Bad Messaging Choices

| June 26, 2019

I tell you – you just can’t make this stuff up.

EXHIBIT ONE:  David Hogg

The media’s favorite gun control advocate is back in the news claiming that he has had no less than seven attempts on his life based on his stance on gun control.

I guess the theme here is that his message has been so effective that people need to silence his voice.  We certainly don’t advocate violence but to those that even consider it I would say it is just as effective to turn the channel or click somewhere else.

Is it just me – or is David Hogg yesterday’s news anyway?

But here is the point – You gotta love the quote “I want to go to school and, for lack of a better word, weaponize my knowledge and learn as much as possible to end violence.”

Perhaps Hogg should fire his public relations director – oh, wait – that’s David Hogg himself.

EXHIBIT TWO:  Elizabeth “1/1024th” Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren sparked controversy when she celebrated her birthday at Planned Parenthood.

Anyone else see the irony here?


Next, she will attempt the trifecta and celebrate next year’s birthday with a teepee in front of a Planned Parenthood and state “If you can just make it past the birth canal you can be anything you dream of being in this country.  I consider myself president of the United States whether I was elected or not – my parents told me this and I believe them.”


The media love both of these two so much you won’t see – as with Trump – a misstep create the need for an expert panel to discuss it for an entire week, saying “gotcha” and dream the impossible dream about this being the one that will do him in.

Hogg and Warren have more than 9 lives, so…

I laughed. I cried… it was better than Cats.

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Bubblehead Ray

“7 assassination attempts”

I’ll take “Things that I’ll bet never happened” for $1000 Alex.


Same here.

Now, be a good BS artiste lad and come up with 7 police reports, Hogg – and make them available for public review.

I don’t plan to hold my breath while waiting.

Daisy Cutter

I’ll bet it was closer to someone sending him an email and saying “go jump off a cliff” and he took that as threatening and he made the leap to an assasination attempt.

Ironically, I think he is much more effective at a pro-gun message by his twerpy anti-gun stance and speeches.

He strikes me as someone recognizing that his 15 minutes of fame are slipping away so he pulls a “Jussie Smollett” in attempt to make himself relevant again.

David Hogg – please post the police reports on these 7 incidents. We’ll wait right here. Thank you.

USMC Steve

What ever happened to his faithful skihheaded sidekick, Lesbo Gonzo?


You ever notice how it’s always lefties saying they’re receiving untold numbers of death threats? However, any time you hear of someone actually being arrested for it, it’s against someone on the right.

Bill M

Well yes, he’s receiving them. Of course, he’s sending them to himself, probably from a computer in the library using a made-up email account. But he is receiving them.


Actually, it’s probably that ugly shaved headed dude he hangs out with that’s sending them at his request..

Mustang Major

Must be the same group that attacked Jessie Smollett.

A Proud Infidel®™

Who knows, Hoggie-boy just might beat himself up like Smollett did!


Smollett’s attempts to victimize himself are rapidly pulling him right down into the quicksand pond that he created for himself. He is in real trouble with the law right now.

RGR 4-78

Juicy Smellit isn’t in quicksand but he is in the cesspool.

The Other Whitey

According to lefties these days, words are violence. Since Bitchboi Hogg seemingly believes his own bullshit, he’s probably spending his every waking moment in self-induced terror because some people don’t think he’s a special, special genius.


Incel, anyone?


Attention whoring is not a profitable vocation.


I’ll take the Daily Double Down on Jussie Smollett sending them with a noose wrapped around his neck for a cool $500 Alex !!!


Um, Davie, just because someone kicked your butt because you were annoying them or sprayed beer on you thinking you were gay doesn’t qualify it as an “assassination” attempt… just so you know.

A Proud Infidel®™

He likely got his ass kicked by some nobinarygenderTGlesbian or something like that for cutting in line for more Kool-Aid. AS TO these alleged “Assassination Attempts” and threats I say POLICE REPORTS or they didn’t happen!


Well, we can always say that they come from some other planet, in a galaxy far, far away.


They come from Uranus.


And anyone would want to “Assassinate” this twerp, Why….? Nice Delusion Dave. Maybe if you had been actually ACCEPTED to a school maybe, just maybe you would learn something. Newsflash: You are not worth the cost of the round.

Fauxcahontas will just not shut up! Go away, try to do your job instead of running for President. Because you beclowned yourself with your DNA test. Also, fire the advisor who told you that was a good idea.

The Other Whitey

Not worth the cost of a round, nor is he worth the effort of a bitchslap. The only thing he has to fear is his growing obscurity.


He actually thinks that someone would waste their entire lives going to prison for killing this clown ?????
I’ll take loud mouth teeny weenies for a $100 Alex !!!!!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Don’t be a Hogg Hogg by Hogging up the worlds oxygen.



5th/77th FA

Saw a news feed blurb the other day. Had a picture of Fakahauntas and Carmella Harris.

Caption read Squaw Skank Redemption. Laughed my ass off.

