I Love the Sound of Choppers Over My Roof

| June 29, 2019

Sikorsky in flight

Washington, DC, residents report that the sounds of helicopters overhead make them feel as though they’re in a war zone.


They are, per the article, seeking to sell off their million-dollar residences and move to million-dollar dwellings elsewhere.

Who knew that living in an area surrounded by the military bases listed in the article would make some benighted soul flashback to Kersh Guntzaman’s traumatic one-time encounter with a weapon that made him realize his manhood had never arrived.

The horror!!

Every time the Marines fly anywhere near my house, I can see my tax dollars at work. I do like to know that I get my money’s worth.

Settle in with a cold one. It’s gonna be a bumpy jolt when you fall off your chair, laughing.


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Lurker Curt

Hell, most of the first ten years of my life was Air Force bases, I now live a mile from the airport…love the sound of aircraft overhead!

Comm Center Rat

Spent the first 17+ years of my life living on or adjacent to Air Force bases with flying missions. Jet noise is the sound of freedom and I like it loud!


This is like the people who buy a house facing the freeway and then complain of the noise. Then the government buys/builds them a sound wall.

This is like the people who buy a house for 20% under market value because it’s at the end of an international airport’s runway and then complain about noise. Then the government buys them all new windows and insulation.

These people just want something for free out of this.

The author of this piece is great though. I love his style. And I’d totally forgotten about Kersh Guntzaman’s exposing his lack of testicles. Great reads.

Club Manager, USA ret.

When we were in Hickam AFB base housing, I loved hearing the F-4’s making tactical approaches as they landed to RON before heading to Nam’.

My, My, My


5th/77th FA

It’s Trump’s fault. If he had of continued with oblowme’s dismantling of the US Military, the assorted bases around DC would have been all closed by now. America has always been ready to defend the Nation from external enemies, but the internal ones…not so much. DC has been surrounded by forts since what, the time frame during the WBTS? Maybe the noise (read, sound of freedom) or the onset of them catching the PTS of D will cause some of the swamp dwelling rats to finally move to Canada.

Here’s a novel idea. The FIRST thought of a permanent location for the Capitol was to be in the center of the country. Maybe we should move it to say, Nebraska? Or maybe the complainers should unwad their drawers and quit their bitching.


““For me, it brings up a visceral fear reaction,” a Bethesda, Maryland, resident told the Post.”

For myself & other grunts, the “wopp, wopp, wopp” sound of the rotors was music to our ears in most cases. It meant: a much needed dustoff for our wounded, being re-supplied with beans, bullets & mail, bringing in FNG’s ;), gunships rolling in with support fire, being pulled out of the boonies and coming in to get those who were getting ready to DEROS home.

Phucking whiners!!

PS: I STILL love hearing the “whop, whop, whop” to this day and hear it way before the civilians around me do. (smile)


how weak are you if the mere sound of a helicopter gives you a “visceral fear reaction”?

I live near DC and most of the helicopter noise is news channels, cops, and sea rescue types. We get an occasional presidential flight over us, and on one weekend a month, some ARNG flights.

And I live less than 2 miles from Davison AAF which serves the Pentagon and DoD as well as the VA ARNG.

These are the same people who wear pussy hats.

Eff em.


These ain’t them black helicopters are they. Good lord what morons.

A Proud Infidel®™

What a bunch of candyassed BITCHES, the same breed who would buy a house next to a Railroad Right of Way and then bitch, piss and moan about the noise from that!

Jus Bill

Notice that these p*ssies are NOT complaining about the illegal aliens and MS-13 gang bangers that live next door. Oh, wait…


The walls they built around their little private communities keep them out.

They probably started to notice the choppers when they were outside screaming in impotent rage at the sky that Orange Man bad.

The Other Whitey

My house lies beneath the flight path of Marine Hueys, Cobras, Ospreys, and -53Es from Miramar to training areas in Imperial County. My neighbors and I enjoy the sound of freedom! I live midslope on a southwest aspect hillside, so when they fly in the evening I get some truly incredible views of the aircraft silhouetted against a gorgeous sunset from my deck.

These whiners are like those idiots who buy a house next to a dairy, then try to get the dairy shut down because they don’t like the smell. It was there when you bought the fucking house, dipshits! The only way you couldn’t have known about it is if you were dumb enough to buy the place without going to see it first. You have no right to complain!


While living about ten miles out from BGR I could recognize a UH-1 before it left the ground.
It was pretty constant during the 90’s when they flew around looking for pot grows. And they found quite a few!

For a few years the VT ANG was flying F-15’s out of BGR and made quite a racket. Then there were the old KC-135 Tankers with fan jets. Man those engines were loud even on final.
Black smoke trailing like a locomotive.


“VT ANG was flying F-15’s out of BGR”

F-16’s. not 15’s

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

We had a house in Laurelton Queens, NYC and were in one of the flight paths going into Idlewild Airport (JFK) and the Connies and I think if my memory serves me correct, we had DC 3’S flying so low over our house, we could read the big black lettering/numbers under the wings. Later on when the first 707’s came over, it got a little noisier. During winter times if the wind was blowing north from Idlewild, we could smell the fuel and hear noise from the jets and prop planes.


