharing your Trivia with us, CW. Also helps when I play Television Jeopardy.



Good to see you back, AP. Doing OK, I presume?


Thank You, Hondo for asking.

I have my good days. I have my bad days.



May you have many more good days, AP.




Fourth, ha ha.


Dang it!
Congrats FA.
The only reason you have it: I was finishing up my laundry and the only way to the basement is via outside. I locked the basement door turn around and at the top of the stairs is a gentleman. I quickly to deduce that he’s not a cop but he definitely has a gun and a badge. It took me a second to put together the olive drab trousers and khaki top; he’s a CT Department of Energy and Environment Conservation Officer. He asks, “is this number blah something street?“, I confirmed. Wondering what on God’s Green Earth I’d done THIS time, I *try* to follow the hunting laws but they’re written by lawyers who work for the State (ergo, not good ones). He asks for a woman who hasn’t lived in the apartment for 3 years…
Ahhhh, thanks Officer. I needed a shower anyway.
Good dude tho. Had a good chat but missed this WOT.
Next time!


The King of Battle Rules Again! CONGRATS!

That means it is time for College Football….!!!😉

Feel free to add your favorite teams to this list.

Here we go!

ARMY vs RICE 30 August 1800 Hours 🐎

ALABAMA vs DUKE 31 August 1530 Hours🐘

GEORGIA vs VANDERBILT 31 August 1930 Hours🐶

NAVY vs HOLY CROSS 31 August 1530 Hours🐐

AIR FORCE vs COLGATE 31 August 1530 Hours🦅



5th/77th FA

Spank you, uh Spank you very much AnotherPat. And welcome back. You have been sorely missed. Hope your little problem is behind you and you are 100% ready for the Tide to Roll. Summer school has been a cast iron bitch what with VoV’s Civics, Hondo throwing out Science, Geography, Geology, and now thebesig loading us up with applied and theoretical physics. The struggle has been real. I keep expecting to see Sheldon Cooper show up.

I will eventually get to all of the videos, it’s interesting, the different zones. Moody Blues was Stepping in the Slide Zone, and for all of the Naval Aviators I’ll leave them an ear worm for them to be Riding to The Danger Zone.


Comm Center Rat

Welcome home AP!

Hey Duke!
We’re gonna beat the hell out of you!
Rammer Jammer, Yellowhammer,
give ’em hell, Alabama!

SYRACES vs CLEMSON 14 September 1930 Hours GO ORANGE!

Comm Center Rat

I gradumatated from the ‘Cuse but cain’t spel it sumtimes: shud b Syracuse


Welcome back.


This Georgia Pastor wrote a well wriitten opinion on STOLEN VALOR:


I encourage each and every TAHer to read his article if one has the time.

It is worth it.

The Pastro makes good points. His article should be forwarded to the Elko/Nevada POW/MIA Awareness Biker’s Clug and their Enablers.

Perhaps even to the Chaplain of that Glorified Self-Centered Biker’s Club.

Again, if one has the time, please read his opinion and share your opinion on what you think of his assessment.

Thank You.


Just a thought, but perhaps the good Pastor would like to join our merry band of miscreants, deplorables, and dickweeds as the TAH Chaplain… Lord knows we need one!



He can counteract with the Chaplain of the POW/MIA Awaress Biker’s Club, who still to this day is quiet about Lester Kent Brown’s lies and Embellishment, especially to the young folk and children of Elko, Nevada.


So…this 6 year old girl who plays with green army men asks the question:

“Why do you not make girl army men?” she wrote.

“Some girls don’t like pink, so please can you make army girls that look like women?”

“Missing In Action: Classic Green Army Men Still Have No Women Figurines, and This 6-Year-Old Is Not Having It”


What do you think?


Classic cheap little green Army men came from Woolworths and represented the Army of 1965 (M16s w/ 20-round mags, etc.) as we were just getting involved in ‘Nam and there were no female Infantry then… duh. (I can’t wait for the modern update… SARC, EO rep, piss test observer, dude rockin’ out to “Down with the Sickness,” wiccan chaplain, transgender shower person, etc.)


So when they make female versions, because they’re so small, it’ll have to have exaggerated curves. Then it’ll be sexist that the female little green army figures have overly large breasts.