As far as ol’ Attention Hogg is concerned? eff him in his lying ass. Thought he had gotten some kind of scholarship thingie from Harrrvarrrd? Or was it Yell?

The Other Whitey

I seem to remember the little shit crying over how universities should be lining up to admit his ass based on his SAT score—a score over 100 points lower than the one I got, and the Ivy League wasn’t exactly breaking down my door. Clearly Hogg and reality haven’t been introduced.


But then didn’t Harvard offer him a spot?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yes they did and I wonder if he’ll take it.

Lurker Curt

Another participation award?


Play that victim statue white boy!
Play that victim status riiiiight!


Let us see:

Abraham Lincoln: Assassinated
Martin Luther King Jr: Assassinated
John F. Kennedy: Assassinated
Mahatma Ghandi: Assassinated
Anwar Sadat: Assassinated
Yitzhak Rabin: Assassinated

Ronald Reagan: SURVIVED an Assassination attempt
Theodore Roosevelt: SURVIVED an Assassination attempt
Gabby Giffords (as much as I don’t like what she has become): SURVIVED an Assassination attempt. Someone is SERIOUSLY devaluing the definition of the word “Assassination”

Lets break it down: a loose definition (per Merriam Webster/Wikipedia; weak I know) of assassination is: “the act of killing a prominent person for either political, religious or monetary reasons”

Okay. So first off even as much as he wants to THINK he is, David Hogg is not a ‘prominent person’. Strike One. He has no political office, can not sway public opinion as much as he thinks he can nor does he hold an appointed religious office. He is also not rich. Strike Two. He has yet to provide any type of evidence showing credibility to SEVEN ‘assassination attempts’ on his life. I would hold my breath to wait to see them, but I value my life and don’t want to die. Strike THREE. You’re out Hogg. You were yesterday’s news YESTERDAY and were replaced as a front page story by transgender hippies, migrant children, and double rainbows (what does it all MEAN!?!?). Take the hint, take your free education from Harvard and fade away as a footnote into history.

I’d nominate you for the registered wall of insults, but you might take it as attempt #8……


He looks incel.
After that course we all took a couple days ago I’m betting he’s never gotten his dick wet.

RGR 4-78

Probably knows Richard better than Virginia.


26Limabeans, where did that nomenclature come from? Make up a story…Bullshit us but Man, give us something.


Fauxahautus celebrating a birthday at a PP clinic is beyond ghoulish.

Speak of dancing in the blood of the innocent, we’re looking at you, Warren.

Bill M

Whatever advisor suggested that should be fired, but somehow, I suspect that was her idea all the way through.


It’s a sad commentary on these United States when we have military-aged males acting like toddlers.
Could you imagine being the recruiter that had to deal with these pansies…


Elizabeth Warren celebrates birthday at Planned Parenthood? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breath* HAHAHAHAHAHA

God, make it stop. This election cycle is already my favorite of all time. The Democrats’ level of crazy is off the charts and we’re not even into the general election season.

Commissioner Wretched

But you just gotta love Pocahonky, don’t you? She’s the Senate version of Alexandria Occasionally Conscious – the gift that keeps on giving.

A Proud Infidel®™️

She keeps coming back like a vase of Herpes!

A Proud Infidel®™️

I couldn’t make shit like that up if I tried.


Add square-frame glasses and 300 pounds and he would look just like Kim-Fatty Da Turd…


I just cant imagine anyone wanting to assassinate David Hogg. Now, a well placed bitch-slap would be another matter entirely.


David Hogg is the poster child for the Soy Boi Nation… and Princess Liawatha would nurse him from the tit of socialism just to make him happy.


Hogg has the most punchworthy face I’ve ever seen if he was in my class in high school he would have been stuffed in his locker on a daily basis instead of the kid who was. I’d like to stuff him in a locker right now in fact.


+1. I was afraid it was just me…

A Proud Infidel®™️

He’s the nerd-boy who would get swirlies every day from the Jocks until they flushed him all the way to China!


He does have world class weenie written all over his smarmy little mug. I am thinking he is definitely incel material.

A Proud Infidel®™️

David Hogg is going at it like he’s peddling I’m a Victim®™️ Sauce via multilevel marketing!


He wants to be a victim so badly that it oozes out of his pores.

Be careful what you wish for, piggly-wiggly. You might get it.



A Proud Infidel®™️

It’s obvious that he’s going full turbo right now to keep from joining Cindy Sheehag on some ash heap!


The Hogg boy really does seem to represent what has become of Broward County

jedipsycho (Certified Space Shuttle Door Gunner)

Hawg is nothing more than an attention whore.


Another Space Shuttle Door Gunner?
There are so many of us.


No, he doesn’t qualify for that at all. I have my certificate for SS Door Gunner School.

He got nuffin’ and never will get any – ever.


Sorry, thought you were referring to the warthawgg from Florida.

My bad.

Jedipsycho IS a cert SSDG.

Hawggboi is nothing.


Future Stolen Valor Poser

Keepin' It Real

Little Davey


Y’know, you guys could post spew alerts out of simple courtesy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!