Censoring and Suppressing Conservative Speech on Social Media

| July 3, 2019

1. I want to ban violence speech. 2. All the violence speech on Reddit. 3. I don’t want to ban these. 4. I want to ban the_donald.  (poorlydrawnlines.com)

Project Veritas has a video on their website that was pulled from social media shortly after it was posted. This video showed an interview with Google’s Head of Responsible Innovation. During the course of the interview with her, she mentioned things about “preventing another Trump situation” and about “not changing”.

From Project Veritas:

“Elizabeth Warren is saying we should break up Google. And like, I love her but she’s very misguided, like that will not make it better it will make it worse, because all these smaller companies who don’t have the same resources that we do will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation, it’s like a small company cannot do that.” – Jen Gennai, Head of Responsible Innovation, Google

Then-candidate Trump successfully leveraged social media like Twitter to get his information out. He also managed to define and set the tone for the environment that his opposition and he competed in. All of this against a massive leftist media tidal wave creating headwinds against conservatives… While creating tailwinds for Hilary and other Democrats.

People can’t win via an actual contest, they try to leverage the administrators to take action against the victor. (r/The_Donald/)

In the video, you could hear Jen Gennai, Google’s Head of Responsible Innovation, stating that Google wasn’t going to change despite what Congress may want. Try to do a Google search of censoring conservatives. You may get plenty of results leading to articles dismissive of the claim.

Before, entering “Reddit The Donald” in Google’s search engine would’ve delivered that subreddit to the top of the results. As time progressed, that subreddit showed up lower in the results. Before, entering a search for “Donald Trump” would’ve delivered his Twitter account, “The Donald” subreddit, and other sites related to the president. As the months progressed, his Twitter and fan subreddit did not show up at the top.

We removed your post because it’s true and makes liberals look like idiots in violation of Facebook Community Standards.  (r/The_Donald/)

This extended to finding articles supporting the conservative argument. The results increasingly showed links to articles hostile to the conservative position. However, a search of similar search terms, on other search engines, provided different results.

When there’s little to no administration or moderation, the forum tends to be conservative. Excessive moderation and administration needed for leftist arguments to stand without being challenged.  (r/The_Donald/)

Even on YouTube, those advancing conservative arguments are being the demonetized. The algorithm was manipulated to be unfavorable to conservative commentators. This including hiding their most popular videos from where they’d normally show up. Searching other YouTube accounts would have provided not only their account but their most popular videos.

Never mind that many of the conservative channels received more views and likes than the YouTube channels recommended in the search, as well as on the side.

There is an active effort, based on search results alone, to hide or even censor conservative accounts.

Project Veritas has videos of their investigative journalism. The link leads to the page containing the video where Jen Gennai “spilled the beans“.


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*This Post was removed for violating content restrictions of the interwebz


This is nothing new. Doesn’t matter if they violate the 1st Amendment in XXX ways. It’s their business and they are so squinchy that they think they can control the world. They forget that they are as mortal as the rest of us, never mind ridiculously afraid of finding out that they are viewed as idiots by people who can think for themselves.

Look at all the controversial stuff TAH hs posted over its existence. Youtube tried to block Shipley over that drumpounding drunk, and he was right back on shortly thereafter.

They’re all wrapped up in their own conceit. The door they are trying to close (free speech) swings both ways. They’ve forgotten that part.

Cameron Kingsley

They have also forgotten that in the free market, there will always be competition in some way shape or form. And if you start screwing up by trying to censor others, failing to sell good products or provide good services, committing shady practices, or insulting your costumer base and another company comes along notices what’s going on and proceeds to deliver the same service and does it better, then you just drove those consumers right into that company’s arms (may also come in the form of a disgruntled user or customer who feels like they have been unfairly shafted by the company).


“Leftist ideas cannot exist without moderation and censorship” because turds dry out in the sun and blow away in the wind.
This Great Experiment thrives on the free exchange of ideas, any a**hole that stands in the way of that Marketplace ain’t my countryman.
It’s about time for some Patriotic remedies.

Some Guy

Yes, please. I’ve always wondered why the free market squawkers haven’t managed to create right-wing alternatives to twitter, Facebook, and youtube instead always bitching about being censored and demonitized. If their ideas have any value and are able to reach a sufficiently large audience, it would surely be profitable. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not conservative, I’m just tired of the constant whining without doing anything to change the situation.


Theblefties carved out government rules that protect them, such as a declaration that they are neutral providers, but not common carriers.

They are creatures of lobbying, and have protected near- monopoly positions carefully guarded, as are all monopolies, by government power.

