World War I Movie Preview

| August 2, 2019

This is a YoutTube preview of the World War I movie “1917”. By Spielberg’s Amblin Partners and Sam Mendes, due out in December.

This article on Military Times reviews the trailer:

The preview is striking enough in and of itself. If I read it right, there is nothing spared in portraying the reality of the first mechanized war. “Hacksaw Ridge” left nothing to the imagination in its portrayal of warfare, even if there were some small liberties taken.

This should be a better choice than those Justice League movies and other such silly stuff.

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Slow Joe


Slow Joe


Slow Joe

What’s wrong with Justice League or the Avengers?

Superhero movies are nothing more than the modern representation of the folklore heros of the past.

Just like people loved the stories of Gilgamesh, the imperialist greeks that invaded Troy, or demigods like Heracles, these days people love movie superheroes.

It is a very simple cultural construct. People have always enjoyed the stories of superheroes.

Slow Joe

The medium may have changed. Instead of songs, poetry or theater, now it is movies, TV and web series, but the stories remain largely the same. Roughly speaking.

5th/77th FA

“Wonder Woman!” My Super Heroine! A Black haired Beauty with deep dark eyes…. (HT to Bob Dylan)

Been looking forward to the 1917 picture. May actually go see it at the movie house. Or better yet, wait til I go see the daughter, she has the on demand thingie, wide screen mega pixel wall mount, cold beer and cookies. Had read a review (might of been here) that this pic was quite historically accurate. Thanks for the trailer linkie.


A Black haired Beauty with deep dark yes…. (HT to Bob Dylan)

“Night Moves” by Bob Seger.


“Superhero movies are nothing more than the modern representation of the folklore heros of the past.”


Superhero movies are manifestations of the “current truth” as defined by the “masters” of the DNC.

In history, such beings were ‘gods’ and worshiped as such, but who had no bearing on anything in people’s day to day lives.

The modern “superhero” is a being of pure PC and social justice, seeking to end the reign of the “oppressors” in society who are “keeping us down”.

Interestingly, the “bad guys” always equal the left’s insane representation of the top Republican–which is why Thranos is so much like the insane “orange man bad” meme.

So take my advice, skip these movies and stop funding the insanity.

Slow Joe

We are in the age of teh internetz.

You don’t have to go to a theater to watch a movie in a big screen with surround sound.


I enjoy the Avengers movies but I’m also burned out on them. Here is one difference with modern superhero movies as opposed to older heroic tales.

Heroes that can die are more compelling.

Most Marvel superheroes are portrayed as either impervious to almost any danger or are close to it. What stakes are in it for Superman (the most obvious example of this)? Not much. Even the way the completely human heroes (Hawkeye, Black Widow, Batman) are portrayed, they may as well be invincible. Achilles actually died. Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino” is a hero, the stakes were high and he ended up dying for a righteous cause. It made you care more.

At least Bruce Wayne gets beaten up a lot. (Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the most beaten up superhero of them all – Daredevil from the TV show.)


No YouTube venture with the Avenger’s would be complete without the best music on the planet.
“Two Steps From Hell” in the fight scenes !!!

The Other Whitey

I actually like the DC movies. I don’t like Affleck, but he’s acceptable as “old, burned-out asshole Batman.” Cavill is a great Superman. Wonder Woman is the “strong female” done right, with the added advantage that Gal Gadot doesn’t go out of her way to be a raging cunt like Bree Larsen.

I’ll give this a shot. Also planning to see the new “Midway,” but it’s made by the same jackass responsible for “2012” and “Giant Hermaphrodite Iguana In New York That’s Allegedly Godzilla,” so I won’t get my hopes up.


The director of “Midway” is Roland Emmerich, who, despite being born in Germany, has always been respectful in his portrayals of the U.S. military. He also directed one of the best movies ever about the American Revolutionary War, “The Patriot.”

The Other Whitey

“Independence Day” was indeed a respectful portrayal. His 1998 “Godzilla” abortion was all the way at the other end of the spectrum, portraying every branch as trigger-happy numbnuts who cause more collateral damage than the giant lizard, which they can’t seem to hit despite the big bastard being visible from space, and to top off this seven-layer insult sundae, have to be saved by Ferris Bueller.


General: You must save your brother…..and 1600 other men….

Soldier: You can’t use a landline and call up to the lines? Or close to them?

General: No. We want you to run across fields while there is shelling going on.

Soldier: Can I at least ride a horse or something to get to close to the lines and trenches?

General: Sorry….no…that wouldn’t be as dangerous.

Soldier: So why is this happening?

General: Because in 100 years someone is going to make a movie and people will say “see how accurate this is?”

Soldier: So we can see the future now?

General: Absolutely.

Soldier: Couldn’t we just make a movie based on the video game Battlefield 1 and not launch this attack?

General: In 100 years, people won’t read history books or do any real research…they’ll just go to the movies and consider themselves learned.

Soldier: Can I get some popcorn before I go?


I seem to recall in the movie “Gallipoli” it was Mel Gibson’s job to save his unit by delivering the message to call off the attack.


You remember the movie correctly.

The event portrayed in the movie was not historically correct.

Can’t we have a movie where the story is accurate?


Can’t we have a movie where the story is accurate?

Absolutely. The next ‘Top Gun’ comedy is playing soon.


Top Gun would be a great movie if they would just cut out everything but the shipboard and flying scenes!


Sure, those are called “documentaries.” And even documentaries are not always 100% accurate.


“Landlines” required wires to carry the signal. Meaning that someone had to have previously strung those wires; hard to do when you’re constantly under fire. No wires = no landline. The alternative is for a runner has to hand-carry the message. They also used carrier pigeons during World War One.

The Other Whitey

Mounted/motorcycle couriers and runners were used extensively in WWI. Phone lines were frequently cut by artillery and sappers, or just plain failed. Field radios were a thing, but were extremely bulky, heavy, could only send and receive Morse, required a lot of setup prior to use, and were much less reliable than the aforementioned unreliable field telephones, so they were rarely even issued, much less used. Both sides had major problems with coordination as a result.

The scenario presented in the trailer, though certainly played up for drama, is not at all implausible. An attack has been ordered, the battlefield situation has changed, and so the attack has been cancelled/postponed/redirected. A unit is out of touch and presumably still acting on the original orders. They will cross No Man’s Land with open flanks and no artillery support, to predictable result. This happened more than a few times between 1914 and 1918.


Thank you. You’ve obviously read a history book, or two. And proved that the previous poster (who was scoffing at the scenario in the movie trailer) has not done much of the same.


Ole Adolf Hitler was a runner during WW1. Received his Iron Cross for that.

Runners had a very low survival rate. Anyone doing it had to have quite a big pair to keep doing it.

The Other Whitey

Hitler appears to have been assigned runner duty because his brown-nosing backfired. He is also said to have lost a nut to shrapnel.