Batter-brained IHOP can kiss my bucks goodbye

| July 7, 2019


Our own Poetrooper is back, opining on expendable income and where he chooses to spend it. Seems the list of no-goes has expanded, and in his gentle, subtle way he shares his reasoning with us. Poe:

I don’t go out of my way to determine the political affinities of establishments where I spend my consumer dollars. But they should understand that that doesn’t mean I’ll simply ignore their bad behaviors when they corporately and symbolically spit in my face over a political or cultural issue.

Thus, I have not darkened the doors of a Dick’s or a Target store in some years now, nor have I had a bowl of any Kellogg’s cereal since I can last remember. Too many of our corporate executives discount the inconvenient truth that so many American consumers, once lost by a politically correct, virtue-signaling concession to any of the various liberal identity groups, are difficult to ever bring back to the fold. This arrogant disbelief is likely willful, as any such admission of knowing their actions may well be financially detrimental over the long term could get them into serious trouble with shareholders.

Two of these latest corporate transgressors are Nike and IHOP. Since Nike products have always been grossly overpriced, I can’t boycott them, for the simple reason that I’ve never wasted my hard-earned dollars on their products. I prefer New Balance, which so far remains free of liberal virtue-signaling. IHOP is a different matter — it didn’t just try to placate liberals, but insulted a family member. Or so it seems, since Tucker Carlson is in my living room every night, setting examples in moral and political courage that our GOP members of Congress and Corporate America really should take to heart. Maybe IHOP’s execs, who just announced they’ll no longer advertise on Tucker’s very popular evening program, should have considered this:

Fox News’ prime-time lineup of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham had a larger combined average audience in the second quarter of 2019 than all of CNN’s programming combined.

Surely, they wouldn’t ignore such an important potential advertising trend as the continuing ascendancy of Fox News primetime headliners, Carlson and Hannity, and the concomitant decline in viewers for that icon of LGBTQW* thought, Rachel Maddow? Tell me they wouldn’t do that to their loyal (NYSE: DIN) shareholders — no, surely not. Ah, but they did, and most interestingly, just at the time they’re changing CEO’s

Perhaps the board of directors was less than enamored of the departing fellow (an oil industry exec)’s recently ill advised and short-lived menu bending surgical change from IHOP to IHOb, the International House of burgers. Talk about serious post-operative complications — the surgery fails to take, and you lose your Daddy? Whose big idea it all was? Good grief! That’s hard to take even without your already suffering from menu-assignment issues.

Luckily for me, in our town, Chick-fil-A is directly across the street from IHOP. Guess I’ll just have to eat an early lunch instead of a late breakfast from now on. As an added benefit, that will save me the hassle of waiting in those long, unruly lines of IHOb burger aficionados. IHOP, and, by the way, its Applebee’s restaurants, as well, can kiss my bucks goodbye. And you can bet your bucks, just as with Dick’s, Target, and Kellogg’s, I won’t be back anytime soon, likely ever.

*W: Whatever…

I have been mystified by this new business model that shuts out half of the customer base. Must be one of those ‘feel good’ marketing techniques, but I don’t see that putting smiles on the faces of various boards of directors.

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Yeah, this is the result of all of those “wise” marketing people who graduated from any 4 year institute of “higher learning”.
I never figured out why anyone thought insulting at least half of your customer base was a great idea.
Is that the junior year class, How to Lose Money?


They’re practicing “social responsibility” that they learned when getting their MBA’s (I had to go through part of a course when getting my MBA that specifically talked about that concept – too much PC bullshit).


Kellogg’s is still in business? Really?

I can think of only two places I’d go for pancakes these days. One is a small roadside restaurant run by a Greek immigrant family, and the other is a small restaurant run by an Albanian immigrant at the intersection of two highways in a small town 150 miles west of me.

Otherwise, I stay home, get out the cast iron skillet and make my own crepes, with LOTS of butter and real maple syrup.

I have yet to patronize any of those facilities mentioned. The only Applebees I know about has been closed for over a year and the building is for sale. Maybe some hibachi entrepreneur will pick up the building and do something with it.


“make my own crepes, with LOTS of butter and real maple syrup”

and link sausage surounding the crepe to keep the butter pats floating on the sea of syrup.