Sometimes I feel like I can actually see into the future.


What do TAHers think of this one?

“Unit Looking Into Army Major In Uniform Telling Biden She Prays He Will Be President”


“The South Carolina National Guard is reviewing whether an officer will face any sort of punishment after she was filmed attending a political rally and endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden in his race for the Democratic presidential nomination.”

?During a rally Wednesday in Gaffney, South Carolina, Army Maj. Ginger Tate presented Biden with a challenge coin she had made after a 2013 deployment to Afghanistan inscribed with the names of each city the soldiers under her command were posted to in country.”

“I’ve been saving these coins for six years to meet you and President [Barack] Obama, so that if I ever met you, I could give this to you,” Tate said in a video posted by a CBS reporter. “And when I saw on the news that you were coming, I just had to be here.”

“I’m so honored to have served under your administration and your leadership, and I hope and pray that you will be our next president of the United States,” Tate added.?

“South Carolina Guard officials confirmed that Tate’s unit, the 228th Signal Brigade, was not in attendance at the rally.”

5th/77th FA

Nothing will happen to her, tho IIRC, under regulations in place during my service time, she not only bent several ARs, she in fact broke some.

She has all the cards in her deck that she needs.


Nah. She clearly isn’t playing with a full deck.


She’s playing 4D chess, man. I read it on the internet.


Wow. She could have done all that in civilian clothes and saved herself the headache. WTF was she thinking?

What “leadership” and “guidance” did sleepy old Joe really give her anyway? Does she know he was against going in to kill Bin Laden FFS?


Wow. She could have done all that in civilian clothes and saved herself the headache. WTF was she thinking?

Short answer: she wasn’t.

Let her chain-of-command deal with her. They’ll know whether this type of p!ss-poor judgement is an aberration or normal behavior for the individual. Hopefully they’ll act accordingly.

And before any libidiot reading this gets their skivvies in a knot: the “p!ss-poor judgement” I’m referencing is attending a political rally in uniform as an individual. Doing that is a huge “NO GO” under existing DoD regs, and also almost certainly violates the Hatch Act.

Comm Center Rat

If she’s praying for Creepy Uncle Joe to be president she obviously doesn’t have the maturity and judgement needed for promotion to LTC. If eligible she should be immediately retired. If not, a permanent General Officer Letter of Reprimand (GOMOR) should be put in her file to ensure she’s never promoted.

But I’m guessing Uncle Joe will “hand massage” this Hatch Act violation and get all teary eyed while dispensing some slobber kisses on his fangirl.


So….for those who served in Iraq during OIF and the the OPERATION to follow:

What do you think?


“Vets Say Their Iraq Commitment Medals Never Arrived — So They’re Raising Money To Pay For Their Own”.

BTW, one of the Medal was presented to Vice President Joe Biden by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during a ceremony in Baghdad in 2011.

So again, TAHers….What Do You Think?

Sound Off!


FWIW: as far as I know, the Iraqi Committment Medal has never been accepted by DoD. Assuming that’s still the case, it’s not an authorized decoration for anyone in uniform.

If folks want to buy one with their own $$$, I’ve got no problem with that. And DoD can’t really keep veterans from buying it and wearing it on their “bling vest” (or on other civilian clothing) if they want to do so. But wearing it on any military uniform would still be a big “No-no” unless and until DoD formally accepts it and authorized wear of same.

FWIW: South Korea attempted to do much the same in the 1970s by creating a decoration to be awarded to US personnel serving there after the Korean War. Although a small number were presented to selected US troops in-country at the time, DoD never accepted that foreign decoration either – and it’s not authorized for wear as a result. (The issue of recognition for Cold War service in Korea is now OBE since the creation of the KDSM.)

Comm Center Rat

The Iraqi Commitment Medal would really pop on a black leather vest like that worn by the Elko, Nevada posse.

5th/77th FA

All righty then Hondo, going by that, we can figure that The Elko Iraqi Commitment Medal Awareness Association will be formed over the Weekend and the new medals will be pinned on their vest at the next meeting. The menu for the official dining in will be orasted goat beast with BBQ Sauce.


The only bling ever issued to me was a name tag.
Had to buy everything else.

