The Burn Pit

| July 13, 2019

The Pentagon acknowledges the risks of burn pits, which the U.S. military has used to get rid of human, food, equipment and other waste while downrange, and is looking for alternatives while pledging to do a better job tracking how exposure affects service members.

But there are no plans to stop using them.

In the report, the Pentagon acknowledges that burning hazardous waste, tires and plastic in open pits creates dangerous fumes, but they it is still done during deployments if the local combatant commander ? currently, they’re only used in U.S. Central Command ? can’t find a good alternative. –  Article

Here’s a link to the Burn Pit Registry, which contains links to articles about exposure to toxic materials from burn pits.

If there are delays in Congress to pass legislation quickly, instead making veterans wait until they are dead, as is implied in the article, then this needs to be looked into. It was bad enough that the claims of illnesses related to dioxin compounds by those exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam were blown off. This is at least as bad, and the delay, as the article says, seems to be aimed at waiting until the claimants are dead.

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“how exposure affects service members”

Burning human waste aka “shit” in the Viet of the Nam was a ritual. A unique experience that makes one a better person.
You had to be there to understand the subtle nuance of the lesson learned.


Maybe that’s where the term shit stirring started? Especially on Red Pill Day. Hated it when they put the drums back in while still hot.


They will admit it once we are all dead. Like Agent Orange. Saved a fortune by not having to pay out.


” makes one a better person.”

It made me “all that I can be”, just like they said.

Just me and my M17 Protective Mask, pondering the secrets of the universe and trying to stay upwind.

“Double, double, toil and trouble
diesel burn and shit bubble
fillet of a scupper trout
in the barrel swim about…”

5th/77th FA

This should be a no brainer. Oh…my bad. We’re talking about congress critters and their lack of action.

Give me an apron. I’ll join VOV on KP.


It is worse than just “burns” and the affects on military personnel.

The Army Corps of Engineers admitted to discharging water from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers that has contained toxic cyanobacteria.

In Brevard County, the Air Force appears to have buried – literally buried their trash and waste and discarded items. Those items include things like barrels of toxic liquids, jeeps, parts for machines and planes, fire-fighting foam, etc. The stuff was buried in a land fill and then homes were built over the land fill. The biggest problem seems to be that the toxic liquids have seeped into the water table. The area around Patrick Air Force Base has a higher cancer and other disease rates than surrounding areas and the state of Florida.

Slow Joe

Agent Orange sounds suspiciously like a code word for the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Slow Joe, you might want to do some research on Agent Orange before saying something like that.


That, actually, is pretty funny.


Made me laugh. I had an image of Trump playing “Agent Orange” on ‘Get Smart’. I think he would fit right in.


My workshop in KAF was very close to the burnpit and we were frequently downwind.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I did plenty of convoys to BAF and we frequently were staged downwind from their burn pit.


Next thing you know, people will complain about dumping ammunition ASP won’t take back and POL that can’t be returned to the point of issue. You want to see something that really, really, really burns, watch artillery dudes burn powder bags.

A Proud Infidel®™

Or when Mortar Crews burn their excess propellant!

Karen D Williams

I served in Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary 1995-1996 for Operation Joint Endeavor. We had burn pits, yet I have found no recognition of such. In addition, no reference of the exposure to chemicals in the environment from the Bosnian conflict… Concerned!! 🤔