I agree, wholeheartedly, with the Dick’s boycott. Never eat at IHOP, anyway. Not clear on the Kellogg’s or Target issue. Not a big purveyor of either, anyway, just curious as to why they are in the spotlight.

I don’t use any Kellogg’s products anyway, but I’d like to know if I need to find a new place to buy LEGOs.


When did this happen? The last Target I pissed in (granted, not recent) had separate latrines.



I’ve been boycotting google since the employee protest over US military contracts.


I use StartPage or DuckDuckGo. No tracking. That way, I can be confident that whatever I searched won’t show up in a thousand ads on my FB newsfeed five minutes later.

I’m also exploring the Brave browser, for the same privacy reasons.


That was Microsoft.

Or maybe they’re just another one of the losers.


You can buy LEGOs directly from LEGO at this location:

Or get them through Amazon, if nothing else.


Thanks, but they’re usually an impulse purchase.


So are hiking boots. But they feed a need, so…. 🙂


There are LEGO stores in various places (usually shopping malls) across the U.S.

MI Ranger

Yes but those of us still buying them for ourselves know that since Toys R Us went out of business the only stores that put Legos on sale are Target and Walmart…no one else can meet the bulk purchase requirements. Shop Lego only has two sales a year, and they aren’t very good.
I had not noticed the “policy change” at Target, will have to look into that. Wife likes to shop there.

5th/77th FA

IHOP = I’m Highly Over Priced, I Hire Only Punks, I Have Obnoxious Policies ect ect

Get you a Waffle House Franchise close by Poe. You can have breakfast, dinner, or supper 24/7/365. American owned and operated and they always have 2 separate restrooms. Never had a bad meal at one. Turn left just past the Big Chicken.


Bob Evans restaurants do breakfast right. I have had consistently great service locally and when travelling

Lunch and supper are good too.

Retired Grunt

I get a breakfast at waffle house, 9 dollars, same breakfast at IHOP…. 19…. NO THANKS

A Proud Infidel®™️

DITTO on Waffle House, they make a mean Patty Melt!

Daisy Cutter

I go to the Cracker Barrel but now I’m thinking my going there could be viewed as racist.

A Proud Infidel®™

Well I’M OFFENDED now and I DEMAND that they change the name of their restaurant chain to “Caucasian-American Barrel”.

YES I’m kidding, I’m not some perpetually offended WUSSY!


I travel for work. And as far as places to eat, I’ve never been disappointed in a meal from either Waffle House or the Cracker Barrel chain of restaurants.

The CB doesn’t have the hours of the WH, but whether you’re eating at one in Mid-Florida or one in Michigan, you can be guaranteed that the meal will be good.


It’s been said,

Get Woke, go Broke.


Nearest IHOP is 200 miles away.
No wonder I never saw one.

There is only one in Vermont.
Guess where.

Comm Center Rat

Is Bernie Sanders the franchisee in Burlington?

The Stranger

Bernie? Run a business? Buy a franchise with his own money?

*cough cough*
*cough cough GASP*


IHOP…I hate em. I’ve been to their sorry excuses for restaurants all over the USA and in every single instance the service absolutely sucked and the food that came to the table was cold.

They must go out of their way to train the staff to be surly and slow.

As for the get work trend, I suspect it is because the overpaid execs are the parents of the never working SJWs living in the USA. Their only window on the real world is through their offspring.

A Proud Infidel®™️

SCREW Target, haven’t set foot in one in over ten years, to hell with Dick’s as well and now IHOP will join them on my list of places I won’t spend my money!


At least the nearest IHOP, Target, and Dick’s are in the same shopping center thus making it easier to avoid all of them. The center down the road has a Cabela’s and Home Depot side by side. Very convenient, with a Chick Fil A across the way. That place always has a line and is crowded.


Boycott businesses due to their policies and yet flock spellbound to to watch the NFL and NASCAR as if it were the holy grail of the world. Something does not smell right about this.


I stopped watching NFL after the kneeling bs started. Never watched NASCAR. You lefties sure like to paint with a broad brush. Either that or you are just dumb.


“Something doesn’t smell right about this “… it’s you. You opened your mouth, a d shit poured out. You’re smelling shit


Aww, did I hurt your feelings by putting the NFL and NASCAR into the category as these other useless places, I’d almost apologize but why, most professional sports players are more worthless then those places of business and it sure is nice to know I wasted some years of my life defending their and your right to be able to disgrace this, once upon a time, great country


I’m sorry you feel that your time was wasted defending our constitutionally guaranteed rights. I seriously enjoyed defending yours, and I’d do it again. What can I say, except you’re welcome.


