Regarding domestic terrorist PFC Corwyn Carver

| July 13, 2019

PFC Corwyn Carver receiving an award- be ironic if it was a good cookie.

I received an email from Nate Thayer, journalist and TAH supporter. Seems he’s had the goods on this Carver fellow, but his chain-of-command is indifferent to the evidence, including photos like this:

Heil the bathroom selfi

And this:

t shirt
Tres chic, sporting a Charles Manson tee.

And my personal favorite:

nice doggy
Nice doggy.

Here’s Nate’s email, slightly redacted for privacy.

Dear Mr. Volb:

It has come to my attention that the Unites States Army Criminal Investigative Division at Fort Bliss has concluded that an armed domestic terrorist (according to his own words and corroborated photos, documentation, and images) is not.

PFC Corwyn Carver is an avowed leader of a recognized domestic terror group, the Atomwaffen Division. PFC Carver has pledged allegiance to Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson, according to his own words, while currently a member of 4th Battalion, 27th field artillery regiment, the 2cd Armored Brigade Combat Team currently stationed at Ft. Bliss, Texas.

PFC Carver has vowed to carry out terrorists attacks targeting ethnic and religious minorities while he is currently serving and armed and trained by the United States Army.

Do your fucking job and save me, and the rest of the Free World, from having to connect the dots for you.

I remain here at this email and XXX-XXX-XXX.


Nate Thayer

Maybe a little public sunlight will get CID off the stump. Like this post.

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The Other Whitey

Big Navy will railroad a decorated SEAL based on paper-thin hearsay and speculation. But Big Army won’t slap down a nobody PFC who openly flaunts his deviancy?

I agree that the little pissant is most likely all talk, but still…


LOL get in line that’s like half the US Army.


Amen ^^^^^
On the above comment
How ironic


Do your fucking job and save me, and the rest of the Free World, from having to connect the dots for you.

Talk about putting a foot up someone’s ass to get them to do their job!

Excellent work, Nate!

Thanks for the update, AW1Ed…


Get rid of Carver. First thought: He’s 22, his brain hasn’t settled. But, he will cause failure of good order and discipline in the ranks, and if his fellow soldiers won’t jack him up, further up the chain of command has to. If he is spreading his thoughts, his NCOs already should have told him to shut up. As long as he wears a uniform, he does not have 1st Amendment right of free speech.

5th/77th FA

I know I’m old, small framed,a long way from Texas, and getting decrepit, but I would LOVE to grab this little pissant by the throat the way he has the little chihuahua. It is obvious from the picture that he is squeezing that dog to make the dog open up his jaws like that. I’d like to pop his punk ass head like the over ripe pimply ass piece of sh^t he is. Get this… Read more »

jim h

What a stupid little faggot. You just know this little cretin got beaten up a lot in school.


“got beaten up a lot in school”

Probably with good reason.


… by the cheerleaders.


With 12″ dildos…


Either that, or he spent most of his high school time looking out through the vents in his locker door, while begging the guys who stuffed him in the locker to let him out.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He likely spent a lot of time drying his hair after getting “swirlied” by the Jocks!


Didn’t we just do a D&C on this puke?
I figured he was toast but I figured wrong.
Ok, this time make it a full Hysterectomy.

Nice to hear from ya Nate. Drop by when you can.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He should have been the recipient of many a blanket party by now, but that’s something that the CID cockroaches would come out and go after!


While I admire Mr Thayer’s writing style, one wonders if he has considered the fact that he might be interfering with a CID undercover sting investigation. It is possible that PFC Server was “sheep dipped” at MEPS and selected for this dangerous “black ops” assignment (that’s where they take a black sharpie and draw a line through your name). Now, before you think I’m crazy… please, Mr Thayer, I beseech you to do more research… Read more »

Nate Thayer

Yeah, right. And you can argue that the earth is flat, too…

Jus Bill

So you really think the little turd is a super duper super secret CID agent? Really? I have this bridge…


Check out the links.
Or don’t.