Prevention of liability in lawsuits, for example, is -huge-.

DuckDuckGo is an alternative to Google.
Firefox is an alternative to Chrome (google)
There are others.

Let’s have a free market. Not one where it is free for newcomers, but managed for the established.

Some Guy

Personally I don’t see them as common carriers either, since google & co are just service providers, not utility providers. IIRC, internet service providers aren’t even classified as common carriers, which IMO deserve that classification more than the services running on it. To classify facebook as one would be akin to classifying a newspaper as a common carrier, which is a bit of a stretch. But that is all speculation on my part and IANAL.
I admittedly abandoned firefox to for chrome back in the day due to its better performance, but switched back to it some years ago when the data collection practices of chrome/google became untenable for me. I wish I could abandon their search engine as well, but so far no alternative, including duckduckgo and bing, have been able to match the performance of google, at least for me.
I think the crux of the issue at hand is (near-)monopolies stifling competition. Too much data, money, and power concentrated in too few companies hurts all of us at the end of the day, and that is something both the right and left should be able to agree on.


One word: MeWe. Social media platform without the censorship.

SSG Kane

In other news (along the same lines):

mini-AOC (the 8 year old who made parody videos of AOC) was doxed and threatened with death.



Well, not to gloss over this but that’s fucked up and disgusting.
Way to go Lefties.


Well hell, they’re just fine with killing kids right up to and after birth, why not 8 Y/O…


What else do you expect from people who were bullies and brats when they were kids, NEVER punished or corrected for it, and are now physically adults but still have the mentality of schoolyard bullies?


I don’t think they were the actual bullies, I think they were the ones being stuffed in their lockers and shaken down for their lunch money on a daily basis. Now they see this as a way to get even with the world. Physically and chronologically they’re adults but they’ve never matured beyond the stage they were at when they first got stuffed in their lockers. I don’t see Zuck the Schmuck as having been the one bullying anyone, but I can picture him having received a royal flush or two… I’d be willing to give him one now in fact.


Above all else, the hardcore Left -cannot- tolerate being mocked or ridiculed.

5th/77th FA

We seem to be getting closer and closer to watering The Tree.

We apparently have plenty of tyrants. Will we have enough Patriots? My powder is dry.


Heh, I thought Jen was a woman.


Maybe it was before the surgery.


Big tech are the modern day Robber Barons. They love that they have so much power. They all think they’re benevolent dictators, but they’re all just feudal lords of their little realms looking down on the peasants with disgust and derision.

The Other Whitey

Google is the self-appointed Ministry of Truth these days. Once again, those claiming so vehemently to be “antifascist” are acting in a disturbingly fascist manner, and ironically using “Because you’re nazis!” as their justification.

I recently started watching the “Chernobyl” miniseries, and it’s pretty good. But the director apparently went on a tear about how it’s a “cautionary tale for the Trump era” or some shit. Of course, he’s actually right, but backwards. He seems to think that the Soviets somehow represent Trump. Never mind that Bryukhanov, Fomin, and Dyatlov’s refusal to recognize the explosion mirrors dozens of current democrats and their supporters on a list of issues. Or that the way that they immediately started throwing unfounded accusations at Dr. Lagasov similarly mirrors the modern political left—just replace “alarmist” with “racist,” “sexist,” or “nazi.” And how about the old communist apparatchik at the regional communist party meeting, who declares that it’s in the best interests of the common people to only know what the party says they should know? How is that not Google? And then the same guy goes on what can only be described as a zealous religious sermon about how their “faith in Soviet Socialism will be rewarded!” Their lack of self-awareness is shocking.

I have no problem with people having opinions that don’t line up with my own. I don’t care for bloviating assbags like Lars, and wouldn’t (and didn’t) mind him being banned for that reason, but I am glad for people like LC who can present the opposing view without being a self-righteous douche. I rarely if ever agree with LC, but I read his replies carefully and value his input.

I think we can all agree on two things. First, that silencing opinions you don’t like is, by definition, FASCIST, and therefore has no place in America. Second, attempting to silence your opponent is admitting that you cannot refute their position.


“but I am glad for people like LC who can present the opposing view without being a self-righteous douche. I rarely if ever agree with LC, but I read his replies carefully and value his input.

I think we can all agree on two things. First, that silencing opinions you don’t like is, by definition, FASCIST, and therefore has no place in America. Second, attempting to silence your opponent is admitting that you cannot refute their position.”

THIS +100!


Media companies are becoming “The Ministry of Truth” as covered in the book “1984”. Offend at your peril.