Hey outcast if this country is so bad, door, ass,way out. See ya.Did not hurt my feelings about NFL or NASCAR, just pointing out your typical lefty stereo typing. Guess that was beyond your level of understanding. Have a nice day.


The USA is and will continue to be a great country.

If you truly feel you wasted your time serving it, the answers to “why” lie within the nearest mirror.


The answer to why lies in the fact that I keep being asked to go see the wall that heals in D.C. Heals what, I see a large monument that contains 58,000 names those that lost their lives doing the job they were trained to do for a ungrateful nation and many names of those that came back to be met by hatred and protests against them for trying to do it. Many of them had to be hidden from the public during transport so to allow them the quiet dignity they deserved without confrontation by protesters, buried privately so as to not cause further grief for their families conveniently provided by protesters. If I were to go to this wall that heals, that would be my mirror as to there are over 17,000 there that I failed to keep safe for their families at home in the 366 days, 6 1/2 hrs that I was sent there to protect them. As for being a leftest due to my opinion as to NFL, they sure know how to run and well they should as I would never want anyone of them to be my backup as to the fact they would be backup alright, first to be backup to safety as in turning and running away from anything that was dangerous. Turf toe, if those on the wall could have been taken out on a cart and evacuated to a hospital for treatment of a stubbed toe and paid millions of dollars to lay on their ass for several weeks that wall would be a lot smaller. May many of your precious golden warriors keep kneeling during the National Anthem and before Flag that I was taught to stand and salute for, as it is our Nations symbol of our freedom and pride that they drag in the dirt.

A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK the NFL just like I say FUCK Nike. JUST let someone take a knee when the National Anthem is played before a NASCAR Race and see just how quickly the offender gets their ass pounded into confetti, ditto at a Rodeo!

The Al

Never watched the National Felon League, stopped watching NASCAR when they went to stage racing. Nice try hitting me with that broad brush, though


Stopped watch NFL when Kap pulled his first stunt.

Stopped watching NASCAR when they started doing that “stage” bullshit. Judging by the (lack of) crowds in the grandstands, I’m not alone. NH used to be one of the hottest tickets in the area. Now they can’t even give tickets away for that race. Totally unwatchable.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Got a late start on this comment, so what is the story with Applebees??


IHOP bought ’em last year and their quality has reportedly been dropping ever since.


IHOP sucks anyway, and since my town isn’t big enough to have any other “chain” places like Denny’s (gag), Waffle House, or Cracker Barrel, I prefer to spend my breakfast money at the local eateries, one of which has Eggs Benedict (and some other variations) to die for.


Yep. Local is always best. We have a pretty good one not far from me – it’s the closest restaurant to my house – that is laid out something like an old Kip’s, or some such. Good old family style cooking with breakfast available all day. Yum.

Handy for this restaurant that it is on a major highway and that somebody built a small hotel next to it about 20 years ago. Plenty of transient business as well as the local crowd.

BlueCord Dad

Luckily I live in NJ, the diner capital of the world. I’ve never set foot in a chain restaurant for breakfast. On the road it’s Waffle House or Cracker Barrel.


Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was a Greek diner about a mile outside the main gate at NAS Pensacola, called Dan’s Fine Foods, I think, that had food to die for. Absolutely the biggest and best omelets and other breakfasts in the region.

The problem with so many mom and pop places is they lack the financial reserves to survive during downturns in the economy. Chains simply close as many stores as needed to weather the financial storms.


AW1ED, probably good thing as to the adult beverages as your waist line would have suffered even more by moving in there. here it has been my experience that the chain food restaurants have gone to prepackaged servings and when they run out of food they are out period whereas the local restaurants run out of anything you’ll see someone from behind the counter going out the back door and buying the needed supplies at the local grocery store. The other trend here is that anyone who is serving food at local events you get served food that they went down to W and buy the food and serve it for a higher price than you can buy it at W and very few cook fresh food anymore.


Tucker Carlson is an entertainer whose ethical compass swings with whatever will elevate his viewership.


Tucker Carlson was not the point of the article.