You gotta Bridge?!!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.


It seems a couple of readers may be having problems regarding sarcasm detection.

Nate Thayer

It seems a couple of readers are just plain bat shit


Welcome to TAH. We’re all crazy here. And we’ve raised sarcasm to a art form.


I love your work, NT, but you really should check out the two links GDContractor provided. I’m pretty sure that afterwards the sarcasm in his remarks will be obvious.

Short version: one of the “go to” claims for phonies making obviously outrageous claims is “black ops” and “sheep dipped” or “sealed” personnel files.

Nate Thayer

Ok. I did. And you are correct. And I apologize….


No need to apologize Mr. Thayer. No offense taken and none meant. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight. Sincerely. (no sarc)


And to be honest, my original comment was probably influenced by my having watched “A Noble Lie” about 12 hours before I commented sarcastically. There are apparently folks out there who excuse McVeigh’s “associations” because they claim he was a government agent, SF, etc.

MSG Eric

Good Deal….


“sheep dipped”

Here is real example. I recall the rumors and read what I could find but did not realize the scope of it until declassified many years later.

Slow Joe

This is crazy.

When this blow up his CoC will learn to keep an eye on their privates.

I don’t use social media, but I have a bunch of logins to check on my little retards from time to time, just the way my 1SG googles my name from time to time.

Thankfully he doesn’t know about the shit I say here in TAH…..

Your First Sergeant

So you think!

Dennis - not chevy

Back in the ’70’s two Airman were discharged for being members of the KKK. There’s the precedent.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Not just that, I’m sure that there have been a number of others!

Nate Thayer

It seems a couple of readers are just plain bat shit


He needs an “incident”.
Involving stairs.
With several visually/ acoustically impaired personell in the immediate vicinity.

Peace to all.

Except this POS.

Nate Thayer

Okay. That was hilarious. Maybe iI
wasn’t supposed to laugh, but I couldn’t help it…



Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

From what I can see of the enclosed three pics……I see nuttin’. Could be anyone in those pics.


Facts are scary.
(not sure how to do the fake sarc thing, so I will wing it.)


We had a creature something like this in my unit. Whenever a movie would feature Nazis, he would riff on “greatest military” yada yada.

I made a point of destroying his statements. “They lost. ” or some lengthy discourse on whatever he had cited.

He tended to get angry. Quite a bit.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’ve known one or two of that breed, they tend to go to pieces when you ask them what else they could do other than mass murder and make trains run on time!

A Proud Infidel®™

As well as lose a war!

MSG Eric

Sounds similar to when you tell a liberal that Socialism doesn’t work and give them the many examples of how it’s failed, along with the over 100 Million people who’ve been killed because of it.


The army does not need this pos

USMCMSgt (Ret)

The Army could benefit from shitcanning this fuckwit like the Marine Corps did with Vasilios Pistolis.

PFC Pistolis was booted after the Corps was notified of his involvement in the violence in Charlottesville, Va some time ago.

A Proud Infidel®™️

PFC Corwyn Carver needs to be jettisoned from the US Army. Let’s not forget that some years ago on Fort Bragg there was a group of White Supremacist nutjobs, one of which went on a murder spree to “earn his spiderwebs”.

Cameron Kingsley

Earn his spiderwebs? What does that mean?


It’s a tat to show that one has spent a lot of time enjoying the Cockmeat Sammiches at the BTJT Deli.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s either a prison tat for a long timer or white supremacist losers sport it bragging they’ve killed someone who isn’t white


I remember reading about this douchewagon a year ago and yet he’s still in?

Big Army is that fucking hard up?


Hard to believe
They definitely don’t have any issues
Throwing their high speeds under the bus

A Proud Infidel®™

Just look at how quickly in the past they’ve suddenly bent over backward for types like E8 Moerk!


Spec8 Moerk – FIFY/s