And it was uphill both ways.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I’m sitting here watching the Hurricane Dorian noodles attack Florida. Too early to tell where it’s going to land but I have the canvas to cover all hatches and gun covers if it comes my way and I’ll set conditions X and Z (modified) throught my home.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Thirty something and Honorary First once again.



Late to the party – I guess I gotta smoke myself sometime. Got some rain in the AO today – but we are still under a burn ban and sporadic heat advisories, so…. For those who are wondering, Mrs. GB’s foot surgery went well, and she is (so far) recovering well. Next week the boot should come off, and at an indeterminate time in the future we repeat the process on her L foot. Update on the Saga of the Walther PPK/S 22. I received it back from the Service Department Wednesday morning. They put a new barrel on it, officially. It also seems that they adjusted the height of the hammer so it didn’t drag on the slide so much. I don’t know how or why but when I ran 30 rounds through it (10 of CCI MiniMag, 10 of Remington Golden Bullet Hi. Veloc., and 10 of Aguila Hi. Veloc) I had only one failure to eject. Then I brought it in, stripped and cleaned it as per my normal routine, and when I reassembled it…. the slide would not mover more than 1/4″ backwards. That is the problem I first had in June, and the cause of the first trip to the Service Department. I looked up threads about slide problems with the PPK/S 22 on the Walther Forums, and had some ideas about what might have happened. I called them and said “It shoots great, but what did I do wrong?” The phone guy had to go ask. It seems that the recoil spring has a “back” (toward the shooter) and a “front” (toward the muzzle) and if you get it reversed it can jam the spring in the slide. The fellow on the phone acknowledged that it is not obvious which is back and which is front. Wednesday afternoon I shipped it back to Walther for Trip 5. But it does reliably shoot the high velocity stuff now. The standard velocity stuff still gives it indigestion. If it had worked like it did Wednesday when I first bought it, I’d have never got the Ruger… Read more »

5th/77th FA

Glad to hear Mrs. GB is doing well.

Sad to hear Walther’s Quality (lack of) Control and Customer (piss poor) Service is still biting upon your buttocks.

We can use a little of the rain incoming from Dorian (next weekend if any) Our Prayers lifted up for our Brethren and Children in the path of it.


One last thing you might try. Plated bullets.

I was at the range as another shooter had one like yours. He said his only worked with plated/coated .22s. (Copper washed stuff, and the black coated Winchester M-22)

If you get anything to work, include a box in the sale.


Get a nice Single Six instead. They fire anything. (Some quite well) Or, a Mark IV. If your budget will stretch, a Smith 41.


I wish I could afford a Single Six!

I stretched the budget (and Mrs. GB’s patience) by investing in a Ruger SR22 – it also shoots anything and does it well. Plus it has the three-dot sights with the rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage.

At 25′ from a bench rest I even got one 7/8″ group out of it. As it is most like what the grandkids will end up shooting when they get old enough for their LTC, I’m quite happy with that.

Maybe someday I can afford the Mark IV or S&W 41 – but not right now.


Understood. Been there.


The three brands are all copper plated, 11B. It was shooting very nicely Wednesday noon.

It was the reassembly after cleaning when I inadvertently put the recoil spring in backwards when it jammed this time.

The recoil spring does not have an obvious front/back to it. From what I read online, the difference is in how the end of the coil is finished – one side has a gap, the other a lap.

The service rep on the phone said that the newer springs have a prong that is supposed to fit in a recess under the barrel – and mine is a newer model so it should have the recess. But the gunsmiths evidently routinely snip that prong off so it will fit the older models.

I intend to include a typed-up ‘addendum’ to the manual warning about the little things that can go wrong. We’ll see.


AW, I don’t know if TAH is getting its phonies exclusively from Militaryphonies, but we are missing out on some extraordinary green beret POSers being profiled on Guardians of the Green Beret. Case in point is one “Col.” Dan Sulzinger aka PFC Sulzinger. I think us Army types can never get ahead of Navy in the competition if we are missing fake SF POSers.


This is rather telling:


There is a box in my garage labled “flags to burn”. I keep telling myself to get a burn permit and quietly do what needs to be done.
But to toss them in the trash?


In the lobby of the local Austin Bank is a collection box for old flags.