Growing up in the Boston suburbs we had C-119 Flying Boxcars from Hansom and Westover in formations.
And blimps. Navy blimps! They blocked the sun!
And Bell helicopters spraying for mosquitos.
Talk about chem trails…hold my beer.


707s and 727s are loud as all hell compared to modern jet airliners. Anyone who complains about modern jet aircraft should have to have lived near some in the 70s and 80s. The birds now as whisper quiet by comparison.

Club Manager, USA ret.

Man, you are older than dirt. How many of us are there left who remember Idlewild? My first overseas PCS to England was on a Connie.


I happen to live just south of the runways for Patrick AFB in Florida. The base is located on a barrier island, and has one of the best surfing spots in the county less than 100 yards from the flight paths. Because the air traffic around the base is not as crowded as other areas, jets and planes from other bases will come and practice landings, touch and go’s etc. It’s loud. It’s annoying. It’s glorious as all get out. Anyone who doesn’t like the sound of the American military can find solace and quiet in another country as far as I am concerned. Apocryphal story: PAFB used to host a “visitors day” every year. Every other year the Thunderbirds would make an appearance. (One of the waypoints for their show was a school that is across the street from me. There is nothing like an F-18 screaming down the street at less than 100 feet off the ground. But I digress.) The story is that because the runway is perpendicular to state road A1A, the road is now closed to traffic during the show. The reason for that closure is that years ago, a plane came roaring down the runway in a low level pass, and started to ascend vertically by hitting the afterburner. The angle of jet and the timing of igniting the afterburner blew a 4 foot hole in A1A, melting the asphalt and scaring the heck out of people traveling on the road. There are lots… Read more »


Thot the Blue Angels flew F18s? Think the Thunderbirds drive F16s.




“Forget it, he’s rolling.” (smile)


Where I live and work, it’s an airshow every day. The F-35 maybe stealthy to radar, but that sucker is LOUD. Building shaking, work stopping LOUD. I was glad when they finished test on the thing, but it was cool watching it fly at a snail’s pace while its F/A-18 chase bird flew ovals around it, all dirtied up.


I used to live under the final approach of Carswell AFB when it was home to B-52s, KC-135s, and a Reserve wing of F-16s. On weekends, every T-37 and T-38 within range was parked on the transient ramp while students did their cross-countries. Good times! Except when the weather was bad and cocky O2 and O3 instructor pilots would come in and try to order me (an O1) to change the forecast so they could leave. . .

USMCMSgt (Ret)

My grandparents lived in Westworth Village, just south of the base but nestled north of I-30. B-52s departing is typically what we saw, and it was amazing every time. We were sad to see the bomb wing relocate to Barksdale.

Mustang Major

I am under the final approach to MacDill AFB. Wheels are down and flaps are extended when they go over. Love hearing my tax dollars (or is it national debt) at work.

I set up a female manikin laying on a towel with only a bikini bottom on by the pool last summer. I couldn’t tell if they were coming in any lower during the approach, but there were a couple of low ones. My wife told me to knock it off and act my age.

Lurker Curt

I fuckin love this- the doing of it, not your wife telling you to stop…


“The noise you hear is the sound of freedom!”

After 23 years of living on or near numerous Naval Air Stations that noise is music to my ears.

I do have a visceral reaction, but it aint’t fear…..😁🇺🇸


Oh my. What -precious- little snowflakes!


You want aircraft noise? Live near a SAC B-52 base. Wake up a few times at 3:00 AM while the base scrambles all those B-52s over your head and you can get PTSD. The sound of freedom? Naw, more like the sound of the Apocalypse.


BTDT! Loved it!

A Proud Infidel®™

Just the thought of that gives me a #1 Freedom Boner®™!


Satire, of course.

Kuntzman’s distressing experience was reenacted in the video below.


These are the kinds of people that complained about the smell of horse shit back when Fort Myer was a cavalry post.


They are -intimately- familiar with horseshit.

They wouldn’t notice if a cavalry division paused in their front yard.


The more aircraft that fly over me, the better I like it.
American Airlines is ceasing operation of the MD-80 series of aircraft this September, that airline may be the last US operator. Might look into a short haul round trip just to sit in the rear and hear the unique buzz saw sound of those great Pratt & Whitney JT8Ds.


Choppers overhead sound like Freedom at work to me . Does anybody here privately think “Pop Smoke” or “Birds Inbound” when they hear a chopper ?




They also sound like a much needed ride back to the Bn firebase or the Brigade base camp instead of a 14-20 klick hike through the jungle. And yes, I think both when I hear the beloved sound of a Huey.


Yep, that’s me coming to take you back. But be advised Sir, we have some horse trading to do before you leave the bird. I’ve got the Archie&Jughead comics, you’ve got the LRP rations. Let’s work the whole thing out, OK?/smile


I hear the coppers comin’.
Flying overhead.
They’ve come to get our wounded.
They’ve come to get our dead.

Oh, what a way to fight a war….


What a bunch of entitled shithead snowfucks.
Yes, I grew up around the Beltway and around “Monkey” county MD.
Jesus Christ. Go move to Montana or something.