Try reading for content. You might learn something.

USMC Steve

Incorrect again. He does not do libtard, evah. And he for the most part simply brings on dumbasses and allows them to prove they are dumbasses

But your unrelated opinion is duly noted.


Commissar, what Tucker Carlson does to liberals is much like what we do to you here. Hand them the rope and watch them hang themselves.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

But that’s true of most entertainers…you know the type right? When Bush, whom they lovingly called “shrub” was in the White House we had daily reminders of the War on Terror’s death toll and every day Cindy Sheehan was outside the Bush Ranch using her dead son’s memory to promote her politics. But in 2009 all those “principled” entertainers from CNN and MSNBC along with Sheehan and the rest of the gang lost their anti-war signs. They kept them lost too even when Obama’s administration bombed additional nations the Bush never bombed. They even kept quiet when Obama stepped up the drone strike program by a factor of ten.

The funny part about all of that is both sides believe themselves to be principled, except for my money neither side particularly adheres to principle they adhere to whatever party line they’re told to adhere to, which is why there are so many echo chambers on the internet.

Conservative statists love big government as much as liberal statists do, for almost the same reasons as well. They just don’t realize it for the most part because they’re constantly taught they are different. Some of them realize after awhile that all big government ever becomes is a control mechanism. It’s never an overwhelming force for good regardless of the original intent of any law or program.

But sure, let’s pretend it’s only Tucker and the righties with a weathervane as their guide for principle.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

We seldom eat out and usually when we do we try and support local businesses that actually act as if I matter when I enter the premises.

I’ve also discovered over the years that a bit of over tipping at a small family run joint endears the waitstaff to your presence, resulting in excellent service and a welcoming attitude from said waitstaff.

With chain restaurants I find the options are actually limited and usually loaded with shit that adds meaningless calories to every entree. I’ve never eaten at IHOP though, not once in my life.

So this boycott if that’s what it is, is another easy hit for me.

DUTCH in Atlanta

Lee Greenwood was on Fox & Friends this morning. He gave credit to Target and Mike Lindell (the My Pillow guy) for helping him to build over 100 homes for disabled veterans.

So much for how badly Target treats the military.


I think the issue with Target was their plan for people using the restroom that they “identified”with. I don’t want someone with a penis in the restroom my granddaughter is using. Hoa about you?


that is How about you

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Indeed, I like my women the same way I like my tea….sweet and without a penis….


Hey Dutch, drug cartels in Mexico and South America make a big deal out of helping the poor. Does that mean we should consider them beneficent and charitable organizations worthy of our admiration and support?

Building homes for needy veterans is all well and good; but when the same corporation enacts policies that undermine this nation’s value systems, they’re sure as hell going on my shit list regardless of how much good they do in another sector. They’re not going to buy my good will with good deeds.

Mike Lindell is a hustler for certain, hyping over-priced pillows and bed ware that I’m not about to buy for the simple reason that they ARE overpriced. But until he starts pushing rainbow sheets and pillows in support of gay marriage, I have no quarrel with the guy.


pookysgirl (WC wife)

Had to boycott the IHOP by Offutt until they advertised that they were under new management several years ago due to an incident.

Waitress was slow for us, told us that they were out of a key ingredient (I think it was waffle batter or something an IHOP should always have), but the breaking point came after we finally got our meal. A Hispanic family got seated behind us and immediately our waitress was talking with them in Spanish, making sure their orders were prompt, and spending time badmouthing gringo customers.

Unfortunately for her, I had taken four years of Spanish and my husband had taken three. We knew EXACTLY what she was saying. And we made sure no tip was left or time was wasted getting out of there. I don’t think we were back for over a year, and we weren’t the only ones.

Cameron Kingsley

Very stupid decision on her part too. Once you drive too much business away, you can kiss that job of yours good bye if the business goes belly up. And that’s usually the kind of person who complains that they can’t get a another a job or find a better job (look in the mirror stupid that’s where you will find your problem). And if she hates gringos so much then what the hell is she even doing in the U.S.? Especially in a state like Nebraska and next to an Air Force base? You can always move to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, anywhere in Central America (best choice would probably would be Costa Rica as it is the most stable) or South America (except Brazil though there probably is a lot of Spanish spoken there since it is surrounded by Spanish speaking countries). That is hypocrisy at its finest right there.