When the internet goes down these people will be out of business. Careful what you hitch your wagon to. Those PN junctions are fragile.


Masks are used by violent mobs to prevent legal repercussions.

Blackeads/blackshirts/whatever and Klan and similar “terrorize the opposition” groups are the example.

Anonymity is not in itself wrong. Actually, I think it important in a free society, despite the occasional misuse.

So how to neutralize thugs who seek to terrorize and get away with it? “We can get you, but you can’t get us.”

The Second Amendment is the key, and the right of self defence is the answer.

Does anyone think those cowardly blackhead Fascist Action Group idiots, or their sheet-head colleagues, would become violent if gunfire from the victims was the likely reply?

No one ever lynched a willing and able man who walked with Sam Colt.

Free people are better at, and more responsible with, deadly force than thug mobs. Time, I think, to remove the protections given to thug mobs when their victims are disarmed.

It is well past time for Civil Rights lawsuits against authorities complicit in these lynch mobs through disarming the lynch targets.

Also time to ensure the black-shirted ShutzStaffel LARP crowd knows they are being used to provoke lethal responses so the Movement can have Martyrs. Reading to them from their own Communist masters’ writings would be instructive.

Marking devices are another approach for masked mob control. LEOs spraying them with dye for example. “Milkshakes” were their idea, after all.

Top of the list has to be litigation against officials allowing free-range mobs to flourish. Our governments exist, first and foremost, to protect our -rights-. Portland is in a state of insurrection, by the city government. They have openly sided with the mob, by standing back and allowing the mob to be violent and intimidating.

Best put the brakes on this crap now. Otherwise, this will spread, and consume us all.


Here’s what’s going on in Portland, OR. And the two senators from that state think it’s more important to get homes for homeless cats than it is to protect citizens from Antifa mobs.



Watch the speed of tune change when the mobs turn on their current patrons.

The model for the Fascist Action Groups is:
Mao’s Red Guard, and the Cultural Revolution

These mob actions will grow, and metastasize. But they are totally dependent upon the State to protect and enable them.

Cameron Kingsley

Kinda makes me wonder what will happen, what they will think, and what they will do when the very state they support potentially ends up turning on them and they become the targets just like what happened with the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin. To use George Orwell’s Animal Farm, I wonder what poor Boxer was thinking when he was carted off to the knacker’s to be killed thanks to Napoleon after he had worked his ass off supporting the farm through thick and thin only to be thrown away like trash after he had worked himself so hard he collapsed from extreme exhaustion (in other words, he was no longer useful to the pigs). Even worse, Napoleon and Squealer let him to believe he was being taken to a veterinarian when he actually wasn’t and Napoleon had no intention of doing that. Unfortunately, he was too stupid to realize that he was played for a fool and realized too late that he had been used all along and was being disposed of because he was no longer useful to Napoleon. Must of been a real punch to the gut when you pour your heart and soul into fighting for a cause and doing your job diligently to support that cause only to be discarded in the end either because you are no longer useful or you are considered either a liability or an actual threat by those in power that you supported. I am sure many people in ANTIFA will not like it when they potentially end up being in the crosshairs of the very same people they supported and fought for, thrown under the bus by their own comrades so those comrades can get a larger share of the pie of power for themselves, or simply discarded once they are no longer needed just like what happened to poor Boxer.


Just wait until those Useful Idiots think they get to tell their masters what to do. Then they will get doxxed/busted pronto.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like how Hitler’s SA, the “Sturmabteilung” or “Brown Shirts” were suddenly disposed of in favor of Himmler’s SS.

Cameron Kingsley

I had completely forgotten about that one API. A very good addition my friend. And if I am not mistaken, Himmler did have a hand in influencing that decision.

A Proud Infidel®™

We can ALWAYS count on politicians to deliver 24K stupidity!

Slow Joe

But, if this is true, wouldn’t American Thinker be dominated by conservatives instead of all those anti-semites posting in the comment section?

Sorry but while we can agree that censorship is bad for all, the idea that conservatives would dominate social media without censorship is flawed.

There are far too many radical muslims and radical anti-semites to make your assertion true.

A Proud Infidel®™

Please go back to coloring and DO NOT eat the crayons!

Slow Joe

But, if this is true, wouldn’t American Thinker be dominated by conservatives instead of all those anti-semites posting in the comment section?

Sorry but while we can agree that censorship is bad for all, the idea that conservatives would dominate social media without censorship is flawed.

There are far too many radical muslims and radical anti-semites to make your assertion true.